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just a southern fried nerd girl w/sith tendencies. Rae Sloane advocate. #crohnsdisease / Dathomirian Bae

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Then they bring the fair county to county. Nope nope nope. Don’t let a church fish plate with some dry pound cake b… @TheRobMayhem @gunswordfist @KhaliaEvette I ate all the cookiesI hate cleaning the fry daddy @TheRobMayhem @KhaliaEvette
Excited for you, yes. gonna need more details on x men coming back because I'm tired of Logan and JeanHello friends. Please help me reach my goal. $1800 means I can purchase this course and start down a new path tow…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchIf gofundme is not an option for you, please utilize one of the following and thank you again.…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchThe Payroll Tax funds Social Security and Medicare. Trump is using the pandemic to defund them. He's not giving…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchWhat I'm currently babysitting right now in the back bedroom. My gawd. Lol. What is my life? #InternationalCatDay 🐾
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchYou ever laugh so hard all your chestular parts contract into one? Omg. 🤣I love the aesthetic of cowboy vampires
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchHow isn’t everything from here to DC not on fire right now? Explain. @pfunk1130 I’m tiredTireeeeeeeddddddddddd of the Cheeto MenaceHere are the headers for the three memoranda.
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchOf the four documents just signed by @POTUS, only one is an executive order ("assistance to renters and homeowners"…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchThru*Thanks everyone for coming thoI today. It means a lot.The way I’ve had to work this into interviews and first day orientations as a preventative measure to office bullsh… give this young man a show on Animal Planet
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchI’m a grown adult woman still not over the fact that I never truly got these daddy experiences and I go 100% soft af at stuff like this.His ice cream machine worked. 🥺 @keylime3_14 Trying not to bite the bullet and pay for express delivery today just because I’m bored and baking hel… I just have a sad. Time to go find some chores.I want to make this cake but I don’t want to go out to buy mini bottles of bourbon and hunt down peaches. Everyday… miss it but I don’t miss the foolishness. I’m still tired.Being asked to do Star Wars things right now haven’t we united to just go out and do crimes and brunch ...oh, pandemic. #boredquarentinethoughtsWould be really dope if y’all could retweet this for me! Y’all don’t know how much good they do for the residents o…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchHe just wants his name on it. That’s it. That is the only reason this is a thing. @hullojess I’m late to my local news feeds but yeah, it was a live event. Apparently they were able to finally remove the body, but still.Why are they streaming the body removal of that worker in the collapsed hard rock in NOLA like it’s a sports event?… I used up my peaches last week @RachelMFleming @irshlas74 😒 shit. @irshlas74 They’ve had several of these already in different rivers and creeks. We laugh at them. @rosensilence I haven’t been to Disney since The late 90s so that would’ve been a cool thing to see. Not now. Not without a hazmat suit.Really thought my ass was going to Galaxy Edge to meet Vi and have a cookout with friends else still get pangs of sadness over the fact that they could be worrying about packing and scheduling meetu…’t wait for this course to start if only because I’m tired of trying to find something to fill 8hrs of my time w… daydreamin...Always want to go to the farmers market the weekend it’s closed.Didn’t hit the $500 mark Friday. Let’s try again. Please boost. Happy Saturday. ☕️ at $330 so far. Hope to be at $500 by the end of the day. I know this can be done by September with your he…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith Witch @TheRobMayhem She’s making dog food. I’m tired of these videos and posts.I’ve been a baby sofa all evening. So much for binge night. What I miss on this hellsite? @mcgarrygirl78 Oh I thought this was about the frog. LOOOLFrog in my bedroom @Hydrajen He woke up and is fussy. Time to goooo.Blue boys are the best boys the sweetest when they are someone else’s
Trying to look at dvd releases since quarantine began. Wondering what movies I missed. Netflix feeling m like a was… @djdunclive Yeah. S2 left me feeling very meh. @saucissonsec It’s sounding like groundhogs day now. I dunno. Maybe. @OddsonDamian Oh a love story. Now I don’t know. @ShareefJackson That leaks my interests 🤔What’s new to watch or binge? Wtf is Dark about?#stayFRESHatHOME is a FREE online series from @FreshMeatSF offering guided movement, meditation, singing & MORE! Th…
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchThanks to PayPal contributions I’m up to $405🤗
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchChores and errands done so now what...He wasn’t blonde or british or some such nonsense. 🤷🏽‍♀️ love that movie and I want a sequel with more of the devil… thread of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY reviews by Black critics:
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchThanks to PayPal contributions I’m up to $405🤗 @JoelleMonique @AVTVClub @BonMotVivant 👀I'm doing weekly recaps for @AVTVClub with the wonderful editor, @BonMotVivant!
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith Witch @Broadwaybandit5 Every cell in my body would’ve been in a panic bet she gonna post something on tiktok later too. Damn.I have high blood pressure problems. All that thickness would’ve killed me. keep that culture war going to distract people from that thing in the White House
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchThis. This is the one 👏🏾
Retweeted by Southern Fried Sith WitchYou know, when you had to buy cds in a store back in the olden times squat had retailers scrambling. It was a beautiful thing. @ladykitchenless Honestly the most effective wayLol at my sis calling in a panic to see how to recall an email before it’s read. 90% of the time it is too late. Oops. Good luck.Holding at $330 so far. Hope to be at $500 by the end of the day. I know this can be done by September with your he… like the Mac n cheese lawd Wash some comforters. Clean the freezer and fridge. Try and finish a grocery list that makes sense and is on bu… @Reedie_Reed I got called out and need to clean my freezer first at least 😒 @fractalfrogJRT You got me.I don’t understand this trend of house reps commenting on everything on Twitter that doesn’t really concern themTell me no I can’t go to the butcher and creep over to the whataburger drive thru for a taquito. @jongraywb Spit valves’m thinking more on the high school level and based on my experience in band btw.Also sadly some schools share instruments between students, so imagine if a kid did not clean out the inside of the… mind. Good morning. It’s Friday, right?☕️Going back to sleep. Quick nap.At least I got to fly the space shuttle @SheaSerrano scary at all when a dead person comes to you and points out someone you’ve been missing a lot is dead in a drea… @TheRobMayhem Gah cbs. I’ll deal with this later.Thank you. I like it when people to quake in uncertain fear. @TheRobMayhem Wat would you compare it to?I & II have a narrow overlap so I hope that won’t be a huge deal.My anatomy course opens in 6 days 😳🙃📚$330. Getting there. Thank you all so much for everything so far. 💕
My lifespan is already cut short by a chronic disease, me not having kids, or a partner, and now being alone withou…