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PaleHose Kid 💿 @SoxGarden ChicagoLand/Superunknown

The Guy behind The Guy behind The Guy. You always DOUBLE DOWN on an 11. Opening Day 2021 Tailgate will be a massive event. Get ready. White Sox/Bears/Canucks

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@Zer0PucksGiven Please do not ever give up on this kid. He needs to clean up some things, but he can be a force. Ja… @realWTGTD @Zack_Pearson And, Matt Nagy is gonna help fly the plane to LA, because he has an immense knowledge of j… @Krazy4golf Get hammered on bourbon and make fun of my cousins. 😜😝😜😝😜😝😜😝🥃 @poorland63 @lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine That is why I said if I were the Sox I would at least look into… @poorland63 @lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine Age is no issue with me. Depends on the qualifications and acco… @fromthe108 Good article. I enjoyed that. Thanks. @fromthe108 Oh absolutely. @lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine By the way in 2004 we traded Carlos Lee for Scott Podsednik. I ripped the t… @lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine Happy Friday sir. @IowaZach Very nice. @lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine Never said your opinion is dumb. I said if you complain about something tha… @PigeePop @CNN @GaryTuchmanCNN The press is a joke. Journalism is deceased. Pretty pathetic. @LoriLightfoot @realDonaldTrump So that was about a 1 foot fall? You'll be ok little fella. @Harp4803 True, but what this fan base needs is more intelligent members. Way too many meatheads and dorks who thin… @nsouthern95 @chicagosmayor You are a clown.
@lovepucks @670TheScore @MLBBruceLevine So if they bring in Tony and the White Sox win the World Series in 2021, do… @LWilz Moe, Lori & Curley. ENOUGH SAID. @i_bigelow You gotta Look out for NUMBER One. But don't step in NUMBER Two.
@ThatEricAlper Horrible day. Sucked. A great kid who just could not shake his problem. I'm still listening Shannon!!!!! @WasteOfMind00 @Twinsguy8 Completely amazing isn't it? How come nobody understands this? @TommyMissel it. @LWilz A city run by complete idiots and crooks since 19whatever. They don't give a shit about you. They probably t… @RhondaHonda2019 I don't trust any politician. I'll make my own decisions on what I do or don't do. They are inept morons. @JimScheffres @FDSportsbook Me too. I love you payout falcon. I need a new sandwich. @RedPillMaC @nsouthern95 Fuckin gross.....White Sox 6 Bears 2 Canucks 2 have never and will never listen to anything JB Pritzker has to say. GFY Chubs. @MarcRyanOnAir Dear sports fans, Root for whoever you like.
@ChrisConte79 Bunch of unstable freakin whack jobs. Jesus! @SouthSideBardo Really? Crap. @BrianBigHurt Succession is AWESOME. @urshelastan If I were that guy I'd be more upset that I throw like a chick. @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand Quick story......back in the day 4 of us are sitting in a booth at El Gallo De Oro. Pr… @_AlohaMrHand Really? And I was born at Holy Cross Hospital. My mother went to Maria High School. Shit has changed big time though. @_AlohaMrHand Do it. Enjoy brother. Have a great day man. @_AlohaMrHand 11400 S. Harlem. I am due for a trip there. They closed the 63rd and Sac location because the owner… @_AlohaMrHand Pete are you kidding? I thought me and my buddies were the only ones who remembered El Gallo De Orro…
@LWilz I know. Just don't like government telling me what to do. @LWilz Don't fucking tell me what I can and cannot do on and in the property I own. I own it. It's mine. Stay out o… @LWilz I just saw this Arwady chick say....."do not invite people over to your house". And my response to this douc… @ChiSox158 I think your wife will have a happy winter. Could be wrong but this looks like it is lining up in the Do… @Kevinwhitesoxf1 No Way. @mtskls00 @JBPritzker He's a fat fuckin joke.Congrats to the Trolley Dodgers. Up against it, but prevailed. Well done. Showed some grit. Better win it all becau… @JBPritzker you blame Trump for setting a bad example for not wearing a mask. Well, I think you are setting a b…
Bloody Mary Bar. It's ON!!!! @pam_sands @nsouthern95 I love it @BearsFanatico94 Yeah Houston.....and we may hire your cheater ex-manager. So get your sarcastic comments ready for us. @KenWo4LiFe I get ya man.....but this is what they do. You know that. They have a great pen and they do their own t… @Darrick75677354 Nice pic, man. @MySoxSummer Wooooo Hoooooooo...... @realWTGTD Looks fuckin fantastic my brother. Yum!!!!!The Plane, Boss.......The Plane.
