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i’m bored in the house and i’m in the house bored so ima join @jutesmusic’s @soundcloud AMA Wednesday at noon…
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Learn how to share your music, grow your audience and collab. ➡️ up, Leeky G Bando x Bizzy reppin’ BROOKLYN. #spita16 @gmtobizzy 🔥 Who got next? Submit yours by tagging Sound… March #ATW and #DJTW are here. ➡️ 📸feat. @rossssykate case you missed it, get to know February's #BlackHistoryMonth Artists and DJs to watch here.➡️ #ATW #DJTW"If one of your resolutions was to make more music, this month’s roundup of standout talent might just inspire you…👀Need someone new to listen to? Check out our latest round ups for Artists and DJs to watch. #ATW #DJTW⬇️All the #SCCF gems you need are now on YouTube. Learn right from industry leaders and other artists while at home.…📝YOUR COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF ARTIST RESOURCES DURING THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS (UPDATED REGULARLY)➡️
Tune in for my AMA on @SoundCloud at 3pm EST on Monday April 6 ! Leave questions in the comments of "War"
Retweeted by SoundCloud @XXL THAT’S RIGHT.XXL Freshman alums are also @SoundCloud day ones. All you need to get started is here ➡️
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Bad Bunny is making the best of his self-quarantine -- listen to his new song #EnCasita
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#XXL Freshman Class 2020 coming UP. Who you got? #Vote10thSpot Vote! ➡️“I feel like he’s hit on our platform like no other artist because he’s always setting the tone instead of always b…
@bluestonenew @VASSY 🤣🙏 @chrisbicourt 🙏🙏🙏What makes a song more important?
Retweeted by SoundCloudGet to know #ATW this week @diveliner. ⁠ ⁠ Listen to the latest. ➡️ won the 10th spot for the 2016 Freshman Class Vote for 2020 NOW ❗ ⬇️
Retweeted by SoundCloudDrake really rhymed “slide” with “slide” and made a Tik Tok hit
Retweeted by SoundCloudBe good to your ears today and listen to Reflection of the Moon by BE GOOD. ⁦@begoodisaband⁩ @SoundCloud has stepped up support for its creator community amid the COVID-19 pandemic by unveiling a new $15 mill…
Retweeted by SoundCloudshout out to @SoundCloud for adding a donation link to Artist pages during this covid shit <3 I just found this whe…
Retweeted by SoundCloudThey include a new @SoundCloud Repost distribution service
Retweeted by SoundCloudWe’re working on it! @SKOR72 Coming soon! We’re working on itSoundCloud still holds weight in the rap world 🎵
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.@SoundCloud Unveils Initiatives to Support Musicians on the Platform
Retweeted by SoundCloudShout out to @SoundCloud for making it easier for artists to get paid for their work.
Retweeted by SoundCloudNice! you can add COVID related support links to your @soundcloud !
Retweeted by SoundCloudConnect your @PayPal , @Patreon , @Bandcamp and more to your @SoundCloud now!!!!!!! #np #NowPlaying
Retweeted by SoundCloudYOU SUBMITTED. We made a playlist. We're back with a brand new @soundcloud playlist #TheDiscoveryChannel, and it'…
Retweeted by SoundCloudYou can now promote your projects on your @SoundCloud artist page. Here’s how the new feature will work.
Retweeted by SoundCloudThink you have what it takes to be the NEXT XXL Freshman? 🗣️ Upload to @SoundCloud ⬇️
Retweeted by SoundCloudHonestly @SoundCloud, great work on helping artists in these times. I do think though, that after this is all over,…
Retweeted by SoundCloud @artfxdnb Thanks for your feedback!Going on IG live tomorrow at 5PM PST and listening to/critiquing your music. Might bring on a special guest, so go…
Retweeted by SoundCloudI added a support button to my Soundcloud page. Big thanks to @SoundCloud for rolling out this feature so quickly t…
Retweeted by SoundCloudSoundcloud added a support button to artists profiles during the COVID-19 crisis please consider donating so we ca…
Retweeted by SoundCloud.@SoundCloud has unveiled four more tools for creators during the #coronavirus pandemic including a fan direct supp…
Retweeted by SoundCloudWe're seeing a lot of talk about #XXL Freshman Class 2020👀who do you think is making it on? #Vote10thSpot Get you…📈$10M artist accelerator fund to be used towards artists in the Repost Select by @SoundCloud program. Apply here to…
Retweeted by SoundCloudLil Yachty was the 10th spot winner for the 2016 Freshman class 🏅 Vote for 2020 now ➡️
Retweeted by SoundCloudIf you're an artist impacted by COVID-19, soundcloud now has a space where you can add a support link. Fans can now…
Retweeted by SoundCloudA good place to start sharing your music would be Soundcloud. There are no expectations that your music would be 10…
Retweeted by SoundCloudGrow your audience, and get paid for your plays with Repost by SoundCloud! Check it out. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ on about what's new for creators. ⬇️ PAID FOR YOUR PLAYS 💰. Get started with Repost by SoundCloud. Find out more here. 👀➡️ this week is Berlin based co-founder, curator & resident DJ of Room4Resistance, Luz. Curating spaces centerin… @TheHipHopHeat 👀 ok ok ok some SoundCloud day ones on here @Rodneyswrld 🤔With Artist Shortcuts, @SoundCloud aims to give music makers a direct line to their fans.
