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Instructional/Tech Coach, #GoogleET, Wife, Mother, Tech & Sci-Fi geek, lover of anything crafty & @creativemarket fan! #PD4uandMe #EDUPlayoftheWeek #GSuiteUDL

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@mraspinall @JakeMillerTech #eduducttape 🤩Hey all - working with some awesome teachers in OK today. Question - looking for an app or online program to help…
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@mraspinall @MistyKluesner @KarlyMoura Right?!If you are thinking about becoming a Google Certified Educator or Trainer, @ShakeUpLearning courses are for you! E… @AplinTeacher Yes! I'm so glad to have some quiet time to read today! @KarlyMoura That's what we've been watching too!Now, this is my kind of Saturday! #innovateinsidethebox #satchat #pd4uandme #educoach #teachsc @pdubyatech I'm reading this right now too. 🤩 @AmyLIllingworth Sorry I missed it! I'm catching up now. :) #leadlap @AmyLIllingworth I try to use the 10 Q's in the impact cycle as much as possible. I'm always learning new strategie…'m really late, but I had to stop in to #leadlap I always miss it since I'm usually running errands by this time! ;) @TracyMailloux @SteinbrinkLaura I had that in FL, but we only have that once a month here. We do try to schedule Ve… @HelNvass Thank you! I love meeting my Twitter friends in person! Let's make it happen! @smanhart4 One of the books I'm reading is on building resilience in educators (Onward @brightmorningtm). It's some… @SteinbrinkLaura How often do they meet? That's a hard thing to schedule! #satchat @HelNvass @emilyfranESL That is a great trait to have! #pd4uandme @messy_tech I didn't even answer this one. LOL! It is hard to answer, but we all have strengths, right?! #pd4uandme @BeAwesomeForKds Yes! It's infectious! #pd4uandme @Isham_Literacy @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 We love having you! #pd4uandmeI'll archive the chat later today and tag you in a tweet. I'm thankful for y'all! Have a wonderful day! #pd4uandme @mexusmx @3_DLeadership @emilyfranESL Yes, important points. Today we are talking about being thankful, not Thanksgiving. #pd4uandme @SteinbrinkLaura It is so fast! But I love it! #pd4uandme @SteinbrinkLaura Hi Laura! Good to see you! #pd4uandme @Tellez2u They are adorable! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 I love this picture! #pd4uandme @dawblack @3_DLeadership @emilyfranESL So true Dave! Teaching a growth mindset is so important. A lot of people hav… am grateful for @emilyfranESL and @specialtechie for helping grow this chat! I am grateful to all the participant…
Retweeted by ᑭᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗷᒪᗴᖇ @teresagross625 @emilyfranESL Back at ya Sister! #pd4uandme @cybraryman1 Thanks Jerry! #pd4uandme @theteachingcurc @MaryAnnReilly Yep! And, write like you speak. Adding your personality is what makes people read more. :)I'm thankful for a healthy family, a roof over my head, and a job I love! #educoachsc #pd4uandme @saldanact Morning Cristobal! Love your card! I keep meaning to make an intro card for chats and never get around t… @amgonza Morning Anabel! #pd4uandme @ProfaMAB Morning Margaret! #pd4uandme @TraciBrowder @emilyfranESL Hi Traci! So glad you made it today! #pd4uandme @theteachingcurc @MaryAnnReilly If you mix up visuals and text, it doesn't seem as overwhelming to read. I just loo… @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 That's why we don't live up north anymore. LOL! @smanhart4 Good morning! Glad to came! #pd4uandme @3_DLeadership @emilyfranESL Tyler, we are talking thankfulness, not political. I know you like to have some deep convos. LOL! ;) #pd4uandme @emilyfranESL Hi Emily! I'm so glad I could join today! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 Morning friend! I bet it's cold this morning! #pd4uandmeGood morning #pd4uandme! I'm super excited that the weather wasn't good for soccer today! Now I can hang on my couch and chat with y'all! @theteachingcurc @MaryAnnReilly I use Weebly, but there are lost of options! This is my site, not that it's perfect… @MrsJSweeney @GTeacherTribe If you haven't listened to the podcast, check it out! @ShakeUpLearning and @jmattmiller's almost time for #pd4uandme! I hope you'll join us! #satchat Thanks for a great chat! @LearningForward @theteachingcurc @MaryAnnReilly Twitter is a great place to start! #satchat Do you have a blog?