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spicier than original flavor kipps | 18+, no minors | nsfw art by @erinkipps | no commissions, no requests | she/they | tired & old, pls be nice

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@sugarsukka omg sukka please wear the fit @unzambi hello i would like to wear this 👀
@GirouxMcIsaak lmao yeah i don’t know how i’d write and listen to asmr rp honestly @hanselthelost thank you🥰 @fernybee_ perfect @fernybee_ it can sense the horse girl energy @fernybee_ also my phone desperately wants to autocorrect your name to derby @fernybee_ ferny why are we like this. i mean aside from adhd for medoes anyone else listen to asmr while drawing then just zone out and not work bc that’s where i’m at @trash_inu exactly! and when you spend a lot of time finishing a sketch only for it to look worse.. such a bad feeling 💀 @trash_inu omg if only i even got close to finishing themmm _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): i’ve got like 20 wips still at the sketch stage @Metlithe 💀💀💀
someone release me from WIP hell. probably need a summoning circle to pull my ass out of there at this point @furujuru aw thank you so much!!🥰
just remembered that as a kid i had a crush on katey sagal in smarthouse and like. hm
@Hamlet_Machine cowards 😤
@viccreamy you probably already know most of all that💀 but really unless you’re trying to go mainstream, just do yo… @viccreamy if you’re cool with working in more adult/mature spaces in comics then that shouldn’t be much of an issu… @viccreamy i meannn if you’re really trying to court more family friendly publishers/companies, then i’d make a rea… @viccreamy oh woop yeah sorry i meant to specify: as long as it’s a separate account/name, most people don’t care i… @viccreamy even if it’s barely updated/has literally nothing but sporadic posts of your sfw art, that could make a… @viccreamy a lot of artist alleys don’t allow explicit artwork (and none of them allow it uncensored in full view),… @viccreamy can’t say how id handle substar or patreon (i’ve thought of making a combined one just for simplicity’s…
@candy_kaiju omg happy birthday!! so happy it sounds like you had a good day🥰💖 you deserve more good dayslate night sketching @Zambicandy these pics are so cute ;v;
realizing while drawing this that i’m really weak to this very specific type: super strong, drinks a lot, mean, big… @AkinasPotpourri yep that’s what i’m trying to say, i do personally mind otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue. but eve… @16_Bit_Synth thank you!!💖 @RambaRal agreed 😌 @AkinasPotpourri it would cut out a significant portion of the photo i posted if i cropped it that way. so like, co… @AkinasPotpourri oops *unless you crop your image to the exact ratio @AkinasPotpourri haha yes, it’s a well-known issue with twitter that unless your image to the exact ratio of a thum… @AkinasPotpourri lol yes i did @eglads same @SpicyVectors ty!!💖working on a sfw version of this so i can sell prints at cons in the future, but the real version will be nsfw tidd… alien wife🖤 @Voldemooch it’s ryoko from tenchi muyo, not ryuko! tho i do love ryuko too 😌 @BrattyGatita @roobots tho obv you may want to wait to do that until you’re closer to your move in date, but lmk if… @BrattyGatita @roobots yeah it’s usually called “housewarming registry” or something like that if you want to googl… @BrattyGatita ALSO PLS SET UP A HOUSEWARMING WISHLIST SOMEWHERE if you haven’t already! people (me) will want to he… @BrattyGatita YESSSS OMG!!!! if you need anything/advice/etc please let me know! i’m so excited for you!!!!!😭🎉✨💖💖💖
@Hamlet_Machine also as usual your art is incredible, ty for the food 😔🙏 @Hamlet_Machine YES YES YES 😤💦🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 mean milf ivy is everything i’ve ever wanted
@Hamlet_Machine oh no i want it💦💦 @viccreamy @onaefruit yeahh i agree it sucks. if twitter had something like tumblr’s hashtags i’d be less cranky about it @onaefruit especially if you want people to RT it, people are way more likely to share if it’s either a very short…
@Buttberrypie oh god that sounds like a nightmare 💀i hope she’s doing better now! @idiotpeach omg peach noo this is too sweet
@Buttberrypie yeah luckily my experience seems to be less common. i’m glad your reaction is mostly over! @Zambicandy lol noo you’re fine, my wallet talked me out of it @RoundiiBun yeah it’s really weird! i have some major medical allergies as well as multiple chronic medical conditi… @GirouxMcIsaak yeah you better collate those tiddies now while you have the energy. also yes please @RoundiiBun yeahh it was a 4 day sustained fever/bed rest situation so it better be lmaoluckily it was just a reaction to my second vaccine dose, so now i’m good! my right arm remains busted so i still can’t draw tho ➰〰️➰ @GirouxMcIsaak it was 😌i lived bitch @Zambicandy omg noooo, i want this but sumikko merch is so expensive here 💀gonna go look for it anyway
scrolling thru the tl with a 102+ fever, praying the tiddies will heal me
@Frankensteinsm2 ughhh right? there’s a lot to think about w/ app development but seems like you’d think about that… @Frankensteinsm2 i made an account under the same username but i actually don’t think i’ll be using it bc of their…
@Frankensteinsm2 ohhhh time to sign up
@kawaiiyeena ahh thank you so much 💖😭 and i’ll try!
