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Soweto Kinch @sowetokinch Birmingham, UK

2 X MOBO winner, Mercury Nominee Nonagram Out Now!

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@MrMarkUnderhill Buddum tshhh 😏Powerful speech at the launch of #NatiionalLottery 25th birthday celebrations from one of our greatest jazz and hip…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchA man has just attacked Nigel Farage with a fistful of condiments He’s been arrested on suspicion of a salt 😏 #milkshakegate
@DerbyChrisW is a total legend. Sad that he’s the only MP who’s flagged this up as an issue this weekend! I am gonna chat BOLLOCKS against Soweto Kinch and chat even more BOLLOCKS whilst hosting every…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchRadio 3 tonight! Piece brought 2 life by beautiful band: Mark Sanders,Debbie Sanders,Sarah Farmer,Richard Scott,Ha…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @dudleyevans @AlynShipton @sowetokinch Thanks for starting the whole thing off, Tony, and thanks to Soweto and Alan…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchWow, I'd love to hear this. Expect I will sometime! @rachelmusson @JoYaNdEaRs @oliebrice Looking forward to heari…
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.@sowetokinch played an awesome show last night Thanks @trashfuturepod for the introduction
Retweeted by Soweto KinchListen to @sowetokinch!
Retweeted by Soweto KinchCongratulations on your wins at the Birmingham music awards @sowetokinch @CALLmeeUNIQUE 🙌🏼
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Fire! 🔥 Last Thursday had an amazing jam for the 1st time with @theocroker and the legend that is #SteveWilliamson
@TheoCroker My copy arriving tomorrow! Last night at The Curtain was brilliant. Thank you @TheoCroker and @sowetokinch
Retweeted by Soweto KinchSome amazing #jazz & #soul nights 🤩 coming up in May & June at top #London #musicvenue @TheJazzCafe Get your ticket…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchThe jazzship has landed @nickjurd #likeajazzmachine2019 #luxembourg #likeajazzmachine Looking forward to some cra… is the exact thing my tweet was talking about: black and brown Tories rely on identity politics more than anyo…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @ShaunBaileyUK Shaun bredrin...only you could receive a letter like this and say let’s not talk about race. 🤦🏾‍♂️ H… @sorentmurdock15 🤦🏾‍♂️en route to Luxembourg now. Just heard he ripped it in Birmingham tooMaaad evening @TheCurtainLDN with @sowetokinch and @TheoCroker doing their thing on stage together for the FIRST TI…
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Amazing isn’t it? Our entire political system, our entire country, has been utterly divided and totally paralysed…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @EL4JC It’s almost as though it was confected to distract us from stultifying inequality 🤔
Change UK is what happens when FBPE leaves the Twitter bubble and goes face to face with the electorate.
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch#London feat. @sowetokinch This Thursday!!! Pull up!
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TAMMY SCOOOOOORRRREESSS!!!!!! We go through on penalties! Get in therrrreeee!!! #AVFC – ✅ ✅ ✅ ❌ ✅ #WBA – ❌ ❌ ✅ ✅…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchDaaaaaamn that was close. We're off to Wembley!!!! #VillaC'maaaan #Villa!! 2 down Steer you the man @DPJHodges Can’t see what the big deal is. You can’t expect a rising Conservative star to roast one kitten at a time. @CathyCostain Yep, it’s getting pretty stampy out thereGrealish is getting ganged up on like a muslim with a milkshake at a Tommy Robinson rally 😱#AVFCDammmmiiittt 🤬Translation: if they don’t go up... West Brom f’d up 😒 #WBAAVL C’mon VILLAAAAA!!!! #AVFCOfficial Tammy, Hourihane… in at the link below! Catch both ESINAM & @sowetokinch live @ #EJBF19 in July. #ESINAM plays on the opening ni…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch#listeningto multi-instrumentalist (flute, vox++) Esinam on @BBCRadio3 with @sowetokinch . A delicious polyrhythm…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @kehinde_andrews Just you wait for the...’Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave’ hottakes 🤣 @sowetokinch A wonderful insight to the mighty Art Blakey! Four on the floor bass drum if more was needed!! Thank y…
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Don't miss Steve Williamson being interviewed by @sowetokinch on @BBCRadio3 #jazznow tonight at 23:00, talking abou…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchTwo leading lights of the UK music scene ⁦@sowetokinch⁩ #SteveWilliamson get together to talk #jazz #saxophone
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Hear, hear. @DerbyChrisW deserves this support and solidarity. And we all deserve him back, working day in and day…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchAnyone else notice a pattern here? #GOT #marr @CathyCostain Really can’t take anymore footie excitement 😳... Brighton just score and Man City equalised in seconds What a sport 🤣
Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! @ConorHourihane you beauty 🔥🔥 @talkSPORT Can we get Pochettino in the for the half time talk please? 🙏🏿#AVFC @CathyCostain Not the best start 🤦🏾‍♂️Big day for Villa 🤞🏾... after how they treated #DarrenMoore, hope The Baggies stay down for another 10 years #AVFC #stillsalty
@spoiltgeek @unionlib What.. like when Chimps post pictures of white babies on Twitter? @sowetokinch Ha I just posted the same thing. I found a still from an old Daz advert with the caption “more power for whiter whites”.
