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Editor at @SoxMachine, gym class hero, oversized hat enthusiast, and circler of wagons. Love thee Notre Dame.

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@MLBRandomStats @scottmerkin @SlangsOnSports It shouldn’t, if we’re talking about batting average! 😉oh crap now we have to deal with Batting Average on Bunts In Play regression @ChuckGarfien Thank you Chuck @stoopkiid93 I think the priority for him this offseason was (correctly) defense. You might be able to tell the guy… @The1JoeyV Yes @stoopkiid93 .399 BABIP tho @the_mousecop I'm guessing he adjusted his BABIP out of the stratosphere.Love to bat guys with a 2.9% walk rate in front of five guys who are threats to hit 30+ home runs. talk I mean fan talk, not front office talk...feel like I've been open about this but I'm not privy to insider info and never will be)There was a lot of talk this offseason of trading Nick Madrigal for various short-term upgrades. It is my opinion t… @cowhitchurchbot You okay bot? That's like two coherent sentences in a row from you.The Braves got slightly more votes than the Sox did in the semis. It's all-hands-on-deck people. Vote now. If you… thing the Red Sox threw in the towel. @Kevin_k23 @lstanczyk27 @MarkRubes @erubel33 that's no reason for him to give upFanGraphs' outlook is considerably rosier than PECOTA's. It's both higher on the #WhiteSox and lower on the #Twins @Bonderman92 I'm confused which year you're talking about...those arb figures are much higher than what they'll be in 2021. @BillCapHill I tend to think that it's about the same, provided the degree of lousiness is the same. @BillCapHill They need to develop anything and everything. They need trade capital, and badly.We'd better hope so because in 2022, Grandal, Keuchel, Abreu, Anderson, Jimenez, Robert, Lopez, Moncada, and Giolit… the record, I'm pretty hopeful on (1), but am in I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it mode on (2).Exactly. Kenny Williams was GREAT at getting the Sox basically where they are now without a rebuild. There's only… @tfleming223 Not quite. $7M goes to fixed raises, prolly another $10M to arb raises, and internal players will keep… @HHS1DPU I greatly doubt that.There needs to be a path to become the Twins in this division rather than being the team with a chance to catch the…'ve said it before but the biggest concern I have with this offseason is not how many or which players they've bro… players, inc. Moncada and Giolito will be arb-1 eligible in 2021, plus there's raises due to Lopez, and (if they… Sox have $47M coming off the payroll next year (EE, Colome, Herrera, McCann, Cishek, Gio, Garcia). This could… @BarberSox @soxmachine_josh Yup. The Sox have about $40M coming off the books after this year before accounting for… @BarberSox @soxmachine_josh I don't think so. All three are pre-arb players and the nature of these extensions stil… is correct. I have been unbelievably generous with my money this winter, but we’ve hit the payroll ceiling. We…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @_adamhess Whenever I go golfing with people I get to brag that we all paid the same but I got to play the most golf. @StevePhillipsGM just here for the ratiooooooTEH MONEYY WAS SPENDT!
@jcook1109 @jeremylatzke @Nick_BPSS @CoveysBurner @RenkesTom @HWMNBN1988 @cronebender That has to be the weirdest L… @HWMNBN1988 @MrWhiteSox @CoveysBurner Yeah. I guess in that scenario Mendick heads to the minors, Leury's the backu… @MrWhiteSox @CoveysBurner @HWMNBN1988 Yeah I'm kinda there too. Acquiring Mazara wasn't a good idea but now that we… I dreaming or am I awake? I'm running, desperately running, but not moving. Hellish screams come from below me.…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @CoveysBurner @HWMNBN1988 I'm all for acknowledging sunk costs, but it'd be a really weird move. Not "bad" (slight… @CoveysBurner @HWMNBN1988 I don't think he's that good. Better than Mazara, but it would be really weird to give up… @CoveysBurner I don't even think Collins will be on the current, Puig-less roster. @HWMNBN1988 @CoveysBurner (I understood that, hence the winking emoji) @CoveysBurner By "types of people" you mean us folks that find his credentials/splits make him a square peg on the… @JoeyFavia @barstoolWSD @HEELPags @JamesFox917 spoiler alertKEEP FUCKING VOTING #WhiteSox FANS!!!
