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Zargo @sorryjzargo Keeeentucky

Tyler; Social Justice Whatever; 25; he/him, cis; INFP; Neutral Good; lots of video and tabletop gaming; ttrpg designer; avi by @DoodleForFood

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Friendship ended with Pokecube, now Pixelmon is my best friend @soph_iest Hamon is weird but I grew to like it, I'm just now getting to the arc where Hamon is replaced by Stands @burnhounds get well soon! @notflygones hell yeah! @souIresonances I'm gonna die"If Judge Dredd was a magical girl" @curly_tsunami it sounds rough, I'll happily hold your paw if you want @curly_tsunami ah just saw your earlier tweet :( @curly_tsunami what's wrong? @Ed0li did Iago talk in the live-action version? @Styracosaurus_ my computer crashed @Mray901 die @souIresonances I DON'T KNOW @souIresonances I thought this said "asexual rango" and about lost my mind @RlZOTTO pink is pretty rad @burnhounds my fingers are crossed, but I know how much body aches suck even if you aren't sick @burnhounds you'll look great, I haven't seen a look you haven't pulled off yet @burnhounds get well soon!
@quantumdotdot I’m excited to see it! @quantumdotdot alright, I’ll get prepared @quantumdotdot should I wear my tennis shoes or my steel-toed boots? @emmarsheard I think bi is a more appropriate label for me but it’s a complicated distinction and I’m glad you’re figuring yourself out more @RlZOTTO what does that entail? @tracemercies damn @bitter_fiction @Aryl_Ether it always sucks, especially if you're bad at confrontation like me, but it's always ended up improving the game @firedude3663 it was about a foot long, maybe a foot and a half, it was on the side of the pavement at work, near a pondscaredy turtle!’s nothing for scale but this toad is about as big as my hand, an absolute unit @HyveMynd tech bros have never heard of ethicsI got him out safely btwThis is such a haunting photo. Whatever you think about Count Strahd von Zarovich's record as darklord of Barovia,…
Retweeted by Zargowell, through experimenting with cheat codes I've destroyed my Pokemon Minecraft save, the good news it this is the…’s been a break-in! @LyonsRawrs @_AnotherMatthew that’s fucked up @DungeonEnvy I never have completely accurate pictures but you’re cooler than this Pikachu @DungeonEnvy
He did fulfill his other life goal of proving to his tribe that his birthmark was not a sign that he would bring do…, when I found a craftsman to make it, I found out how much gold I could make by simply selling the tooth, s… we finally slew a dragon, for whatever bs reason the DM only allowed me to take one tooth from its corpse, but… just remembered my first D&D character, who was a Killoren ranger (don't remember the name) who had two goals in… @sadgirIsav you ok? @RhodeZeroX when twitter loaded this at low quality I thought I was looking at a crab @jaceaddax I don’t have any that fit, so have a Metroid, on the house @souIresonances this is incredibly powerful and maybe cursed, I’m undecided @souIresonances oh shit!The Worldbuilding Jam starts the first of June and runs all month!’s trending
@UnabridgedGamer I thought season 1 was pretty much a masterpiece and 2 was a lot rougher but it took a lot more ri… season 2 was very very weird but I really enjoyed itfinally got around to watching the Westworld season 3 trailer, I'm here for the Aaron Paul crime show with robotsSean Astin is kickstarting a Starfinder book??? @dreamaskew damn up 3.5 hours early and feeling very hungry so I know I won’t be able to go back to sleep, yay…wake me when Wizards publishes a 5e adventure book about mind flayers or spelljammer @LaurakBuzz congrats!my current team is Frogadier, Sandile, and Meowth. I also have a Maractus and Cacnea but I’m not using either and I’m out of PokeballsI’m playing a Minecraft modpack that adds Pokemon and my Sandile has no ranged attacks so he keeps getting KOed by Creepers @perfectsIumbers oh no @itsdocretro what’s the John Wick equivalent of King Ghidorah?John Wick vs. MechaJohn Wick @dirtbagboyfren my timeline is blessed!people saying Tarantino can’t be sexist because of Kill Bill and Jackie Brown is almost exactly like people saying…
my life policy is to never answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number; if it’s important they’ll leave a voicemail @souIresonances thanks loltook an already jam-packed Minecraft mod and added a Pokemon mod, let’s see how this goes lmao @souIresonances my phone library is my brand, abridged @souIresonances I have three albums on my phone and only one album contains songs with lyrics lmao @souIresonances @souIresonances I am intrigued and scared @souIresonances ⚡️ @vecnaofficial oh cool! @vecnaofficial damn, you must go through a lot of characters, most campaigns I play in I have one character for the whole thing @9_volt_ Who's got the vestal disposition? One guess, guess who! Who never never has ejaculate? Who never shows a b… @RlZOTTO yuck!OwO @irreverendjamie iirc there’s pretty much an immediate increase in quality but my memory of the first few episodes is a bit hazy @irreverendjamie basically once you hit Pickle Rick it’s all downhill, except one episode that is not about the pro… @irreverendjamie it gets better and peaks towards the end of season 1 and stays pretty good mostly through season 2 then season 3 sucks @jackgraham I'm excited! @jackgraham We just finished a Star Wars game and we're doing some one-shots before moving to a fantasy game and we… @jackgraham Microscope! I've already convinced my group to play it, we just have to get through this arc first! @tsukablook are you ok?if pokemon were real, what kind of stupid youtube video titles would we see? "TOUCHING NINETAIL'S TAILS [NOT FAKE]…
Retweeted by Zargo @donumisu Best of luck with what's next! @Riverboatjack I wish you were getting better sleep but you look cute at least! @notflygones FIsshin is my favorite Sekiro characterGenichiro is a great boss but a shitty character, but I guess if you're overshadowed in every way by your elderly g… @splendidland chitinsona I love herI was so surprised I shouted “are you a fucking beaver?!”just saw a beaver! I’ve never seen one irl before @burnhounds you should listen to Lore Reasonswhen they get around to re-remaking Hoenn I hope we get Let’s Go Zigzagoon @BabblegumSam Tinder is funny but I've only ever matched once ever and we sent like two sentence back and forth bef… @dirtbagboyfren aaaaah yay! @burnhounds I want to commission all my friends but I have 0 dollars and 0 cents/sense @burnhounds also at this rate you’ll probably watch past where I am @burnhounds I’m eager to see your tweets when you get to Battle TendencyI got the new Humble Bundle and paid for it solely through Drivethru earnings