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No Time to Die 💔 @billieeilish 👉 we have one more little 🎁 for you. Get more of the artist you 😍 with OFFLINE & AD-FREE listening for $0.99. Che… Boogie is in his sad bag 🔥
Retweeted by SoundCloudWorth the wait. In case you haven't yet @ArtistHBTL here. 👉 me carefully listening to every word in Artist 2.0:
Retweeted by SoundCloud @AVAFestivalNI Can't wait for this one. #SCCF#NewMusicFriday Get "Stop Staring At The Shadows" by @SUICIDEBOYS here. ➡️ WE LOVE U. 💞 Thanks for listening. We took your submissions to create your #valentinesday playlist. From our… #NewMusicFriday your own and join soul/r&b artist @samwillsmusic's #solochallenge 👇👇👇 way for @Brandzo_1 @justzf our #ATW this week. ⁠ ⁠ Check out the duo here. ➡️
#SCCF's #Toronto What's Next in Music Showcase headliner... ANDERS. @andersnst If you haven't RSVP'd yet, hit the… @kennystgeorge Gigs in Berlin, NYC, LA, & London here. ➡️ @kennystgeorge #OurSeat by @kennystgeorge. @kennystgeorge #OurSeat by @kennystgeorge. part of #BlackHistoryMonth SoundCloud’s Diversity Resource Group #CloudsofColor participated in #OurSeat by phot… #DJTW this week is Detroit-raised, Atlanta-based DJ, writer, and radio host @AshLauryn313. She h…🇬🇧LONDON. We're excited to announce #SCCF will be at @AVAFestivalNI in March! More info to come. Stay tuned and reg…
"Despite boasting a homegrown superstar with more hits than the Beatles in #Drake, #Toronto still isn’t widely know… @AriLennox @JColeNC REBELS: Trendsetters and Trailblazers feat. @RoddyRicch ➡️ @AriLennox @JColeNC Our tribute to the past, ORIGINATORS: Black History Icons feat. #MarvinGaye ➡️… @AriLennox ICONS: Today's Leaders feat. @JColeNC ➡️ NOW: Tomorrow's History Makers featuring @AriLennox ➡️ following thread is dedicated to black voices. Voices creating what’s next in music – and history – on SoundClo…
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Pop Smoke putting drill beats on Meet the Woo 2 🔥
Retweeted by SoundCloud"Seeing the powerful impact of Kobe Bryant's recent passing indeed shows you how being black is not just about you…
@elonmusk It be like that sometimes.#BlackHistoryMonth #DJTW this week is producer, DJ and DC mainstay @Baronhawk. His smooth combination of percussive… @itskevinxi Forreaaaalllllllll @elonmusk Congrats @elonmusk 😂 we’re also digging the bio
Retweeted by SoundCloudPlease tell us you've seen this already @RoddyRicch.😭😭😭PULLIN’ OUT THE COUPE AT THE LOT 7 weeks at #1 later... @elonmusk Congrats @elonmusk 😂 we’re also digging the bio
Also, very excited to partner up with @SoundCloud to host an UNPACK session on mental wellness in Toronto. #sccf
Retweeted by SoundCloud @sincerelyTOBi Looking forward to this 🙏
@TheRemixProject @inter_sessions Pull up to #SCCF TORONTO. We’ve got 3️⃣ days of talks, networking and live music l…"If one of your resolutions was to make more music, this month’s roundup of standout talent might just inspire you…“Goody Guy” by @_TaylorBennett is available NOW. Check it out. ➡️
Don’t sweat missing the gems that have dropped at #SCCF. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for full panel discussion… music texts >>> good morning texts
Retweeted by SoundCloud @sanbenito 👀👀👀👀Reach for the sky then drop it down low, partner. Think you can beat @LilNasX in a #CoolRanchDance?
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😍 Tell us how you really feel. Leave a track comment with your favorites in music, and leave the rest to us. ➡️… the Colorado desert, a group of @SoundCloud rappers live in solitude, growing weed and making music for the inte…
Retweeted by SoundCloudWe're in LOVE with "SIS". Listen to @singkirbysing's album now. You won't regret it. ➡️’s your favorite song #Untrapped ?
