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It’s been fun.. off to my show at The Winston Theatre, for @BristolJazzFest shortly... excited to get playing 🔥🔥 skies and standing room only. Fantastic atmosphere, great mix of music, and host @sowetokinch at @JazzSouthUK
Retweeted by Soweto KinchAnd we're off. @JazzSouthUK Platform South Showcase underway at @Colston_Hall as part of @BristolJazzFest with The…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchJust watched a man violently shoulder barge an elderly Chinese couple off of the pavement outside Bristol TM 😡WTF?… skies and music - it's a beautiful day in Bristol - come on down to @Colston_Hall and join us for…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @iamblizzard @BodyBagnall @okwerdz Sounds like you should both start smoking herb 🤨 @CBTHunting Hope the lions took a selfie afterwards
Reflecting on brilliant stuff at yesterday's @Voices_WW1 Festival. A keynote from @DavidOlusoga, The Troth screenin…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchSlow news day? These were taken last May (the last time I wore an ironed shirt) and it was a totally legal CBD stra…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @sterling7 been dignified, true role model on and off the pitch this year His feet spoke gully patios last night t… @sorentmurdock15 Aweful weather today... curséd Corbyn and his necromancer marrows @tedtully Dawn Butler #RevokeTomWatson‘Politics is Brokers’ 🎩
En route to Birmingham later to work with and view the epicness of this collaboration I'm excited about.…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @BodyBagnall @tonydpoison @sophie_coady @iAmJasmineAmber I’d tune in to see Tone in a flat cap, kissing teeth, ‘I c… the lab with incredible choreographer @jadehackett2015 and 4 amazing dancers getting ready for tonight’s shari… Gavin Williamson is braced to charge across neighbourhoods on horseback with a bugle #NoDealBrexit Akademi's award-winning The Troth will screening in #Birmingham at @Voices_WW1 Legacies of the First World…
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As Mozambique rescue teams struggle to save thousands of lives . My thoughts are with all those caught in the cyclo…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @HarrisonAnna @sowetokinch I had a great time, Soweto and Anna. Thanks for that!
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@svens58 She’s trolling us all people... delayed, empty room just a couple of union jacks, it’s a metaphor 🤔 of May’s speech to come... ‘You all have just 9 days to stockpile as much Spam as possible... I’m off to h… Brexit was chess The EU would be Garry Kasparov and Theresa May would be Eddie the Eagle (with less skill and minus any charm) ♟Go’on Tezza ‘av a walk in the hills. #GeneralElections2019 if you want a general election. #PMQs
Retweeted by Soweto KinchThis! ⁦@sowetokinch⁩ ⁦@bmarsalis⁩ #jazznow
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch#jazzhands looking more like watchoutforthattruck hands! 😆#branfordmarsalis #jazznow Had an amazing catch up and i… can't wait to see @chamukuppuswamy perform on Friday at Legacies of the WWI Festival. There will be a screening…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchBuzzing about interviewing @bmarsalis shortly... so much to catch up on. #Thesecretbetweentheshadow is heavy, and I…
@mcderminator The Big Big Chief 🔥 @sowetokinch so pleased to be working with you at #platformsouthjazz
Retweeted by Soweto KinchYes! It’s that time again where we can sample the @BristolJazzFest! This year's #festival will see renowned names l…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchSpinned by Emma Smith & @sowetokinch on @bbcintroducing / @BBCRadio3 #JazzNow last night is my latest tune "Alsergr…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchLarge up @sowetokinch wicked album!
Retweeted by Soweto KinchGreat screening of my Joan armatrading film last night ! Thanks to @sowetokinch, Shingai from the @noisettes &Glyn…
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One of the things I love about a late night drive home from work is discovering what mad as balls music @BBCRadio3
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @tonydpoison One you use for making tea and adding sugar the other you for making a... 🤔never mindEinstein is frequently misquoted, what he actually said was ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again…
This is the reality for millions of people in our country. Food bank use up from 40,000 packages in 2010 to 1,300,0…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @IanWright0 I still call women elders ‘Aunty’ out of respect 🤣. Still fear a cuff in the neck back
Me 8am: Carpe diem, so much to accomplish Me 5 episodes into Maddy Netflix series: @KDPEP64 @shirlsmart @MarymoBelfast @TjpAbdul @metpoliceuk Read the full thread, it’s a lovely united happy conclusion
@sowetokinch Never forget Soweto... Pessimism leads to inactivity. We need activity to challenge the establishment!
