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looking at old art that i dont remember drawing and i do not. knkow what this means
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks @shallowbrigade oh it'll absolutely be used for sinister purposes, i'm just thinking about "what motivates twitter… hrnn. video games nite-owl: i like those rorschach: mmm. some people do @shallowbrigade yeah there's been some mention of this before and it really comes off as "rich people are tired of being ratioed" @wolicyponk just got to the part in VLR where clover immediately spots 5 things weird with a clock so now she's doubly weird @wolicyponk which reminds me, checking the wikia early i found that there was a pre-release game where you... strip… @wolicyponk lmao that's totally it. the sex appeal part is way amped up in general in VLR for no real reason too, l… @wolicyponk like she wasn't pulling out genius level shit the way her brother was but she wasn't this "hey sigma, i… @wolicyponk yeah i'm just like "i'm - pretty sure she was much smarter than this in 999? pretty perceptive, clever?"kinu nishimura, browsing the online catalog of a Spirit halloween store: holy FUCK vlr status: clover's new design being "remember those flintstones cartoons where bamm bamm and pebbles were g… every time dio does this my brain immediately goes "i'm just a bappy paws otter" oh that kid's definitely a killer. or he's definitely dead. maybe both! who can know in this crazy, mixed up… status: i've moved on from "wishing master shake was a kotaro uchikoshi character" to "replacing all of dio's d… @Yaz_Minsky pete and deblasio grabbing for that The Wire cred is the funniest williamson and castro's are the most honestSTAY POSITIVE YOU FUCKING JABRONI
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks @amonns like you got this room with games and knights and shit, feels like an opportune point to develop some symbo… @amonns yeah, a lot of these feel like they were designed separately from the narrative itself - plus, most of them… status: kinda disappointed with the puzzles so far? maybe it's just me, but 999's felt more interesting/themati… @FairlyLip themes and emotions are my strong point, but keeping track of all these various actual plot devices and… @FairlyLip yeah, you're basically writing two games at once there from what i've caught by osmosis, plus writing th…'s similar to my desire to know more about manga teams, manga assistants, how the final product actually comes to… you're juggling old ass discarded scientific theories, repeating motifs around numbers, various world trivia,… zero escape it really is a crucial thing of those two sets of skills that chandler talks about in "the simple… VLR and hearing rob zacny talk about the different skills necessary for a Really Good Detective Story makes…
@parabalyana another inevitability of "everybody's broke", imo the real problem on these fronts for me is if the m… with the same shape and animation of the man from virtual hydlide chasing, hunting me through the woods @LouisatheLast yeah we chat sometimesthis is also a big part of the fact that despite having the connections to really go forward on some visual novel d… benson's "make art, make rent, help others do the same" is a good summary of my goals with my work and my pla… is also seriously my basic endgoal for what i guess you could call my five year plan, but i don't pin down any… a part of a co-op publishing company for comics and games, using things like gay furry visual novels… man you have to understand i originally built AK-47 Hands Man to safely use his bullets for ice sculpting but…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks @DonaldBergin2 he's not one of the main characters, but to me he sets down the core idea and tone of "we are stuck… @DonaldBergin2 yeah, "making the best out of a situation that shouldn't exist in the first place" has been a guidin… @MEGASONGER yeah i'm very interested in like just the sheer amount of Nothing our military does just to maintain ba… @Leask will check it out @DonaldBergin2 friendships and relationships and all sorts of things blooming out of "well, we're stuck here bc our… @DonaldBergin2 the thing i ended up fixated on in particular in my mind is the interactions between the soldiers on… @DonaldBergin2 where i'm going is definitely closer to grunt level. small military base in a semi-rural area. peace… enough people write about wars and battles as is, there's plenty of room to explore "all that fucking deadti… trying to wrap my head around imagining the twists and turns and strategy and motivations that'd be necessary to… of this is because i'm interested in the actual lives and banality of everything inside deeply morally comprom… my interest in us military culture when and where in places where there is no actual war going on continues… @flamingspatula okay this is definitely grounds for just some old vaudeville comedy routine where like 4 people are… @flamingspatula a lot of it definitely feels like a foundation built on "there was one asshole we had to make happy… @bone_dirt oh, just like video game franchises now brothers army comedy where they just make up non-existent ranks as they come and go on a base and everyone's g…'s all very abbot and costello, army ranks abbot: so, who's in charge? costello: well, that's the sergeant, tha… through military ranks for a small bit of writing and at certain points it definitely looks like somebody s… no. 1
