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Eric @Sp2ink1es bottom of kill feed.

bottom fragging demon. ALL IN on @GenG. 🇰🇷 🇺🇸

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@arnoldwh Hahaha that's so old school! Also remember these? @arnoldwh I tried to explain Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies to my kids because they didn't know who these characte… Posters but why no posters for Pacific :'(
Retweeted by Eric @kasumulol #TAKIS @vctpacific @Changowo1 Same but I can't decide which one to get
@kasumulol What DOES the meta moon even taste like lolHad to drive two towns over to find whatever this is. @Guiiimond @DisguisedToast YesssssirI made the mistake of promising my son's baseball team Prime at their next game without realizing there's a supply shortage...NAVI yay. @floaromaa Absolutely gorgeousThere's that Raze bucky I've needed to build a Raze set feel like all Raze and Jett mains will be baited to buying altitude for this gunbuddy. single esports orgs should be making team scarves/towels like in football/soccer. It's sad that they dont. @arnoldwh @GenG THE NA SHOP SNUBBED. @RHEEBEEN 당신의 일도 더 쉽게 만듭니다 that got problems with DSG GC roster are nothing but haters.nobody asked for an azir buff.You're a tier 2 league if you don't have an epilepsy warning. @Sportsnet @Guiiimond loooooool goated @tentenvlrt @wai_vl’s a wrap on Week 1! Lots to improve to come back stronger in 5 days. Already can’t wait! Just for kicks, here’…
Retweeted by EricDumbass giant trucks with shit installs.
@arnoldwh Kitties, puppies, and kid pictures. Peyz knows how to farm lane and impressionsExcuse me??? stoked to get my @XGOfficial_ first anniversary goods in the mail today. Maya and Hinata-chan! #ALPHAZ MY MONEY NOW think I'm going to buy my first lightstick. and NA talents also had over 2 years of reps being invited and working on global VCT events while APAC talent… @RiotJaker I dont miss those long nights... good luck Jake 🙏VCT EMEA share the same vibes as the LEC. Production and talent is far more fluid and casual. Pacific may be too rigid and too formal. @RiotJaker ITS PAST 3AM JAKE. @cfnchng This is going to be so damn good @tentenvlrt #1 soonInsane opening game from @Meteorvlrt and @GodDead_twit. They were set up so well to succeed by thier team in gunfig… @arnoldwh oh damn Arnold. It was right in front of us. @eKoVLRT is Hanamichi after he lost to Kainan (LOUD) is our @k1Ngvlrt. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves that knife is insane wild that today was @GenG VALORANT's first match win since June 2022. It's been a long, painful, and grueling… @TS_vlrt and his 5 sons. 😂 #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves @vctpacific @Meteorvlrt Congratulations on the first win! Omedeto! You are insane Meteor. King of Lotus. @Sylvan_4 Congratulations on your Gen.G debut!#TigerNation is strong. @bailvlrt Thank you for your hardwork!Just the first of many. @_SushantJha llllllloooooollllllll @TS_vlrt Thank you for your hardwork leading the team! @Elmapuddy Congratulations on the first VCT Pacific win!Gen.G cant win pistols in North America. Gen.G cant win pistols in Korea. Business as usual. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWavesHappy @Meteorvlrt time. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves insane aimers, @Meteorvlrt and @k1Ngvlrt #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves to VCT, @Sylvan_4. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves official #VCTPacific map win for @GenG_KR in the books. gg. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves @GenG_Jihun @GenG round was so wild. @GodDead_twit got cajones bro. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves's handsomeness may be fatal. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves the🧻 . #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves @GenG cursed grounds. @Elmapuddy looking to break the vicious cycle. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves ever @BrendanValdes goes in esports.... @GenG follows. #GenGWIN #TigerNation #MakeWaves the pacific. #GenGWIN #VCTPacific #MakeWaves I do anymore is just make reels of my meals. @Meteorvlrt @teamrrqofficial #GenGWIN to the young couples on dates around me when my 10yo stood up from the table and loudly said "I need to g… players are still the greatest athletes on Earth. @Tater_toters and old assesGame is at 2AM on a Monday. Got to get ready for work at 4:30AM. pain. #GenGWIN #MakeWaves love that non-KR teams and players are finding fan support in KR. It's got to be hard to be away from your home c…🥶 a SICK goal.'ve never bought a group light stick before... but do I need this? @Human_VAL @SeulgiVLR @64xk @KomodoAU @AsuraiGaming @paperthinhere @xenovipercast @_tashbunny @AntoNegra__ knows ssam.
yuummmmmm just want to go home and get yelled at in valorant.LFG!!!!!!!! @Shakarez Naisu @VGK_PR wonder if homestands can be done in the future for @vctpacific. Let's say if GEN played PRX in a month, the two t…👀 @Shakarez Our personal culture's food is never ever weird and always heavenly. Are those fried sardines?I love that Talon can deliver Ls to other teams but also take them and laugh at themselves. Respect. hope @vctpacific is flying @MitchMan into Korea for tonight's @GenG vs RRQ game to give the fans a historical run… hundreds of dollars to fill a cavity for my 10yo a few months ago. Fell out last night. smh. 😑 @heyimquack @victoriacheng @Maxzzie damn I need the tiger mug. hope @GenG doesn't go too hard on "Golden Waves" for 2023 because you know... #1. 🤣 #GenGVAL #VCTPacific #MakeWaves @RHEEBEEN RHB는 미쳤어 @RiotJaker ...or a simple 99 cents auto tuner or robot voice app for William lol @RiotJaker @Secret_JcVash Boomers rejoice! I'm included in there...Thank you @RHEEBEEN. I've been waiting for a video showing love for @GenG VALORANT (past and present) for over 2 ye… ganking Ruler at MSi. #GenGWIN kitty is VOD reviewing game 3 so he can give Peyz an earful why he got caught in mid. @Denekingjr Yeah that's what I would want as well because it's so "VCT". No offense to Chobra, but I think his narr… we really caster narration over the walk outs? Personally, not a fan.