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In case you thought that the @nyt would use the recent clearing of Hillary Clinton on wrongdoing for her use of a p… to the Houston Astros front office on ensuring that coverage of the World Series will be focused on this a… reminds me to subscribe to Road Rules, All-Stars guy’s newsletter the year 2019 a mature democracy having a hereditary monarchy is just embarrassing ... and don’t @ me about Amer… there a GoFund Me I can donate to make this happen so I never have to hear another word about the British Royal… sure about this one agree! Canada even has elections is adorable ... but Twitter commentary on it! I just want to pinch Canadian Twitter’s cheeksCanadian Election Twitter is definitely the most adorable TwitterThis might be my greatest personal accomplishment - 18 days! evidence that @ThePlumLineGS is a mensch is she even on a list of great singers? of issues with this list, but how the hell is John Lennon ahead of Marvin Gaye. @jfxgillis Everything about this tweet has left me confusedWell he’s not wrong @schensuz @LiberalNavySeal @gracels @AudreyGarden Please leave me out if this discussion“Sometimes a ratioed tweet is just a bad tweet” - Sigmund Freud, possibly guy is this an embrace of fascism?'s outrageous is to suggest that just because someone put on a uniform they can't be a bad person or a useful i…
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John Kerry in @GlobeOpinion: Want to protect jobs? Protect the ocean.
Retweeted by Michael CohenGreat hire @cnn! genuinely don’t understand Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign. What is the strategy in tweeting out a Tucker C… are both reasonable questions @rpbp Sending you all the positive vibes! @AJentleson @yeselson I don’t really care what she supports. I’m making a political observation @yeselson Not if the “numbers” mean higher taxes! @yeselson Oh there I agree. She has screwed the pooch until now on this. I’m not sure however that unveiling a deta… @yeselson She didn’t need to commit to Sanders MFA plan. She should have just made clear what her goals were and no… @ZaidJilani @billscher Which makes her support for Bernie's MFA plan that much more inexplicable. @JillDLawrence I wouldn't say it's fatal, but I absolutely agree it's bad politics and she's made it worse by refus… @billscher @ZaidJilani I don't know. This is kind of a dancing on the head of a in debate. All I'm saying is that s… @billscher @ZaidJilani IIRC, she traces her political epiphany to researching medical bankruptcies ... so not sure… @billscher That I agree with. But health care is!If she believed in the plan she should have, like Bernie, said it would mean higher taxes. That she has refused to… @billscher Except health care is in her comfort zone. She made a short term decision to support MFA because she tho… never should have supported Bernie’s plan and now trying to explain how she’ll pay for it will make matters worseMedicare For All is bad politics. Period. Don’t @ me about how it’s good policy. That may be the case but politicia… is the best politician in the Democratic field ... which makes her decision to support Bernie’s MFA plan so… @reneeygraham This both a deep cut and an A+ Tweet“Pierre Delecto” was the name of my jazz/funk quartet in high schoolA good example of why having a WH chief of staff with bad political skills is sub-optimal smart thread on that bad NYT piece on Trump’s use of digital ads“Defend ourselves”? ... im just going to point out here that there has never been an attack by ISIS fighters on US…
This was the greatest camera angle in the history of the NFL.
Retweeted by Michael CohenThe Chris Wallace interview with WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney this morning would, under normal circumstances, be…
Retweeted by Michael CohenRachelle G. Cohen: Deposed US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was a victim of corruption — corruption in Uk…
Retweeted by Michael CohenWhat is happening demolition of Brexit on live TV. You’d never see this on a BBC vox pop. Rachel in Parliament Square tel…
Retweeted by Michael Cohenwe tend to overemphasize on-air yakkers but tv sports is often an art; this shot sequence (altuve rounding first, C…
Retweeted by Michael CohenThis is unbelievable I’ve learned is that Trump is dominating the digital ad space. I have no idea if that’s an effective or smart strategyAnd focusing only on 2016 without referencing how digital advertising influenced the 2018 midterms, which Democrats… authors @AllMattNYT and @kevinroose cite a number of digital strategists and consultants who criticize Democrat…’m baffled by this @nytimes piece on Trump’s vast digital ad spending advantage. There’s not a single piece of com… Bill Burns is one of the most respected diplomats within the foreign policy world else from the White House could do it? If the last three weeks have shown us anything, it is to confirm what many of us already knew — Dona…
Retweeted by Michael CohenOne of the greatest baseball games I’ve ever seen had the second highest payroll in all of baseball! Altuve the moment he saw his daughter is just too much.
Retweeted by Michael CohenI don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitcher react the way Chapman did to that home run.The 2010s are the first decade without a Yankees world championship since the 1910s. Who says America isn't making progress?
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This thread is correct It’s virtually impossible to keep up with Donald Trump’s unending malfeasance.
Retweeted by Michael CohenThis is a really interesting piece. I don’t take from it that Republicans are preparing to break with Trump, but th… is SO good The protest against Brexit in London today.
Retweeted by Michael CohenI wrote about this over the summer - around $15 billion would ensure every kid in America has a free lunch student in America should have free lunch gentrification isn’t so bad after all next thing you know the president will accuse members of Congress of treason is the only news concerning @HillaryClinton that I give a shit about today. We spent an entire election on thi…
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Yup can quibble with what Clinton said but does Gabbard know she’s running in the Democratic primary using the words “tremendous integrity” to describe Donald Trump @JRubinBlogger I’m not astounded by it! @JRubinBlogger Sure. That’s why I said it wasn’t true that we’ve never had a partisan impeachment!Of course this isn’t true but worth noting that it’s “partisan” largely because Republicans have chosen to, in a pa… @RexBrynen Wouldn’t you assume that Clinton meant the latter?The RNC has been holding at events at Trump’s properties for 2.5 years now. The Doral announcement is more of the s…’m not sure one has to be on the Russian payroll to be considered an asset fired is a relief in the sense that you never have to worry about being fired anymore. I was so stressed ever…
Retweeted by Michael CohenWho says two people can’t have the same dream“We don’t know what he’s talking about” - Middle East oil will now be known as “Honey Badger Hillary” a related note, when I said the check was not in the mail I actually meant to say the check was in the mail is divine punishment tweet your way through it Mr. President really says everything you need to know about Mattis that he finally publicly criticizes Trump after he attacks… my might be the saddest political story I’ve ever read all remember when Obama demeaned Jan Brewer by calling her a “third-rate politician” and saying she’s “either re…
Retweeted by Michael CohenDo any Democrats defend the current health care system? is pathetic NYT’s fealty to the cult of both sides-ism, 4+ years since Trump’s emergence on the political stage is just ver… hour is amateur hour in this White House
@SethAMandel It’s perfect for Rudy. It’s nice to see Mulvaney go there too @SethAMandel I’ve used that Rick James line about a half dozen times in the last 3 weeks ... it’s always relevant