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#TrollMentality ranked #1 in wisconsin smash.

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@Meden_SSB ! @NincentralPlaza what do u do @Meden_SSB imy @NincentralPlaza dont u have class tomorrow @CSMPikPocket u r so cool 😓 @CSMPikPocket what do u do? nurse? @NicoSSBU someone’s never been in my stream smh 🙄 @CSMPikPocket wyd at work @LoafTime yes sir @dovesaresweet imy karamel @LoafTime my notifs r turned off @CSMPikPocket u r in FL. how r u cold? 🥲 @GaleMcCloud hi 🥺 @reizouu hi kadenn @CSMPikPocket how r u @Phant0mAbat gn imran @NicoSSBU u live in wisconsin how have you not seen me 😓 @HecticBirb @Phant0mAbat u don’t have to. ty tho <3 @HecticBirb @Phant0mAbat u r too kind to me birb @NicoSSBU did u actually not know it was me lol? @WhosEgo i saw that deleted tweet. u offended me @Phant0mAbat she a good mom fr 😔 @VisitorSSB it’s such a curse 😩. one day i will not have tue urge to check my phone before bed @VisitorSSB laying down, struggling to fall asleep lol. being on twitter doesn’t help @Phant0mAbat i think we’re out of milk lol. win a quick wifi tourney and grab some more. easy fix @VisitorSSB wyd @HecticBirb i hope u fall asleep soon then :( @Phant0mAbat damn, kinda wish i had cereal now.. @HecticBirb you dont have classes tmr? @NicoSSBU yes? @Phant0mAbat idk. just can’t sleep ig @CorazonPeach 🥰😌😏hi @Hunter_1223 3 @_Correian_ vs anyone tbh. @_Correian_ i think fox wins. but fighting seph on ledge is kind of annoying @HotsyTotsyWI youll never see them again @PowPowSmash still looking. ill let you know when i find out @stevenshark790_ wifi fiend and friend! im good how are you? @Jabes_SSB popeyes for sure @Kidfrompopeyes prolly just a big mac meal with nuggies @valcrona yes please 🥺🥺 @BT_MacSmash @LoafTime @Phant0mAbat @Hidroml u live in the state i own @NotAleksiPark @blackapinaa ty for lending me your lamborghini to pick up my grandma from the hospital the other da… @Skittles_epic im in a call rn ill hyu after if you’re still up tho @Skittles_epic when? @Sol_FGC im okay, just a little hyper. wbu? @VisitorSSB “random from MN” @WiiTwerkTrainer drinking probably @reizouu white rice, black beans, chicken, queso, chile crema, cheese, sour cream, guacamole @NebrasKenFG AYO THE PIZZA HERE @LoafTime @Geist_SSB kinda like snakes grab @Geist_SSB @LoafTime trippin... @Geist_SSB @LoafTime ily @NotAleksiPark so fire @ChillyChilliAL 😍🥰 @ChillyChilliAL i like your tag more ngl @ItsAbelSSB unfortunate we’ll never see each other again abel @ItsAbelSSB 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯 @MrZercon wizzy mashing @CaptainKensa i dont think i will 😌 @ItsAbelSSB u aint got no sauce @Hidroml TRUE @NastyNateSenpai sounds horrible ngl @fishyDiddyKong @LoafTime @LinktestJuice karvin! i play smash competitively and i enjoy anime and other games too. @professor_mgw if you’re offering the bagel, yes im not at home rn so i cant play atm 😔 otherwise yes yeah i prolly would. im in my bag rn @BasicallyDingle my mom said i was obsessed with Kipper the Dog. I also really liked Tom & Jerry and Spongebob @lushPx idk but ever but my current top 5 rn is Playboi Carti Saba Smino Lil Uzi Vert Drake @untitledjenni we’ll watch one together @OathToAwesome Game: Vagante & Outward really good games with not a lot of love imo. Movie: I don’t watch a lot of… @OathToAwesome anything really. doesn’t matter. i like talking about myself if that gives you any ideas @AndroosYuzu give them a listen. they not even my fav artists. just really good albums imo @RukaSenpai_ i wasnt that good back in the day and sassy is really good im SORRY 😭 @BurstSSS caramel. im a little basic today @HattrRJ something with chicken bacon and ranch. even though ive been laying off the pig based stuff @AndroosYuzu prolly Malibu by Anderson.Paak. I also really like hrsb by Beach Goons. @RukaSenpai_ worst injury ive had was prolly a sprained ankle. i dont get hurt a lot. first offline tourney was a… @IsaiahBoy1der i really like tom holland but u think they’re all amazing @BurstSSS starbucks frapp @CaptainKensa ill never lose @LoafTime depends on if you’re on my mind or not. u usually are @HecticBirb i mention how i miss you everytime i see your name pop up. so yesi drank coffee and im really hyper rn. ama, answering everything no matter the question @CuthbertThunder LMFAO THEY HOEIN TF OUT YOUok after all the love I got last week, I owe you guys one.. better late than never 😂 #BussItChallenge
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@blackapinaa QUEEN @FlashfireLoL @PowPowSmash he’s carried in mario party, and smash. dont feel bad @blackapinaa love you more! @blackapinaa <3 @MarkOfMastery_ @Super_Dan1 LMFAO @Phant0mAbat u valid @Phant0mAbat do u like lylat @HattrRJ i love smite, i hope you get it
@VeryCheesyBeef imma be right there with u next time @owldrax the dedication 💀 @airslashooo tripping @ArbiterSkyward LMFAO