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Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murder, has been released on $2M cash bail. As a public defender, I represented teena…
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Amy Coney Barrett being against abortion but also voting for someone to be executed makes sense when you think of b…
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Retweeted by Amber KeithTook this personality test for it to just confirm in the end that I’m absolutely a Gemini
If my admin see this no you didn’t
Retweeted by Amber KeithThere mere concept of us faking an entire pandemic to get BIDEN of all people elected is what really tickles me. We… it and weep 🥴 my view and adoration of the manAlt*n Br*wn being a conservative is top ten most disappointing things to happen in 2020 and I am NOT even being dramatic
Asking a full class of students or meeting attendees if they have questions and being met with deafening silence an… nothing is making it less robotic nor helping how traumatized we are in this situation. Most humans don’t buil… consistently joke about how we’ve been using Zoom for 9 months yet nobody seems to be getting better at it but… @inagayten Primary source secured
Her husband is the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and they live in a $10.5 million, 15,000 square foot man…
Retweeted by Amber Keith“Things were bad for me, so they should stay bad for everyone else” is not a good argument against debt cancellatio…
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hello america this is what happened with canadian thanksgiving
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One TERF agreeing with another TERF is not necessarily surprising news.
Retweeted by Amber Keithmy bf just now with no context whatsoever: “Do you think you can ever trust the word of a weeb?”Aries, Sag, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio:
2020 true life: I can’t stop watching elaborate soap making videosY’all adapting to covid is weird as hell
Retweeted by Amber KeithHappy Halloween you stupid mother fuckers. I hate it here.
Retweeted by Amber Keith @AsteadWesley 🎵🎵🎵 Isn't it ironic... 🎵🎵🎵
Retweeted by Amber Keithwhite dudes love to talk about how humans are "naturally programmed" to do this and that.. relax apex redditor 😂
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Tell me why I read this ad in a pirate accent“Thare waiting!” @jsstansel your social media manager and your graphic designer are not the same person 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 @papitacotuesgay Idk. My bf is half white yet this compulsion (dare I say, perversion) to add raisins to everything is so strong in him.except he’s a cancer rising and I’m a Scorpio rising so we both know who’s winning the argument hereme n my bf having an argument and we’re both Geminis: an unstoppable force meets an immovable objectA minimum wage worker cannot afford a one bedroom apartment in 95% of counties in the United States. Does that soun…
Retweeted by Amber KeithIf this is surprising to you, I have terrible news about what jails (as opposed to prisons) are for. Jails mostly h…
Retweeted by Amber KeithIf the stay at home orders that are coming are going to massively change the way you’ve been living your social lif…
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We’re here we’re queer we’re getting back into bed at 3pm because things are kind of a lot right now
Retweeted by Amber KeithI don't ever do "please retweet," but please retweet this if Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer's plan to cancel the first…
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Retweeted by Amber KeithThey said what they said 😤😤😤
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Corpse Husband but make it Animal Crossing 👻 have got to stop asking people if they “believe” real shit happened
Retweeted by Amber KeithThe think piece I’d write if I had time: Trump’s refusal to concede is not only dangerous for democracy; it is a re…
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Damn they said Sephora at JCPenney who??
if anyone asks how I’m doing I’m just gonna send them this snapchat I sent my bf today *only* complaint about today on Twitter is that just SO much happened that I really feel like we didn’t get as m…
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TW: ableism
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If you don’t celebrate the wins, you’ll burnout before the rest of the battles!
Retweeted by Amber KeithHow I’m sipping my coffee rn given the recent fabulous news to share this recently emerged memory from deep within in my brain @DrJenGunter “How did you get the antibodies, Matt” @nickkroll it’s giving me Simon the Devious takes the Texas Hill Country as new territorycause & effect
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That very last line has me HOWLING so we're clear, when we say these people are Nazis, they are evil, and they want bad and dangerous things, it…
Retweeted by Amber KeithSo fascism then.
Retweeted by Amber Keith @teald33r They said let the cacti in those 14 counties be heard
*sings “carpal tunnel” to the tune of A:TLA’s Secret Tunnel*yes unfollow me if you support tr*mp but ALSO unfollow me if you "don't wanna get political" or are "staying neutral"
Retweeted by Amber Keith✨Stress baking/stress eating, but make it for a cause ✨ I’m v bad at Twitter but I’m going to start sharing things…
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Let this be a lesson to us all. If you want true change to come to Texas, we need to start by removing our horrible…
Retweeted by Amber Keithyour regular reminder that the south would all be swing states if not for racist voter suppression
Retweeted by Amber KeithRelevant facts: Mississippi doesn't allow early voting, had very restricted access to mail in ballots, and has the…
Retweeted by Amber KeithSmells like voter suppression. Looks like voter suppression. Acts like voter suppression. Hmm. I think its voter su…
Retweeted by Amber Keith @yuushiroIsDed She has ✨taste✨
@rheekayleigh I knew you was with it 🙂 @yuushiroIsDed Head over to Spotify ! I am obsessedanyways lemme know if any other Corpse Husband simps want to start a therapy group with meme: *plays CORPSE’s music on repeat* my Spotify recommended playlists: sounds like you wanna listen to Cough Syrup by Young the Giant :-) pure 😿 shit......this.
Retweeted by Amber KeithI despise how accurate these suggestions are .... let me be dork ass b*tch in peace, I’m begging I’m gonna have to send professional emails and ping ppl on fcking Slack like it’s not the eve of potential… cat: *yowling for food* me: no, they changed the time so I cannot feed you yet my cat: *louder yowling* me: no,…
:-) terrorism.
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@paanqake 🌟Amazon🌟personally, i am thriving further research I see they cropped this image so I wouldn’t see it is a FLARED leg jumpsuit. Since I am shape… has exactly pinpointed my aesthetic of femme sapphic cottagecore ... I might purchase this fit
and i’m being generous, because my workload has actually increased during these past 6 months with very little reprievetruly something befuckened about living through a pandemic in a fucked country that doesn’t value human life and be… thought we were going straight horror game when this happened while I was playing ngl one: A Scorpio: I wonder why I haven’t been to a group fitness class in 6 months... what could be the reason... managing a business page on fb is like: FB: Your page has 20 notifications!😊 All 20 of those notifications: Yo…
this was a bisexual awakening it with me: Frog Boba
@bigwigglystyyle promoter of chaos 👁maybe don’t speak on anyone else’s child raising skills when 2 of your 3 children have completely cut contact with… my mom reshared this on fb and am pondering if I should comment on it mentioning the hours I’ve spent in therap…
I was a "low risk" case. There is no such thing as "low-risk" with COVID. I have been left with permanent disabilit…
Retweeted by Amber Keith @dinosam That mf’er popped in and out four times and I was heated !!!!if you’re not jewish, say something about this. retweet it at the bare minimum so the word can get around OR say so…
Retweeted by Amber Keithsay it with me: terrorist
Retweeted by Amber Keithand bringing the mienshao in and out throughout the battle to bitch slap my Pokémon.... y’all I was getting so heated lmaoMustard really hit me with that gigantamaxed urshifuok the final dojo battle in the Pokémon Isle of Armor expansion almost whooped my ass im not gonna lie