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Bears Points: Offense: 3 Defense: 7
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownWhite Sox fans Bears fans 🤝 Coach making bad decisions there’s anything to take from this Bears game it’s that we don’t have to be Cleveland fansI like it better when the scoreboard says the Chicago Bears are winning
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Little 9-year old Nicky Couz was a happy kid 15 years ago today! Miss you @OzzieGuillen! #WhiteSox
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownHAPPY ANNIVERSARY: the best team in the history of Chicago Baseball Southside Halloween! A fun read for a Monday afternoon! #whitesox
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownWhen constructing a lineup of candy, you need all of the heavy hitters you can get. are #1 seed as we go to sleep looks great on you @BauerOutage
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownLooks like a perfect target for the White Sox huh @SoxShowdown 👀
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“Baseball is boring” lol
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownSoxTRUE THAT thing the Chicago White Sox have Yasmani Grandal and James McCann who are Gold Glove nominees
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownYasmani Grandal or James McCann would NEVER!That was AMAZING! I LOVE BASEBALL!
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BACKUPS CAN BE GOLD GLOVE CALIBER TOO!• Yasmani Grandal • James McCann BOTH elite catchers BOTH Gold Glove nominees! GRAND SLAM! Chicago White Sox have 1 2 3 4 5 Gold Glove nominees: Jose AbreuREnT fReE there a world where the Blackhawks trade Duncan Keith? If so, these are some potential trade packages to conside…
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownJose Abreu is the AL Outstanding Player! We LOVE to see it! Abreu should be the MVP too! Can’t wait to call the wambulance!👀 @STR0, we’d love to have you in Chicago! -@VinnieParise
Looooooots of potential gold glove defense on the White Sox! 👀Tweets from Alex Cora’s Twitter suggest that he won’t be coming to the White Sox and back to the Red Sox instead: Stroman would be AWESOME for the White Sox! Hinch would be a GREAT hire for the Chicago White Sox!
Are the Blackhawks rebuilding? @Blackhawk_Up of the TOP PRIORITIES for the Chicago White Sox this winter should be the health and well being of Yoan Moncada… Series Game 1: • Mookie Betts earned us all a free taco • Dodgers were convincing • Kershaw might finally g… 8 - Rays 3 #LATogether
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The @SoxShowdown crew has their World Series predictions! Who do YOU think is going to win? Chicago White Sox GUIDE to the 2020 World Series, told by @VinnieParise!’m so smart: “The Blackhawks should do what the Rangers did”:
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownAre the White Sox in line for a Houston Astros mini-reunion? @MitchKaminski99 thinks it’s possible! the White Sox look to the North Side for any free agents? There are a few that would make sense:“At least we have the Lakers”
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Similar to the Astros, the Atlanta Braves are also OUT! Are there any Braves free agents you’d like to see on the W… on the graphic Houston Astros are OUT! Could the White Sox look to them in free agency? White Sox need to pay Marcell Ozuna. will be the @RaysColoGlasses vs @DodgersWayFS! Make sure you are following both! Los Angeles Dodger WIN! THEY ARE THE NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! It will be the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers!
Retweeted by Southside Showdown👀 are the Bears the worst 5-1 team of all time or??The Atlanta Braves just feel like the future White Sox
They don’t ask how. They just ask how many. 5-1 Chicago Bears.
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownAJ would make an AMAZING manager. You can’t get “experience” without a chance and AJ is too smart to never get a ch… BEARS’t argue with that, @BoSoxInjection! Tampa Bay Rays are headed TO THE WORLD SERIES! DAAAAAAA ASTROS LOSE!
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownThe last time a team down 0-3 forced a game 7, the @whitesox won the World Series the next year 👀I wish I could watch Mike Trout in situations like this
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownTwo game 7s! YES!
Good morning love me some Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson
Sporting News gave the White Sox some love yesterday! • Jose Abreu is the MLB Player of the Year • Rick Hahn is th…👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 @TomahawkTakeFS @blogredmachine ☹️Okay, Carlos Correa. Okay.Tampa Bay Rays anyone?
The best! is MVP! Congrats to Jose Abreu! The easy choice! talk about BRUCE BOCHY! would be okay with Joc Pederson as the White Sox right fielder
@CFLB_Hector @VinnieParise Rick• A.J. Pierzynski is my all time favorite baseball player. He is brilliant and has the perfect managerial attitude.…
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownTop White Sox coaching candidates in the opinion of @VinnieParise: 1. A.J. Pierzynski 2. Alex Cora 3. A.J. Hinch… need Southside Showdown to be interviewed on @thekapman and @tweetjhood to talk White Sox managers. Don’t you ag… we look into the tweets by Dallas Keuchel @kidkeuchy at all? Does he want his former manager back?🤔 Pierzynski had some INTERESTING things to say on @thekapman/@tweetjhood yesterday. Would YOU want him as a White… the Chicago White Sox look at the New York Yankees free agents this winter? Might not be a bad idea! am about to throw on Captain America: Civil War and blog: • New Jersey Devils power play for 2021 • AJ Pierzynsk…
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownAstros loseSeeing the Houston Astros* down 3-0 in a playoff series is so awesome. Tomorrow, TYLER GLASNOW FOR THE SWEEP!
Retweeted by Southside Showdown @CalltothePen @VinnieParise FairDear Chicago White Sox, PLEASE don’t hire Tony La Russa to be your manager! @VinnieParise
Per Rick Hahn, Ozzie Guillen will NOT be the manager of the Chicago White Sox any time soon. @VinnieParise has more: to @miyaxxv, Taijuan Walker would be a GREAT add to the White Sox starting rotation: the shadows of big-name pitchers in free agency, lies a talented arm who could boost the #WhiteSox
Retweeted by Southside ShowdownGARRETT CROCHET IS GOING TO BE OKAY! @VinnieParise @barstoolcarl These look like the Wii practice lanesWho do YOU want the White Sox to replace Rick Renteria with? @VinnieParise has a few names in mind: Mahomes’ dad pitched for the New York Mets in the game the last time the Atlanta Braves went up 1-0 in an N…
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WHO is going the be the White Sox next manager? We know @chancetherapper has a preference! wayDON COOPER IS OUT: Hahn seems VERY confident in Michael Kopech’s 2021 season.Nick Madrigal might be limited in Spring Training as he had shoulder surgery.He will be ready without restriction by Spring TrainingGARRET CROCHET IS OKAY!Ozzie Guillen is NOT a candidate to be the White Sox manager, per Rick Hahn.Rick Hahn wouldn’t answer @JesseRogersESPN question about any suspended managers (Cora, Hinch) being candidates or notRick Hahn announces that Don Cooper is also out