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @JamesFox917 Not yet @wenhardy It definitely resonated on that level
@BronzingProcess Now it’s a debate! @tunahaf This is really, really stretching the definition of "effort".FOLKS. You got a job to do. Vote #WhiteSox ⬇️⬇️⬇️ @MidwayJimbo @JimScheffres Due to a string of bad movies I saw around 2000 I became conditioned to think movies wer… @JimScheffres I didn't watch very many movies between the years of 2001 and 2016. @BaseballBackYet It came out in 1984 and thus doesn't meet the "old" threshold I used in that generalization.Watched The Terminator for the first time last night. What a film. I can see why it has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. @CoveysBurner @karkovicesquad @AnthonyRescan You want to talk smack, but you posted pictures of chips that are pure… @NWI_Steve I'm assuming that was sarcasm, and that your comment is affirming the legitimacy of the rankings. @MrWhiteSox I watched the entirety of the 50-49 Notre Dame / Virginia game so "offense is hard to watch" has a part… @MrWhiteSox @YinkaDoubleDare 11 of the top 32 teams in the KenPom rankings are Big 10 teams. I think most would agr… @MrWhiteSox Marquette's solid (they're my second team), feel like they deserve to be ranked. @YinkaDoubleDare Yeah, strong year for the Big 10. Maybe they'll soak up all the ACC bids instead.It is truly crazy how bad the ACC is this year. Duke is great, Louisville and Florida State are good-but-flawed, an… Nick Madrigal at 2B on Thursday, March 26th is the right thing to do for the #WhiteSox, service time be damn…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @MidwayJimbo Thank you!I think this is why I groan when “pitchers and catchers report”. Other than the odd minor positional / bullpen batt… content rankings 1) Postseason 2) Regular Season <huge gap> 3) Offseason / Hot Stove <huge gap> 4) Spring Training @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh @SoxMachine @jimcallisMLB Honorable mention: barbecue sauce mixed with ketchupThat Notre Dame game went from, “How is UNC even in this game” to “How can Notre Dame possibly have a prayer at thi… @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh @SoxMachine @jimcallisMLB Ketchup, ketchup, barbecue sauce, ketchupI. HAVE. WON!!!!!
@ThoughtsSox Yes but I’ve heard that the games no longer count toward the standings and many pitchers and managers treat them as such.Spring Training is upon us! It will be interesting to see which players are good at hitting batting practice.It also reminded me of one of the better (and most underrated) tweets of the offseason. If PECOTA’s projections are… by @MrDelicious13 is really freaking good.!!! @MrDelicious13 trying to bring the pro- and anti- projection peoples together....READ IT!!!
Retweeted by Patrick NolanGood morning, White Sox fans. New @SoxMachine Podcast with our friend @jimcallisMLB stopping by to hype up Luis R…
Retweeted by Patrick NolanSeen this before with the White Sox. Forman’s being promoted to President, Paxson is being promoted to Supreme Lead… the game on a free throw is suboptimal and maybe the biggest drawback of the elam format, but if you don’t l…
Retweeted by Patrick Nolan @ChiSoxFanMike A day after I compliment you, you're right back to content thievin' @soxmachine_josh Is it really necessary to publicly document the steps one needs to take to tolerate my company
Twenty. Home. Runs. I would say “book it”, but it already has been booked. @Salsashark21 @ChiSoxFanMike And they lost to small-market Cleveland. Honestly this is one of your best tweetsFunny how a fanbase that constantly shits on the White Sox for having no fans lost their matchup yet we won ours
Retweeted by Patrick NolanPersonally, I don’t even think the #Twins are entitled to due process and that @mlb should simply contract the franchise.If it is revealed in five months that the 2019 Minnesota Twins cheated like crazy, you will get a full swath of bas… players-calling-out-the-Astros stuff is great. I notice the Minnesota Twins are eerily silent, except Marwin G… @MrDelicious13 Agree except Dwight should have lost by more @the_mousecop He’s a personal favorite of mine. When I first got into writing about baseball, one of my first piece… showing @pconnaughton. You did @NDmbb proud.Just a perfect 50 for Planet Pat ::yawn::WTF? That was the worst dunk yet and Howard scored 49 for that trash?Notre Dame got stomped by 34 points by Duke today and yet Pat Connaughton is making it a day to be proud of Notre Dame basketball.Pat Connaughton just dunked over Yelich, check on @SoxMach_pnoles, he may have just had a heart attack
Retweeted by Patrick NolanConnaughton barely edges out Jose Quintana for the title of “my favorite athlete”.Pat Connaughton is about to participate in the NBA Slam Dunk contest and I could not be more thrilled about this.
@tnoieNDI Figured this would happen. That’s why the Virginia loss looms so large. @CoveysBurner @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh @fromthe108 @Doctor1Hundred @chorizy Too late the grammar mistake invalidated your opinion. @CoveysBurner @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh @fromthe108 @Doctor1Hundred @chorizy Lunch @chorizy @BarberSox @MrDelicious13 @_AlohaMrHand @BigSexxy_75 This is correct. Tomato juice is trash.Dylan Covey