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Tyler; Social Justice Weedle; 25; he/they, bi; INFP; neutral good; ttrpg designer, creator of Hootgoblins and Beast Dream; avi by @DoodleForFood

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@RlZOTTO oof @burnhounds I need this in my life @RlZOTTO the first two words of the tweet are sufficientanyone know how to deal with a windows 10 Task Bar that isn't working?that makes three AT elder dragons I’ve defeated, along with Zorah Magdaros and Vaal Hazak. Lunastra, Kushala Daora,…’t cart once, though two of my team members cartedkilled AT Teostra, that was surprisingly easier than I expected @burnhounds finally someone speaking the truthas I serenely throw a project in the garbage can because it's not working, I'm reflecting on reasons games don't wo…
Retweeted by PokéZargo @cali_keftiu I haven’t seen a fantasy rpg that this isn’t true for @bhelnpriv what’s wrong? @pastelmothman oof @whatsubon trying my best to deserve this as a battle theme @souIresonances baby anne was galaxy brain
off to sleep for real hopefullymeant to go to sleep two hours ago, oops @souIresonances I don’t know enough about Soul Eater to offer any suggestions @whee_leigh cool @souIresonances honestly it’s shocking you haven’tI need to trim my beard @souIresonances surprising absolutely no one @bradfromHR that’s meif I’ve never watched Invader Zim in my life will the movie make any sense? @souIresonances @tracemercies your brain got ddos’edTHE FLUX is a playbook for #MasksRPG about plural & fluid identity. If you like what you see here you can download…
Retweeted by PokéZargo @RlZOTTO let a man eat beef jerky in peace @JaedenHampton @MrPookPook oh thanks ❤️ you’re pretty cool too!well at least I got a Daora Gem for my effortone of the daily quests is fighting Kushala “Most Annoying Elder Dragon” Daoramarry someone and do double battles with them @notflygones grossI want to play a Pokemon Stardew Valley, teach your Pokemon cut to remove trees, rock smash to remove rocks, catch… @RlZOTTO always rock-hardMade a character for Dream Askew, the gender I went with was "gargoyle" so I need to figure out what that means @oh_theogony @FlameCon Hi! I'm Zargo or Tyler, a bi and nb tabletop game designer! I make a lot of supplements for…🏳️‍🌈Since @FlameCon starts tomorrow, let’s introduce comics artists & tabletop game designers to each other so we c…
Retweeted by PokéZargothe Ejection Pack item in Sword and Shield seems super useful
installed a vpn just so I could play Minecraft with a friend that lives in Englandthis is my proudest edit that i've ever made (deleting later)
Retweeted by PokéZargoseems like my trend of not watching any of the live action Disney reboots will continue #BoycottMulan shit all of Yanfly's RPG Maker plugins are downloadable on itchio now! That would've saved me SO MUCH TIME the l…, someone made a plugin for making a CCG in RPG Maker MVcouldn't remember what old email address and password my warframe pc account used and got my IP address temporarily… My name is Joo Dee, and I work for Amazon. We are treated very well and I love my coworkers. My manager list…
Retweeted by PokéZargo @RlZOTTO but I guess anything that’s free and you’d be willing to play with me some I’d be interested in, I hate getting into MMOs by myselfHEY MAKERS! WHATCHYA MAKE’N? Are you making things in the #TTRPG space? ☑️ Share what you do! ☑️ Where can folx…
Retweeted by PokéZargo @RlZOTTO idk if it’ll even run on my current laptop but I have a PC and PS4 save @RlZOTTO does Warframe count as an MMO because I’ve played a lot of that @RlZOTTO oh and some ESO @RlZOTTO I’ve only played Guild Wars 2 and like an hour of Star Trek Online @RlZOTTO woahWoW but with permadeath @RhodeZeroX it kinda rules though, I think we're about at the same spot, even chose the same starter @RlZOTTO probably best to leave it that way, some people suck @RlZOTTO I knew some shit happened but I didn’t know the details, that fucking sucks
@_AnotherMatthew that sucks :(I wonder if the KT weapons will be upgradable in IceborneI’m bitter today @RlZOTTO of (it’s “oof” but when you’re short on breath) @sic_parvismagna thanks!why are people joining available quests instead of searching for sos flares? it’s rudethe quest had a player cap of 2 so joining put me at a disadvantage so I abandoned the quest, good luck fighting a… was doing just fine then some fucker decided to join even though I didn’t fire an sos flarefuck you rando that joined my quest mid-fight @iitscharli happy birthday!turns out I have the best lbg in mhw so I built a rudimentary set and started shooting up some monstersI've had a blank google doc open all shift and I've written then erased a couple sentences but I can't figure out what to write @KBGreyhoundlady @rumagin @KeirMilburn @AyoCaesar sounds like he is thoughwhenever he talks Ben Shapiro looks like he knows he’s peddling garbage and is terrified that at any moment someone’s going to call him outIn Love With a Ghost is extremely good @voiidfish big mood @DungeonEnvy :( I wish I had any advice on avoiding nightmares @DungeonEnvy I'm at work, not doing work stuff. I hope you're able to get some sleep eventually“y’all” and “lol”’s big boy season at least now would be a bad time to introduce it, there's already a lot going onI'm running a campaign now but this wouldn't fit the game I'm runningI thought of a fun idea for a magic item for a Dungeon World campaign I'll probably never runpretty sure my Focus is -1When you try to come up with a game idea, roll +Focus. On a 10+, you come up with an idea and start working on it.… off the road! @DungeonEnvy I'm too scared @sic_parvismagna I released an early access version of a game last month, I can get you a free copy if you want @WorstDM I own it but haven't read through it @RlZOTTO ur a good dude riz @RlZOTTO dude! @sic_parvismagna kind-of, I don’t really play D&D any more but I write my own games or stuff to go with other games @dirtbagboyfren yep :/pssst white feminism is a subset of white supremacy
Retweeted by PokéZargo @sic_parvismagna good! I really like this name, lol. I’ve gotten really into writing tabletop games! I hope school’s going well! @sic_parvismagna hey! how’s it going?
And stay off! #PS4share’s the second FitD game I own physicallydamn I miss having moneyforgot that I backed Hack the Planet at the physical level, got a pleasant surprise in the mailHey y'all. So, my life continues to suck. After getting my comp troubles taken care of, and getting my car work it…
Retweeted by PokéZargo🤔 @fencedforest 💕 I hope everything is going well! @NeitherNora mine still has money but I removed harm, trauma, playbooks, load, and downtime