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks @CharlesPulliam i'm still agog that that series ends with "it's too hard to challenge racism in america, so i'm giv… @CharlesPulliam now let's hope we don't get an adaptation of the "good things aren't possible" storiesbelly boy hi to you too, whiskey @Leask the difference to me is mostly "i actually have a chance to change them by shaming them so hard they cry" and little else @Leask if a gay person gets silenced, gets bashed, that's Unfortunate. if a nazi gets deplatformed, that's Unacceptable. @Leask which of course circles back to my whole thing about liberals and "unfortunate" and "unacceptable", because… @Leask "there HAS to be a way to solve this with a polite, reasoned, calm debate!" not as an actual belief so much… @Leask it's a philosophy built entirely out of "i'm afraid of conflict" it's not some branch of pacifism, because… @PackBenPack you starring in a 1996 movie that is either a sci-fi drama about the panopticon or some freaky friday… @Leask "if they come for the nazis, they could use that against *you* too!" as cops beat the shit out of police bru… @Leask constantly thinking about getting into arguments with spencer about how defending nazi speech will defend ev… is very upset it's wet outside @saladinahmed plus the whole "a guy who pretended to be japanese gets to be EIC way before any actual japanese people ever will" thing @saladinahmed lmao marvel only hired their first black women as writers ever in the last... 5 years? several of wh… thing is i don't expect better from republicans crying about free speech on campus, their entire job is to be d… of ACLU types have a libertarian bent to them even with the best of intentions because they have absolutely no… rules every time i'm told "we defend the worst of speech to defend everybody" when people roll out defenses for… johnson looks like a dude who hosted an obscure gameshow in '86 which got cancelled after accusations of arson arised
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinksevery marketing textbook page looks like this
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinkszero, tucking away information on what a "root beer float" is into a puzzle locked safe: i'm sure they'll appreciat… wow it's like 2:30 am. playing viddy games keeps you up late. anyway the funniest thing about virtue's last rewa… @spacetwinks kotaro uchikoshi anti-hero travels back in time to ensure that the players in their death game learn b…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinksimagining some eccentric dude who engineers a giant puzzle escape room and kidnaps a bunch of people to play it or…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks[zero escape character arranging household items to explain a scientific theory] so, imagine you could project your… though the 3d sometimes feels rendered in a way that i feel like the robot from the 3d version of superbo… need to wear this bolo tie, tenmyouji it's nonary game policy parts of virtue's last reward have extreme 3d christian children's cartoon energy @PixieMuledonkey @Fengxii that aoc took out the guy she was planning to have replace her tho - well still can't fi… @Fengxii ultimately part of the issue is that for people like pelosi, real people en masse suffering is simply unfo… @Fengxii pelosi's son apparently chills with ivanka or something; if there's any animosity at all, it's suffocated… @matthewstoller @OsitaNwanevu stoller while you're here can you please explain how cosmopolitan elites are attackin… @brooksasanoun yakuza zero yakuza kiwami @Mechazawa happy birthday dude!so when cebulski sends out tweets about how he doesn't like writers front-loading work, but every writer knows they… all hangs particularly high after sina grace spilled the beans on how marvel treated him, and he's hardly the… of the other thing of getting opportunities is already being in the biz at the right time - the structure that…, and morrison before him, invite a different kind of question published big 2 comics get - instead of "how… knows i'm not a hickman fan but my biggest problem with him honestly has nothing to do with his personal… more i hear about hickman's x-men, the more i think about cebulski's tweet complaining about writers front-load…
master shake's answer to the trolley problem being "well there's more people on that other one, and i bet more of them are jerks"frylock: it's a question about what we know and can verify, not- master shake: you tap the top of that box and lis… shake, kotaro uchikoshi character: you put a cat in a box? well of course it's dead. no airholes AND you lef… a kotaro uchikoshi game with master shake voice actingHey I’m still taking commissions!!!
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinks @bombsfall like i had my "ah, didn't leviticus say to not mix fabrics too?!" phase but i learned That Shit Just Doe… @bombsfall people's desire for "pointing out hypocrisy" to be so effective that it makes people either change their…