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White Sox, Bears, and Blackhawks. I love these teams, as well as leagues they play in. I also love sports memes.

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@bearstown19 Yep. Hard to imagine he'd ever leave the Sox for the Cubs. @Julian4948 Appreciate it brother. Can't wait to discuss more baseball when free agency heats up and Spring Training starts 😎 @WasteOfMind00 @BDunnChiSox1 @arude8 @KindaBleu @Moncada4MVP @Sox_Nick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @WasteOfMind00 @BDunnChiSox1 @arude8 @KindaBleu @Moncada4MVP @Sox_Nick Lmao I won't be able to the 108 until the 20… @WasteOfMind00 @BDunnChiSox1 @arude8 @KindaBleu @Moncada4MVP @Sox_Nick That'd be dope! I aint 21 yet, so idk how mu… @arude8 @joeysox1952 Do you know how long he is under contract with the Sox? @vinnyc52 @gonqwin I'm not necessarily blaming Marquee itself, I'm just saying this is another example in a year +… my man out and black are very appealing, as I was not old enough to remember the Bears run to the Super Bowl in 2006. I'l… @joeysox1952 I don't see it happening either. Ever. But money does talk. Then again, they don't want to spend mon… @MarcusNewling That would be extremely wild and funny @gonqwin I understand being upset and even a little angry. A little betrayed. But it ultimately means little to not… a super casual Bulls fan who doesn't care for the NBA, gimme the blue one. @_ta7szn @bleedcubbieblue A little pathetic tbhThe fact that this is unironic is a little pathetic. I'd look for revenge on the field, not the announcer's booth. @ChiSoxFanMike Not even hurtful tweets, tweets about someone you weren't the biggest fan of lmaoSome of my personal favorites on Sox Twitter, in no particular order, that I interact with: @BDunnChiSox1 @arude8… you can use the reverse retro jerseys in NHL 21. Just go to roster updates and they come with it. @Danielbpalka Nah because that's what it is for. As long as they don't swerve between lanes or go too much faster I'm cool with it. @BDunnChiSox1 😎😎⚫βšͺ⚫βšͺ⚫
@BDunnChiSox1 oh hell yeah @Royals The Royals will not win 65 gamesIronically, Mindy was the kid, not the dog. But we loved the name. my man Tommy if you haven't, as well as the other ladies and gentlemen here. @MarcusNewling Exactly @KindaBleu @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7… @PunditsPundit1 @WatchMarquee Very true @PunditsPundit1 @WatchMarquee I understand they'll keep doing it. Doesn't make it good. @PunditsPundit1 Voice every game. I can understand the frustration, especially when you consider the whole Marquee… @PunditsPundit1 People get emotional attachments to broadcasters, I understand Cubs fans being upset. I find it hil… @BigSexxy_75 I used to hate him. He grew on me over the last few years. Now I love him πŸ˜‚ @DePaulFan00 @BigSexxy_75 🐐 reply @Mr_Jay369 I feel bad for the ones I know IRL I'm good buddies with, there are a decent amount of Cub fans I like o…* funny as hellWoke up this morning and the whole Len Kasper situation is funny as hell @SouthSideBardo That's fair A few of my best friends are Cubs fans. Good ones too. Passionate but very, very reasonable. @WillieP_WSox Beautiful @JoshBarlog Tbh I've seen way more Sox fans happy about it. If not for the actual talent he has, then the fact that… @keribo1 Yes ma'am 😈😈😈 @cubsSZN Happy birthday fam @EloysMom There would be riots @tzalewski25 Watch him be the backup catcher on top of it πŸ‘€Ummmmm @_ta7szn That's fair. Luckily I wasn't on Twitter for that @EloysMom Definitely a solid option for DH. Not the first choice personally, but a solid one. @brianm731 Lmao @PrimeKipnis It's ok Kipnis. We will take care of him. @jcook1109 We riot πŸ’€I gotta say, I do feel bad for Cub fans rn @DawindycityP Oh my goodness that would be terrible lmaooo. I do feel bad for them lowkey. @kal_sergio Yep. Hope it's the 6th biggest move. @Win0rDieTrying5 Why not both? Jk jk lmao @wessjargo He grew on me tbh. Now I love him for doing a fuckin 180. Beautiful @kal_sergio I pray I'm wrong πŸ™ πŸ˜‚You know DAMN well the Sox are going after Schwarber nowKasper went full heelKasper's gonna be the White Sox biggest signing this year lmao πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜­I didnt like Kasper for a while because I thought he was too passive aggressive, but after the World Series he grew… Len Kasper πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ BWAHAHAHAHA @BarberSox Incest is WincestJustin Morneau (White Sox) Jared Allen (Bears) Kimmo Timonen (Blackhawks) Three Muskateers @ItstheBears Win out
@Julian4948 I wonder how much Flowers would cost @Julian4948 I can see that, but I think it is great in small amounts @arude8 @Thatbaseballfan Noooo no no not quite haha. I kinda put Brantley and Ozuna in their own type of category,… @HelpWoshe Gm king @arude8 @Thatbaseballfan I'm putting Ozuna, Brantley, and Joc in front of him personally, although I understand the… @Thatbaseballfan No. For me he would be another option, in line at 4th at best @MarcusNewling @Chicagofan76 Ok. Then that makes a lot of sense @MarcusNewling @Chicagofan76 There is also the possibility of them keeping a DH. If they don't, then it makes a lot more sense. @PunditsPundit1 @ItstheBears He should have had a Bob Quinn one and then have "them" have arguments against each other @ItstheBears @PunditsPundit1 Lmaooo He did a good job. It was a little obvious at times, but I think he did an excellent job. @TheRamsReportIG Nice* @TheRamsReportIG Noce job bro @ChiSoxFanMike Hard without fans @Julian4948 Followed him otherwise @Julian4948 I remember Patrick Scales followed me about 4 years ago for some reason. It didn't last long, I dont ev… @ItstheBears @Harp4803 @ChiSquatch Never had one personally, I'm uncultured @ItstheBears Ikr, I went on his page, that tweet was posted about 30 seconds beforehand, I click on it and it is go… after about 30 seconds lmaoooo @ChiSquatch McRibs? @gonqwin I was kinda surprised when they non tendered him. Only makes sense if they go and get a DH who can play th… @dodgeruan Hi @KJthirteen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wessjargo @Abreuismvp He's being talked about because he is the newest name. I don't think he is anyone's real fir… Buehler's Day Off, Blues Brothers, League of Their Own, and Field of Dreams. Blues Brothers wins with 593. @BDunnChiSox1 @soxysteelchic14 @SoxNerd @BarberSox @soxbearpayton @SultanOfClout @HollywoodDGirl @kevin_barnacle… @Abreuismvp @wessjargo Yes, but then you need another OF. You could have Schwarber, Ozuna, or Brantley be a guy who…
@Abreuismvp @wessjargo Can't expect Vaughn to be ready to go, at least to start the season. Hypothetically they cou… @brert18 @EddieBarstool @venmo LmaoSox are gonna sign Schwarbs to be the backup catcher, aren't they... @kal_sergio Forreal! Last year provided some hope. This would make the narratives come back even stronger. @IcyTarik πŸ»β¬‡οΈ @kal_sergio I'm definitely not expecting Ozuna, Springer, or Bauer. @jsram311 😳😏 @CWSDingerZone Another DH option who could still play OF if needed. Or, could he be the backup catcher? LolAye they made it onto the graphic lmao @jsram311 Circumcision @mjbchisox How i was on Thanksgiving mornings, except these teams are relevant