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Retweeted by Patrick NolanRecord day yesterday in new doses reported, with 53,628. 773,623 total doses have been administered, and 159,996 pe…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @dhammer312 @KingMac1129 @MrDelicious13 A true leader on and off the field. @KingMac1129 @MrDelicious13 The correct answer is probably Slim Charles. We'll never know because they never made that spinoff. @KingMac1129 @MrDelicious13 Prop Joe got a bunch of dealers with beefing crews to come together with common purpose… @A_C_Green88 I think he's more expensive than they'd like and they probably won't bother. @A_C_Green88 I think it'd be a strange use of resources. They'd be better off putting more emphasis on bat than glo… @PChill708 @Michael_Cerami For a rebuilding team, it's OK as long as they're hedged from a workload perspective aga… @JSahly @nytimes That means we'll be capped out at 4.7% "fully vaccinated" a few weeks from now, right? This has to speed up.I have virtually no experience with trading 'stonks' but this GameStop story is fascinating. comment of his I agree with -- the meetings of the Dead Poets Society are the worst scenes in the film entitled Dead Poets Society.Roger Ebert did not like Dead Poets Society. I liked it more than he did, but completely agree with him that Do the… @kolak_jason You can take that stance, but then vote for Rolen. There’s zero reason not to vote for Rolen anyway, b… @AnswerDave Yeah, that’s just it for me. There’s differences of opinion on lots of these guys but to say *zero* are… you have the privilege of having a Hall of Fame vote and submit a blank ballot with all the great, historic play… Dead Poets Society @dtsvr61 @soxmachine_josh @whitesox Seems like they both can’t be true, eh. @Ecnerwal23 Inject this into my veins.Welp. Blue Jays have gone INSANE. What’re they doing? Try’na win a championship or something?
@SoxyBack @matty_mitch @Moncada4MVP @PortillosHambu1 Now THIS is the conspiracy this day needs! @mikedgetsr3spec He could do a terrible job and they could win the World Series. He could do a great job and they m… @mikedgetsr3spec A vetting process where literally anyone else was considered.Whole picture
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @colintj Rate of decrease seems to be slowing a bit. @cronebender Why? I think they have a very good chance of getting to the ALCS or further. Best shot in 13 years.This is how I feel. So when the #WhiteSox win a lot of games and you come to me saying "SEE I TOLD YOU TONY LA RUSS… not read or click on the trending "why vaccines alone will not end the pandemic" NYT article. It is dumb clickba… @MrDelicious13 @CoveysBurner Ah yes, guilty of the high crime of impersonating @CoveysBurner The best part about my tweet was an actual pre-existing LousDeepDishPizza account popping into the re… @JRROwens @lito2313 I disagree about making the last 6-10 weeks of the regular season more exciting. It makes them…
@drewcotner @lito2313 Except in other sports single games are a lot less random and they don't play a short 3-game series.Vaccine data: 7-day rolling average for administration: 28,171 doses (+395) # of people fully vaccinated (2 doses…
Retweeted by Patrick NolanWhole picture
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @jpritz22 Everyone should have it. Better for fans, better for players. @JamesFox917 If a majority of players want it then they aren't being advised properly -- or fringe guys who are unl… @JamesFox917 Think placing an emphasis on the 130K / player for the additional 6 teams in the postseason is missing… @_AlohaMrHand I'll take the advantage but I'm unlikely to be hanging on the edge of my seat in a September game if… @_AlohaMrHand @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats Because historically the home team has won about 53% of games. which doe… @_AlohaMrHand @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats The team already failed to score in the top of the 9th. They had their c… @_AlohaMrHand @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats There's an advantage to going last because you know how many runs you ne… @_AlohaMrHand @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats In terms of how much the win probability over a 3-game series would swin… @lito2313 Allows an 78-win team to knock off a 102-win team over an extremely random 3-game series. No real benefit… @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats That is a fairly trivial reward. @frankriggins35 It's more exciting than the 2020 format. @JamesFox917 @MLBRandomStats I don't like that because it renders the division race meaningless in whichever divisi… @frankriggins35 MLB is not going to continue the Dumb 2020 Playoff Format. @JamesFox917 That is quite likely but the question is whether we're talking about MiLB deals or MLB