Retweeted by Soweto KinchThat #DannyBaker ‘whiter than white’ Daz commercial has a whole ‘nother ring to it now 🤔 @unionlib How’s about not being racist about anyone?... just an ideaLooking forward to playing Brixton tonight with an unconventional lineup Got new music at a new venue 🔥… chance to see me in a duo format tonight unit.12brixton @dicefm @LivLiveUK @AndreHutchMUSIC Ticket link in… Mishal’s sneering tone implies its right to deport someone for smoking a spliff and not paying car insuranc… World Transformed Is coming to Birmingham in August and you can be involved. Follow @twtbrum for the latest upd…
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The juju is strong with English teams this year 😳I’ve seen everything! Literally the final second 🔥🔥 #ChampionsLeagueBack in the game! 💪🏿Spurs look like they hit the coffee shop too early #ChampionsLeagueWelcome Soweto - this is brilliant news for @BirmCons @MyBCU!
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Jonzid There’s still time @Jonzid I was like... let’s have a repeat of last night, overco... 🤦🏾‍♂️"Make your voices heard in solidarity and let's put a stop to this ridiculous and fundamental injustice that's happ…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @jlbennett0 Caninelingus
@Okwonga I wonder if Origi whispered ‘Negrito Power’ to Suarez after the final whistle 👌🏾 @Okwonga Illiberal snowflake defensive work 🤣Daaaaayyyuuuumm!!! Mandem was hungry #LIVBAR @sorentmurdock15 Another 2 💪🏿Liverpool are on one!! Great to see Suarez so pissed off #ChampionsLeague2019 @sorentmurdock15 Yep! The bitey racist ‘Negrito’ hating man. Hated him since his handball eliminated Ghana in the W… @sorentmurdock15 Anything that gets Suarez into angry vengeful rabbit mode is enjoyable for me. @sorentmurdock15 Not even a Liverpool supporter, but I’m pretty gassed right now 🤣Goooooaaaall!! 🔥🔥This bootleg Arabic commentary is waaay more enjoyable 🤣 Such passion, sounds like goals being scored continually @esinam_music greetings Esinam. I caught the recent Jazz show hosted by @sowetokinch and loved it. I will be playin…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchHe's just been announced as the newest member in our jazz department - and we're delighted to welcome award-winning…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch#GOT spoiler 🚨 Now the Night King is expired.. Which undead corpse would you most like to see bring The Long Night… amazing #jazz & #soul nights 🤩 coming up in May & June at top #London #musicvenue @TheJazzCafe Get your 🎟 👉…
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Cannot wait to get back in the Fiddlers to battle @sowetokinch and host yet another @coderedculture event. First of…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchStop privatising the NHS.
Retweeted by Soweto KinchBig captain’s goal Kompany 🔥I enjoyed meeting the Sunshine Trio - a unique collaboration for @CheltJazzFest, feat Kalle Kalima, @sowetokinch &…
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Woooh.. another great vibe down at @CathELyon jam session @gregoryporter @hutchmaniac @EFM_EHarrold
😳 I got to play a blues with @Joshua_Redman tonight... 🙏🏿 The trio was on fire all through the set. Really do have… a few days left until our bespoke duo gig in Brixton. It’s at a new venue #unit12 Brixton Market🔥🔥 so if you… sister from another mister @RomarnaCampbell’s broadcasting on radio here... 🔥 The gradua… the jazz dream! Just had a great interview with joshuaredmanmusic #jazznow bbcradio3 Waxing lyrical about t… legends that need to make a come back 💯 @CeeMajor @DoubleLWV @sowetokinch @unanymousmate
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch.@AndreasSchaerer, @sowetokinch & Kalle Kalima rehearsing @cheltladiescoll Parabola Arts Centre 🎷🎤🎹 Check out thei…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @SKShlomo Just been to my 2nd #cheltjazzfest event this year, and they only had another beatboxer! No loop station…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchWhat an ace night @CheltJazzFest. @sowetokinch with @AndreasSchaerer and Kalle Kalima, powerful and cathartic musi…
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Looking forward to this bespoke duo show at a new venue in Brixton soon🔥 9th May unit.12brixton…Усадьба Jazz 2019 22-23 июня - Москва - Коломенское Билеты: 13 июля - Питер - Елагин остр…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchHaving a blast with these talented mofos already andreasschaerer #kallekalima Next stop #cheltenhamjazzfestival
@Okwonga ...wait, weren’t we both rappers in the age of Fiddy? 🤔😂Got some exciting shows across this summer, planning on turning this beat inside out live with @theocroker
Man like @makayamccraven and @BlueLabBeats 🔥🔥🔥 in the hizzouse Really looking forward to building with Makaya lat… incredibly gifted brothers @keyonharrold and my brother from anutha mutha @kebbiwilliams... ain’t seen him in t… Gavin Williamson - the man who called Jeremy Corbyn a "security risk" has just been fired.... for being…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @DannyJaqq Noted...on the 25th May your ethnicness will be revoked 🤣😂😂😂🤣 @anitaclark I hear you, I just think she should have gone all out hip hop and rocked a hoodie, and combat fatigues 🤷🏾‍♂️Can we get a collective ‘what are those?!’ for Soubry’s footwear...😳 ‘I’m embarrassed’ she reportedly said... Just…
We should be encouraging dialogue and free/fair elections in Venezuela—not violence.   I believe US intervention wi…
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