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@alt1053radio Your Sunday night home for NEW MUSIC & BAY AREA BANDS Sunday 9PM-12AM Team: @aaronaxelsen @dallassf @morganinstereo @nadiamashal

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Hope you discovered some new music to obsess over. Full Playlist: for hanging with us Bay Area! This @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck: Bedroom Edition with @DallasSF comes to a clo… NEW @Phantogram “Pedestal” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF Their album excellent album “Ceremony… true question- Better Love or Better Drugs? LA's @LittleHurt "Better Drugs" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFThis song is just to beautiful - @handsomestghost "Vampires" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF Local Sounds from Alameda @FinishTicket “Black Horse” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF***Fist in the air THE MUSIC BOX SAMPLE GETS US EVERY SINGLE TIME NEW @PURITY_RING "Stardew" only on… brand new @ForeignAir "The Apartment" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF We like this song so muc… latest from @Airborne_Toxic "Come On Out" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF The first single off alb… MUSIC TO OBSESS OVER// @american_teeth “2Late” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF @Zola_Blood “Two Hearts” ❤️❤️ On @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFFrom the 707 - More Bay Area Bands - @weekendyouth_ “Vacation” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF NEED MORE @ToroyMoi + @flumemusic TRACKS! The latest from those two pals - "The Difference" on @ALT1053Radio So… indie pop hearts can't get enough of the latest from @theacesofficial "Daydream" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck wi… Local Sounds - the latest from East Bay’s @daywavemusic “Starting Again” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… stoked for the Summer concerts @ShorelineAmp one of them being @CHVRCHES this June. Playing for you- until t… 3 of @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck: Bedroom Edition with @DallasSF kicking off with some new music from… song of the HOUR 2 : @THEHUNNABAND ft @travisbarker "Cover You" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF's @eykmusic "Seen It All" giving a little Arctic Monkeys with a dash of hip-hop on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFLet us introduce you to @kunzitemusic : A New project feat. members of @ratatatmusic X White Flight Their track "N… request, from a MEGA bummed out 510 listener, who really wanted to check out SOCCER MOMMY (@sopharela) at… @GavinHaley 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Agree. BRAND NEW "Everybody Going Crazy" , from our English mates, @NBThieves on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… + @yungpinch “Tati” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF little reggae LOCAL SOUNDS from a new band to know - from San Jose @GhostR0ck “Find Your Way” on @ALT1053Radio S… two favorites teaming up 💪💪💪 @shalloumusic + @ashemusic "Good Together" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck Premiere !!!! NEW @mobyrichmusic “Get High” now with @DallasSF Local Sounds from @mxmtoon “Quiet Motions” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF along to "Not Ok!" @chazcardigan on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF (Producer note: the clear gum…❤️❤️❤️❤️ straight to our heart strings - NEW @070shake "Guilty Conscience" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFBRAND NEW @steveaoki + @travisbarker "Halfway Dead " on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF ⬇️⬇️⬇️ One challe… MUSIC TO OBSESS OVER// From London @MillieTurner_ “JUNGLE” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF ***ad… 2 of our @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck: Bedroom Edition with @DallasSF coming in hot with more LOCAL SOUNDS from… 2 of our @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck: Bedroom Edition with @DallasSF STARTING NOW💥💥💥 @porterrobinson "Something… THE FUTURE // Out of LA @ufoufoband “Strange Clouds” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF lot of you like this one ... and we agree! GUARDIN (@astralagenda) “Alive” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFThe latest from @DREAMERSjoinus "Heat Seeker" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFThis brother/sister duo from Australia are ones to keep on your music radar this year! Happy to introduce you to… aren't we all a little broken spirited these days- BUT jamming out to @ALMOSTMONDAYY "Broken People" def… LOCAL SOUNDS : @lyrah “The View” on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF this one stuck in our heads since @RAC released it last week! His latest "Stuck On You" ft @philgoodsmusic on… to the ranks of bands with long names that we really like: No Love For The Middle Child (@NoLoveForThe) "Fe… SOUNDS from San Jose - our dear friends - @TheLimousines "Parachute" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSFDancing along in our bedroom studio to NEW @magicgiant "Disaster Party" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF from @tonesandimusic "Bad Child" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF goodness! Also on @AaronAxelsen Music Survival Kit - @byeloveleo "Rosie" @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… first LOCAL SOUNDS of the night on this Bedroom Edition if @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF @sjowgren NEW @DAYGLOW "Can I Call You Tonight?" @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @DallasSF Going out to everyone trying…'s indie vibes for sure! - digging this new one from @dizzytheband "Sunflower" on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… : BAY AREA!! How many times has Netflix asked "Are You Still Watching?" today? Turn that off & turn us UP!… first time I’m bringing you @SOUNDCHECKSPINS live bedroom. New tracks on the way from: -…
