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Andrew Dice @SpaceDrakeCF Portland, Oregon

Founder, Project Director & Lead Editor for Carpe Fulgur LLC. Recettear/Fortune Summoners/This Starry Midnight We Make/Midnight Sanctuary!

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Hmm how is my artist self-esteem today I wonder
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @MercuryCrusader I just wish it ran a bit better and also wasn't so incredibly gacha-dependent @EmbryonX I thought you might :V but yeah it's the only thing keeping me from playing at this point. The current to… @EmbryonX My main problem is that the control surface drives me absolutely *bonkers*. I want this to be on the Swit… crawling back to all my 2013 obsessions in 2020 like
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @MichaelToole I am not sure if I would refer to Xenoglossia as "representative" of imas it is heckin ridiculous and fun, thoI had to
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@ph14basicbitch And more to the point (thanks tweet limit), I only ever see one or two people at the fountain at an… @ph14basicbitch I'm actually torn on this. On the one hand, yeah the single serve nature of the freestyles can be… @CuriousQuail A mighty and untamed history is really interesting to me of course I know a lot about 2000s fandom, I was there for it, but hearing…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice"Fool of a Took" is still a great insult and should be kept in circulation imo
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @colonydrop Forward, back, et cetera. @Yuyucow Priconne is the shitposting source we need in these dark times
I think a big issue with English speakers hearing katakana "English words" and having a problem with them being tra…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @kkaags they're good vibes, kaag @aGirlCalledChar @Xythar I need a way more stylish mask, but especially with my semi-fucked-up teefs, I definitely don't mind it.Something random: My dad animated at Disney from the 70s-90s, and we have a lot of old Disney art/animation stored…
Retweeted by Andrew DiceI was today years old when I learned that the U.S. Army was literally used as a union-busting force during the occupation of JapanWhen I say "manga," I actually gekiga, the gritty, dark, graphic novels that fueled the student movement even more…
Retweeted by Andrew DiceI'm not sure later strikes did much to improve the lives of animators in the trenches. The vitality of the anime in…
Retweeted by Andrew DiceAdd to that a long history of failed protests in the Japanese entertainment industry. One of the most famous happen…
Retweeted by Andrew DiceVery interesting thread, but perhaps too simplistic? Pre-Miyazaki, there was a failed strike at Toei that fed many…
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@EmbryonX Derek. *Derek Heemsbergen*.Saturday mood
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @chamoluya p o t a t o p o w e r @vibratingsheep @MichaelToole Tokimeki Memorial Daywhat if... I spent Memorial Day playing Tokimeki Memorial
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @kozzmoknight @helen The pain we feel every hour of consciousness @JoshuaPotash @howtojapanese We're days from crossing the one hundred thousand dead mark and nobody seems to actual… @bombsfall He's the establishment billionaire's choice; let the establishment billionaires fund him. It's clearly what they want.The thought of Jenna Coleman being brought back for Xenoblade and then being handed a script where she has to say "…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @ClydeMandelin I was a big fan of this one
Retweeted by Andrew DiceFrom 'Mato's article: my word, I had not encountered this passage before, but it *should* be more or less the final… to self: get spooky desk skeleton to watch me while I translate
Retweeted by Andrew Dice"Can't you just translate word for word w/ a dictionary?" "Why bother re-translating that thing? There's a perfect…
Retweeted by Andrew DiceWhat a grotesque and cowardly way of framing this matter.
