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#DELUXEME #TLOP4 🏁 dead acc

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@gg_bsonn @william338383 Problem ?I forgot fortnite do that dumb shit where ur account has to be connected to a specific PSN FOREVER @tlop444 Never found any of the comment spam funny
@pierrebourne @FrazierTrill 🔥 @RevivedReal I am The Real Miles Morales @hinderxo Goat pfp Fr @ilikepanck @keebnya Fr @keebnya SighEVERYONE ADD ME ON PLAYSTATION ‼️‼️ that s3&k best Sonic game Ever @tlop444 PREACH*+!:) !! bALLs🦋 nd *^ ! DicK ! * SLATT _ ! @SparkyDoge Sex Haver always ready to provide 🙏 @BreezyMelee @Mlord7000 This Beef Is Not Over I Shall destroy this man.🦋🦋🦋 cANcUn <3 :( 💕 ++** +:) love ! Lit **!++ @shxrkies Gm bae @Mlord7000 They good but if I have more than 4 in one sitting the abundant amount of sweetness become too much @sossboyxan Everyone replying xes is a registered sex offender rt to spread awareness
Retweeted by Sex haver @nocturnolol Simple minded people just don’t understand I’m glad to see you are part of the elites @ilikepanck @OkSensy Hi panck @ilikepanck @OkSensy Go off @upfal1127 @LuvMailani Sup bae @LuvMailani Ur rite im not talking I’m typing @LuvMailani Facebookmemes dot com wants their post backNo lies here @sossboyxan Why do you sound so black
Retweeted by Sex haverDrop PLEASESEEE think about it real quick you’ll see @MeowModeActive First one drippy 🥶🥶🥶 @OkSensy LIKE RETWEET THE REAL SEX HAVER IS HEREI’m juss sayin Sex spelled backwards is Xan 🤷‍♂️ @william338383
Retweeted by Sex haverWho tryna be in my first ever PlayStation party chat @IKnowSkyy The bestest minecraft pvp ever bornTHIS WAS SO FUNNY battle of the century frfr
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@okaystev I still need to watch it @kiyoaiu Me too LolLMFAO
@NomiProductions I just been Gaming all night and chillen like usual @NomiProductions How u been @NomiProductions Hi nomi @Mlord70001 Classic I be thinkin Yea I wanna be a big famous guy Then I remember how quickly I get cancelled then retract my thoughts @nocturnolol The usual same old same old on this app @PaintClown_ He says it in nearly every single video he’s dropped idk why this gettin so big lmfaoNO FUCKIN WAY LMFAOOOOOOO podcast goat @keebnya Keeb @IKnowSkyy yea @IKnowSkyy YoYo @Mlord70001 @floozclues @Mlord70001 @floozclues WTF @floozclues
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@MuchoGG Consigue la Skin de Grefg GRATIS: · El día de hoy Grefg presentará un Tráiler para el lanzamiento de sus… almost 40 nigga it’s time for jazz
Retweeted by Sex haver @tlop444 “worried bout 80 racks boy u goin broke 😈” @stoneddoomer AYO CHILL CHILL REFUND REFUND WTF @Syk_WRElon Aw ShitCant believe I gotta pay for Nintendo online again 🤦‍♂️ @Mlord70001 I only use it now cause PS5 vibrator is the sickest thing ever @Mlord70001 I used to never play games with vibration it always annoyed tf outta me @pooxf Real? @viagraonfroy @oreo62364782523 WeirdChampWait Forgot to trim @oreo62364782523 So weird champ...... what an omegalul. ReportedStand on what you say
Retweeted by Sex haverAw Hell Nah Spunchbob turnt into a Real Life 😂😂😂😭😭😭
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@4MTBoiii @Mlord70001 WtfIt’s still a lieThis has evaded my thoughts yet again @tlop444 yea my phone got action 🗣“I’m a PlayStation, girl let me console you” @upfal1127 I was boutta talk sum shit but then I saw dey got TLOP4 deluxe high up so now I shall respect @ECCO2K_ how your profile picture move u got Twitter nitro 😂😂😂😂 @ECCO2K_ YoAw hell naw don’t tell me spirograph really did this 🤦‍♂️ @BrunoMars Hi Brunojoe bidin
Retweeted by Sex haver @Mlord70001 She could get it @MuchoGG U forgot a word @MuchoGG Continuejoe bidin @okaystev Sorry *Spider-Man @okaystev I am playing spider man @okaystev I Do Not even Have it Installed @ShadowOpsFN Happy birthday jackpf
@MuchoGG @kkotowaru @jjustin92 Ur white @MuchoGG @kkotowaru @jjustin92 Nah @pierrebourne U tryna drop the release date for PlayStation ⁉️ @hinderxo @FemaleS I pray they seee thisWho wanna date Lol @MuchoGG Mother Fucker A M @pooxf You forgot a this @sossboyxan country is fire fym
Retweeted by Sex haver @MuchoGG @MeowModeActive @kanyewest Fr