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Host of @PinwheelsIvyPod Participant in the 19/20 #108tourney Defense wins championships. Spaceships don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors. Don’t be a dick

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@TheBennettK guy White Sox @MailmanJack65 @MrDelicious13 @MrDelicious13 My zip up vest is at the dry cleaners. Other than that i got this.Maybe mix in some of this (Greek God of walks) Thome but when we were messing around Ken Griffey Jr. And Julio Franco. week on Twitter 🎉: 154 Mentions, 5.16K Mention Reach, 400 Likes, 17 New Followers, 117 Replies. See yours with… @andy_codiamat Hahaha that’s Layla. She likes to bark so she had to go inside.Very happy, very good boy. 10/10 would pet.
What a clusterf*ck watching people argue on twitter @LWilz Imma guess......shittyCause you don’t boo nobodies @Mickeys_Liver7 @MrDelicious13 @danhughes65 @StRitaHS I grew up watching my Dad at hachetball. Just don’t wanna joi… @Mickeys_Liver7 @MrDelicious13 @danhughes65 @StRitaHS Was asked to join Hachetball at SJF and the new men’s league… @Mickeys_Liver7 @MrDelicious13 @danhughes65 @StRitaHS I’m haven’t hooped hoop’d in about 2 years. I’d start off bas… @ltaylor_22 @MrDelicious13 SouthSide HoKeep supporting podcasts would want to see St. Rita Zo vs this stud. @MrDelicious13 would beat me in the paint but I had RANGE. I was a wi… other news my hat mullet is at 💯 hasn’t been this good since college. @chorizy Hahaha such an awesome move. “Can you teach me some moves?” @chorizy My brother and I watched it over and over growing up.Done with the bullshit. Working on my glow and moving forward. #TheLastDragon #TheGlow @Dzikhead I’d watch this buddy cop show
@KingMac1129 I was told he said he’s signing with the Sox background a bad thing to see this on the top International prospects IG. Also follow Emmet. @Mickeys_Liver7 Walter won @BrianBernardoni @gals_rob It’s one of those Nintendo mini’s @BrianBernardoni @gals_rob Bought it a couple years ago off amazonBOOM💥 Howie Kendrick nails it: “Everybody expected us to get steamrolled by the Astros, but even with them chea…
Retweeted by Matt Remember Baseball Zawaski (Zo)Just skunked Elway and the boys
@KenWo4LiFe @ChiSoxHaze Lol cpuWalter and the boys took care of business vs. Bo showdown @ND_Phil All dayBRB gonna get drunk and win the Super Bowl.
@Scott_Reichard I believe it. Nice course thoJust beat the rain. Suck it rain. @wenhardy @fromthe108 Yea not bad. Played alright today. Won $$$ was nice to do something normal. @bentar14 @fromthe108 Not this time. Playing decent.Great day to be #108ing @fromthe108 @wessjargo Lost Marsh @KingMac1129 @Patinthebronx @LiamMenus @bsheils09 Pants? @conor_h2o It gonna be a good time. You know the people I’m playing with (related to them all) but I’m gonna stink.Golfing tomorrow in Indiana. Haven’t played in a month or two. This should go great. a great weekend!!!
@keribo1 @BarberSox @keribo1 @BarberSox Whittingham’s? @Scott_Reichard Ingredient @Scott_Reichard It’s part of the cup definitelyHey @NickKingham what’s your chain game look like? @PinwheelsIvyPod @MrDelicious13 It’s fantastic. Great walking music too. @MailmanJack65 So far I’m digging what I’m hearing. @robzielinski Oh yea when I lived with Pienta I got a very healthy dose of Jack WhiteI’m done streaming shows. Now trying to listen to a different artist everyday while I work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re… one hits deep. Real ones know. @LiamMenus @LiamMenus @whitesox @ODFL_Inc People say we look like twins so I figured it was alright. @whitesox @ODFL_Inc Thanks!!! @whitesox @ODFL_Inc Zo 22.@LWilz’m never deleting this app. Y’all can go to HELL. 😂
Retweeted by Matt Remember Baseball Zawaski (Zo) @Matt_Enuco @KFidds @AldoSoto21 @SM_Mornings @TheShawnSierra another club keeping all employees with full salaries and benefits through 6/30, sources tell The Athleti…
Retweeted by Matt Remember Baseball Zawaski (Zo)
@richland63 @ErikLambert1 I thought the question was about GM’s going the extra mile for a player. I don’t see that… @ErikLambert1 @richland63 I wouldn’t say with those exact specifics but there are stories of Theo taking care of gu… @egvvnd Yea my cuzzo does that’s what started this. I think we are gonna do it for the summer. @MailmanJack65 @BigSexxy_75 Make sure you watch the mailman tho @egvvnd Funny you bring that up me and my cousin we’re just discussing buying a cow from them. @BigSexxy_75 Delivered. Took a day or two. @KenWo4LiFe Not a bad plan. People say it makes it grow back thicker. I’ve been contemplating it. @BigSexxy_75 Yea I’ve bought two off them so far during quarantine. Worth every penny. @KenWo4LiFe Smooooooooooth......just felt like it or had too? @jsram311 @BarberSox There will be more @BarberSox Didn’t take a pic. Sat down and starting eating and didn’t come up for air. @TomFornelli @LiamMenus I think there should be a @TwistedSball team meeting there.
@LWilz Hahaha for sure. Congrats on being twitter famous btwI used General Tso sauce in the marinade #GameChanger @LWilz No pics this time. Went down too quick. @MailmanJack65 When you’re hungry you’re hungry lol @Bearlissimo1 Looks awesomeThe ribeye I just made from Whittingham’s should probably be in the steak hall of fame. @kimcheesal McCoy’s Dad SUCKSSSSSSSSSS and looks like a complete morons in sunglasses. #FNL @Mickeys_Liver7 @MailmanJack65 @Billywires Huge butt nugget
My plans 2020
Retweeted by Matt Remember Baseball Zawaski (Zo) @Oakforest72 13 year old dude. 13. plans 2020
Retweeted by Matt Remember Baseball Zawaski (Zo) @_chicago_joe It’s fucking gross. They didn’t press charges cause they knew he couldn’t support the kid from jail. Scum bag.Friendly reminder that Karl Malone sucks.