These are resources going directly to the family. Thank you @BlackVisionsMN for the information.
Retweeted by spicykipps 🔞 @kmellon thank you kevin!!🖤🖤also if anyone is interested in supporting my art while my body stays broken all the time, i’ll be opening patreon… @frostmarrris thank you 😭💕 i’ll try!haven’t been able to draw or work for a full week because of my arm/nerve issues 💀 i want to open my shop to have s… @Zambicandy but yeah generally nothing is going to top homemade cake, but a lot of that has more to do with using n… @Zambicandy if you like buttermilk you can add it in place of water for box mixes to make them extra rich. you can…
@NeriCurls this photo is so cute tho??
@HSugarCookie i bet it’s going to look so good! also the mask ahhh💖💖
@Zambicandy ughh i would love that, like a way to mute a specific reply thread instead of the OP. for now i fully m… @Zambicandy ahh ty!! 🥰💖💖 @Hamlet_Machine yeah my birthday was in february, i just forgot entirely about this gift for myself so it’s pretty… forgot about the birthday art i started for myself. this is why you shouldn’t keep a rotation of 20 wips…
@Pudge_Ruffian oh ew. so many people see patreon as artists scamming people (which it’s not obv), but hearing someo…
@NeriCurls to be fair, there’s always room for more bimbos @Zambicandy omg how do people even have the energy
@lizzyray89 ooh i will!! i only played like 45 minutes of it and felt the cold hand of death tbh @lizzyray89 SAME they’re so good, i even love the new ones 😭 /sits alone watching prometheusalso suddenly realizing frederic’s haircut is essentially ryder’s from this movie. i think it had a more profound e… 90s genetically engineered me to be into monsters & size difference. alien movies, especially resurrection, i’m…
testing stickers! including an alt color instax version of the 5k thank you art
@Zambicandy yayy glad you could get some ٩( ᐛ )و @Zambicandy assuming this is about the amiibo cards & realizing you didn’t mention what was cancelled lmao ooops @Zambicandy my partner was able to find them in person at target! might be worth checking. @Hamlet_Machine happy birthdayyy💖💖🥰this doesn’t bode well for me getting work done tho lmaoahhh my partner was able to snag some sanrio amiibo cards for me 😭 so excited!!
@Hamlet_Machine i bet!! that’s so cute 😭 & thank you 🥰🖤🖤🖤🖤suddenly really miss drawing more explicit art. i gotta finish this round of stickers/open my shop, but then 😤 time to get nasty @Hamlet_Machine omg i would love to meet an og fan like that. the energy and love they put into their fan works and… Nessie pinup sketch 🏰💦💦💦 #nessie #nsfw #sketch #monstergirl
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@viccreamy biccy you’ve already done it, they’re so good just keep going!!ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ @viccreamy THESE LOOK SO GOOD THOor a demon.. ( ˙-˙ ) if i wasn’t so indecisive drawing would probably be a lot faster @MooseyMcFly damn that’s a thick boyalso ty everyone for being patient with me & my endless supply of WIPs between finished pieces💀