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Soweto Kinch @sowetokinch Birmingham, UK

2 X MOBO winner, Mercury Nominee THE BLACK PERIL Out Now!

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@Jackiew80333500 Remember he’s not an actual historian, he’s a delusional guy with a penchant for 17th century looking hair @Eye_Am_Kay The country’s controlled by people who won’t share their shiny, unearned headphones #TheSchoolThatTriedtoEndRacism
@Adoma2013 I think the 2018 World Cup, might have been the first time I was so comfortable celebrating ‘English’ victory @Adoma2013 I hear you, but the term ‘English’ is more often used as a racial designation (Ango-Saxon) ‘British’ i… @BBCNewsnight Why was racist analysis of Starkey unchallenged? What exactly are you trying to prove?
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @CorbynistaTeen So ‘damn’ many of them 😳 @banqw0 @davidebrady @peterwilson9 @bbcmtd I applaud your patience 😉 @duncanjones64 @peterwilson9 @bbcmtd Available now at your local device... 😉 @SatnamRana @bbcmtd I did indeed 😉"Artists and organisations should seize this moment to create the world we want to inhabit.." Powerful essay from…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @EW Don’t white boy, don’t white boy, don’t 🤦🏾‍♂️
@AudreyAurus1 @bbcmtd Bring it awwwn 🤣 @davidebrady @bbcmtd @sowetokinch @sowetokinch says the slave owners got a £20 million bailout in the 1830’s why no…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchIntense but necessary coversation with @bbcmtd today. Broadcasting at 6.30pm ish today Getting sucked into meaning… vital read from @sowetokinch. You can sign up for next week's online discussion/Q&A here:
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @pollypreston “Showing solidarity with kneeling cops everywhere”
@calvinrobinson @Fox_Claire @rakibehsan @andrewdoyle_com @InayaFolarin @Miss_Snuffy @ZubyMusic @MercyMuroki @wowfest Pls follow back, I’m trying to get in touch Re:1919 Race Riots and The Black Peril 🙏🏾..The Black Peril is this album and it's potentially THE most important release within the last year. We're delight…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchImagine releasing an album and booking a tour only for a global pandemic to get in the way. Imagine releasing an a…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchHad an amazing interview with @thetwerkinggirl 🔥🔥🔥 So much important ground covered Broadcasting next Monday… morrison told us the very core of racism is distraction. proving our humanity constantly to the endless white…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Jonzid Well colour me shocked 😒 We’ve had a lifetime of “the raw athleticism” “beastly challenge” “lacks the finesse”
@thetwerkinggirl TruedatSometimes I do wonder if Starmer has ever spoken to black Labour activists like me. His public statement today show…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @wokecatree @AudreyAurus1 Is it Corgie Soros? @tonydpoison 🤣🤣🤣 @courttianewland I know.. I feel like a guy who just found out the woman he’s dated for 5 years was actually married... to the Grand Wizard @AudreyAurus1 @wokecatree “Trained” Marxist 🤣🤣 I reckon they can juggle Das Kapital? And balance the means of production on their teeth @AudreyAurus1 Just to be clear... he’s proud of the fact he locked up black kids for 3 months for stealing mineral…’ve cancelled by @UKLabour membership. I stand with my Black brothers and sisters, and can not in good faith help…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @wokecatree I heard their board is all canine... it’s a.... mastiff conspiracy Buddum tishh 🐶Electability is code for not disputing white supremacy. #defundthegovernment
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Socialist_Hun It’s that ‘who else they gonna vote for attitude’I’m sure in Animal Farm, Napoleon doesn’t doesn’t go full farmer immediately Thought he’d hang on a week or two b… done @Keir_Starmer for successfully alienating the black community from Labour and for pivoting so far to the…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchWooooow 😶We are definitely through the looking glass now @DavidHirsh He blocked me and my uppity remarks.. but thankfully I’ve got a screen shot of his bat shittery @DavidHirsh Has anyone got this hatemonger’s orginal tweet?? The racist wont allow me to view and expose his bile
@DavidHirsh ‘BLM needs to have more humility’ 😶 @AyoCaesar If things continue on their current trajectory you might need something like this all my support behind Ava and her pursuit of justice 👇🏾 Noone should have to endure this evil and be gagg…
Multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer Liam Shortall AKA corto.alto just released a brand new banger feat. MOBO…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Ldnphotographer WeLl ThaT’s oK ThEn As long as he didn’t deprive any Caucaliens. pC gOnE MaD I tells ya *waves… @LesVagus Sadly, we already do live in that world. That’s why snowflakes are triggered by a black man acting in a p…’s a really clever point, Darth Vader should really have been played by a WhiTe MaN from another galaxy, in an…
I have to raise legal fees (see pinned tweet) and they’re ridiculous. I’ve been forced to turn to child labour so I…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @wisebirdswords I DoNt liKE heR ToNe... hEr QueStIONs haVe a FuNnY T..InnGe 🧐Just think how many more people are learning about Israeli occupation forces training US police forces today. Thin…
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Well I guess we can see who the Stalinists are now 🤔 #bailey #labour #shadowycabinetThe Jenrick case has exposed why billionaires feared Corbyn so much. He couldn’t be bought.
