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$PICY @spicypom straight from heck

#BLM ❗️my regular name is angela 🌱 DJ/artist ♡ holistic health ♡ SSB4/U ♡ 🎲 @nochanceradio 🌐: // IG: spicysound

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@rudykalma *spiritual bonk* @kevinlazatin and that’s on regularly occurring ego deaths 💯everyday I get closer to realizing that I don't know shit about shit lol
Retweeted by $PICY @ahhhmeee @tylercoolidge64 y...yesZ yeah @tylercoolidge64 ghost em @slermgerd @_lvdia_ so pretty 🥺Heartthrobs
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Retweeted by $PICY @dj_bitesize the way ur shirt matches your control vinyls 🤩this is my favorite transition to do rn simp simp simp
Retweeted by $PICYhaven’t streamed all week because I’ve been prepping for TWITCH OR TREAT, a @Twitch raid fest put on by @PartyArdi have so little tolerance for disrespect hahahaHey @Lactaid, do you want to sponsor us or do we have to do another Lactaid reveal shoot 🥺👉🏼👈🏼🍼🐮 @toryashleyy pc:…
Retweeted by $PICYAriana put her whole coochie in dis album
Retweeted by $PICYi’ve never done dmt but based on the description of the euphoria you experience i’m 98% sure i’ve encountered the s…
Retweeted by $PICY @kyrafrancess smart @ahhhmeee thank u !humble who @chrismvgs 😇😇😇 @chrismvgs HAHAH I don’t b listening @razzamajazz 😩💯 @_angeloacosta girls only want one thing and it’s fireflies bass boosted @teresaahaa 😈🤫 @TheApeIsReal u much more than tht don’t let this tweet fool u baby girl <3can someone please confirm that I get hella pussy from blasting my music obnoxiously loud at the drive thru? I’m tr…*hayley william voice* i could really use a hug right now a hug right now a hug right nowHi all! @itsnellemusic is coaching me in TFT to raise monies for Robert Gillespie's cancer treatment starting at 2:…
Retweeted by $PICY @chrismvgs I get hella tbh
@rudykalma addy? Lmao @m0mlyn @morenoxmarina 🥺 I love 2 c it @beatsbybuns not a bad alternative @kyrafrancess shy girls link up!!asking for things makes me want to scream lmaooooooo 😭this is a result of this tweet why some of u waste ur breath saying paragraphs of all this bs about how u think someone is so beautiful and pe… subtweeting ask urself can you fight
Retweeted by $PICYweekly I Am So Fucking Grateful for my Friends tweeteveryday I relearn the importance of staying present. each day is an unraveling. I don’t have control over anything… @tylercoolidge64 @NintendoAmerica Yoyoyoyoyooyyooyoyyoyooo chillsend this to ur crush
@LACTAlD u are so so loved @markredito Exactly! There are some situations where it feels liberating to be vulnerable, but then the other end o… @spicypom Likewise. I feel like there are some areas of our life that dont need to be shared. The current social pl…
Retweeted by $PICY @djwavybb love u too!! 🥺❤️ also I’m sending ur sticker today hehe sorry for the delay @djwavybb I’m co-manifesting this for uI'm manifesting peace and that's it!
Retweeted by $PICY @DarrellMedellin *wipes forehead knowing I am a Bay Area dj*Just a reminder to set boundaries. Audacity is at an all time high
Retweeted by $PICYit’s not to say anything I share isn’t real/sacred to me too; bc it is. but for once I do not feel the pressure or… @therapymp3 yea :) thank u!im so open to sharing stuff about myself usually but I’m learning how protective I am of things/situations/people w…
Retweeted by $PICY @YungerAdrian u woke up in ur bag! @DarrellMedellin HAHAHAAH god damn..i feel chaotic today. so i am off to look for trouble. if i cannot find it. i will create it
Retweeted by $PICY @_futurejames yafeeeelmeee @_kierst Yea LMAOOO ♒️💜telling me to do something is like #1 way for me to guarantee that I won’t do it hahaha街で出会った動物たち
Retweeted by $PICYi wanna become so sexy that everyone laughs at my jokes
Retweeted by $PICYmen are like “oh you’re having a hard time? have you considered that it’s actually easy?” hekehskjcemckck I’m laughing so hardI’m like “I have trouble with this skill” and men be like “wow really? It’s so EASY” 🤨 HAHAHA like ok chill mr ego
feeling blessed ❤️ @ahhhmeee I woke up like this regardless @chrismvgs is anyone ok?????? @FoxenKRZ me tryna figure out who said it do u MEAN one night of 8 hours of sleep doesn’t instantly fix 2 weeks of insomnia !!! this shit riggedbeautiful sweeties enjoying the sun this morning
Retweeted by $PICY @danchedda started simping so I started playing Big Krit n now my trunk knockin
Retweeted by $PICY @razzamajazz Omg I’m glad u didn’t either LOOOL @morenoxmarina SAME, there was another part of my dream that wasn’t so pleasant that I’m still processing haha, lik… knew I was gonna have some weird ass melatonin-induced dream and last night’s was about me pulling up to McDonald… son has seizures, and I want him to be safe in the world. Please share
Retweeted by $PICYtbt to the time angela said she got a weighted blanket and i just said i sleep with 5
Retweeted by $PICYbeen awhile
Retweeted by $PICY @fleetwoodsmackd wow ❤️got your slippers your dinner your dessert and so much more
Retweeted by $PICYif I’ve sucked at responding just know it’s not personal and more like I have been sleep deprived for like 2 weeks lolI simply Cannot today, and imma give myself grace for that lol
@rudykalma when u spell “cerbereal” correctly u type ur cereal instead of cerebral
Retweeted by $PICY @ahhhmeee sorryNothing lasts forever. The sooner you accept that, the more you can appreciate the ephemerality of things (both of…
Retweeted by $PICY @LACTAlD bro HAHAHA @LACTAlD yah same we all deserve the smexiest kinds of connections regardless of communication styleI jus stay in my lane bc at the end of the day people really end up exposing themselves LMAOOOsometimes we make rules around our own lives to protect ourselves from being hurt but u rly jus gotta live free n r… @lostcat420 @ god: whenpain me old fashioned but if u with me this is what ur getting 💙 @rudykalma facts
@_kierst HAHAHAHy’all ever just— @2DHIME wtf this is beautifulMy accidental stupid log cake I made for my sisters boss
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happy birthday to our very own @itsnellemusic 🥰✨
Retweeted by $PICYfilter took out the yellow but hullo new hair who dis 💛w💛
Retweeted by $PICYPromise in the dark you'll be my nightlight
Retweeted by $PICYthings are about to change soon. i can smell it
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