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Who's on your 2020 #XXL Freshman list??? ⬇️Got the cliff on my chest @xxl 🤷🏽‍♂️🤘🏾 2 Dallas 2 different 🚀
Retweeted by SoundCloudif @mulatto dont become an xxl freshman im gonna b so MAD
Retweeted by SoundCloudPolo G & Lil Tjay for this years XXL
Retweeted by SoundCloud @CDTVProductions Who's your 10th spot vote? 👀ms banks is the only UK artist to make it onto XXL Freshman list?? what a woman. so well deserved omg
Retweeted by SoundCloudHi, I’m Toosii and this is my XXL Freshman Class 2020 pitch 😊
Retweeted by SoundCloud @ItzDawnfall 🤣🤣Prolly. up to? You vote today yet? #XXL #Vote10thSpot ➡️!!! Your girl made the shortlist for @xxl FRESHMAN 2020!!! I’m the ONLY person from the UK on this list!!! Vote…
Retweeted by SoundCloudOK let's hear it, who do you really think is making it in the #XXL 10th spot? ➡️🤣🤣🤣 VOTE VOTE. 🧡. From keeping your fan connections strong to learning how you can get paid from your plays on SoundCloud, we’l…🚨THE PICKS ARE IN. 🚨 Check out if you made @hotnewhiphop's #TheDiscoveryChannel playlist. 👀"It's become clearer than ever that the road to rap stardom is usually paved in SoundCloud streams." @XXL ⬇️⬇️⬇️ the #SCPASSTHEAUX challenge i’m listening to ‘Forget’ by .@mont_blvck remixed by .@mattossentjuk I nomintate .…
Retweeted by SoundCloudReady when you are, upload now. ⬇️
Retweeted by SoundCloudReady when you are, upload now. ⬇️ time for the ladies! Shout out @SlimPoppins. #SpitA16 showed us how it’s done real quick. #SpitA16 🔥🔥🔥 @dokimachine all you need!! @SARASOUNIQUE YES upload what you got on the goooooMAKE WAY for the leading ladies spitting straight fire and holding it down on their own terms. All eyes on…, let's see them. Show us where you're cooking up the latest. What does your home studio looks like?👀👇#studioselfie @ArianaGrande bust out your old soundcloud lets get it poppin bby it’s quarantune time
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my favorite song to bump on @soundcloud has to be multiply by @_babykahlo 🔥 what’s your favorite song to listen to…
Retweeted by SoundCloud @10k_Caash @XXL Let's getttt ittttThe best Juice Wrld song is ___________
Retweeted by SoundCloud @kdvb_ Y???Shoutout to all the artists in the #XXL FRESHMAN 2020 CLASS #Vote10thSpot lineup! Especially our First on SC day… GUYS! So I’m doing this cool thing with @soundcloud -Tune in for my AMA tomorrow on @SoundCloud at 11:00am PT /…
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@Nlechoppa1 @XXL AYEEEEEEEShoutout to @SoundCloud for adding @Nessheads's new single "Black Roses" to the Fresh Pressed Tracks playlist 🔥
Retweeted by SoundCloud @symphonicdist @Nessheads We 🧡 @Nessheads @teejayx6 @XXL Well damn 😳 @SoundCloud You can vote once every HOUR 🕛 #Vote10thSpot
Retweeted by SoundCloud @SoundCloud LET’S GOOO
Retweeted by SoundCloud🚨 2020 XXL FRESHMAN 10TH SPOT VOTING IS OPEN 🚨 #Vote10thSpot Powered by @Soundcloud
Retweeted by SoundCloudWho got next??? 👀👀👀🗣THAT'S RIGHT. We've linked up with @XXL for the 2020 #XXL FRESHMAN 10TH SPOT. ⬇️ GET. YOUR. VOTES. IN. ⬇️
🗣🗣🗣30K SOUNDCLOUD COVID-19 DROPS… AND COUNTING. KEEP 👏THEM 👏COMING.👏 Listen to our picks here. ➡️… @orewashiranai bye#SCPASSTHEAUX I’m on that new @knxwledge album Imma pass it to @GhostkingIsDead
Retweeted by SoundCloudR&B and Neo-Soul #ATW this week is @Taliimusic. Her influences include Alina Baraz, Sade, HER, SAINt JHN, MJ and Pr…