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UI/UX Game Designer @UbisoftMTL ✨ Just a caffeinated corpse who’s into True Crime and spooky stuff | Queer af 🏳️‍🌈 | She/Her | Opinions are my own ~

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“i stay out of politics” is such a weird way to spell “my rights as a human being aren’t up in the air every 4 year…
Retweeted by Stefanie 💀🎃⚰️ @Valskuiken @GabeGraziani @Verbalosity @4lex91 oh my GOD 😂😂😂 @Valskuiken @4lex91 @Verbalosity Oh I already decided on a name 🍔 @Valskuiken @4lex91 @Verbalosity Omggggg 🥰 @4lex91 @Valskuiken @Verbalosity HAHA FFS I love you both so much @4lex91 @Valskuiken Dammit @witchplevse Haha it scares me a bit too but I think I’ll install a glass divider in a tank with silicone to make i… @LindaDesu Yessss!! 😍🐸
@GameDevDan1 LMAOO *blocks me* @ManuDuquette I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO MEET HIMSo the place I'm getting my African Bullfrog from is receiving them on Monday. I'll go see them and reserve one but… @mstfacmly I audibly gasped lol @HGretar lmao I kinda still wanna make it anyways @Symbol2_4 oof @GameDevDan1 My favorite block comes from someone I sent a LMGTFY link to. @Valskuiken @GabeGraziani @Chariflame ANOUK LMAO @GameDevDan1 oh my GOD LMAO @mesklinite @TheMageling hahaa yesss we talked a lot today she gave me a lot of super useful tips! :) @Beetlenaut ohno I wanted to kiss it @metanymie I'm so so so happy @CancerPrime @geoffkeene I could cryNEVERMIND HE SAID YES🐸 @JMoreauRoberge @CappuccinoGuil @osamadorias Basically dude who works for a studio that was bought by Google shared… @bettytherob I need this so bad @bettytherob It better be hosted by Megan Fox, she deserves it after what Hollywood did to her. @KyleThatKyle @GoogleStadia It's even funnier than that: He's not CD at Stadia, he's CD at a Montreal studio that Google bought lol @jamesid I know it literally never stops @Wiisak @d_linkski omg thank u @d_linkski jesus christ even I am not that much of a masochist @jamesid ISNT THAT ENOUGH LOL @MichelleMHyde @d_linkski @osamadorias ah shit @amazoniancos dead lmao @osamadorias Look at why Stadia is trending :') @JanDegans oh fuck you aren't lying😂 @d_linkski I hate it here lol @jamesid shit's embarrassing yo @kazziebot 😘Being a dev today like there it is lol @ChattyDM they actually make great pets apparently!! And yeah lol my partner is like "Jesus why are you always tryi… @Wiisak haha yeah I'm mostly trying to make him very comfortable with the idea because I know he's easily grossed o… @s3rioussam Thank you I’ll keep y’all updated @cherryrae watch me bust out the Excel sheet @KozRoss No he usually says yes to everything I want. @Vorish_ damn you're right. All hail hypnotoad 👁️👄👁️ @Braxifen @FrogFeed also I'm gonna name it Burger. @TheMageling this is gonna be my only slide LOLL @Braxifen @FrogFeed Yeah I've been researching them for a while and while they're fairly easy to take care of they… @MostUnfurrowed @Braxifen @FrogFeed I'm looking to get an African Bullfrog! @TLauret @TheHashtag0nist LOL I certainly willAlright I'm gonna make a PowerPoint presentation to convince my bf to let me bring a pet toad into our home wish me luck. @NidaAhmad_ 🤮🤮🤮 @designCaitlin Flows are my favorite part! 🥰 @GameGrumps @ManuDuquette are you ready
@lizardengland Drr...drr...drr @GameResTrez This is so good what the fuckHey game dev Twitter, does anyone know of any junior prop modeling positions open? Or junior art positions for a lo…
Retweeted by Stefanie 💀🎃⚰️ @amazoniancos I wish these dudes played women's advocate half as much as they like to play devil's advocate but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @amazoniancos Like damn Kyle what a weird fucking hill to die on. @RafikiDev thanks a lot for the screenshot tho hahah @tokimonster that's even better! @DirtyEffinHippy I hate that so fucking much. Usually the "who?" ones seem to come from a weird pride in not knowin… @Bobby_Anguelov @hexcats I'll allow it lmaoooo @hexcats I love them they're hilarious tbh @RichardPapp10 I guess it's because if you open a box in my house you have an equal chance of finding dead shit of… @zerojay it's just SO specific but it makes so much sense?? @GangstHannah YES omg so trueThanks to the kids on TikTok, I now know that my aesthetic has a very specific name. Apparently, having your place… @kazziebot Ca pas de prix serieux @casskhaw This is the first time I read one of your stories and holy shit. That was so beautiful and haunting, Cass. @GuruRao97 haha no it's quite far from my house but it shuts down the whole block @GuruRao97 My area often has construction nearby and they hit the powerlines lol @mariejasmin_ @ali_heston That's the closest to it you can find and it's absolutely worth it @witchplevse oh god lol
When the power goes out at 5 and you're supposed to do a dungeon at 6 for a special item for a raid at 7 @cherryrae it's okay, mess can be good! 😊 @cherryrae your place looks so cozy! @amazoniancos @dirtychocobo @4lex91 ? :) @StaceyofGotham This is amazing Stacey!! I loved it!✨💙 Cognitive Accessbility in Gaming 101 💙 I've had a lot of questions since I started talking about cognitive acces…
Retweeted by Stefanie 💀🎃⚰️ @nimby Aaaah I see, thank you! :) @nimby Ohh I'll check it out! Is it on their official channel? @nimby YESS!! But I think the book is more classic ghost stuff @KyleThatKyle but it's SO GOOD!! Some of them really scared the shit out of me @KyleThatKyle I'm very curious to see that too! I'm always down for more SCP content. My friend made a DnD monster… haunted house story that takes place at Ikea? Sign me the fuck up @joemag_games Fuck yes, I finally made it to Dadaism Twitter @nerdy4tw @onathanats AAAAAAAAAH still waiting for mine!! @kindofstrange Nothing is sacred anymore and we literally aren’t safe anywhere anymore ffs.
@GenePark @AStraww Oh god that follow list makes it even worse (if that’s even possible) @jonnadraws This has no right to be this funny lmao @HeyYattachan Yessss Jess you're the best! @ali_heston I'm so excited to give them a bath @FredGotGame THE SAW PUPPET LMAOThese came from Europe in a private importation. They were used on a film set where they had to be buried so I’ll h… um, I wasn’t kidding btw. TW: Full animal skeletons in the thread 👇 @amazoniancos @Assassins_UK @Ubisoft_UK OMG YESSS congrats!!!!✨🖤 @TheMageling I would love that! I’ll definitely message you for more info when I’m ready, thanks a lot ☺️