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Update: still game still leaves Dane Dunning as the clear choice for Game 3, but this feels much less good than it did two weeks ago.🎼I’M A FOOLLLLLLLLESSSS MAN!!🎼NICK FOLES IS UNSTOPPABLE @DGunnarO That’s fair @MattDav00282166 We don’t know specifically because we haven’t caught the virus and experienced his specific reacti…’s many people who want to claim he’s soft / indifferent and that’s total BS. You don’t work to become a star… reason for this is that we have no idea what Moncada’s gone through on a daily basis. Root for him. He’s given… am so, so happy that Yoan Moncada hit a home run. @JoeyDoughnuts_ This is, on average, the highest leverage situation for the rest of the game.MVPitoLester is behaving like a high school basketball coach in a B-movieRBI MACHINE NICK MADRIGAL#soxmath 8Maybe they’ll still consider Cease after all. Hope not.
@colleensullivan Sad to say, but he gets to do that. That’s what happens when you forfeit the high ground.🤔
Retweeted by Patrick NolanThere’s going to be people mad about this but short of batting like, Adam Engel cleanup, I don’t know what you want… issue with this line of thinking is that if you think hitting a player with a 98 mph projectile in retaliation… goodness we threw a baseball at him we totally got the last laugh @BarriosBurner @KenWo4LiFe Had nothing to do with politics I was making fun of him for always needing to take the c… @PerezPerez917 “NBA player, don’t yell after a dunk, you’ll get an elbow to the face. Part of the game.” “NFL play… @wessjargo @PerezPerez917 Seems silly to bat flip a walk. Seems sillier to get rattled over it to the point where i… @PerezPerez917 Here’s how you address it on the field: strike him out. And then maybe get fired up about doing so. @wessjargo @PerezPerez917 Don’t walk him. @SamandColbys1f1 There is never "something to gain" by drilling the other team it happens because people are being… totally surprising, but the same people who ___________ Rick Renteria ____________ are the same people who politics. @SamandColbys1f1 I'm finding that pretty doubtful. Cordero has really good control and the pitch was closer to behi… @PerezPerez917 Okay, but the problem is the White Sox have a whole marketing campaign built around batflips and… @tfleming223 Why are players supposed to not tag from first in the 7th inning of a 7-0 game.People: "Diseases are bad" Ken: "What are you soft jabronies crying about now? Diseases are great. Very happy to b… @jcasp719 He's allowed to have fun if he wants to. This is the only sport where celebrating doing something good is…'s so bad that "Tim Anderson" (a player unrelated to the incident) is trending.Everyone is dunking on the #WhiteSox this morning for plunking Willson Contreras and rightfully so. This is some em… @DanzerJeff @soxmachine_josh What? I want Dunning starting Game 3 @naflosi They are built on elite pitching in the rotation and bullpen that can prey on Sox’ hitters overaggressiven… @JamesFox917 Bottoms up!My favorite Yu Darvish fact is that he is currently MLB’s all-time leader in strikeouts per nine innings.Robert thwarts the most recent umpire’s attempt to take the bat out of his hands. @sean_janko Dunning, not close.I’m a lot less #mad about this current #WhiteSox skid than I was after the Cardinals doubleheader. Unlike then, we… lining: I hope this start stamps out the possibility of a very bad decision in the playoffs. @Procis1on I’ll make this clear. I trust every pitcher on any potential 28-man roster more than Cease. @Procis1on Bullpen day. Lopez or González tabbed for multiple innings.You can see why the Sox love Cease. He absolutely carved up Rizzo with two perfect (100 mph) fastballs and a well-t… epic bat flip @WriteSox The issue wasn’t the price they paid the issue was the decision to take their largest void in the field a…
Starting Dyson isn’t a great idea. He’s a really bad hitter and you lose the ability to strategically deploy him on…’s no place to hide Nomar Mazara anymore. The #WhiteSox are going to play their first postseason series in 12… him. Something. Anything. @ksawilchik I believe so. There’s no reason to have him on the ALDS roster either, but that’s a separate discussion. @CoveysBurner Well you hate everything so I can't even consider this a commentary! @CoveysBurner He's damn good with Alter Bridge. @superthisway I worry, but I hope not. @JamesFox917 @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat DON'T KILL THE GAME, JAMES! @JamesFox917 @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat The James Fox drinking game. Gotta drink every time a tweet ends with "though".😉This is Dylan Cease's last chance to show he has any business on the playoff roster.'m jealous of the way the Royals' Twitter account has a way of making bad injury news seem so majestic and peacefu… about it here.
Retweeted by Patrick NolanPinch hitters and the three-batter minimum rule will make it challenging to use guys like Fry, Cordero, and the rec… issue with Jimmy Cordero this season is that Ricky has failed to get him the platoon advantage (and this could b… @JamesFox917 @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat 🍺 @CoveysBurner Creed was a springboard for Mark Tremonti, so I'm not even sure they can be called a net negative. @ChiSoxHaze @BarberSox Dunning is lined up to be on "full" rest for Game 3, Cease would have full + 1 day. Barring… @colintj Awful @ChiSoxHaze Looks good to me. @mgwis71 It would not be so badAnyway, Twitter is great at finding thoroughly unobjectionable things to be the subjects of ire. Next week, we'll h…"I have no idea what it's like to raise a kid, but the concept of cheap, bland food in small portions specifically… has to be the most ridiculous hill to die on I have ever seen. Another loss, another 10 strikeouts @Nick_BPSS The same people strike again! @Keelin_Billue Where do you sign up to vote by mail? Feel like I'm behind the 8-ball on this. @StevenDurall @the_simster @soxmachine_josh What is wrong with you? @kayydubbzz @BarriosBurner Very sorry to hear. I hope the road gets easier. @MrDelicious13 @JRFegan I’ve basically broke even in the tournaments. You’ve been tough to play against. It seems l… @MrDelicious13 @JRFegan I believe James wrote “pickup basketball force” there is no need to fact-check him he has a blue checkmark. @HWMNBN1988 Doesn’t seem like it. @HWMNBN1988 I’ve often thought about whether I’d approach things differently if I caught the virus and got off easy… maybe people are so determined to believe that Moncada is lazy/soft/indifferent that they refuse to buy his expl… of COVID deniers out in force in the replies. It’s honestly disgusting to see people so determined to believe t… @Bubba3310 There’s actually a lot of evidence that it does. This is some next-level denier stuff. @Bubba3310 @Bubba3310 Okay that must mean no one is affected seriously based on a sample size of “some kids you know”. Great. @BarriosBurner @Bubba3310 Virus doesn’t affect everyone the same. @BarriosBurner How about other people in the replies to my tweet saying similar things. @panch35 You’re basically accusing him of pretending to feel effects of the virus as an excuse for poor performance, and that is gross. @panch35 This is a gross comment. The guy’s said all season he’s struggled with fatigue due to aftereffects of the… GOT PERMISSION EVERYONE!!! again, Jose, we must ask too much of you. @JRFegan ratiooooooo @AdamGSager After Chuck and Ozzie stopped talking they turned to Frank and he just shook his head and sadly said “see you on the postgame”We are all Frank Thomas @Michael21505573 Nobody else does either
Retweeted by Patrick NolanJimmy Cordero continues to deserve better than his results @the_simster @soxmachine_josh Thank you for sharing. @JRFegan It’d be an honor.I want this to be “over” as much as anyone but if it ends and I’m stuck feeling like him, it’s not going to seem like much of a victory.Yoan Moncada is a consistent reminder not to let my guard down about COVID. I could handle getting a fever for five…