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Pam Hubler @specialtechie South Carolina

Instructional/EdTech Coach • #GoogleET Presenter • Tech & Sci-Fi geek • lover of anything crafty! #PD4uandMe & #ShakeUpLearning Moderator #DISOspreyProud

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@realAllisonW @burgessdave @MichaelSonbert @dbc_inc Thanks Allison!
@burgessdave @MichaelSonbert @dbc_inc Thanks! @TechChef4u times=global reach for the #WakeletWave chat on July 9 at 3PM GMT/4PM BST or 9PM EST/6PM PST My guest hosts are…
Retweeted by Pam HublerTwo times=global reach for the #WakeletWave chat on July 9 at 3PM GMT/4PM BST or 9PM EST/6PM PST My guest hosts are…
Retweeted by Pam HublerWe hope you'll join us tomorrow at 9 am EST to chat about one of my favorite topics... Professional Development!… @MsGraffsroom @NASETMembership @CECMembership Another idea... use @Wakelet for the lesson structure so you could st… @MsGraffsroom @NASETMembership @CECMembership Scheduled Google Meet or Zoom to share your screen and walk them thro… @MrsMcMillanEd @SlidesManiaSM Right?! I have this in my inbox as unread so I can go back to it after I move. TOO mu… @Bill_Huber_ @raspberryberet3 @awfrench1 @mrdearybury @TedHiff @JasonKander @flyingmonkey13 @ifireup @fablefy a good book! I'm excited to schedule my 1st coaching cycles scheduled to practice the #skyrocketcoaching struc… @mrmakemathsense Sounds like the perfect couple! @CoburnicusRex Good one! 😂 @WrennKimberlyS I can't imagine you as a 2! 😁 You are still so productive! @TheRealLindsay2 Stressful, isn't it?! 😂I've got to know! Which are you?😁 I'm 1. Just don't ask me how many tabs I normally have open. LOL! 🤣 #tlap
Alright #PLN looking for some great edtech tools to assist with #SEL learning needs in an online classroom setting.…
Retweeted by Pam HublerEvery coach should read these 8 pages on Real-time Coaching Techniques! 🤩 #skyrocketcoaching #dbcincbooks @146reads1 @ShakeUpLearning Right?! 😁 Thanks! @leigh_nan @dress_lynn It's going to be a great year! @DeniseTrainor2 Sure!Great to make new connections during @AffinitoLit #coachingsketchnotebooks class tonight! I can't wait to try this…
@DanaeAcker @TheRealLindsay2 Here you go! Let me know if something doesn't make sense. @TheRealLindsay2 I watched the Webinar on the new Google Certified Coach program, I'll send you my "cliff notes" version. :) @TheRealLindsay2 @ShakeUpLearning has the best resources (in my opinion)! She has a great c… @SteinbrinkLaura @socialstudiestx @mrbravo365 @MadForMaple @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @Toriaclaire @mrkempnz't miss the international #wakeletwave chat on Thursday July 9 at 3 PM GMT and 9 PM EST! I'm chatting with…
Retweeted by Pam HublerI can't wait to finish this book! #skyrocketcoach @MichaelSonbert @dbc_inc Packing and moving is interfering with m…
@Hahne_Elyse Ooh! What type of flower is that?
@PersonalizeSC Great Q's for student centered coaching! #personalizesc #educoach #SkyrocketCoach @MichaelSonbert #dbcincbooks @dbc_inc @MichaelSonbert #skyrocketcoach #educoach My new questions for reflection after ea… @WPSLeadReader @MichaelSonbert @herko_becky Right?! I just started the book and love it already! #skyrocketcoach 🤩Next read! @MichaelSonbert @dbc_inc #dbcincbooks 😀 #educoach #LeadLAP #pd4uandme @MrsSaid17 I have this on a mug! :) I love it!
I had the most crazy week at work, so I couldn't create new templates, but because SlidesMania is like therapy for…
Retweeted by Pam HublerKeep on blogging and we'll catch up with y'all next Saturday! #pd4uandme @pd4uandme @SEANJFAHEY @JakeMillerTech @jmattmiller @Mo_physics @apsitjen @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @eduprotocols Branchin… @KarlOLeary4 @TraciBrowder @pd4uandme @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @HeckAwesome @SEANJFAHEY @JakeMillerTech @jmattmiller @Mo_physics @apsitjen @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @eduprotocols Yep!… @apsitjen @JakeMillerTech @jmattmiller @Mo_physics @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @SEANJFAHEY @Flipgrid @PearDeck @JakeMillerTech @jmattmiller @Mo_physics @apsitjen @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @SEANJFAHEY We just got a paid sub… @JakeMillerTech @jmattmiller @Mo_physics @apsitjen @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @SEANJFAHEY Tech tool!#FF Enjoy the little things today! 🥰 @TraciBrowder @pd4uandme @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 @burgessdave #edtech #edtechchat friends! Help me add to my #JournalLAP for the upcoming school year! What should I add to s… @PaulaEmes @dawn_sarna @GoogleKeep @SlidesManiaSM @kimbnov16 @dbc_inc @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL @mospillman @TannyMcG @HeckAwesome @VirtualGiff Yep! Since we can't edi… @kiefersj @mospillman @TechChef4u @dbc_inc @dawn_sarna @GoogleKeep @SlidesManiaSM So fun! @PaulaEmes💕 This may be my next #bitmoji addiction. LOL! @DHarrisEdS @burgessdave @dbc_inc @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL @mospillman @TannyMcG @HeckAwesome @VirtualGiff Thanks so… @dawn_sarna @GoogleKeep @SlidesManiaSM I wasn't planning on working on my computer tonight... so much for that idea. LOL! 😉 @burgessdave @dbc_inc @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL @mospillman @TannyMcG @HeckAwesome @VirtualGiff Thanks for bringing t… @DHarrisEdS @burgessdave @dbc_inc @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL @mospillman @TannyMcG @HeckAwesome @VirtualGiff Thanks Da… @dawn_sarna @GoogleKeep @SlidesManiaSM Thanks! @kiefersj @mospillman @TechChef4u @dbc_inc I call office supplies my love language! 😂