Retweeted by SoundCloudYo @ElonMusk - you're now what we like to call a hobbyist. In case you're wondering how to make a couple extra buck…'s been a while, but "Mystic Familiar" is here. ⁠ ⁠ Link in bio. @ebaynetflix IS HERE. @YoGotti Listen to the album now. 👉 this week is @RealNickBonin. "Abuse" is his latest punk inspired hip-hop track. Listen to it here. ➡️…
Guess what? Now you can mix your SC tracks with @Algoriddim djay. 👀 Check it out. 👉 need the faith these SoundCloud rappers have. Them boys believe in themselves
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@LilNasX Forreal that’s your colorAre you an artist in a city you feel is underrepresented in music? Drop a link + which city you’re from. 👇
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Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) dropped a new song titled "6 Rings" in honor of #KobeBryant
Retweeted by SoundCloud @sanbenito Black Mamba forever. Por siempre vamos a recordarte.Long live Kobe Bryant.
@visitordesign There's an idea...Our latest public Engine OS beta 1.4.2 gives users access to SoundCloud Go+ streaming service! With a wealth of edi…
Retweeted by SoundCloudYou can’t tell me she ain’t a goat 🐐 @billieeilish Shes living proof that no matter the age anything is achievable…
Retweeted by SoundCloudBIG UPS TO BILLIE #SCFIRST @billieeilish, we can't just let it go. @billieeilish, this performance is 🙌🙌🙌 #UnexpectEverything
Retweeted by SoundCloud @MeekMill, @RoddyRicch, @djkhaled, @johnlegend and @YG ARE BLESSING US WITH THE @NipseyHussle TRIBUTE OF OUT LIVES!…
Retweeted by SoundCloudShout out @LilNasX !! 🏆 Best Pop Duo/Group Performance 🏆 Best Music Video. #SCFIRST #GRAMMYs 🏆 Best Pop Solo Performance!"Old Town Road (Official Movie)" [@LilNasX, @billyraycyrus; @CALMATIC, video director; Candice Dragonas,…
Retweeted by SoundCloudOR your #Grammys for Best R&B Album AND R&B Performance 🏆🏆. CONGRATS. #SCFIRST GOOD AS HELL! Congrats to #SCFIRST and most Grammy nominated artist tonight @lizzo for her wins so far: 🏆… @RecordingAcad @iamjojo 😍Since DAY ONE #SCFIRST photos with the bomb lighting. 📸 @lizzo #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by SoundCloudBILLIE SHOWED UP LOOKING LIKE MONEY 💰 💰 💰 Congrats to @billieelish and all the #SCFIRST nominees tonight! #GRAMMYs
hi @mxmtoon 👋 Her new single #feverdream is here. Listen at MONEY (TAKE MONEY) 💰 Thoughts on @Pouyalilpou's new track?
@nyjile to know the 12 #GRAMMY nominees that are first on SoundCloud ➡️ #SCFIRST What 2021 Gra…
DJ to Watch this week is Glasgow-based DJ, Producer, vocalist & @HekaTrax label founder, @iamnightwave. Her high en…
#LA, WHERE YOU AT? 🗣️ RSVP 👉 We're teaming up with @billboard during Grammy week to bring… Miller's #Circles is here. Listen now. #ATW this week is @objectblue_. 🔹 ⁠ Her music is influenced by everything from old folk music to late romantic…
Owner, @rookzie, and Senior Engineer @sirKRmoore, threw it back to Kindergarten to pull inspiration for the name of… RSVP 👉 ⁠⠀ We're taking over 1000 Queen St. and teaming up with @TheRemixProject,…
.@vulvevelue's three-in-one instrumental, @shaqisdope's bar-heavy verses, @nathaansolomon's smooth vocals and SESE'…'ve got some #WednesdayMotivation for you 🚨 Get the 411 with SC101 🔌 @naxepher_sanusi Might we suggest something... @andruwtamba @hazey_minds We've all been there... @kaskade Soundcloud all da way
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@josephpstrom We respect the hustle @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel Update: Hamilton was #SCFirst @Yagatomo_ Happy to help, where to next? @TupeloTay @Trukkis_ take us to your leader... @Seth_Spicy our final episode of the season we headed up north to Toronto. @ShaqIsDope, @vulvevelue, @nathaansolomon, and S… @BenUFO
TORONTO 🇨🇦 Meet our final crew for this season of The Bridge. Determined to make the best track yet @vulvevelue,…
@yvessaintlogan LOL @realrazamusic 🙃 more to come#DTW this week is Cairo-based DJ, producer and Nachtcrew collective co-founder @dinakhashan Her sets drift between…