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It’s the new WAP video and it slaps bye!They said ushy gushy the pu$$y @korndog2 @cultltr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @GlamandGore @PhillyD There she is, good morning! Go back to sleep I’ve seen enough. @aridawni @KahviCup Y’all are too nice 😤❤️Before anyone hits me with that “it’s my escape” bullshit there are plenty of people who are FORCED to face discrim… If somebody thanks you for not being “so political,” you need to re-evaluate your platform and the audien… @BaileySarian One hunnid 🌹 @BaileySarian Based on 1) The phone call between Lori and Chad on the day of the property search & 2) The recorded… Christ you can’t make this shit up 😂😂😂 in public: my headphones:
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, @ian_londahl No✨I’m no longer accepting Microsoft teams meetings, if my boss wants to talk to me she can send a Cameo call request.
Retweeted by spencer henry @alexsebel Is your manuscript Eurovision @Biolage_Matrix @aditisharma @aditisharma Then why the hell are you so sad @aditisharma You’er* @AlainaToTheMax Was wondering why I got DM’s today asking for cases involving a koala. Makes much more sense now.
@AMorbidPodcast This. @GlamandGore It’s the 3 mouths for me. Talks enough shit with just one 🥵 @brittany_broski No way @AlainaToTheMax Uh. Team LC here. Can’t believe this. @spookysauron It’s so dumb!!!! The killers have alllll the advantage rn. @PastelMePlease @GlamandGore If I lift the restraining order maybeAnyways here’s baby hotdog. @GlamandGore Hey what’re you dumb or something?Donald trump is ugly and stupid.Shocking. America does nothing about a pandemic because people are selfish assholes and then we have consequences?!…
@meghewls @_macarony @GlamandGore Praying for her @meghewls @_macarony @GlamandGore She’s so sick ;( @GlamandGore 3,999,999.4 MILLION @GlamandGore !!!!!!!!!The President of the United States can't pronounce, "Yosemite."
Retweeted by spencer henry @realDonaldTrump You are so ugly and dumb omg. @GlamandGore Can confirm 10/10 worst thing I’ve ever seen.🤦🏼‍♀️ Yaknow whats dehumanizing? Literally ceasing to be human because you die a preventable death because a bunch…
Retweeted by spencer henryI had to edit today’s episode in between work calls/emails. I’m like Hannah Montana of corporate and talking about dead.
I’m worried that you might not remember The Swan, an early 00’s reality show where “ugly” women underwent extreme p…
Retweeted by spencer henry @_the_mykie_show I believe so. I was diagnosed in like middle school but stopped taking meds in high school!! I’m a… if you believe we need commonsense gun reform and the @NRA to stop buying off lawmakers.
Retweeted by spencer henry @FashionCasualT You’re welcome✨ @ali_christine15 Sorry but my dad follows me✨Replace Ellen with the 2002 MTV unplugged Dashboard Confessional album. dad feels some type of way about it tho huh @chrislondahlMy life is just me opening up drinks and leaving them everywhere half full and it’s okay.
Happy national girlfriends day to the girl I hooked up with behind 7-11 in 8th grade right before I was like whoa I’m gay✨ @DeadByBHVR @MadiMarieMoore @spencerhenry
Retweeted by spencer henry @KendallRaeOnYT I guess you missed the call in the closet portal. @AlainaToTheMax 100% bc you know it’s more infuriating than any fact could be 😂I’m just wondering... what do we have to do to get @spencerhenry and @cultltr verified?
Retweeted by spencer henry @GlamandGore @ShannenP_Wood @GlamandGore @ShannenP_Wood Hahahaha stfuSomeone just dm’d me on Instagram to ask to unblock them on twitter. ✨No.✨ I love blocking people and that’s the co…
@GlamandGore Always with the spicy attitude!So if anyone has camera recommendations under 2k lmkkkkkAlso over 7k voted on my ig story to record the next little liter and put it on YouTube so I will but I need a new… up bish! @MadiMarieMoore @seleneevelynn @DEZYCLOUD @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump listen bitchAnyways enough about ~politics~ look at this dog I saw yesterday that looks like a different color hotdog 🤩 @LovedLoud Thousands are dying because of his neglect and he’s done nothing about it. So yeah I’m gonna go ahead an… of 2020 has been a Monday. @StrawbrryDonut Make America feel like a Friday again :( @RWG4Trump Um idk chuck can you think about anything other than khaki pants 😤 it’s really August wtf 👀So happy that the ‘president’ is banning tiktok. Like thank god. This will finally solve the fact that everybody is… @BaileySarian Jonathan Adler !Hell ya I love me some @CourteneyCox
Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s angels was my first crushme pressing send tweet vs. me coming back 4 minutes later to delete it
Retweeted by spencer henryIt’s been 8 years somebody answer her you there? @MadiMarieMoore @MadiMarieMoore 👁👄👁 @Nikothegod1 @MadiMarieMoore PerfectYou can't say covid-19 is so safe we can reopen schools then turn around and say it's too dangerous to have an election.
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@Dakota80590610 🥺❤️A l m o s t F r i d a y @AlainaToTheMax 🌹❤️🌹❤️ @jennyjaffe This was the most upsetting chaotic thing I’ve ever read.How weird @Literaryera 😛 @EmilyWaite89 Iconic @sarahgirll Yes! ❤️❤️ @overdoseattack ❤️❤️❤️ @AmandaB8994 ❤️
@Demonvibal True 🥰 @STXRRYNlGHT ❤️❤️❤️❤️Somebody give me some good news bc 2020 is not being kind 😂😭Uhhh Wednesday....still not Friday..a little closer though.Also the irony of somebody with the last name holder getting arrested for strangling somebody 👁👄👁 @GlamandGore Wow suck an ass @GlamandGore doesn’t follow me someone tell tmz @GlamandGore @marsslovesit @KTLA Wow can I get a follow @marsslovesit @KTLA @GlamandGore Hmmm like soho house or the battery in sf probably.!!!! Also bless you for spending your time looking at recent arrests in your town 😭😂
I feel like it should be Friday....but okay Tuesday..