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@AlexJaffe the other correct answer is gates during the time the legion is stuck in the past @AlexJaffe right, applying buddhist tenets to your life to find personal peace in a chaotic worlddespite the clash actually collaborating with the specials, i still rank x-ray spex over themnew 80s music quality ranking system, determines by how much they remind me of The Specials, or are just actually The Specials"grosse point blank" is a good movie for many reasons, which very much includes the soundtrack"save it for later" still a genuinely good song btwman just remembered i once saw the english beat live when i was like, 20 very strange feeling to be the youngest p… @alex_navarro @MinovskyArticle i love how he looks more like he's filling in for an instrument during a The English Beat touri love how every french fry recipe online tells me to not crowd my slices, as if i am ever going to have the patien… rival watching me from 1000 feet away and not even using binoculars or anything: he's adding cardamom to his…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinksso what i'm hearing is that scarlett johansson and adam driver did a movie adaptation of Facadeended up for citrus marinading - orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, bunch of spices and salt, throw it in a bag… mother takes you to see the sail ships and she is in fine humour so you are rewarded for being an agreeable yo…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinkswondering what i should do with the chicken thighs i've got pulled chicken, fried chicken, soak 'em in citrus and… whiskey! know i'm going to be productive today cuz it's not even 11 yet and i got my ribs slow cookingi just woke up from a dream where i was in a gift shop that had an adult section, and they were selling virgin mary…
Retweeted by Colin SpacetwinksCapybaras are enjoying bathing in hot water at Mother Farm in Chiba Prefecture.
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinkshideo kojima: what if i adopted a baby and named them mickey mouse sony: no hideo kojima: then i can show the cop… think the thing i want most from hideo kojima at this point is for him to name a grizzled wartorn character "mic… college au where they're both self-loathing people putting on a performative identity, learning to loo… quantum computing to calculate exactly how many wing chung students think they are the first person to ever s… CHEF: To harvest the best Anchovies we have to order them on a pizza from Domino's and then dry age them i…
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinksmartin sandwich
Retweeted by Colin Spacetwinksit's entirely too easy to imagine wesley running to brag to picard about how he won an essay contest @CestUnRat no, i think james rolfe doesn't want to say the n-word nearly as badly as quentin doesepisode of the next generation where wesley finds out he's just dna assembled from AI trying to recreate the soul o… @vogon i think this is part of the general "you can't prove we're actually malicious and not just genuinely stupid"… of the specific ways my brain is poisoned thanks to early 00s internet is that my mind permanently has a mental… just think, if it had come out after the MCU got going, a movie studio would be trying to make the coyote ugly… nearby alternate reality where david lee roth is either an accomplished tap dancer or an ice skater. perhaps both @headfallsoff they want to have the veneration of the oscars so bad but its inability to commit to the aesthetics a… crystal had a heated acting momentit's different than when the racism comes out of left field at the awards show itself ala billy crystal doing blackfacethe best/worst thing about the game awards is that the major speculation isn't over what takes what categories, per… with reindeer fursonas throughout the year get two christmases in one in decemberoh shit i just remembered the real reason for the season: temporary massive uptick in themed reindeer furry pornwhat's your favorite mediocre rap song @ErikThurman same for whenever cb cebulski tweets some dumb shit. you can watch in action the diff between ppl who… @ErikThurman like i can maybe buy that people don't know that dixon has gone from garden variety casual homophobe t… @ErikThurman weird how the only times problem creators are removed is when there's a major report/social media outc… @ErikThurman hahahahaha oh god the endless "we handle things behind closed doors" well, looking at the results of… @ErikThurman and every time i bring up miller's islamophobia, instead of "evidence?" or anything like that, it's al… @ErikThurman i LOVE bringing up miller all the time with pros because a standard defense of silence about an issue… @ErikThurman ideally i'd like for lots of pros to actually have some courage and stand up for what's right but i'd… @ErikThurman the same flip flop shit of how comics complaining about critics would say "they don't talk about the a… @ErikThurman one pro once kept insisting to me that actually pros talk about problems and problem creators, bosses,… @ErikThurman i love, love, love the way comics will macgyver any new justification or argument for whatever's curre… @itsnarrative yeah, i get it. i'm extremely frustrated because i seem to be in the minority (and i was doubly frust… @ErikThurman it's very useful for companies to foster hatred of moore among their own workers in a way that it wouldn't be for byrne
