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@rural51 Happy Walking Dead December! @dbongino I dunno but can we put Pritzker in the tumbler? @slaukie Had a Korean teacher with a thick accent teaching us US history. I slept a lot in that glass. I felt bad.… @jaimeebell_ Have a good surgery. Hope it goes well, and you recover quick! @eloisahilton Have a great day! <3 @eloisahilton 26F. I'm not going out to test it. @elizableu I will be drinking to that. Not today, in a month! Er, 30 days ;) @JDBuffone Take some to work, friends, old bosses, nice looking people on the street.I need more achievement hunting friends! #shadowlands #warcraft
Retweeted by ジェフ🐻⬇️ @always_be I do achieves (especially dungeons/raids) when my characters are overpowered, 2-3 expansions later. Leve… @ashley_bochman I think for YA it's probably best to leave as much as you can to the imagination. Probably fits wit… @HonorsHammer Gr8ts! @Keeganplays1 @Wowhead I mean, it's still incredible if 2 people did it. I would consider it a cool achieve if it r… @Keeganplays1 @Wowhead This is what I'm thinking. Going an entire week on 3 hours sleep? Not impossible, but highly unlikely. @Wowhead Not sure that is my idea of fun. There are 168 hours in a 7 day week. Unless there is 100% streaming video… course it had to come down to the last game of the regular season.I had it in the bag ;) #NFL #EaglesvsSeahawks #FantasyFootball Playoffs here we come! @AuthorEHNight I guess you could start out by making cakes for people, from home. That would probably be the smart play. @RaheemKassam @oliverdarcy Haha TFF. @JDBuffone I actually feel better about the Bears after watching the Eagles tonight. Not much, but still. I'll take… @AuthorEHNight You should open up a bakery. That's pretty damn amazing.That should do it #NFL #FantasyFootball I escaped my own stupidity #EaglesvsSeahawksIn hindsight, it was pretty stupid using 3 Eagles players when I needed points to secure a playoff berth. #EaglesvsSeahawks @authormbdavis I prefer PC tweeting to phone. Especially during football games. @JDBuffone Yeah. I was thinking the same. What do I know? @theMarieCasey @CassThomps13 So now we know you are not all blood and eating hearts :p #NFL #FantasyFootball #Pointage I could use just a little more Right Now @NatashaLink1 Sometimes? I wish it was only sometimes. @TheRealPalMal @Postsemreh No. They don't work unless they are validated ;) @Postsemreh This guy get me ^^This game has taken 2 years off my life 😂 @Postsemreh Pizza for you, pizza for you, a pizza for you! Everyone gets a pizza! @Postsemreh Yeaaaaaaah!Love me a double dip #Wentz to #GoedertYES! #Eagles #NFL #PointageI feel it coming #NFL #FantasyFootball #pointage #NFL #FantasyFootball This game is killing me. Come on! @saylahachey You say the sweetest things to me :p @saylahachey These days just walking. I did some squats for a while because @mandylawson7 made me do it! It really… @saylahachey Maybe @Lisacaines841 Night jellyfish! @saylahachey No pets do I have. @KevinBarrick Writing. If you have candles or a lantern. @saylahachey Cash :p @Postsemreh I miss pizza @mere_789 @writingiswar True story: Shot a few guns, didn't like it. Hurt my back, had an epidural, didn't like tha… @Lisacaines841 *hugs* @tiraburgess @faera_lane @G_Gautier I want to believe it's something cool, but I fear it's simply a hoax. @Lisacaines841 Weird @Lisacaines841 Considering there is no notification (unless I'm ignorant) for unfollowing and following (I might ha… #NFL #FantasyFootball #Pointage I need some points tonight. Let's Go! @AdamAAbdalla It's Nike because that Kaepernick thing ain't working for them @saylahachey @hhensell Thank you. Me too <3 @chrisbleck It's gotta be a hoax or there would have been news crews all over it.Do we want George hiring another GM? They passed on Ballard. They had the right guy in the building. @chrisbleck This mess is kind of on George McCaskey too. He brought in people to hire Pace/Nagy, and he picked them. @AdamAAbdalla @AdamAAbdalla I don't want your life @Lisacaines841 Yw :) @AdamAAbdalla Dallas is worse than the Bears if you have to work with Jerry Jones. @Lisacaines841 Beautiful @NatashaLink1 @saylahachey 😃 @saylahachey @NatashaLink1 kind of is, but shh! Don't tell her. @eloisahilton COMMENT :p @eloisahilton Because I have a cartoon on my avi :p @jen_NY25 You should learn it so you can pass it down @mere_789 I got nothing or I would join you :( @faera_lane Haha. Yeah. They are prolly like f- this Covid thing. @cmramsburg One of the cool things is that when I started writing my "first book" in my series, I had so much mater… @cmramsburg I wrote 3 books in a series, and half a book from a stand-alone story. Both are cool. I have had both s… @faera_lane I'd do it, for science ;) @faera_lane So 2020 isn't it? @faera_lane Oh, wow. Missed that part. What do you think is happening? I'm skeptical so I think it's a big hoax. Wo… @faera_lane Yeah. I thought it mysteriously disappeared. No? @chrisbleck Why should record matter? I hate this thinking. It's not the wins/losses, it's the absolute 💩show. The… @faera_lane Didn't it disappear? @jen_NY25 Do you not know her recipe? If not, you should learn it. I learned my Mom's lasagna and now I make it every year for x-mas. @breannamorello Right? More than Obama who is the most popular president in the history of the US. I know populatio… @eloisahilton I'm not, but that's OK. @NatashaLink1 Aw. I miss you too *hugs* @chrisbleck The Bears is the best job depending on who the GM is.
@TWaddle87 Taysom Hill works in small doses. He starts and he will be exposed. @spicyghostface @FrankMcRavall Sounds good dude, enjoy! @NatashaLink1 Send you nudie pics? @NatashaLink1 @theMarieCasey I see through it. Duckface <3 @NatashaLink1 It's not wasted because you shared it with us. Thank you <3 @AmandaPresto Can't argue with the kid ;) @JDBuffone lol, dude. @JackPosobiec I hate it when it does that. @jen_NY25 :) @WaddleandSilvy Dominicks closed down 11 years ago @WaddleandSilvy They said the same thing about the Cubs, and the Hawks. They both changed. There is always hope. @WaddleandSilvy 3.5 Billion. There was an article about it somewhere @drtarasanderson Hard workers who did what they had to do to provide for us.With Biden sticker on the back of his Truck I mean really Wth? Corruption in plain sight!
Retweeted by ジェフ🐻⬇️ @hagaman_kl lol 🏂🌨️⛷️ @WaddleandSilvy @ESPNChicago Same. I like Ryan Pace, and Nagy. I have no ill will towards them. They suck at their…