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@klg1963 This isn't what we like to hear, Karen! Please can you share with us why you feel that way over a DM? @T0PSH0T Hi Tony, we have responded to your DM about this @XDHAV Hi there, this isn't what we like to hear! Please could you send us a DM with your full name, DOB, postcode,… @MillyParsonage Hi Milly, thank you for the update. If you would like us to look into this for you please could you… @claire88cairns We are happy to hear this is resolved now. If there is anything else we can help with in the future, please let us know. @electriccandles This is a long time, Emma! Please could you send us a DM with some more details including your ful… @iamaharris Hi David, did you manage to get through? If not can you drop us a DM? @michbro85 Hi Mich, we have many different lens extras that can be added to your lenses. For driving, there is the… @KHBennett1991 Apologies for this, kate. Were you able to get through the store or did the store contact you back? @lucybadlose We understand how frustrating this must be, Lucy. We would recommend popping back to your local store… @shannonmaria Hey Shannon, if you let us know the name of the store you booked with, we can check this for you and see if we can help 😊 @Cookeh_Ninjah @BootsUK We rarely reglaze frames in case the frame doesn't survive the glazing process. We would re… @hyperchookity We are disappointed to hear about this. We would recommend popping back to your local store so the t… @heavenandhell77 @TerraCycleUK Thank you for your comments - we're currently reviewing our recycling processes acro… @A1_Jess3O5 @chanblacks Or you could click this link and find out some more information about our 5-day free trial - @Robney88 We'd like to look into this for you, Bob. If you send us a DM we can look into this. @irish_edtech We are very proud that our contact lens packaging is recyclable thank you for helping to spread this information, Eoin. @MillyParsonage Hi Milly, did you try to contact the store directly to enquire about booking a children's eye test? @Connorisabot That's upsetting @COLETTEM77 Hi Colette, our contact lens packaging is recyclable. Only the lenses themselves are not due to the mat… @amylfc @scmuirhead Hi Amy, we're disappointed to hear this can you send us a DM about your visit? @claire88cairns If you would like us to look into this at any time do feel free to send us a message and we would b… @Classicalbanksy @THEJamesWhale We love them too 😉 @adeybrewmaster Hi Adey, which store did you visit? Can you send us a DM about this? @wordsallowed @ameliargh Hello Susan, can you send us a DM about this? @RhysHolmes Which store did you visit Rhys? We'd like to let the team know. @cocokinaa Hi there, can you send us a DM about this? @chriscampbell27 Can we ask a little more about this via a DM Chris? We want to look into this for you. @SpelthorneBC It was an honour and a privilege. P.s. Leave the sight gags to us 😉 @V1kk1b1 @warrington This isn't good to hear, can we collect some more information about this? @eyelinerqueen Hi Jen, if you have your husband send us a DM we can have his prescription emailed to him. @Catastr0phe2 Hi Sophie, we, unfortunately, can not release customer prescriptions to anyone other than the customer themselves. @BadlyDressedFB Erm
@arroda You're meant to be throwing pancakes, not shade 😂#PancakeDay proved tricky for a lot of you today, but one entry really creped up to first place 🏆 Well done… @mellowmatters We'd scoff them @alice_marps Lovely little jig there, though? @MPichova Orange you glad it taste good? @aIasdairg Is... is it...screaming...? @TheBouncyFrog We hope so 😂 @JobFlintshire Classic 👌 @0LoyLakes They are so fun, we love them @grinnerlynn Yoda best pancake maker we've seen! @rido_kate What a happy chap @OneLifeInTime Crispy 😋 @lisa12349jane It's... well done...? @Paulajane1969 Stunning footwork 👏 @staceyhillx That's a funny looking three leaf clover ☘️🧐 @magentawillow It's turtally awesome @fairywings9 Have you seen this thread?? 😂 @mike_mellish Put this photo in the Tate @ClaireHanham Love a bit of slow mo @ktcoventry Bet they were tasty @RustedTulips A wild pancake appeared 😂 @angep1969 They bring you love 😍 @Hannah_eaton21 Looks a bit crepe 😉 @louisewelsh160 This is multi tasking at its finest. We applaud you 👏👏👏 @Isis1981uk Delicate but beautiful 🦄 @loubyloux584 Yes they are, don't worry 😬 @lucky_rainboww Oui oui! @susiemcd1 You're moving but the pan is still... feel like it should be the other way around 😂 @bellyburner Going easy on the sauce there 😂 @helenshobby That's a bit crepe... @Firegoddess1972 This has cheered us right up @Clurr89 If they pass the taste test, that's all that matters... @wzquitecontrary Action replay 👌 @shamingjezebel You keep telling yourself that 😂 @amandabaggott1 Good effort... @highlandgirl These are brilliant! @sophie_car11 Could've done batter 😉🥞 @TheOnlyAlisonL But how did they taste? @MerylTh58711232 Nice garnishing @shonamackie We never thought of pancake making as an outdoor pursuit, but here we are ☺️ @ameliamccreith Nice technique @lisadavies73 It's... so beautiful... 😍😍😍🦄🦄🦄 @twirlyswirl79 He should be impressed! @Sconein60Secons We're floored by this one @sophielily93 We hope he's not lion 😂 @battynatty29 The baby's having a great time @grinnerlynn These aren't the pancakes you're looking for @alastairbull1 You're right, these look terrible... @tigerwibi He just wants to be your friend... @SianW86 You got cocky 😉 @KirstyConnor7 As there's a football behind you we're imagining some kind of slapstick scenario @Appliepie1 Well these are putting everyone else to shame @starshineforme You should've listened 😂 @livxhall How did everything go? @mrmechanic_90 You can share your experiences by clicking this link, Wayne. @heavenandhell77 @TerraCycleUK We are proud to confirm that the packaging is recyclable. Only the contact lenses th… @claire88cairns If you could please share your full name, DOB, phone number and postcode with us via a DM, we can p… @benstrangex_ Apologies with the delay in getting back to this. Please could you send us a private message with a f… @craigy186 What goes up, must come down... @lotpot3 Love is all you need 💚 @EmmaWard55 You know where we are Emma... @lippymother Do you take bookings? @MummytoFrank1 What about the strawberries? @andyrubble666 How did you guess 😉 @City_Xtra @Dsquared2 @MirrorFootball @ManCity @aguerosergiokun @DeBruyneKev @sterling7 Can you please call us @_oliviamarsland This has broken our hearts 😟 We hope the next batch will be perfect for you! 🥞 @ixi0310 We bet she's thinking, "why do I put up with this crepe?"