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@jennyhan Oh definitely! I appreciated itWhat a big, expensive baby @lindaholmes Exactly. It's not suberb, but there's some good stuff there! A second, maybe third season and I'm perfectly satisfied @couchtomato62 I can see Groff maybe wanting to move on to other things but yeahThey really did Bertie Botts every flavor human tf outta that cast tho lolMaybe would have helped if the show didn't share a name with a suitcase company 😬I really enjoyed AWAY!! Poo on Netflix for canceling it @LeoBjustme Only one gets to "science the shit" out things, c'mon!Matt Damon the person vs Matt Damon, astronaut I can, I may just fuck off for 48 hours, put my phone on airplane mode, be stoned and alternate between Animal C… @graviti None of it makes senseGiven the state of my anxiety tummy, I will probably have a protein shake and maybe, *maybe* a veggie burger with a…'s that old misogynist saw? A woman who will fuck me is a whore, a woman who is unavailable is a bitch? Some… @gregreiner @HESherman @NYMag @WhoopiGoldberg @vulture @vulturefestival Thank you! @CharlesMcNulty I did, too. A paragon of decency, as evidenced in the fact that she continued to worry about Tutar… no he found the Witches telling that the objection to Depp is over his perceived political leanings and not, ya know, the documented spo… @HESherman @NYMag @WhoopiGoldberg @vulture @vulturefestival Thank you!There's an inherent misogyny underlying this type of criticism of @AOC; the idea that lipstick recs and high fashio…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleEven if people did keep the designer threads they wear in photo shoots, I’m going to go on a limb and say that ever…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From Seville @Helen_E_Shaw @mattzollerseitz (here is where I admit that I kinda missed the star trek train and now I'm too overw… @tressiemcphd They always do this, knowing good and well she didn't buy those clothes. It's the most moronic outrage @klawls You deserve joy! Congratulations 🎉🎊🎉!!!! @britnidlc @DeliaMary I like the seated one. You just look like you're up to some shit @mattzollerseitz She has such great instincts! I almost went on a tangent comparing her work with Lorraine Toussain… pure joy of Whoopi in her nun's habit, channeling this irrepressible spirit that has her wiggling her bottom as… @Geniusbastard Oh man, do it. You're in for a treat.Sister Act is a perfect movie don't @ me @ME_Says Thank you! @Grace_Segers Aaaaa! Yes! Queen Constantina! I also missed Burglar and Jumpin' Jack Flash, but I was trying to make… @sheilakathleen @kvanaren @mattzollerseitz You GUYS!!! 😩💗Hi, here I am, again, continuing my writerly march through New York media @Grace_Segers Thank you!
@ClintSmithIII 🎉 congratulations!Rasputin lives excited to be in convo with @SorayaMcDonald & madison moore & .........stay tuned & more soon 😻
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From Seville @SalTrifilio Yes! I basically got it because it takes up way less real estate (in my wallet and my apartment) than a Peloton would have @SalTrifilio Yes and no? The only workout I really find fun is swimming. It's a good mix of challenges and "defeat… will push you to shape up your wobbly bits quite like seeing yourself on camera 🥴) @jmsummers @nprpolitics Your pre-debate special was EXCELLENT @JessicaValenti We should trade; I will happily take your lovely doggos for a couple daysMy out of shape self did like 8 million squats yesterday trying to keep up with Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure and ow.… @JessicaValenti one's my favorite @freeblackgirl *hugs* @cvalladares0896 @JasMoneyRecords Deliberating with you both was such a treat!
@GenePark Handsome boy!!!!Delighted to have been on the jury for the @indiememphis award for best Documentary feature. A stellar lineup and o…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleWith James Baldwin & Muhammad Ali films at #NYFF, @SorayaMcDonald, Rich Blint, Samantha Sheppard, @pharoahmensch &…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleUS Postal Service on-time delivery times for First-Class Mail have dropped again — now nearly as bad as the worst p…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleI should have clarified. By "show" I meant play or musical. Issa tweet about missing theaterIt is only Monday. Can't do tonight on this hellsite. Wish I was instead taking in a show with an audience wher… That is exactly it. @emilyaheil I do love her so ... yeah lol
@JessicaValenti I can let you borrow Buttercup, who will catch it and play with it until it has a heart attack and dies. @emilyaheil I had a pair of these until my sister jacked thembest links for warm cozy slippers? the more ridiculous, the better!
Yes, about what’s the best breakfast food. We can’t disagree about ya know, civil rights !
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleHard to believe how quickly “forced hysterectomies” disappeared from the news cycle.
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleOh wait this is actually next week's Tea Time!
Music got me body rolling in the living roomPrepping for tomorrow's Tea Time ☕, the Wintour regime worked out fine for Naomi Campbell. her quotes don’t tell you anything all that useful, bc…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From Seville @DenTheHonjok And then he trots out MLK! Me: @DenTheHonjok I was like, is he going to make this wild assertion make sense? Nope, he really said that in earnest.Oh I'm sorry I misspelled his name. Anyway. If you listen, you know of whom I type.Like, honey these folks are plotting to kidnap governors in violent defense of white supremacy and you somehow thin… Lemon on NYer Radio Hour brushing off the racism of +rumpistas like it's an inconsequential mosquito is ce… woman presided over a magazine for THIRTY YEARS without hiring a single Black photographer to shoot the cover… who live in NY can begin early voting today, so you know, let’s do that.
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleBeetlejuice! @TonyaMosley @npratc You sounded so good! 😍
@reneeygraham Me too @nicktheandersen My loud feline friend from afar!Even when she is happy and chill she is quietly judging tf outta me @lingerie_addict I would totally buy shea butter pudenda products from this womanUgh. Nancy Bass Wyden is Nerd New York's James Dolan. This sucks. doesn't chip away at Jewish population. But the lack of acceptance of intermarriage and the children…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleThe work is EVERY DAY @proseb4bros @4_columns "lubricated recitation" My godI love these two so much and I know whatever they do next will be terrific. @GeeDee215 Ok but I can still use "peckerwood," right?Omg it's happening whole story is so beautifully written, and just so tragic. My goodness.They lie. A lot. Washington had dentures made from teeth he stole from Black people he owned but go off I guess I realized my bounciness, my resting nice face, my smiling were related to a fear that racism - and the threa…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleFloyd's girlfriend, Courtney Ross: “I’ve done drugs. I’ve sold drugs. I can get a job, people try to make me happy…"Without more research to prove their treatment methods work, rehabilitation programs ... found it harder to persua… is about the need for an entire overhaul of how our society works from top to bottom. Even if he'd never enco… Robert does so well here in this story is illustrating the wages of systematic racism—breaking down what it me…"see what I have to endure, living with this bozo?" wonder what sort of introspection reporting this story sparked for @newsbysamuels about his life and the lives of…"Hudson and other researchers concluded that those elevated levels were not about genetics, but racism. The stress… This sentence. "Even when controlling for income level, age, geography and educational status, experts found… by @jessewashington leads to the resignation of Penn State basketball coach Pat Chambers! @LByock years later, the extent to which this situation was just utterly fucked remains unfathomable. And the lesson r…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleJaw dropping. That lowest IQ crack about asylum seekers returning to the authorities is a) racist b) factually wron…
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From SevilleThe way he says "black" is the tell of the racist bone in his body
Retweeted by A Shady Dame From Seville