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cool, fun, smart, and humble

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@crustycrustaf we love to see it!last night i dreamed that i went to a party and saw the guy i like in a cluster of white boys moshing to mo bamba a…
i also like telling classic rock dudes that my fave band is imagine dragons❤️ on the fact that in the past year i have dated way too many guys who use the 😂 emoji unironically @100blechs i’m always hoping they’ll give me super cash @Shaydozer this you?
guys always say their love language is physical touch, shut up you’re just horny @strawbbyc0ugh we will see carrie underwood in court!!!!!!!! @kotlesbian i agree @brosack360 you get it!!!!!!! @lrraahh like ok we get it carrie you’re cool, quirky, unique, and different bc you drink whiskey
@babyschockett they’re nOt liKe oThEr girLS @stressamestr33t no 😔🤙same energy as “she wears short skirts, i wear t-shirts” @idkimemotional simply could not be me @vivafalastin thank u!!! you’re on the right side of history @tw33tinggggg @itsmattfred pure pop is like ariana grande n shit @tw33tinggggg @itsmattfred indie pop and pop are not the same thing !!!!! @tw33tinggggg take impala where? @chunkyfila @tw33tinggggg omg that’s such a good pic of u 😍 @tw33tinggggg NO
2020 @Sabeezy2011 you got that right!!!!you know what carrie? i CAN’T shoot whiskey and i DO prefer a fruity little drink. sue me!!!!!!!!!i appreciate when a guy says he’s looking for a girl who can “take a joke” because at least he’s being transparent…
lube is just store bought WAP @girlfr0g ok but i will not throw you out @AndrewsNotFunny no❤️ @beckylaflor like you gotta abort mission immediatelyif his favorite show is archer i’m sorry but you have to throw out the whole man and start over from scratch @meeracleshappen omfg yep this is the onelike imagine saying that to a guy who has a young thug tattoo @Skoog i mean i would fuck the moon if given the chance so i think it’s warranted @Skoog mmm babygirl you should start by putting on your moon shoes and a helmetsometimes i tell guys that my favorite rapper is hoodie allen just to see what their reaction is @sarahndipity18 is he........ joking??? i literally cannot tell
the american girl puberty book made me think my tits would be way bigger than this wtf @chunkyfila case in point: @chunkyfila and then white girls be like “yeah i can cook” meanwhile they just put trader joe’s everything but the…*sexually active woman that hooks up with menwhen megan thee stallion said “you know i ain’t cum boy if you had to ask me” every single sexually active woman in…
@rishipuff i clicked on this while i was on a work call and i was very much NOT on mute @beastsquirrel idk i think i shouldjust bit into an apple so juicy that it exploded in my mouth....................... should i text him?PICKLE ME!! choose ME!!!! love ME!!eating pickles at 11 am because i’m quirky, unique, different, and not like other girlsokay so a lot of people have been talking about me and i feel the need to address some of the rumors going around.… @PallaviGunalan QUEEN!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!
@abbygov honestly? i would understand @okiecorri yes, that’s exactly what that means 🥰also it’s pretty fucked that these amendments are worded in such a confusing way. georgia really said “let’s make i… voting in georgia starts today!! before you go, be sure to check out this thread for details on the amendme… i hit 10k i’m gonna start calling my followers my “murdeez nuts” (i’m sorry in advance)thinking about how hot dua lipa is
@FailsonBeck i call them limited edition tweets 😌💁‍♀️ @helloitmeagin thank u 😌pussy talented, it knows how to spell restauruant correctly on the first tryreese witherspoon implies the existence of a reese witherfork
another thing about me........... i’m gonna delete half the things i tweet @erinrbowles thank you!!!!! omg that sounds like my personal version of heaven @sushipregnancy THANK U!!!!!!!!!!! ILY💛 @doyalikebaileys thank u!!!!!!!!!!!! :) @kelllicopter THANK YOU AHHHH ILYSM 🥺🥺💛💛 @DDenkler AHHHH thank u!!!!!!!!!!!! @getlaidan thank u!!!!!!!
@tavi_vilensky AHHH THANK U 💛 @emilyritz15 emily i love u thank you 🥰🤪🤪🤪 @okiecorri THANK U QUEEN!!! ILY!!drunk on my bday what’s up twitter @JackWilliamRtF it is!!!!!!! thank u, jack ☺️ @erinrbowles queen!!!!!!! @tobycraze thank u, toby!!!!! hope you’re doing well!he lives in my head rent free because i‘m not a land lord
DIY HACK: How To Insert Your Own IUD Like a Girl Boss @TonyCulpepper fairMike Will Made-It implies the existence of a Mike Won’t Make-Itjust sent an email without using a single exclamation point. that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, i am a savage @nateandmufasa MING!!!!!! i love him @nateandmufasa i freaking love to tweet 🤪🤪 @nateandmufasa conspiracy theory alert 🚨
one thing about me........... i’m gonna tweet @queenjoheen wait........ holy shit @jodieegrace oh so she just gets drunk and is disrespectful to french culture, tightemily in paris? sounds like the username of a white girl’s “travel insta ✨” for her semester abroadevery 60 seconds, a minute passes. why is no one talking about this?????? @rishipuff heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @itsanally like this is twitter dot com........ read the room smh“how it started” this and “how it’s going” that, how about y’all go back to facebook where the engagement pics belong??? @SarahSchultz94 thank u ❤️ needed this ✨
the okie boomer girl era of 2020 feels like it was approximately 8 million years ago @femaleredhead sometimes the ones you love are the ones that end up hurting you the most </3a fun fact about me is that i have a small dent in the roof of my mouth from accidentally jamming a tortilla chip up there at age 8 @sarahndipity18 sports bras are “blue no matter who” demsi love how at the end of grease after they graduate from high school they sing “we’ll always be together,” as if ev… are democrats and wired push up bras are republicans @okiecorri RIGHT like sir i did not ask and i do not care @thec0conuthead i want what they have 😩😩🥺
@helloitmeagin gouda of coursei personally think it’s really sexy of me to eat an entire block of cheese in one sittinganyway, i’m gonna get curtain bangs soon, stay tuned