#educoach #educoachsc @realAllisonW @JennShuffler @esscarbrough @mrsjohnson_ela @MrsJSweeney I talked about it on the @GTeacherTribe #gttribe There's a template in the notes if you want to check… This is a long list! Reading: @BethHouf @burgess_shelley #LeadLAP @TaraMartinEDU #Realedu Be Real,… @breicher @EdcampNJ What time of year is it?A5: All my PD is based on coaching strategies. I have started adding time to my schedule to work on coaching conver… @breicher I love EdCamps! #satchat The next one I'm excited for is in Feb. here in SC. Can't wait! @edcampgville #satchat @MrTravisDrake @LearningForward I keep trying to get our T's to use Twitter for this so other T's in the building c… @clegleiter And @TaraMartinEDU Be REAL strategies! #RealEdu @BurroughsEDk12 @LaurenPorosoff Love learning walks! #ObserveMe is a good tool to use for that too. #SatChatA4: Keep conversations student centered. It takes the "blame" factor out of conversations and keeps the student as… @JBJimer @LearningForward Principals and AP's are amazing when they also think of themselves as coaches! It can be… @gfugnitto Not to change the subject, but I just noticed you are a Knight! So were my husband and I! @clegleiter This makes me think of ANCHOR conversations in #LeadLAP! Good point! #satchat @gfugnitto I hope in a good way. ;) #satchat @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL Of course! I also shared it with T's the other day in my training on "GSuite Tools for Diff… I actually think it's easier to ask guiding questions when you aren't an expert since you are less likely to ad… @MrTravisDrake @3_DLeadership I agree, an Instructional Coach can help with this. Of course, the good relationship… T's have so much on their plates, it's sometimes hard to get them to see the value of new learning/strategies.… @DougDunnEdS @ToddWhitaker Love that hashtag! #satchat @JBJimer @alextvalencic #satchat said Lee! #satchat #educoach #educoachsc #teachsc @clegleiter You too! @LearningForward Instructional Coach goal, always! :)#satchat @clegleiter Morning Chris! Love this quote! #satchatA1: Being one that is will to try new innovative practices with S's & T's with transformative change in mind, not a… @HistoryKimma @LeeAraoz I'm so sorry! I wish I had known. I don't think I'll ever be ready for that. :( @HistoryKimma @LeeAraoz Hi! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! I hope you are well. #satchat @SusZanti5 Hi Susan! #satchat @LeeAraoz Morning Lee! #satchatLove Saturday mornings! Full of possibilities on my own terms. ♥️ Morning #satchat Pam here, an Instructional Coach…
@DocCatto @mrdearybury @JuliePJones ♥️it! Especially your friends lettering. 😁 @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 Soccer games are being rescheduled due to weather! I can't tell you how happy this makes me! 😁⚽Interested in #Google Certification LIVE Webinars with @ShakeUpLearning? Here is the schedule and topics!… @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 I'll try to pop in! We have soccer all day. Last weekend though! #pd4uandme @addys_dad @BecomeBetterTV @CoachFrice @OtterBias @counseloreason1 @JillPeacher @nataschagenova @JaimeWarkonyi🤩🥳WOW! Using our Twitter platform to collaborate by sharing a pathway for 4th grade math?!? THAT is the game change…
Retweeted by ᑭᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗷᒪᗴᖇ @MeehanEDU @dbc_inc Seriously, I was crying. @MeehanEDU @dbc_inc You had the best book reveal ever! ♥️Join #PD4uandme this Saturday morning and share your grateful heart with us 🧡🍂 @teresagross625 @specialtechie
Retweeted by ᑭᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗷᒪᗴᖇ @mrsjohnson_ela @psm_ironhorses Or I could just scan the QR Code. LOL!😆
OMG! So many resources from @specialtechie! Can’t wait to test drive these with teachers @psm_ironhorses!…
Retweeted by ᑭᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗷᒪᗴᖇ @Kate0Oleary @mrsjohnson_ela @psm_ironhorses @BCSDTechTeam @BCSDAandI You're so sweet! ♥️ @mrsjohnson_ela @psm_ironhorses I didn't get to stop by! Do you have a picture of the entire poster? It looks awesome Linda! @mrsjohnson_ela @psm_ironhorses @BCSDTechTeam @BCSDAandI So glad you found it useful! You know I like to overshare,… @philsheridan888 @BCSDTechTeam Sorry, that's not the right Phil, but it's his doppelganger. LOL! @nicolalapoint72 @gsuite @BCSDTechTeam @wakelet @bcsdschools Thanks friend! Always glad to have you in my sessions!Blown away by @specialtechie's @gsuite Tools For #Differentiation session @BCSDTechTeam's #innovationsummit! So man…
Retweeted by ᑭᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗷᒪᗴᖇLearning more about 3D printing with @philsheridan888! #bcsdinnovates @BCSDTechTeam #3Dprinting @BCSDTechTeam @JasmineSaab @DashTheRobot @WonderWorkshop @bcsdschools @BryanLMiller I hope it's not the same time a… @JBDbiz happy birthday! 🎂🎉🎁 @JennShuffler @realAllisonW ♥️ #educoach @lyndi_valicek Thanks friend! 😁
@tishrich @TaraMartinEDU @dbc_inc We're so close (9th)! Happy belated birthday! 🎉🎁