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2 X MOBO winner, Mercury Nominee THE BLACK PERIL Out Now!

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I always derided ppl who posted food pics. Narcissistics!...Less than a week indoors and look at me now 😂 @jonzid @davidschneider Now let’s all French kiss to mark this historic occassion 🙇🏾‍♂️ @rspiano Yeah it’s all ‘public nuisance’ this and ‘sounds like duck abuse’ that 🤣🤣
MY LINE - My new single and first ever music video out now 🤯🤯🤯❤❤❤ Directed…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchCan all the people who’s hands Boris Johnson infected, ‘shaking everyone’s hand’ now be given tests ASAP? #COVIDUK @AudreyAurus1 Power grab time 🐖 @gnoffiland They labelled a life long anti-racist, racist and brought a eugenicist government into power. If only t… surprise the BBC is widely reporting Corbyn saying, ‘I was right’ which sounds completely insensitive. Typical… I work for one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of ventilators and the UK govt have ordered only…
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@lara_eleanor You 100% know he asked...’So which one a you guys is the mommy?’ 🤦🏾‍♂️ @iwasid For that reason it ain’t over brother. And Jeremy will still be there on the back benches... I’m kinda look… @BigSterrett @AudreyAurus1 It will take time and distance from the last election result to fully unpack how supine… @BigSterrett @AudreyAurus1 One thing is certain, we’ll never again have a British leader radicalised by hearing Wal… some ways having Corbyn as PM would have lulled us into a false sense of security - thinking we can transform so…'ve not known what to tweet, as frankly its just too sad that Jeremy has stood down. He tried, valiantly to show u… #2 ‘Early Morning Bike Ride’ a crisp morning, light frost and bright blue skies. Seems like th… whole new book of dirty tricks was created in order to beat him. Our job over the years will be to get to every n…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchWho are we least able to do without in a crisis – the refuse collectors and cleaners or the billionaires?
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Oh Jeremy Corbyn! The best PM this country never had! 😭
Retweeted by Soweto KinchThis is what is already happening. She had all the symptoms. She could barely breath, yet was not treated as a prio…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchMy letter in @thetimes today, re. wage protection for freelance musicians. Let's get through this together. With…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @AudreyAurus1 Loool 😂Everyone stop the global pandemic, Femi has some super important stuff to sayIf the free market is actually free, why are so many of us imprisoned in it in the middle of a pandemic?
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @AyoCaesar Yeah slow down Thanos @damianbrown Britain would spontaneously combust within 30 minutes @mrjamesob If only there had been an opportunity to vote for someone more caring 🤷🏾‍♂️Dis shit right here☝🏾... Saxual Gratification #Satellite - #JohnColtrane #ColtraneSound At last I can finally transcribe those solos I’ve…
#LOCKDOWNRIDDIM #1 ‘UK Lockdown’ Soooo this is it for a couple weeks at least. I intend to be super creative wh… @michaeljswalker @DailyMailUK I know hotel staff forced to go into work, while the management team are self isolati… @HeathertheHeron Stay positive. Easy to sink into the sofa, but one day soon this will end.#Lockdownriddim #1 ‘UK LOCKDOWN’ Hevryting closed, gahn a yuh bed #1 ‘UK Lockdown’ Everyting close.. gahn a yuh bed #Covidbeats #coronabeats #hiphop #beats #1 ‘UK Lockdown’ Soooo this is it for a couple weeks at least. I intend to be super creative wh… @ChimaAnya @chemouk @jonascooks @WasimYaqoob You think ur old 😂👴🏾Tony Daley - google him (villlaaaaa), Ruud Gullit,… know there will be fines for people breaking the important rules? Will there also be fines for employers who ar…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @rhcohen @rspiano I’m just gonna hug you both for about 30 minutes @AudreyAurus1 How supremely embarrassing, they’re under sanctions, embargoes and we’re holding £2Bill of their gold…"We will all finish like Venezuela under Corbyn" They said, Looks like we will all finish way worse than Venezuela…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @rspiano @rhcohen Miss you to brother. Stay safe and sane 👊🏾🙏🏾❤️People need to eat. If this food situation isn’t tackled immediately, I give it 7 days until major scenes of civil unrest. @DawnHFoster Lots of people would sign with the current curfew, but their right hands are currently.. erm.. indisposed @spikedonline If you say something insane and dangerous during a national crisis, you’ll be branded insane and dang… @heymaish @stevewhiteraven 🤣🤣 @DPJHodges What if it’s eventually worse than Italy? Any effects we see over the next three weeks are a direct re… @CCrewr @allisonpearson After this, consider this a badge of honour of restaurant food will binned, at the same time millions of people can’t get flour and eggs Maybe just le… @TheSJTobin Literally saving himself 😁 @Nigel_Farage Thank God it’s not you! We’d have plucky English chaps licking lampposts as an act of defiance and…
Freeze the rents. Freeze the mortgages. Freeze the bills. Freeze the taxes. Implement universal basic income.…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchShifting The Blame via @YouTubeLabour’s ⁦@JohnHealey_MP⁩ says government has gone back on its promise to suspend rental evictions for the duration…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchLOCKDOWN RT PLEASE @AudreyAurus1 @sowetokinch @jeremycorbyn @JennieGenSec @robdelaney
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @jamesrbuk I genuinely feel sorry for you having to take an ideological position like this in the same week our own… @AdrianBrown83 @suburbanbeatnik @sureyourewrite @completelyjane Fair enough.. not to be confused with The Plague 1347-1351 @suburbanbeatnik @sureyourewrite @completelyjane This typeface is clearly IPhone 🧐everyone knows Pepys was an Android user @suburbanbeatnik @sureyourewrite @completelyjane The plague also predates Pepys by a few centuries... 🤔 @sureyourewrite Get thee hence to thine bed chambers and make merriment with XBoxes... verily, thy rougesome gaggle of striplingsSomething says there’s an agreement between govt/pliant media to blame the next 7 days on ordinary ppl rather than… Johnson says the NHS must be 'protected' or it will be 'overwhelmed'. The filthy truth about this pandemic is…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @TheMendozaWoman “We’re all in the same boat.... now back to the galleys with you!”