deals.I'm extremely excited. The last time the #WhiteSox played dramatic baseball in September was in 2012. Today's annou… @MLBRandomStats Division winners get a 1-0 advantage in the best-of-three. Only way I can think of to do it.Yup. Under expanded playoffs, the Sox could live with the back of their rotation as constructed. With this confirma… news. While pitchers hitting sucks, the expanded playoffs would be far more disastrous to MLB than the NL ope… @_AlohaMrHand @KingMac1129 Agreed that declaring players untouchable is dumb, but the ideal trade chips are 1) play… @_AlohaMrHand @KingMac1129 It's unlikely an "equal value" trade that punches a hole in your regular lineup is benef… @Ray_Lewis67 @MLBRandomStats It doesn't, because games for teams on track to win 86+ games are no longer meaningful… @MLBRandomStats Or if the regular season matters (read: not stupid 8/teams per league with minimal incentive to move up in seed). @JonZSports I enjoy these videos @tunahaf That must be it"Last year I wasn't too sold on his baseball credentials, but for me, his domestic abuse puts him over the top this year."How does Omar Vizquel *gain* a vote?“Gee I dunno, how about not being the worst franchise in the American League over the last decade plus. Let’s start… is why everyone who replies to my tweets with “nothing they could ever do would make you happy” cannot be take… Brey finally figured out how to get production out of his bench: put his starters on the bench to start the ga… @tnoieNDI Team struggled to beat Detroit Mercy.....feel like playing this well against (albeit bad) ACC teams is a…
@tnoieNDI Wertz? @tnoieNDI Zona’s gonna be a real good player in a couple years.Whole picture, now with new doses administered!
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan681,473 total doses administered as of yesterday, up 23,653. 136,119 people have been fully vaccinated. It will tak…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @JSahly Let’s goooooo!!!! @SoxMachine There would have to be a chapter on Gavin Floyd, and it’s a shame that there would have to be a chapter on Gavin Floyd.Book idea, working title: "He Wasn't The Problem: Defenses of Unpopular White Sox, 2006-19."
Retweeted by Patrick NolanMy 6-year old daughter decided to watch the original Star Wars (A New Hope) with me this afternoon and now claims i… @SoxMachine Okay man, it was a bad tweet, I get it. I have proof too and just disregarded it to make my point. Here… @JamesFox917 James — any truth to the rumor that Billy Donovan has torpedoed the Chicago Bulls by dramatically redu… @SoxMachine I went to Opening Day 2011. I heard them play “All In” by Lifehouse to introduce the team. They confide… don't?
Retweeted by Patrick NolanOwen expresses in much better terms my mindset for this offseason. I am extremely aware that the #WhiteSox are very… @Doctor1Hundred Can we get a photo?
“City officials are still determining the cause of the surge” — newspaper from the future
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @soxmachine_josh @jlazowski14 But I agree they could use a Detwiler type to soak up innings. Now, if MLB makes the… @soxmachine_josh @jlazowski14 The White Sox will easily be a top 8 team as currently constructed and by July it sho… @SoxMachine Stupid calendar! @KenWo4LiFe At least it has a Buehrle vote!This person is the president of the BBWAA @jlazowski14 Depends how many teams make the playoffs.,820 total doses administered as of yesterday, up 41,143. 133,949 people have been fully vaccinated. It will t…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan*taps sign* just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
Retweeted by Patrick NolanBulls had one three-game winning streak under Jim Boylen in 123 games. Billy Donovan has his first in only 15 games.
Retweeted by Patrick NolanEloy Jiménez made the second-toughest catch by a White Sox outfielder last year. He also made messes of far easier…
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@KenWo4LiFe Source?The musical Hamilton is going to turn 5 years old in about a half year, which feels insane.Why can I not stop laughing at this tweet what is wrong with me record 44,288 doses were administered yesterday, the first time IL hit a record day in almost 2 weeks. It will…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @danielrtripp @Mr_Jay369 That's extremely bad! @danielrtripp @Mr_Jay369 You guys are missing the point. His goal represents little, if any, progress over the curr… @wfks @barstoolWSD Simple -- you're averaging in all the days since vaccinations began. They've sped up since then.… @coolbmwm9 Same -- I hope it's a total undersell. I think the messaging is banking on the idea that most Americans… @jmrozell25 It was a mistake to say it and I regret it.did the Lions just hire PC Principal??
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