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incredibly famous artist. Lola's ex girlfriend. Nature photographer. She

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Snake 37x52 tbh I'm a little short on GP this month cuz my phone broke there's no damn work cuz it's off season and some oth… to your bf on getting his own Wikipedia page
Retweeted by dyson air babegoogle docs and sheets are down. the office has descended into chaos. my boss is crying. the printer burst into fla…
Retweeted by dyson air babeevery day I am subjected to images and text
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Retweeted by dyson air babe @LauraLannes Nice oneyouve been visited by money cat retweet to see some money
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Me getting ready to reply, “per my last email”
Retweeted by dyson air babeI still have tiger ones left but i forgot to post this one on here which you can also get! It is a snake. Also 37x5…
Retweeted by dyson air babeDoes anyone want to buy this woven blanket I had made ??????? Please. 37x52inches. $120 shipping included. DM me!
Retweeted by dyson air babe @sleepcaptain How dare you
@foodbynorth I Play arena!!!! Cuz idk enough to play that oneAlso I can still play starcraft 2 suck my dick apple usersWhat's cool abt having a pc instead of a Mac is I can never find anything I download which makes me wonder if I've… my husband told me that his coworker gave him homemade bath bombs over the holidays & that he tried one & it did…
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Had a dream I stayed up til 430am at a party and in dream thought to myself "haha I can stay up til 430 am no problem"divorce is incredible. i paid $3000 to a man who already has too much money so he could write up two documents and…
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Retweeted by dyson air babeSomeone told me not to buy candy from the people on the train because it is a "scam". How the fuck is it a "scam"?…
Retweeted by dyson air babeI hope Anthony is having a lovely day!
Retweeted by dyson air babeEvery morning when I wake up I click unsubscribe on four or five emailsssuh *to the tune of every morning by sugar ray*Straight women will really buy bedframes and clean sheets and won't even have a PS4 yet. What do you do after fucki…
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Doing my taxes already like a complete pervertThis reality's house dot com sucks don't look at it!!!!Had a dream I bought the domain house dot comGUYS THEY'RE MAKING A BERNIE ANIME
Retweeted by dyson air babeLA: There was an earthquake lol. NYC: Every day is a waking nightmare. The bitter cold eats at you physically and…
Retweeted by dyson air babeGirl i dated had an outside cat who really liked me & one day when i went out for a smoke there was a bird heart pl…
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GOOD NEWS! There is a Hudson Yards Video Game and I am the Main guy in it! See full clip ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️…
Retweeted by dyson air babe @sbosma well I just found out it's only 3 eps and now I'm MAD @cloakingdevices OK well it does get good and everyone gets hot when u stare at them long enough PLUS it's only 3 eps @sbosma I'm loving it!!!! @mgnmnwtz @crab_rang00n Yes watchOK I've been off Twitter for like 2 days cuz my phone broke and let me tell u it's felt like a lifetime, and in tha…
bisexual couple, we are. interesting in a threesome, we are. mmmmm!!
Retweeted by dyson air babeAt the playground and I’m like ‘nice one evie’ Random kid: do you know my name too Me: nah I only know her name b…
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Where were YOU when you found out that Delilah owns a pet zebra? I was in a cab
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@nissansentras Is that a drawing of u??? @walnutbatard @SKADDZ @tombubul OK so be it!! @SKADDZ @tombubul @walnutbatard Im.gonna go see it but all friends already saw it so I gtg alone
being into straight men is surreal. one time a few years ago I had a guy over for dinner and he asked to help cook…
Retweeted by dyson air babei love koi ponds
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Episode 6: Dani reveals ankh tattoo, nobody likes Tina stillWe kissed at the midnight drop-off....Walking buddy is how I met my husband. Best $7.50 I ever spent Emasculation of Prince Vegeta in Six Pictures. The toxic impact of SJW Hollywood feminism on Saiyan man cannot…
Retweeted by dyson air babeOrdered an Uber and forgot my headphones at home 😒
Retweeted by dyson air babe @transbitch I just did but now I regret it
"Mothers News is the Velvet Underground of newspapers- they didn't sell a lot of copies but everyone that got one s…
Retweeted by dyson air babe @gossipbabies Honestly it looks like ur purposely hiding ur feet so what I'm saying is u did this to urself basicallynot a single oscar nomination for Carly Rae Jepsen's EMOTION... just because it "isn't a film" and "came out in 2015"...disgusting
Retweeted by dyson air babe @SKADDZ @tombubul @walnutbatard Tho I do also think the subject made us WANT the movie to be good and therefore Bob… @SKADDZ @tombubul @walnutbatard Also I would just like to add that i think that: it was the subject matter that ske… @SKADDZ @tombubul @walnutbatard U literally don't need to know how to act to be in movies cardi will do fine!!!! @khakispice Omfg u w some goat friendsYou arrive at a gate with two guards. Guard 1: Halt, traveler. You must solve our riddle to continue. Guard 2: ʰᵉʳᵉ…
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Retweeted by dyson air babe @tombubul David ortiz
Poverty is the draft.
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Tiger Tiger Tiger.
Retweeted by dyson air babeClimate change is bad, but we make money from coal. so you can understand how nothing can be done
Retweeted by dyson air babeExcuse you. This is exactly as i boarded it
Retweeted by dyson air babe @justinbieber @crab_rang00nAzealia Banks showing up to Grimes and Elon’s baby shower
Retweeted by dyson air babe @tombubul @saranrapjs what other fun stuff like caliber can I do with my computer guys????I need everyone to know my best friend won a fish at a fair when we were 7 and it died this weekend. It was 25 years old.
Retweeted by dyson air babe @althusserswife As I was pressing send I realized how that statement is completely untrue and I'd like to take it back @althusserswife Arnold is a one trick Pony
@Muna_Mire Subscribing to this thread @sambucklife Love this sagapeople who are "into film" be like. have you seen the lighthouse. have you seen parasite. have you seen mid summer.…
Retweeted by dyson air babe @plslala @mippyofficial Happy bday lala!!“women and femmes” implies the existence of “men and butches”
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Wow bette pushed a guy down the stairs!!!! Not MY mayor of Los Angeles @LauraLannes @skogsfrus This is a REALLY good parrot!!!!
@nissansentras Mine is john @RRLEW Good luck Picasso suxthere's no easy way to say this but the fact is...jellicles can and jellicles do. period!
Retweeted by dyson air babe @BabyFonzie Ohhb heard a lot abt pizza hotAnyone know of any good pizza places in nyc can't see to find any
This person is exceptional. We need him in office, fighting for the most marginalized. He’s taken a hit, supportin…
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Retweeted by dyson air babeThis is better than both Jurassic World movies. 😁😁
Retweeted by dyson air babeThe truth is I just wanna go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow and go to olive garden @foodbynorth Honestly this looks like it could cost 3 red mana!!! @buitengebieden_ @Gralgomar @dancesmusicIs this ball lightning??????????'s the Whoring 20s and I'm ready to live my life like Winnie the Pooh... crop top... pussy out... fat as all shit…
Retweeted by dyson air babeMe on the floor of the shower while my girl is peeing
Retweeted by dyson air babe @jukeboxcomix It's honestly good