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @sowetokinch Hyper cronyism and dodgy deals... After 108m for the pest control company, now there's the 93 m for th…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchSo excited to announce that my new straight-to-disc record UM YANG, my long-dreamed project dedicated to the Taoist…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @NickCooperative I don’t even think ‘crony capitalism’ covers the extent to which state bailouts and QE have effect… ain’t capitalism its hyper-cronyism The country is run by Desmond, press barons, JCB, Dyson, or whatever dodg… @CarolineGoyder @mikeganino @TEDx I’m glad it was that way round, you’re a tough act to follow yourself
@AVFCOfficial Boy do we need this one 💪🏾
@pixiesheena @Conservatives 😳Shiiiiiit... how many baby daddies have you had lady?
Reparations. Now.
Retweeted by Soweto KinchShow this video to people who say “colonialism was so long ago!”
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5pm today on @BBCRadio3 I share my favourite tracks by @sowetokinch , Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, ATCQ & Nina Simone.…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @CliveMyrieBBC It burns them that you read the news with such aplomb, and are apparently unbroken by racism. Keep u… @Mxv021 @TheMendozaWoman Ah yes the BlackLivesNeedExpulsion movement, lest we forget
Keir, Keir, Keir 🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @sue_pfh @TrevorPTweets Can you find that bit in the article?... Any article...? ....I’m here all day.... Actual… @sue_pfh @TrevorPTweets The RFU is a baying woke mob? 🤔Thought you’d enjoy this 👌🏾 Inspired by Elgar #banrapmusic @sowetokinch @averagewhitetac @TrevorPTweets Why has @thetimes provocatively put this ridiculous culture war story…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @TrevorPTweets Precisely... this is all about the RFU’s feelings of guilt, not the product of grass roots demands f… @averagewhitetac @TrevorPTweets 🤣🤣🤣 This basically proves that this has nothing to do with BLM and it’s the RFU’s… you find one other black person apart from Trevor Philips who cares?.. I’ll wait Keep pulling the string and y… @TrevorPTweets Do you know any of this baying, woke mob asking for the spiritual to be cancelled? Or is just a de… has all the hallmarks of a ‘war on wokeness’ canard, dreamt up in a Cummings’ laboratory🙄 Noone cares, start… @AudreyAurus1 Zoom calls and black solidarity are antisemitic 🙄
@tonydpoison 12 strokes? 🤔The fact that so many of us are still breathing is testimony to black revolution, resistance and never accepting th… is an anti-racist party of equality. Several right wing Labour MPs support @_LFI, a hard right group which…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchGlad to see Lloyd’s of London starting down to process of reparations 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Institutions should establish soverei… Nazi mobs rioting in London. @BoardofDeputies - silent. @LordJohnMann - silent. @margarethodge - silent.…
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#JohnAkomfrah's 'Handsworth Songs' (1986) is now screening on our website through Sunday 21 June. A defining work b…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchMy first trip on public transport for 3 months... and I’m totally fine. Not scared at all, everything’s a-ok 👌🏾..… is funny & so on but it's actually outrageous. All the moral fury that was heaped on the left for purges that…
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Feels absolutely wild to have broken this record 🤯 My work stands on the shoulders of so many Black British literar…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @renireni Gwaaarn ✊🏾Yep embarrassing. They also took the credit for the NHS surcharge u-turn when in reality it was a Ghanaian family o…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @thetwerkinggirl Colombusing their way through crisis 🤦🏾‍♂️ Labour are an embarrassment, next they'll be congratula… @MattSmythAudio And to you squire ✊🏾
@NovarFLIP Well that settled it 😂😂😂 Aunty Jane all day 🔥🔥🔥 aren’t beaten yet, stand strong for the 200,000 children who haven’t had a meal to eat today and keep retweeting 🗣 #maketheUturn
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @AyoCaesar Or my grandparent’s frikkin landing cards!
Now’s a great time to reach out to your favorite activists for inspiration ✊🏾 Just had an amazing interview with To…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @afuahirsch @thetimes I mean I knew you had some vociferous critics... but daaaaayum 😶 The white fragility force is strong with this one @AudreyAurus1 Yeeesh 🙄Now’s a great time to reach out to your favorite activists for inspiration ✊🏾 Just had an amazing interview with To… a powerful, uplifting conversation with a personal hero toyinagbetu!! Feeling pretty fearless atm ✊🏾🔥 Broadc… @AudreyAurus1 @WestminsterWAG Tbf she hasn’t blocked me yet. She’s not gone full illiberal snowflake @andrewdee03 @WestminsterWAG If this guy’s not one of yours... I’ll sing ‘sorry’ before playing the National anthe… @ingall_michele @WestminsterWAG @MarkusRolfe @WestminsterWAG How dare you call us racist!!... and... Piss off back where you don’t come from...…