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Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America's middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.

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Read my full statement here: four years, President Trump has tried to crush the Affordable Care Act. With his Supreme Court nominee, he is t…
Today, we gathered to honor the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice’s Ginsburg’s towering intellect, ten… of the House & Senate are coming together on the steps of the U.S. Capitol as we say goodbye to Justice Gin… Ginsburg embodied justice, brilliance & goodness. Her passing is an incalculable loss for our democracy and… Trump’s bogus executive order on pre-existing conditions isn’t worth the paper it’s signed on.
.@RepDerekKilmer and the @ModernizeCmte continue to lead the way on making Congress work better #ForThePeople throu…, we mourn the more than 200,000 men, women and children who we have lost to this virus. We owe it to their… in as I speak with reporters live at the U.S. Capitol.
That’s why the House passed the George Floyd #JusticeInPolicing Act this summer. We owe it to Breonna Taylor, Georg… Taylor should be alive today. She should be living and laughing and loving. Instead, her family is left con… Trump has trampled on American democracy. But House Democrats will protect and strengthen it for gener…, @HouseDemocrats are taking action to preserve American democracy for future generations as we introduce the… vote is your voice. Use it by taking part in #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and visit
President Trump wants politics to determine how we approach fighting this virus. That is sinful. #inners Trump & Mitch McConnell are rushing to vote on the next Supreme Court Justice so they can tear the protec… continue to pray for the families who have lost loved ones & those whose ongoing health has been jeopardized by… Trump’s contempt for science, governance & the American people’s health has led to an historic national t… than 200,000 men, women and children have lost their lives to this coronavirus in the United States. Our hear…
Read my full statement here: 200,000 Americans have died. Almost seven million Americans have been infected. The sudden removal of CDC gu…
President Trump and his henchmen have threatened to not accept the results of the November election. We have a resp… outpouring of love & support we have seen in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is only fitting as we reflect on the… years after Hurricane Maria ravaged communities in Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands, we continue to hold… Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have been petite in size, but the impact she left on America was immense. May her m…
The Republican Senate needs to honor the nearly 200,000 lives we’ve lost & do everything in its power to prevent fu…
Retweeted by Nancy PelosiAs America approaches 200,000 lives lost to the coronavirus, it is clearer than ever that we must enact the… my full statement here: must honor Justice Ginsburg’s trailblazing career and safeguard her powerful legacy by ensuring that the next As… Bader Ginsburg embodied justice, brilliance and goodness. Her passing is an incalculable loss for our democrac…, the flags are flying at half staff over the Capitol to honor the patriotism of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…
At this time of celebration and introspection, let us come together in hope that this #RoshHashanah brings a year o… of San Francisco stands with the St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church community following this morning’s suspe… in as I speak with reporters live at the U.S. Capitol.
125 days after the passage of the #HeroesAct, House and Senate Democrats are standing strong to support frontline w… America approaches 200,000 lives lost to the coronavirus, it is clearer than ever that we desperately need the $… Jane Goodall’s message is a reminder of the hope that people all around the world have to stand…
Every single day, Americans nationwide are living with substance use and mental health disorders. We must do all we… continues to hold Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen's family in our hearts. Today, I spoke to her loved ones…’ lives & livelihoods depend on Republicans abandoning their obsession with doing as little as possible wh…'s encouraging to see that the President is now calling on Republicans to “go for the much higher numbers” after… @COVIDOversight Finds White House Coronavirus Task Force Weakened Recommendations As Infection Rates Ros…
Retweeted by Nancy PelosiRepublicans should know this about me by now: I count playing with the safety of our children as fighting words. We…
Last year, the late John Lewis spoke on the evils of school segregation and racial discrimination in education. T…
Retweeted by Nancy PelosiOur Latino community has always been a central part of our American story. This #HispanicHeritageMonth and every mo… true, the appalling conditions described at an ICE detention facility — including allegations of mass hysterecto…
Our hearts are with the families of those lost in wildfires on the West Coast, and all who have lost their homes an… main way we can open our economy & open our schools is to crush the virus. Instead, President Trump is focused… years of President Trump caving to Big Pharma have culminated in this sham. Trump’s latest empty announcement…