@itsnarrative people reading in all sorts of justifications and ideas for why certain characters did certain things… @itsnarrative this is a big part of why i feel like i'm watching a very different show than everybody else; all the… @itsnarrative i'm just saying, every time people have a "ah, this is saying something smart and incisive about (rac… @panamaorange every interview reveals that lindelof is actually fucking incredibly stupid, he says as much about hi… @itsnarrative that the show also is willing to position vietnam's NLF as comparable to the KKK also Says Quite A Bi… @itsnarrative but yes, the interviews before, during, and certainly after all carry a lot of "everybody who wears a… @itsnarrative it's not so much what it says about damon lindelof, but what damon lindelof says brings to light part… @itsnarrative that the show also tries to position beating up violent white supremacists as being similar to beatin… @itsnarrative the interviews plus the show itself gives a fairly clear position of "if we just have GOOD cops/FBI a… @itsnarrative "what happens if the cops put on a mask?" has an answer, a well documented one at that, and moreover… @itsnarrative i think everyone should have to read lindelof's interviews because it illuminates and clears up a lot… @panamaorange lol lindelof thinks looking glass is the most moral character in the whole showconstantly incredible that dan dreiberg having trouble getting it up and not having a six pack anymore seems to be…"i made laurie into a badass FBI agent" is actually a bad direction, unless your goal is to say that being an FBI a… the "shitty people in watchmen", laurie is the least shitty, dan is right behind her, and it is telling that so… manhattan and the comedian both being part of helping america attack and oppress vietnam is an in-text demonstr… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff "passive immortal god" in what fucking sense, an emotional one? i guess, but he's certa… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff and you seem like a dipshit who doesn't pay attention to moore's own statements on his… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff just fucking slaughterhouse fives it and goes "you will love me because i see the futur… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff maybe this show is stupid as shit bro and trying to redeem dr. manhattan and present hi… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff and all the other marks against him are what, meaningless not to mention the whole "we… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff that lindelof considers dr. manhattan worthy of redemption and as a hot and romantic fi… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff i guess the show isn't stretching that much in the sense that there are also lots of pe… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff watches the comedian kill a pregnant woman in vietnam and has no real emotional reactio… @DrButcherMD2 @headfallsoff lmao yes, i'm going to make a figure who's so distant from humanity that they date a 1… this one on purpose @decafjedi be a fucking stain of a human being - but for god's sake, don't rock the comics boat @decafjedi a theory i still maintain is that it isn't dave sim's wild ass misogyny and general shitheadedness that… @josefkstories really fucking tired of people trashing alan moore for like the one thing he is 100 percent right on… because moore has cut himself off from comics do comics pros feel free to spit at him for any reason at all, j… moore didn't care about creator's rights the way he did, if he stayed in the industry and kept his mouth shut ab… a peep about miller's bigotry, not a peep about byrne's bigotry, pros whistling and pretending CB cebulski didn…'s also very telling that pros feel safe to trash talk moore in public at all - pros will flip-flop between "we c… are surely other reasons people give miller and byrne a pass but have so much venom for moore, but it's reall… he hasn't talked about the business, the companies, the way they exploit people and their creations the way… will talk shit about people, any he sees as personally crossing him or interfering with his ideas on how cert… wonder "what did moore do that byrne didn't?" and, y'know, other than produce a comic (more than one) that has… i was thinking about it from the angle of frank miller compared to moore, i thought "so long as pros go along… yet, tons of pros will still talk fondly about byrne. from cb "akira yoshida" cebulski (who is still trying to… is a notorious creep and bigot, who among many, MANY appalling statements, has once compared trans people to… of course being a well known islamophobe who hasn't made a good comic in years but if you search for critici…'know on the walk home i thought a bunch more about comics pros feeling willing, able, and safe enough to talk shi… beauty of a full moon on a clear night, casting its light onto an italian sandwich shop in the distance with no water editions reny's brand lobster cracker with comic sans font, that's how you know you're in maine, baby