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I put the F in San Diego - #bekind

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πŸŒ™ SAILOR MOON X COLOURPOP πŸŒ™ Available 2.20 at 10 am pst πŸŒ™ #sailormoonxcolourpop #sailormoon
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @tumbledorez I'm sagacious AF @tumbledorez Animal Crossing is always justified
@TwitterGaming @Xbox @Classify Need some @KontrolFreek grips @kampossib1e YES KAM @TheHibikiTMD FairSo I can justify a pink Switch Lite right @Fangykins Champions. We are winners. @Wing_Slap Gotcha 😁 never hurts to do a gen inquiry @CodeMonkeyWB @TheRealRoniJay Nope. Totally normal for kids to acknowledge bodies and their differences. @Wing_Slap Heya, yep! I am. What's up?If I wanted to report a story to @WRAL, @ABC11_WTVD or another local news outlet, what would be the most effective way to garner a response?
@VbagExtremist @amelia_andres Awwwww (kids, man) @amelia_andres If they only knew what we go through for them @QueenEliminator @JeffreeStar @LorraineDeAsian LOOOOOVE it on you πŸ™Œ @simonfisher7 @Thick44Official Kiddo knows him as "mister Tony", doesn't know that moniker yet. 😁Peace, Varsity ✌ you're good at @playapex?😏 Send us your pro tips + gameplay videos. The best ones will be used to create a…
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @superhooligan Pretty 😍 @TheRealRoniJay Kids are brutal, man! @Ghost_Razgriz06 @TheRealRoniJay LOL yes @Zimzimmie1 At least he said "thick" and not "chonky/ tubby/ fat/ tub" aka all things we call Gambit... @TheRealRoniJay He later clarified he specifically meant my (ahem) chest and booty. But still, what a tone to set for the day πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ @OG_PurPle_KusHH Thank you, happy Monday!At 6 AM, while getting him ready for school, my 5 year old insisted multiple times that I am "thick", while he is… @AgentBluesky27 I can see that. I just... don't want to see that? Idk. Pressure washing, totally. @Ghost_Razgriz06 Lol no, that's a peleton. Shapewear is something some women wear to squeeze in certain jiggly part… am personally offended by shapewear ads
#SonicMovie was great!! @kungfukiddo @AnthonyCSN @Aztecia316 @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps Thanks babe 😘 @AnthonyCSN @Aztecia316 @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps (Also what @kungfukiddo said- fix yo hands) @AnthonyCSN @Aztecia316 @svracer34 @Deeptec @NemRaps Common in French and ASL, starting with thumb as one. If you u…
@4xFredWilliams what are the chances you'd be interested in hanging out for a birthday in NC? You and Dave can have my 77 L82 as payment. @Hotwheels_1978 πŸ€” they both do? @KayWafflee happy birthday!'t forget to stretch before any #ValentinesDay workouts πŸ’ͺ
#ReyloLove is trending and thanks I forgot I needed to cry about Star Wars today Russia with love…
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @J0_Kool Word on the street is frozen kitkats are the way to go @OG_PurPle_KusHH Happy Vday! @RyanJaress Never had it πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” @Kuniotchi Yussss @Tiakarix My favorite chocolate for sure. Nailed it. @ColonelFalcon If those are anything like sour patch watermelons, those are fantastic!! @Wing_Slap Ok, gonna try it! @AgentBluesky27 πŸ™Œ YES. @ShaggyMN1975 What if I tweet at @krispykreme, think they'll show love too? @Wing_Slap Frozen! Woah. @Jon_Fury TIM TAM SLAM @hardrocknguy Yesss @gazz021 @gamesfreezer Soooo good @ShaggyMN1975 Agreed. It's always a good time for Reese's! @Tiakarix @BloodOfTheNinja Yasssss @Tiakarix Yummmmm @BloodOfTheNinja better show up @skank_a_licious Beautiful choice @TommyLee237 And to you! @oudondo78 Saaaame @gamesfreezer No judgment 🀭Happy Valentine's Day, tweeps! What's your favorite candy to eat today?
@j00kie @KontrolFreek Shhhhhhut your mouth @j00kie @KontrolFreek Alternatively A6E @j00kie @KontrolFreek *A5E Fixed it for you @PezRadar r e a l i t y
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @ArbitrariumLoL @BriP0E Did NOT even see 7. Need an answer change @BriP0E E1E/A @j00kie Not the Flexus. Maybe the vette. @KontrolFreek @DiGiorno Came here to say it
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @ABeerAndAGame @TheHibikiTMD Prob @TheHibikiTMD Fair @TheHibikiTMD Serious question: how does the content from there stay there? What's to stop someone from sharing that content?
@seanring007 @ConconRu @ABeerAndAGame πŸ€” @seanring007 @ConconRu @ABeerAndAGame If I don't make my monthly sales goal, it is in my contract that you pay the difference @JeffMan1490 A1A (beachfront avenue) @ArbitrariumLoL @DRockWar Thank you babe 😭 @DRockWar This I like. If you're implying I become an assassin for hire. @TriggersTantrum Feet pics are so much easier though @Tiakarix @ConconRu @ABeerAndAGame We'll include yours for 33% of the $ @paprbckparadise @ABeerAndAGame i feel like this is your kind of wrestling @The_muzz1 πŸ₯Ί so pure thank you Muzz @ConconRu @ABeerAndAGame Think people would pay more for four feet? πŸ‘€ @ABeerAndAGame @ConconRu Where do I sell feet pics? Mama's gotta pay for school. @ConconRu I'll do it. Totally. for ways to make a spare 10k. Ideas:In 1809 #OnThisDay, the great Charles Darwin was born. Here's Sir David Attenborough describing Darwin as "the foun…
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@amelia_andres @prettyph3nom πŸ˜‚Want to send a valentine to patients treated at @CMNHospitals? Find out how and what hospitals are participating (n…
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX East @krispykreme Hi I'm in love @prettyph3nom Lexus. More reliable, maintains value.ICYMI: Dead Cells' furious, headless protagonist mows through enemies like they're nothing in this animated launch…
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@doomstryke13 The fact that I can explain it to her (my kids are new to it, I've watched for a while) says I'm not a real grown up.I'm explaining Teen Titans to our nanny and realize I'm not at all qualified for adulthood years today and yet the jury’s still out: shampoo or conditioner? Love, Billy.
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX EastBioWare confirms Anthem being completely reworked
Retweeted by spacepants πŸ”œ PAX EastNEEEED @GailSimone Emma Frost, Rogue, Psylocke.
I am Bethany, patron saint of the show floor Ugh @Thick44Official Thanks coach