@dawn_sarna @GoogleKeep @SlidesManiaSM How did I miss this?! I LOVE #GoogleKeep! Which template did you use? @HollyClarkEdu We can still be friends, right? 😉 I❤️#GoogleSlides!Next Thursday! Join us! #wakeletwave @wakelet chat. I'll be hanging with the late crew! #pd4uandme @pd4uandme @TechyLeaderEDU @MissKulsoom @HeckAwesome @GlobalGEG @markbrittmusic1 @BSGSCSFoster @LindaEdwardsi @MsDeFriese #WakeletWave Twitter Chat about Professional Development is Thursday July 9th!🌊👩‍🏫💬 🌄Early Chat: 3pm gmt with…
Retweeted by Pam HublerMy Pencil Made Me Do It: A Beginners Guide To Sketchnoting
Retweeted by Pam Hubler @MissKulsoom @TechyLeaderEDU @HeckAwesome @GlobalGEG @markbrittmusic1 @BSGSCSFoster @LindaEdwardsi @MsDeFriese @TechChef4u @mospillman @dbc_inc My daughter got me into those! She uses it for her notes at school. :)Day 2 #JournalLAP Educational passwords! #PenAddict 🥰 @mospillman @TechChef4u @dbc_inc Realization... Some love sho… @SteinbrinkLaura @teresagross625 @lieberrian @Isham_Literacy @emilyfranESL @hayes_melisa @kristi_daws @nankr1120 the #pd4uandme blogging challenge. My topic from the bingo board, Connecting Guardians & Schools Remotely, is…
Retweeted by Pam Hubler @IAteacherNan They'll show you. It's kind of addicting, but fun. :) #educoach @kennycmckee You too! #educoachIt was fun catching up with y'all tonight! Chat again soon. #educoach @TheRealLindsay2 @IAteacherNan @kennycmckee @KathyPerret Right now, it's one social media platform that gives me ho… @TheRealLindsay2 @kennycmckee @KathyPerret Is it sad at all? @KathyPerret I'm looking forward to it too! I'm ashamed to say I've never seen it! #educoach @IAteacherNan @kennycmckee @TheRealLindsay2 @KathyPerret I couldn't read anything for a bit of it. I was on the com… @genevie79cr @KathyPerret It's on Sunday, right? #educoach #coachcollaborative @TheRealLindsay2 @kennycmckee @KathyPerret @GRRMspeaking Good to know! @KathyPerret @TheRealLindsay2 I have an Android phone, so it's the best editing app for me. It's free and it was cr… @KathyPerret @TheRealLindsay2 I LOVE along with my Snapseed app. FUN! #educoach @TheRealLindsay2 @kennycmckee @KathyPerret My problem is that I like SciFi, that's hard to find that's not meant for teens. #educoach @cyant76 @KathyPerret @LiteracyCoachKS Right?! #educoach @IAteacherNan This is the right one! #educoach @IAteacherNan Oops... Wrong one. Hold on. #educoach @IAteacherNan Here's a post I wrote that might help. :) #educoach @KathyPerret Nope... it's either mindless TV or PD book for me. I don't know why, but I just can't make myself to s…'m hoping to use my coaching choice board more this year! #educoach @TheRealLindsay2 Using technology to help differentiate for our S's as well as make instruction more engaging. #educoach @kennycmckee @achievethecore Thanks! I'll have to check it out! #educoach @KathyPerret @LiteracyCoachKS I love it! I'm not done with mine, but this is what I have so far. :) #educoach @PegGrafwallner @LiteracyCoachKS @kennycmckee That would be great! #educoach @PegGrafwallner @LiteracyCoachKS @kennycmckee Thanks! #educoach The creation part I'm good with, but the coaching p… @DocCatto Not to far away. ;) Same district, just downsizing and more country air! @LiteracyCoachKS @PegGrafwallner @kennycmckee It will also depends on what their instruction is going to look like.… @PegGrafwallner @kennycmckee It's going to look different for eveyone, so at least T's won't have anything to compa… What it's going to look like this year? I usually have a lot planned by now, but this year I am holding off to… @KathyPerret Hi Kathy! #educoachI'm actually home for #educoach! Hey y'all! @TannyMcG @dbc_inc @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL @mospillman @HeckAwesome @VirtualGiff Thanks Tanny!
@WhaleySchool This week, I used some of the dot page side for doodling some inspiration! 🥰 @BCSDTeachForum #BCSDeLearning question here! What do y'all think? #teachsc #tlap #LeadLAP #pd4uandme School admin and superintendents, I'… @MusicalTheresa Transparency and humility is so valuable. :) #ITjustworksA2: Fear of failure and trying something new. T's often feel like they have to be an expert in all things before sh…