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @UmarMalik1998 You brought a tear to my eyes with the Benn quote brother. Stay active ✊🏿 @monkbrain_ @TjpAbdul @metpoliceuk I feel you brother. It's hard for anyone with a heart to process it. Just remind… @oprahreporter @shirlsmart @MarymoBelfast @TjpAbdul @metpoliceuk I'm definitely not blaming the left or Muslims. I… @MarymoBelfast @shirlsmart @TjpAbdul @metpoliceuk Steven Yaxley-Lennon just did a speaking tour of Australia. While… @TjpAbdul @MarymoBelfast @metpoliceuk If you don’t thinks there’s an international nexus of hatred that connects wh… #NewZealand during Friday prayers, a White Supremacist killed 50 #Muslims. Today in East London on Cannon street…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @SWNCLP @marie_kate2 @nigestweets @Socialist_Chris @JamesSorah @SocialistBooksy @REDsue1441 @blunted_james @BBCRadio3 All I want #afterdark is #latejunction #unclassified #jazznow #musicplanet to be given a fair crac…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchImpressive that as we’re constantly told to ‘not politicise’ political crises... Young people aint buying it and a… @PatrickAndrews See you there 👊🏾‘Islam isn’t a race’ talk isn’t a helpful contribution on the day of a mass shooting #r4today 🤬 The racism is so e…
@delliott_smith She’s eventually going to start handing out boxing gloves and cocaine to the audience.When I watch Question Time, I start to understand why Elvis shot the telly. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Reverend_Makers Totally get it Rev! switch off from all this faux-outrage, rantodrome balderdash and make more great music.Three venues & three very different offerings. Have you checked out our contemporary jazz line up @bristol_su Winst…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @Harrisera 🤣🤣🤣 @OwenSmith_MP Sour grape flavoured ice creamJust checking...does #MeaningfulVote3 mean that all the other votes were meaningless? Demockery in action #BrexitChaos
@brianjhomer Ahh. Yes I am! Pls email or DM me 👊🏾Hey @BrumHour! We're running a free history festival @mac_birmingham on 22 & 23 March, about WW1 & diversity. Highl…
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May charges obstinately into a second mahussive commons defeat, and the country’s still buckles under austerity fee… @toadmeister @Quillette Cursed peasants, things were better back the ancien regime 🤣🤣
"Is it fear of socialism or FEAR we'll expose their ADDICTIONS to racism and sowing division?!" 🔥 @sowetokinch per…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @luqmankhan555 Coulda woulda shouldaIt's been 5 years since we lost Tony Benn but to me it often feels like he's still here. His messages live on & se…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchGot massive respect for @sowetokinch A Life in the Day of B19 is an all time favourite.
Retweeted by Soweto KinchSoweto Kinch Performs 'Breaking Free', Why Corbyn Represents Hope for Br... via @YouTubeYeahman!! Really enjoyed this. Check out the new #barz below 🔥🔥🔥 #BreakingFree @mattzarb @AaronBastani #TheApprentice... the show that’s brought us both Katie Hopkins and Michelle Dewbs, turning…📺 New @Underground_RT with @afshinrattansi ☆30th Anniversary of the #WorldWideWeb ☆…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @sowetokinch Good to see you yesterday at the @1000TradesJQ jazz.
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@IanWright0 Not even a Baggies fan, but this seems like a madness... they going to bring back Pardew?Darren Moore sacked at West Brom why ? They’re 4th ! What’s he done? 😳
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @docrussjackson ‘Olives on tap, what’s not to like?’Kinda enjoying this post braid rasta-perm look Feel like a west coast rapper circa ‘94, wonder if the local offy s… @DannyJohnJules You think Chuka has any idea who General Levy is... lol🚨**🆕**🎬🎥 [Music Video] TrueMendous (@ItsTrueMendous) - 'Half Action Man, Half Barbie' (Prod. @LowpassLuke 💻)…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @mastaace Definitely some kinda #roadlife #artistlife metaphor in there
Comrades.. Please support @Marcwads and @sowetokinch at this fundraiser.. Both amazing critical thinking Socialists…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchJust had a great time playing, MCing and talking on #GoingUnderground @Underground_RT Hope it opens up more discu… @OliverBullough 🤣🤣the number of times I’ve been asked to ‘just play us a tune’ on train journeys or do a show ‘for…
@LadyLeshurr @TheWillRoss @ShottyHorroh @PremierBattle The words ‘Leshurr’ and ‘battle’ was always going to get my attention 🤣. Much love @LadyLeshurr @TheWillRoss @ShottyHorroh @PremierBattle 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥tell dem sistrenYep, using the word ‘coloured’ is an embarrassing reveal. But @AmberRuddHR should be more ashamed of the hostile… @HeatherAugustyn @marchformusiced @AlphaBoysRadio @alphaboysschool @dermot_hussey @patmckaymusic @EasyStarRec @marchformusiced @AlphaBoysRadio @alphaboysschool @dermot_hussey @patmckaymusic @EasyStarRec @jfordham_jazz @marchformusiced @AlphaBoysRadio @alphaboysschool @dermot_hussey @patmckaymusic @EasyStarRec @jfordham_jazz @marchformusiced @alphaboysschool @dermot_hussey @patmckaymusic @EasyStarRec Jamaican jazz musicians from Alpha who…
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@Reverend_Makers I was called a ‘committed antisemitic conspiracist’ for making a statement against falsely labelli…'s a dynamic reflection on an often neglected legacy of the First World War. Featuring live music, spoken word an…
Retweeted by Soweto KinchGreat to be @MusicEdExpo & shortlisted for @NYJOuk @mectweets Will Michael Jazz Education Award. Recently retired h…
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@OurRoutes2Roots @sowetokinch @mac_birmingham We can't believe it either! We're very grateful to @sowetokinch for taking part.
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @MyLifeIsMunitz @mattstu555 @renemjclarke @CaptMurica @ValerieKayD @maylangslow @magwitch5151 @GandhisGhost 10k+ followers with a new profile pic 🥳Thank you to mosques across the country for opening your doors to people of all faiths and none on #VisitMyMosque D…
Retweeted by Soweto Kinch @MoAnsar It’s actually gaslighting 😒 Convinced some people want Labour Party members to tweet and post enraged tho…‘To be anti capitalist is to be antisemitic’ #r4today 🙄 dont get trolled today tweeple. Stay anti racist and anti austerity.