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Figure out how to make money with your voice! An easy guide to getting started in the industry. $15 at the link below for a limited time!

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As a business, it’s very important to have a track history online! Look at Yelp - make or break for restaurantsLearned this the hard way! But you have to learn one way or another @ZeroToHeroZer Writing things down, or looking at what I’ve written down for the week.So please, take this opportunity to: - Stand up - Drink some water - Do ten squats - Perform ten push ups. - AND f…
Retweeted by Voiceover Kings @NCsteveo We’re right there with you!We’re going to keep it at $15 for the next 10 people. Let us know if you’re interested!Our guide is going to be decreased in price greatly. Instead, we’re separating the guide and the coaching. If you’…’s crazy to me how much voiceover work is constantly available. If you land a contract, you’re potentially on som…
This is an easy way to make money. It takes a little familiarity, but you can really dictate your wage. Don’t sleep on voiceover work!
@AskTheGiver That’s a very brief, general explanation of the method. Let me see if I can remember which book I read… @AskTheGiver 30 minutes either at night before you sleep or in the morning when you wake. Close your eyes, complete… @AskTheGiver Productivity, less stress, increased focus, and the ability to find solutions faster.Procrastinating on something important is choosing to delay a better future.
Retweeted by Voiceover Kings @AskTheGiver Meditated60k a year side hustle. That could double within a year, while your job pay most likely will not’re still in the content gold rush and many businesses are just now seeing the value in online content. Lend your… a couple thousand a month doing voiceovers is entirely feasible. And the reality is, you can make more if yo… @Dhaoptimus @Moneym0vesMoney Would definitely be interested! @Jessejizo @Moneym0vesMoney Voiceover gigs 👌 @FreedomPathGo And that inner peace boosts those other areas in a major way as well. The most important thing that we can have @DivCultivator @thewealthdad Yup! Value and experienceSuccess is the product of the severest kind of mental and physical application.
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsIt’s insane. We see it everyday tried to pay attention but attention paid me. - Lil Wayne
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsIt’s so stressful! To think we did it for years. Nothing like having money saved up Somehow, some way they will manage to handicap your progress you want to be rich. Avoid lazy people
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsDo you realize how close you are to your next income stream? It just takes one action. And then another. And t…
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsLove Mexican food. Love BBQ too !
If you got a new job You would be very happy about getting "that promotion" within the first 2 years So why do yo…
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsWe are interested in making people affiliates of our guide! Become a voiceover artist and add an additional stream…’s so rewarding once you figure it out. Creating just takes some faith in your own abilities @chukwuanugo01 @Moneym0vesMoney If you have a good voice you can use it to get paidAlways the side income. The 9-5 check is simply a security blanket @TheJoyfulTrader Production > Consumption, especially when they’re consuming the first things
@TheAlphaThought Yes! Same process we’re using. Just started this past year, but it’s encouraging to see how quick it builds up @ScottStemple3 @MiIIenniaIMoney Well, we’re still working on it. We do a great job of earning with our own clients… @ScottStemple3 @MiIIenniaIMoney I want to teach people a different way to make money 🙌Setting the guide down to $15, probably permanently. Want to make it affordable and an easy grab. Come learn something! @LazyTraderr @Moneym0vesMoney Yes, fraud will have you incarcerated @WAZHNDRXX @Moneym0vesMoney We make music too, but voiceovers have been a cool side hustle. Easy money there @AscendantPower @HeroJourneyOn We’re reading a book on how important this is now. I will visualize for however long… @_masterinvestor Those last three words are so important. Can’t blame her if we’re not executing! Nobody likes to c… @TradingwithPhil And steadily getting cheaper..whew. I’m loving what I’m seeing!“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of co…
Retweeted by Voiceover Kings @CoachJoeHart Love it. Killing it man. We’re aspiring to achieve the same trajectory @garythehustler Such an interesting observation! And very true. Never thought of it like that @wiseconnector Yup! Application. Fail until you succeed! @FitFounder 😂😂😂 @HeroJourneyOn And people tend to appreciate when your honest about what you know. Shows character, maybe? @hustlenconquer Learning! @BrotherGram I see the angle, but still can’t agree with that fully. He was indeed influential though @MarqJacobs @Caesar_VICI Every single day. Motivated and ready @abeiku_d I prefer controlling my own ceiling. Love the stability of a 9-5, but will always take the freedom of running my own business @inpoco Not necessarily 🤷🏽 we can agree to disagree though. Have a good oneThis is awesome. Good to know, cause eventually we plan on looking into options. At the moment just regularly inves…
“Criticizing others is easier than coming to know yourself.” —Bruce Lee
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsBuying stocks today. Don’t fear the dip! @1thebusinesskid Very soon! @__Abrasive @TyTribble @CoachJoeHart That was posted at the exact same time as mine. Thank you for your input thoug… bring the price down on our guide. We won’t be including the walkthrough, but at least it will be more afford… @diorjaqi @Moneym0vesMoney You can definitely make money doing what we do @agustinthedev Absolute truth. Hence why it is amazing when you watch inspiring stuff all day and learn from other people’s success! @TyTribble @CoachJoeHart Chances are if you make 1k on your own, though, that you can make much more than that. Get… agree @acneez 😂 Get paid for it! Sounds like you’re good at it @FrostedVulpix How often are you getting work? @Le_Meanderthals Maybe we can help you lock in some voiceover work. We’re trying to help actors find work and build… @ArcadeRegiment There is definitely work out there! We’ve been getting a lot recently @voicemistress That’s the way to do it. You’ll attract the right clients. Working with individuals who lowball just… @LAGTVMB Us as well. Huge market for it right now @Timmus_TSET If you want to get set up doing voiceover work, we could probably help. Let us know and we’ll walk you through itExcellent rules. Keys to success! @bodyfork Right. Build your own table and take a seat!Best place to be on Twitter
I started surrounding myself with people who were doing better than me financially in life In 1 month I was doing better financially
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsQ: “How do I {literally anything}?” A: Poorly, then better
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsNeeded to read this today 🙏 people ate, drank, and worried their way through quarantine My twitter family exercised, read, meditated, and…
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsSheesh, if that isn’t the truth. Had it both ways, succeeded on the first day and in other situations it took month… @ZeGrowthHacker Good morning! @ZeGrowthHacker Lol. Great minds think alike. Morning thoughts! @ZeGrowthHacker Right! Haha. It’s a blessing for those of us who were prepared, we weathered the storm. But a diffi… to never get what you want: Wait for someone to give it to you. If you want it, go get it!
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsIf you really want it You'll find a way to get it.
Retweeted by Voiceover Kings @ChroniclesNate Right. 💯💯 Very trueYou need to learn to stop caring about external things that are not in your control They can easily f*ck you up if…
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsThe rude awakening! Or more positively, the enlightenment. @hustlenconquer Never. Paying things on time or ahead of time is underrated.To all teens and 20-somethings: If you can find a way to invest $135,000 by the time you are 30, and not invest an…
Retweeted by Voiceover KingsThey’ll have that perspective all the way up until they see the checks, and maybe even after. But hey, some people… try to write mine out. Increases productivity a lot! now!
We find new voiceover work online every single day. Have you ever wanted to voice an app? Or maybe create videos on… consistently invest every week. That’s the name of the game - use your money to create more money. We can all make it happen!Who is interested in getting paid to create voiceovers? It’s a large industry with all sorts of work - animations,… of my favorite activities! Especially dividend stocks 🔥 @TheForeverFit @TheAlphaThought Produce more than you consume. Intensely important @TheForeverFit @TheAlphaThought Love how you broke this down. Saving it