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Every week @AaronAxelsen brings you new songs you need in your life with his #NewMusicSurvivalKit. This week feat.…
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@rickshawstop: @theuctheater : @noisepop : Bay Area music scene would not thrive w/o the support of our independent venues that book shows & curate events… playlist: our show tonight - the ethereal sounds of @WeyesBlood "Andromeda" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… @FrancMoody "Dream In Colour" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen BTW This dudes have the illes… "Hallucinogenics" on now on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen SOUNDS from @_haydeneverett "Who You Are" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen Only ❤️ strea… playing the latest from @_elderbrook "Numb" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen Also A + TIPS @subpop - @WolfParade "Under Glass" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen The lyrics "Nobody kno… "Forever Nevermore" off their latest album just released on Friday btw - "Through A Dark Wood" only… latest @caribouband "You + I" - now playing on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen -- def recommend i… this video! Playing our buds @WinnetkaBowling latest "CVS" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen request for our pals @WhiteReaperUSA "Real Long Time" coming through our Instagram live happening right now on th… + @fosterthepeople "Every Color" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen NEW LOCAL SOUNDS --- @giraffage "Basketball" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 Reall… ! - also super obsessed with this @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck exclusive- Meet @byeloveleo and the hype track "R… a rescheduled date for the @tameimpala show, that was set to happen 3.13 @ChaseCenter ... but until then-… Playing the latest from "GOTH BABE" track called "The River" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen SOUNDS from @poolside "Around the Sun" ft @amoamomusic only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 Ontario, Canada - where this band is from -@dizzytheband -making their Bay Area Debut - Track called "Sunfl… A SPICY ONE 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️- @NBThieves "Is Everyone Going Crazy?" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… request - LA's @LittleHurt "Better Drugs" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen PREMIERE Australia's @rinsebne"Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me" only on @ALT1053Radio SOUNDCHECK with… Vancouver @peachpitmusic "Shampoo Bottles" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen this collab - BRAND NEW @ToroyMoi + @flumemusic "the difference" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… NEW @ForeignAir "The Apartment" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen NEW @Airborne_Toxic track "Come On Out" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck wtih @AaronAxelsen ??? Anyone want t…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ If we could fill this tweet with just that emoji we would - BRAND NEW @PURITY_RING "Stardew" onl… sounds from @sumifmusic "Collide" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen Are you following us… @mia_call @AaronAxelsen HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you join in with @shalloumusic tonight on IG? His latest "Fading" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… our pals @CircaWaves - the title track off their latest album - track no .8 "Sad Happy" only on @ALT1053Radio the Bay Area music scene with LOCAL sounds from @weekendyouth_ "Vacation" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundch… agree! Playing new @moaningmusic "Fall In Love" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen is the COOOLEST! @porterrobinson "Something Comforting" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen🚨🚨SOUNDCHECK PREMIER🚨🚨 @LASTLINGS from Australia "Take My Hand" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen song of the hour - AND IT A LOCAL ONE! - @mxmtoon "Quiet Motion" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with… shows are currently postponed including her @FillmoreSF . We'll play "Circle The Drain" in the meantim… latest off @Phantogram album "Ceremony" - track no. 4 "Pedestal" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with…"Can I offer you a nice milkshake in these trying times?" NEW one we are obsessing over - @stfrancishotel +…"It's The End Of The World As We Know It" a classic and fitting cover of @remhq done by @thenightgame only on… SOUNDS from FREMONT ❤️❤️❤️ @sjowgren "What Goes Around" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsenNEW TONIGHT @BleekerOfficial "Disaster" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsenPlaying new @shoffymusic "Tricky" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen Rescheduled dates below inc… the land where "Everything is Bigger" - TEXAS - @dayglowband "Can I Call You Tonight" only on @ALT1053Radio S… AGREE! Playing @theglitchmob latest "Chemicals" only on @ALT1053Radio Soundcheck with @AaronAxelsen