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@No7ime holy W @roboticwydd @itsHovseason folded @jaredkanyefan i would never! @jaredkanyefan jared take not feeding @dickndbaIIs my video πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ€“W or L? @TheMelodicBluu yh there's AP CS prep and AP CS A, and I think you need to take prep to take a @beko04_ W @iruntwutrII imy2 @TheMelodicBluu yeah it's not difficult so far @iruntwutrII hi jose @TheMelodicBluu ap cs prep is basically a free A, it's not hard at all and we don't have any homework @jaredkanyefan nice @jaredkanyefan amazing song @idcmditb I'm not arguing with you @TheMelodicBluu oh ok @wangle313 fair, i feel like it's definitely gonna age wellwhat's your favorite song from my 30 days @kiarascumslut @DarkLaneeDemos do you like SOUR? @RDUBZONLY just for the weekend but then I'm gonna leave for a while @idcmditb bruh im not slandering Em dumbass @idcmditb you're still an Eminem fan and he's the best selling rap artist in the world @_JParkerMusic damn @IH_is_up @ScalabrineStan icl the last time i listened to Hurricane was when my teacher played it in class a couple weeks back @idcmditb bro you are literally an Eminem and Ariana fan, you have absolutely no right to speak on basic tastes @darkkarts wow @urfavblazersfan top 3 @ScalabrineStan Donda grew off me, I only listen to Off The Grid now @DarkLaneeDemos SOUR tied with itCLB still my AOTY @DarkLaneeDemos ok then @EllisImPriv dw I'm still here for a bithow did i lose 50 followers @EllisImPriv hi ellis @DarkLaneeDemos wow @puppamiilcazzo @DarkLaneeDemos damn @DarkLaneeDemos I'm going to be 18 in sophomore year of college @downbadpizarat2 @_bitchxplss just this time πŸ˜† @downbadpizarat2 @_bitchxplss but you caught feelings 😡 @downbadpizarat2 @_bitchxplss 🧱 😍 @jaredkanyefan then do that!! @TheMelodicBluu what's ib? @BobfatherV2 @_bitchxplss crazy own @TheMelodicBluu 1 😿 @downbadpizarat2 @_bitchxplss wtf 😿😿 @IH_is_up I'll leave in a few days @downbadpizarat2 @_bitchxplss I like yo cute ass too FIYTB @TheMelodicBluu RN SPANISH AND AP CS @jaredkanyefan 😿 @TheMelodicBluu VERY COOL WHAT'S UR FAV CLASS SO FAR @jaredkanyefan like 5 min ago but I'm gonna deactivate on monday @_bitchxplss admit to having 13 yr olds on ur dick … stay classy hht.
Retweeted by k a b i r βΆπ“…“πŸ’œ @roboticwydd @dickndbaIIs 😿😿 @Jimmer_Here nah @TLOPisa10 @kiarascumslut πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά @Jimmer_Here i said I'm going to stay for the weekend @_bitchxplss 18 y/o telling a 13 y/o to get off his dick? Real classy! @dickndbaIIs @roboticwydd oh ok @Jimmer_Here was never on @qxmsock_ okbro is 18 on HHT and is telling ME to go feed my family πŸ’€ @roboticwydd did you get susdJoyner Lucas fan @_bitchxplss get a job little manget off my dick little man @dickndbaIIs it grew off me really hard 😿😿 but W for you @kiarascumslut someone else sent it to me πŸ₯Ά @qxmsock_ tcd is really mid @kiarascumslut hi fede @Manav_MCFC huge cap @dickndbaIIs major cap @IH_is_up maybe πŸ₯Έwho tf let Kanye release TCD, that shit almost ruined his career before it even started @ahahaharsh cap Coi Leray is mommygood song @ViniWasH3r3 @kathirrk303 I did and I will leave again soon @dickndbaIIs emily πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @TheMelodicBluu VERY GOOD ALL MY CLASSES ARE FUN HBU @dxveste @No7ime I'll decide when @ViniWasH3r3 @kathirrk303 LMAOOOOOO @TheMelodicBluu SAME @No7ime I'll stay for the weekend but then I'll deactivate once it's over
Retweeted by k a b i r βΆπ“…“πŸ’œ @TheMelodicBluu HRU @TheMelodicBluu KRISH @No7ime I'll stay for the weekend but then I'll deactivate once it's over @dxveste 😒 @No7ime that's awesome @Khalil1629 someday @jpndtheuniverse bye 😒 @spacegh0stpoop I'm going to miss you too 😒😒😒 @No7ime very good hbu @No7ime 😒 @LucasInterlude7 it hasn't affected me negatively, I've just been spending too much time on here @jpndtheuniverse 😒😒😒 @No7ime seb πŸ₯ΊIt hasn't been a month yet but I've decided that I'm not going to come back to Twitter for a while. My grades have…
@dxveste -begged me to fb on insta @MauryLotus what is it