For 26 years, the Violence Against Women Act has united our communities & our nation in the fight against domestic… to Bono for joining us today for the 19th annual G7 Speakers’ Meeting & driving home our responsibility to… @JohnKerry’s address to our #G7Parliament meeting was a striking call-to-action. I hope you will take a m… to @GinaNRDC & @DrBobBullard for enlightening us on the issues of environmental, racial and economic injus…
Read our joint declaration in full here: the end of today’s meeting, the G7 Speakers & Heads of Parliament released a joint declaration focusing o… a global community, we must ensure that we not only end COVID-19, but that all communities equitably benefit fro… a privilege to have Secretary @JohnKerry address our #G7Parliament meeting today. Thank you for bringing the u… again, thank you to @USRepKCastor for joining us today for an engaging conversation about combatting the… critical message from Dr. Jane Goodall that we simply cannot afford to ignore. #G7Parliament #TogetherOnClimate you to Secretary @JohnKerry for joining us to share a special message with this year’s #G7Parliament meeting.… you to Secretary @ErnestMoniz and Dr. Jane Goodall (@JaneGoodallInst) for joining this year’s #G7Parliament m… Holiness the @DalaiLama’s voice is always a critical one in conversations of global justice. Take moment to wat… is our charge: harnessing our collective resources, willpower and determination to advance a better, more just… the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities around the world, we have a responsibility to ensure our r… was a great privilege to welcome His Holiness the @DalaiLama to address the 2020 #G7Parliament meeting. smart, strategic approach to #COVID19 and the #ClimateCrisis provides the opportunity to get people back to work… climate crisis impacts every community — but it does not do so equally. Only by working together can we address… is a pleasure to have @USRepKCastor join us today for a #G7Parliament conversation about advancing environmental… can only solve the challenges facing our global community with a coordinated, international response. As Speaker… is my privilege to host this year’s #G7Parliament meeting on behalf of the United States as my colleagues and I… 30 minutes left until we kick off the #G7Parliament meeting for 2020. Be sure to tune in at 7 am ET:…, my #G7Parliament colleagues and I will come together to discuss how the world can work together to confro… time today to meet with @HoCSpeaker Rota & reflect on the lives of so many North Americans lost on 9/11. Appre…
While we pray that time may have diminished the pain and grief felt by those who lost loved ones, it will never dim… will #NeverForget the courage, patriotism and compassion shown by our firefighters, police officers and first re… years after #September11th, we come together as a nation to remember the fallen and gain inspiration from… of the House are coming together for a moment of silence marking 19 years since the terror attacks of Septe… 8:46 am ET, Members of the House will come together for a moment of silence as our nation observes the National… you see a train coming, you tell people to get out of the way. The President saw the virus coming and told the… DeVos’s assault on public schools is a blatant violation of the law, as has been repeatedly found by the… behavior we have witnessed by the President these past 24 hours shows the contempt he has for the lives & livel…
Today’s District Court ruling is a resounding victory for the effort to ensure that all people who live in America… Postal Service is a pillar of our democracy. Today, the House took steps to defend this essential service from… the past 6 months, the President repeatedly claimed that young people were “virtually immune” from #COVID19 and…
Retweeted by Nancy PelosiThe White House and Republican Senators need to accept the gravity of the crisis facing American communities and wo… in as I speak with reporters live from the U.S. Capitol. to meet with Japan Speaker Oshima to discuss climate, succession, the importance of continued strong US-Jap…
The President’s own words spell out the devastating truth: Trump was fully aware of the catastrophic nature of the… Good Friday Agreement is the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland. If the U.K. violates its international agre…
It’s been 116 days since the House passed the Heroes Act and the Senate GOP are finally waking up to the damage the… my full statement with @SenSchumer: McConnell is finally realizing the damage caused by his one-sided “pause” to America’s coronavirus response.…
Over generations, working people across America built the middle class and secured progress for hard-working famili…
Leader McConnell may have declared a “pause” to America’s coronavirus response, but it is clear the virus never did…
Without significant federal funding like that provided in the #HeroesAct, most schools can't afford the safety meas…
Retweeted by Nancy Pelosi
The sad state of America’s coronavirus response today is the result of President Trump’s failure to lead these past… know more about our education system than @BobbyScott. When he says schools won’t be able to protect students,… Trump’s insulting comments about our men and women in uniform are appalling. Our military deserves a Comm… millions still unemployed, particularly in communities of color, the #JobsReport is a reminder of the urgent n… Trump Admin’s politically motivated efforts to rush the #Census count are a threat to reach an accurate count.…