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @HProtagonista oh dear god
@moriyoshijon Somehow, this year is simultaneously crawling by and also vanishing in a flash.QA is functionally one of the most important steps in the process, and it's impossible without immense skill and pa…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @GirlsFrontlineE But... but Sten. ;.;
@sjmtaelus Yeah I saw that, so I felt like I was being a little extreme, but if anything that might make me *more*… @sjmtaelus Like, that's maybe a little extreme, but wanting bank info *for an NDA* would raise the hairs on the bac… @sjmtaelus This is 1000% sus and you should bail immediately.This is what happens when good video game history research circulates. Phil has been working on this for FOUR YEARS
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i used to hate in video games when you’d talk to everyone in a town and they’d all be like “did you hear about the…
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Also, I feel like this is going to be apropos all the way up to June 30th @3rd_nrg Promotion I can get behind.As someone who was young then, I can confirm that the 80s and 90s were definitely A Particular Period In Computing.… @nadiaoxford @BlackNerd The set design in this movie is *bonkers*. Pls give me Koopa City in an actual Mario game,…
@SollenbergerRC Uhhhhh as much as we might say "haha he got conned by Wohl" given how such laws are usually appli…
@Nukesnipe @Kupiseco @sleevedraw Exu and Mastema/Mostima get an entire event dedicated to them (Code of Brawl), so…'s disappointing people are complaining about the "lack of detail" in Origami King because "NPCs seem to be gener…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @KannaSP Sit at home and be filled with existential dread at the state of the world? @DigitalEmelas @Dotemu @XSEEDGames @LimitedRunGames @nihonfalcom I've always liked understated box art for games, s…
@HozureArt Rhine Lab so good. RHINE LAB EVENT WHEN.the venn diagram of people who think translators would compromise their employability to falsify translations for s…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @MercuryCrusader That's a good catte I'm sorry, man. :( @Blun_Z im literally dead. im slain. @Quaker_Knight @TheLegendOfXela @mayhem_crimson People were active on it when it was new (and it was even cross-reg… @chrislarlee @jelani9 I have news for you w/r/t maintaining a massive military with a collapsed economy and with li…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @colonydrop The only similarity is that it should've ended gracefully ages ago @Regris_Kallen It is, from what I've gathered, more or less the secret to the game's success as well. PriConne, es… @frog_kun @Lekonish Why do you think Asuka is consistently more popular than Rei in the Anglosphere>RTs: A Japanese user explained that English comments on art like "I HATE THIS" means "This art is making me feel e…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @daddyvanbaelsar Okay but I want the Exarch's shoes and Mini-filia's shoes available to players SO BADLY. You have… @aedison Favoriting this feels wrong, somehow. No, I do not heart the idea of the suffering that is coming @RyougaSaotome @moriyoshijon Not gonna lie, I desperately wish there was a version of the game with the SNES graphics but the DS script.
The more you know: The fellas that made this went on to become a full-fledged production company who we bring on fo…
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@ChazzyMcFly As someone born in 1983: welcome to the crematorium, kids.
@BlunZed Literally 3M+ sales. Iunno if you've noticed but the Coleman stans possess *frightening* stan power. @Blun_Z @ItisIWOOSH Your junior year of in 2011 Blun.
@FiXalaS @MinoruKR @Blun_Z It was really always just a question as to whether or not Nintendo would be willing to s… @Blun_Z I mean, I don't have an LP player, so the Euro edition is a bit whatever for me :V @fury190 @Blun_Z The line's a bit brief, but that does sound like Kate McGuinness, yeah. For comparison: @SINEVA_ART Production history. The game's English translation was originally taken up by Nintendo of Europe when t…
@Opn01 I belieeeeeeve you can see this briefly during Felghana? I may be remembering wrong tho @katrinaltrnsl8r Part of the challenge is that I've been convinced for years that such a thing basically has to com… @candlebury @cavesofqud Okay, this is *super* rad. "And now it's time to learn to build a hand-e nuke." @verdelishJP Okay but I always kind of preferred "She and She and I" (with 愛 behind the "I") for a title. :< (Grats on release!) @Xythar @Dwimepon @11rcombs Because that's probably how they were taught it in school I have Opinions™ about spe…
@babbygoth I mean, the eternal problem with Xenosaga (and 'gears) is IP rights, not will to do it. Granted, Namdai… @shosakauk I mean, it's pretty obvious they're using the original audio from the 2011 recording session for the bas… a lot of nerdy writers, playing Final Fantasy 6 sparked something in me. I'm very happy/proud to profile…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @shosakauk It does sound like modern Coleman. Remember, Coleman's almost ten years older now, and unlike a lot of d… @KingRegulus2002 @cluelessbian Assuming the first one was recorded in late 2010/early 2011 ahead of the Aug. 19, 20… ho ho, an update on the "is Jenna Coleman back for XB Future Connected" thing! We've finally gotten a clip of Me… @Blun_Z If it isn't Coleman, it is some *next-level* sound-alike recruitment. @andyaml This is the second variant of this I've seen and it's still good @MaxKriegerVG ALL RIGHT, FINE, GOOD JOB.
@PunishedHag It also blows because the Crossbell duology is pretty much unquestionably the best pair of RPGs of the… don't think I have any place to put this clip in my video but anyway here's a reminder that Corin Nander exists
Retweeted by Andrew DiceGreat moments in localization: when Bally-Midway convinced Namco to rename Puck-Man because they knew, deep in thei…
Retweeted by Andrew Dice @muertanax @EmilyGorcenski @iansmadrig Ah, fair, honestly @Sazorak It is rare that I agree with a tweet so hard. Sochie is kind of bitter early on (in contrast to Loran's d… @UnleadedPetro I mean I can also guarantee you we aren't going to remain a "developed" economy when we suffer 2-3 m… @muertanax @EmilyGorcenski @iansmadrig Why would you cut the name of this idiot off, let his shame be exposed or d… @AssiSousana @EmilyGorcenski They are "choosing" to endanger others, including those who live at home with them, in… @EmilyGorcenski I howl over that forecast that said 75,000 dead by August. We're going to hit 75k dead before the end of this new week.