“It’s important to keep in mind this is not about the markets failing” 😳😳😳 It’s morally bankrupt to go on ‘socialis… @carolvorders @cerysmatthews She raises a disapproving claw early on, but he’s in the zone 🤣🤣Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t a terrorist sympathiser. He was a people sympathiser who wanted the 99% to have a better life.…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchAn abridged list of things people expect me to be “on”: Google Hangouts Zoom iMessage Facebook Groups Microsoft Tea…
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@kingcrowney It’s a little known fact, but Celine Dion, Jim Reeves, and Kenny Rogers are basically considered divin… scene in the local Asda yesterday.. Aisles of ginger and garlic still available, no bog roll for a 40m radius…“I hate that your commander-in-chief is more demander and thief” 👌🏾 @Royceda59 #BARZZZ @DPJHodges Whereas everyone’s completely blindsided by your criticique of McDonnell.. very out of caricature @padraig48 Now that’s a granny gang to beware of 🇨🇮🇯🇲 They’ve probably got Jim Reeves tied up on an adjacent cloud 😂Yeeah guys... stop concentrating resources in the hands of a tiny few and making the most vulnerable have to bare b… Kenny Rogers 😢 #RIP Watch out for tens of thousands of Jamaican grannies at the pearly gates.. they’ll ambush… @lawscholar @GHS If you tweet something like this you should be forced to go outside and play with the traffic 🚦 @Peston Yeerr filthy commies 🤣 @SpecCoffeeHouse Jingoism won’t stop people from dying. If you’re going around infecting people you’re a murderer not a patriot
@JessGillamSax It sounds like it’s trying to guard the house @AyoCaesar @johnmcdonnellMP Now would also be a great time for Free Broadband!
@OliverBullough I’m concerned about the person I’ll become after 14 days of True Crime podcasts 😬... medieval plain… @FARMABEATS @tonydpoison 😂😂😂 Time to drop the ‘hand sanitiser beat tape’ [two dollops and a square of bog roll with every purchase] @Nigel_Farage Earth: We need to pull together to fight this thing, a virus knows no borders, test early, self isola…
@angelortanya @The_Pesky_Red *groan* @The_Pesky_Red Anyone else having the same epiphany...🤔 @NEdstrom @AudreyAurus1 We may have to resort to peasants as pheasant replacements. Everyone must make sacrifices @AudreyAurus1 I’m a bit torn as to whether to use the summer or the winter residence 🧐 @therapyofficial @ProBengrief @coccabal 😥😥😥 safety first ✊🏾 @notgodzod @AfriThinka If this is how neoliberalism handles a public health crisis, the advice shld be ‘careful what you vote for’ @notgodzod @AfriThinka Agreed on most of that. But any system that considers bailing out NHS sueing Richard Branson… @mmt_lvt @MagpiesView @TheBirmingham6 Good. But there’s still mixed messages coming from some insurance companies.… @mpjanisch Fence off @mpjanisch I’ve brought my personal retinue of barons and knights to encircle me and fence of paupers with coughs… @FolPoliticsUK Cancel the Labour leadership contest until 2025Yes, we should all retire to our Palaces and let our ground staff handle this. That’s just common sense wot wot 🤡 government’s offering ‘LOANS’ to be paid back with interest🤦🏾‍♂️ Because what the nation needs at this difficu…
@angelortanya No, but if there’s any justice lots of hoarding b’stards will have to make cauliflower out of toilet paper 🧻
@thenitinsawhney Organic pasta will be legal tender in this new reality 🤣😭 @PLoyalties Let’s make sure we bore a small hole in the toilet paper so we can still hear and breath 😉It’s then I think, ‘a Covid19 testing facility would require massive government action...’ I realise, it must all…‘I’m just going to unleash your potential’ I look down to see he’s shoes are made from congealed refugees and scre… this recurring nightmare.. I turn up at a #COVIDー19 testing facility, coughing hysterically. Cummings appea…
@maguire_gearoid Nigel Pearson, Darren Moore, Hasenhuttl and maybe Big Sam in the quarter finals 🤔