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Katharina 🦋 Fey @spacekookie Berlin | Edinburgh

Be the revolution my friend 🏴 Radical autonomy, rust, "art", and قول - 🔸 she/her 🔸 they/them 🔸

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mood tbh
It had nothing to do with being lazy and everything with working around resource constraints starters are just Tamagotchi for early middle-age
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeySocial Distancing Is a Privilege For a daily laborer in Mumbai, staying home means “my children and my wife will d…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @OldPersonOnline @geheimorga I wish... At this point I think I've seen more tankies with piccrew avatars >.>Das Bündnis @besetzenberlin öffnet in der #Coronakrise Wohnungen für Obdachlose. Mehrere Wohnungen wurden besetzt,…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeyHow to Rust 101 #rustlang #cplusplus
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@goose_afa @faultierkatze I know I'm not as pretty as the mic 😉
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @awhalefact Would if I could @CeltiBurroughs It does not 😅 @_kunsi I guess for me it's mostly mailing lists 😅Found 17273 total files (that's not much mail).When you're not using Arch but you want to edit the Arch wiki @isislovecruft Fluffy
Hey twitter, invite me to your podcast, I have kickass audio now @amanjeev Stuff ✨ (ill xmpp you)Not being able to hang out with people so this is a great time to get into voice production JOIN THE LIVE STREAM! At least stay for like the first 15m lol, I got a nice little treat planned.…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @pati_gallardo @p1nt1nh0 You get me! This is me, laying out my plans to friends. (For what it's worth, by partner… case you are wondering how parenting twins is going...
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@ekuber You had me at turnipsLoving how they managed to squeeze an mATX board into this tiny case, then putting the PSU face down in the front a… @amanjeev There is but it's very very early in development. Go help out there :P
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @amanjeev There is but it's very very early in development. Go help out there :PIt makes me wish there was some kind of open framework for the stuff they managed to build. Imagine if there was a… that duolingo is a company that has gone through 6 (!) funding rounds. I'm really wondering what's gonna happen… @yoshuawuyts @WaniKaniApp That looks really cool! :) @yoshuawuyts What kind of Mnemonics are you using and what languages? I've found that just building connections bet… @shaun_vids Do you enjoy bread though?
@NotWoofers moodI think I'm getting better at this whole bread making thing (this is loaf #4) @endocrimes Yes please!! 😍 @cuddlyfoxgirl Oh it's just a joke adaptation of "I see a red door and I want to turn it black" :P @cuddlyfoxgirl I see a red flag and I want to turn in black.... 🎶I love when the answer to "why doesn't this work" is just merge a new nixpkgs subtree
"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Computers," i holler as i overturn my girlfriend's computer and turn the 23rd of march into the 23rd of Shit @endocrimes @maxeaubrey squid at home?! @therealjpster Gives this a whole now meaning But no, not sure. I did move around the comp… fast and eat thingsHappy to report that a sata cable shit the bed, not my diskMonday morning, also known as "zpool why did you not come back up" dayrustc seems to disagree with my schrodinger approach to Results. If you don't look, there's no problem 🤷‍♀️
but FIVE billion to bail out the damn SPACE industry
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @dikeeris hot. hot. hot. hot. @jevnorth @FakeUnicode *hums the blue diamond theme* @jevnorth @FakeUnicode Oh for fucks sake, you're right @ekuber @scanlime @dresden_a Like so much in our society: "Fuck poor people" @FakeUnicode please teach me why "🔹" makes the twitter upset, senpai?I don't understand how my twitter bio sometimes doesn't accept certain emoji, but sometimes it does?! Besides, wha… on pronouns the same way you do new plaid shirts @scanlime @dresden_a The kind of shit the moderates are sure as fuck not thinking about when they're calling for mo… Repressionen in #Dresden Neustadt gegen Obdachlose am 21.03 #coronavirusdeutschland #coronadeutschland
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @scanlime Yea, I've noticed the same thing, it's super awkward 😅 As for cheese pizza: luckily for me there's some… @amanjeev 😬😬😬"If you need anarchists to provide you with a Theory of Everything in order for you not to resort to hierarchy fata… @zeenix Meat is pretty heavily subsidized, yea. Also, Me: solutions are complicated and can't just address one vec… @kklarika9 Nerd :P (and cute!! :3) @zeenix But either don't realise, or are being kept quite actively from making choices that would benefit all @zeenix So basically: demand fuels the economy, but more important is the context in which this economy exists: ind… @zeenix But also here it's not just "people want to fly" vs "people take the train" because trains are more expensi… @zeenix There's enough food to go around, we just throw a lot of it away, because countries where people are starvi… @zeenix "Overpopulation" is a dog whistle almost exclusively used by fascists, and I want you to just be aware of i… @landbeyond Found it in a thrift shop for pretty cheap (20 I think?) @zeenix That's the most gross oversimplification of this issue I've ever seen, and it reeks of eco-fascism. Obviou… left my Nikon DSLR in Edinburgh (couldn't fit it in my bag), so I guess I should get this out again for a while 😅… @manfelt1 That's horrifying @blvszcz A meme @_darrenmartyn But don't worry, it's just temporary, to save lives 😉😉😉Can I have a little emergency fascism, as a treat?if the earth was “cleansing itself” it would be ejecting police stations into space not killing the vulnerable
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @Sunjay03 Welcome to my world 😅
@hazelnotxyz NO!😂 @ifsq670 @Caznay @le_bassett @Glitter1horn Cute :o @Caznay @le_bassett I saw, yes"Hackernews reports the actions [against COVID19] of their local governments, criticizes them as being insufficient…*phones accountant* I'M GETTING INTO THE BEAN GAME! @blvszcz Currently trying to get a quote from a different wholesale store for ~100kg, which feels like a more managable quantityMe: buying 6kg of soy beans is kinda expensive, maybe it'll get cheaper with bulk sizes Alibaba: minimum order is… has been something on my mind for a few days now. Hey people, this might be _our_ chance.
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@software_opal You do not want to see my living room 😬😬 @Caznay @le_bassett Source? @powerpcnotebook @Eric_Herman @ChOnillon @octaforge @astr0baby @aMiGaTrOnIcS @burgerbecky @vmlemon @justinrwlynn @mgattozzi Mood :PThis has been something on my mind for a few days now. Hey people, this might be _our_ chance. 2011 This is another one of my favourite images/mashups, for obvious reasons due to my undying love of Ca…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeyAugust 24, 2010 Here's one few people saw - the original concept for the Rust logo. I kinda went all in on the ste…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeyI love this logo so much! @mart3ll Did you ever use SpiderOak? :PMy Mozilla Design Journey ________________ Alright folks, this thread will travel through 141Gb of design files fr…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @spacekookie 2 can do C# the other one only C
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeyEinfach mal nen danke an alle die die Tage dinge am laufen halten. Alle die die in Supermärkten, Apotheken, ÖPNV,…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 FeyOne keyboard is not like the others 😅 (I'm cleaning my desk) Quarantine Routine I just wanted to share what works for me. This is just to give me structure and a sense of s…
Retweeted by Katharina 🦋 Fey @hrmny_ @_mavilein Ich hoffe euch ist bewusst das das nicht in swei Wochen durch ist. Wir werden Monate damit zu tu… @hrmny_ @_mavilein Eventuell mal drüber nachdenken welche autoritären Maßnahmen in der Zukunft man sich damit noch… is upset eure Abgeordneten hier: