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wizard frog wizard frog wizard frog
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @mysillycomics @Worthikids EXTREMELY balleri thought 100 gecs was a speed limit in star wars
Retweeted by cam(pbell)what's up with this motherfucker's hair @kittieboys yes!!!But what would they make the title be? Earthbound 4? Mother 4?
Retweeted by cam(pbell)here it is folks. the onion vlog. ( feat. incredible editing from the lovely @rosegxldheart and phenomenal videogr…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)#NintendoTreehouseLive | July 2020
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @gfzucchinibread GOOD LUCK TEDDY @coolguyjones__ @LLW902 @LLW902 a woman of culture, i see"Gumshoe", off of our upcoming live album, is available now for your listening pleasure! Y…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)reminder that adding an x doesn’t make it more woke!! it is FINE to just say “women” or “folks” or “karl marks”
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @LLW902 what kind @andthejets @deityhearted duck newton's -1 weird @ElsieKFisher mama miaall i want is to live in a yayoi kusama installation
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @deityhearted it works literally every time without fail @gwimbeeeees ofc @rachelmillman i still love himclick it or ticket baby. make sure to buckle up every time you ride
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @gwimbeeeees i am on my wayPlease never come to lake piru to swim!! I lost my prima at an extremely young age while she went out for a swim wh…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @ugottaenjoy 0 gecs @gwimbeeeees i do @gwimbeeeees MEi got hired on the spot at toys r us once because i wore a waluigi t shirt to my interview and the guy who ran the…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @oodlenoodIe the ritual, you're thinking about the jotunn @asexualfortnite you look cute as hell!!!!!What a difference three years makes. But we’re still the same homies.
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@suckmydick_jack i agree @wormdisorder the funny thing is i wasn't even taking it at the time (i am now) @gfzucchinibread 😌💜 @tiniebeeb he doesn't seem to mind @softmush YEAH he's the tabbyyour pet(s) and what they're named after a two-for-one bonus @nikitamissle whatclick it or ticket baby. make sure to buckle up every time you ride sunbears are Eldritch horrors
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @dvaquinn420 nock... jerdsuper paper mario baby! @C0INCELPR0 i recently got put on to fallout new vegas which has quickly become one of my new favorite games. can't recommend it enough @wildstwawberry @kuubikyu correcthe should grow a beard out gameplay of the upcoming game #PaperMario: The Origami King tomorrow 7/10 at 10am PT on…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @cowgirl_beebop absolutely based babs @redsunO21 holy shit dude these rule @rat_dyke i was in chi last march and saw this in the pouring rain and it looked so ominousTake me out of the city where my shadow can roam Let me breathe in the morning Let my way be my home
Retweeted by cam(pbell)Your father's spending all of his vacation Learning foreign names for all his fears While spirits he's detected…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)There’s a place in my heart Where you should always feel loved However alone you end up feeling Or however small…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)An actor was found dead today In his Culver City home And with no evidence of foul play It seemed he'd acted on…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)#Dawes were in the Daytrotter Studio on this very day in 2010:
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @kuubikyu odyssey deserves betterIn 2004, to promote the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Nintendo of America donated 1000 doors to n…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)Losing my mind over the fact that Korea makes American food better than America. They coat their corn dogs in crink…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @eventualmilf @isawken tell me why i'd die for you @nard4prez technically if everyone wears one of these we'll all be dressed as youMy cat bit me, completely unprovoked. His name is Ozzie and he lives in Michigan. Twitter, do your thing.
Retweeted by cam(pbell)look at this weird little fucker
Retweeted by cam(pbell)No reason to be this thick
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @theearchivist visheonary @softmush hot damn, spam dandywhat if y ou had a cat but you made it very small? I cry just thinking about it
Retweeted by cam(pbell)Howdy, friends. Starting today, we are running a giveaway. Anyone who pre-orders our upcoming live album will be en…
Retweeted by cam(pbell)When babies hold your finger with their whole hand🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @dvaquinn420 that's clearly the best one of the threeThe only thing i ask today is for people to not be weird about Samantha Pritchard coming out
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @zarigueyamorada felt thatNot an end, but the start of all things that are left to do
Retweeted by cam(pbell)The Glee death curse is honestly insane what the fuck
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @rat_dyke 🥰 @acephallus i made a good post a few days ago and sent it into a group chat i was in with her and that's how i got the followi have finished fantasy high season oneAnd I won't get better But someday I'll be free 'Cause I am not this body That imprisons me
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @hickorymoth i have never seen a rat so beautiful in all my days @aqueerwolf @Seeb0thsides
Retweeted by cam(pbell)who let me look like this
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @ElsieKFisher 100 gecs is just too many @met_armsarmor @rodeowalrus you could pull this offHere's what i think The legend of zelda would look like if Moomin creator Tove Jansson had illustrated it
Retweeted by cam(pbell)so-called "scientists" don't want you to know about the beef mines
Retweeted by cam(pbell)Never at any point does this guy show up in The Shining. Who is this guy?
Retweeted by cam(pbell)yes to this day i still cry when i think about how vin never got to see the flowers she fought so hard to bring back and what about it
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @tentativelytheo women......what month has 28 days? did you say february? wrong. idiot. they all do you fucking genius
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @Lubchansky wait what altthe face / the DMs
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @girlzluver666 YEAHinteresting how when u squeeze most fruits u get fruit juice but when u squeeze a banana u just get. mashy banana.…
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You know what they say, if you want to find some hidden Toads, you have to crack a few eggs. Think you can find the…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @bombsfall doin my best, pal. you?i found them cuddling 🥺 take back everything I’ve ever said about marking up books being a beautiful act of love and art. This is a hate…
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @MatttGFX all the new villagers imothe vatican was like "oh fuck god is dead quick hide the body so nobody knows"
Retweeted by cam(pbell) @kuubikyu 😞😞😞😞😞😞