@Heidiaca Hey Antonio.....STAY OUT OF BEARS BUSINESS. @MailmanJack65 "The Little Drummer Boy" Everytime that song comes on thoughts of murder dance in my head. @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh Now do it right young man. @78scoobedo Keep on lovin him Juan. Maybe he has a bug or something. My dog was acting similarly last week. He bounced back. @SykoSkotty Perfect answer......If Matt Nagy had to wear a numbered jersey on the sideline like baseball managers, what number would our visor wear… @chorizy @joeybagovdonuts You sexy beast @chorizy .
So will Moncada give up his #10? @weasel425 @jruff96 @SoxOn35th @whitesox @NBCSChicago @NBCSWhiteSox @ESPNChicago @MLBNetwork @MLBcathedrals @weasel425 @jruff96 @SoxOn35th @whitesox @NBCSChicago @NBCSWhiteSox @ESPNChicago @MLBNetwork @MLBcathedrals @joeybagovdonuts This is almost as bad as that god awful @chorizy dance....😝😝 @jcook1109 @MrDelicious13 @FlynnJimmy_ @KenWo4LiFe I DON'T EVER want to see that. @realWTGTD I know. His post game pressers he says shit like "we didn't call the right plays" OR "We shouldve looked… @realWTGTD He's a delicate genius. @realWTGTD When he says crap like that I want to throw something. He's such a........a phoney. And, nobody calls him out on anything. @MrDelicious13 @FlynnJimmy_ @KenWo4LiFe Yeah, I got into it with him a time or two, but I think he is a kind fellow… Nagy spoke today - and I'm sure 75% of the crap that came out of his mouth was fabricated, fluff, sugar coated bullshit.
@Krazy4golf Awesome!!!!!!! @slydanno70 I think he passed away. Let me check........ @mares62J You bet man. Too bad. Life is moving quickly. @MailmanJack65 @WillieP_WSox I see what you did there..... @KenWo4LiFe Should I be worried that I have been agreeing with you? Asking for my wife.😝 @_beardownloyal @RealRucker @S_K_POWELL I would take a good deli ham sandwich over just about anyone.
Has anyone ever seen Matt Nagy and Artie Bucco in the same room. I think I've realized what the problem with the Be… @ChiSoxHaze I bet you they bring Tony back as some sort of consultant. One more go around with Jerry....back where… @Kevinwhitesoxf1 Then the Dodgers will try to get Tommy Lasorda back.😝😝No matter who the White Sox hire as manager, LaRussa, Cora, Hinch......Matt Nagy will be somewhere blowing smoke up… @RealRucker @S_K_POWELL And.....he just turned 76 over a week ago. He is not 78. ANOTHER thing you don't know. @RealRucker @S_K_POWELL Another know it all heard from. Perfect. @RealRucker @S_K_POWELL How do you know he is not the answer? You don't know. No one knows. @BenChiTownKid98 @S_K_POWELL Read it again. Leaders. Not players. @BovHahn No way pal.....buckle up. @Krazy4golf @BearsFanatico94 I realize saying ALL Politicians are unethical is wrong.....but I don't know who is do… @S_K_POWELL Oh we do bro....we do! Have a great day. @S_K_POWELL Hey saw you are retired from the Army. Thanks for your service. Needs to be said. @S_K_POWELL Dude......that shit is extinct. @Krazy4golf @BearsFanatico94 No doubt. Term limits are needed. I really dislike all politicians. ALL of them are cr… @S_K_POWELL You'd think, right? @S_K_POWELL I agree. If it comes down to LaRussa, Hinch or Cora.....sadly, I would have to take LaRussa. I don't wa… @tyson_spangler Awesome. @Krazy4golf @BearsFanatico94 Well said man. It's sad. @CalebJHull Something is really wrong. @gohomejasmin Old Fashioned @scottmerkin So sorry for your loss Scott.