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@boobcruiser see had some big boobs great ass and a lovely pussy what more could you ask for @byHeatherLong @MZHemingway @thewanreport I wonder how many of the convid death were really a drug, alcohol, heart… @LouDobbs @VDHanson Who really cares just the Dem and they are hiding him do they think that will work there fake p…
@taylorwane69 @HarleyRaine1 we still love you taylor @claudia_marie Do you like dp @RepDougCollins @MZHemingway She realized that if the violence continues then the average vigilante will come in an… @Heminator @johnddavidson Did the driver survive? and if so what are the police doing ?Lets living up the day here some picture that should be uplifting
@90s_AdultStars @Mrslisalipps One of the best god she was so sexy love her boobs and shaved pussyThe one thing I can't understand why don't the police in the US use water cannons like in Europe that would clear a… @marklevinshow First and Foremost the so called experts have no idea what they are talking about they neither under… @trampalina1 Lets light up and have some fun sexy @johnddavidson What do you think was going to happen they would be spared the virus what a load of crip these peopl… @trampalina1 Just love these color picture makes your boobs stand out Tonia @johnddavidson @PressSec Well i figure and idiot professor would say such a thing when he does his classes I'm sure… @marklevinshow I think its time to look seriously at defunding the U of W i'm sure the students wouldn't mind paying more the parents will @marklevinshow This is going to happen more often and people are going to get hurt especially innocent people's tim…
@johnddavidson @Forbes @TomLindsayTX @FDRLST Look forges is a businessman and he doesn't want to offend the Chines… @JaniceDean @LouDobbs @NYGovCuomo Screw the heat this jackass need to go to jail for a murder he has blood on his h…
@NavalInstitute On aircraft carriers we must look at the new British aircraft carrier and there enhance feature ins… @NavalInstitute carriers that can fire 100 to 200 IRBMs at an enemy or both missiles and drones. @NavalInstitute I agree what we need is functional ship ones that can upgrade later in this operational history rat… @JudicialWatch It would be better to give it away, there are so many people on Food stamps that have money then you…
@realDonaldTrump He needs to go to a mental institution not run for President what a load of crap this man is a los…'t worry America we have been through hard times with thousands demonstrating before remembering the marches aga…'s see didn't Hilary have a 16 point lead over Trump and what happens no one should consider these polls as anyt… @trampalina1 Front or back you look fantastic ToniaIs here to stay it's not going away also universities and colleges should begin thinking about how schools systems… the South Jersey area, Comcast the biggest internet provider should be required to meet these needs As would any… is a lot of talk about returning to the classroom but i think there is a need to also do remote training in t… @MZHemingway Well we know the truth you might get away with one or two lies but the truth will set you free wake up… @JudicialWatch @TomFitton The political reality is Congress is scared to ask those questions the DOJ is still a pol… @realDonaldTrump Remember Hilary mistakes and how the Media didn't report them this guy is a moron and the stupid t… @MZHemingway @Heminator @IngrahamAngle What more can you expect from these criminals I guess the AG for NJ has a lo…
@trampalina1 Now that is a lovely pussy @trampalina1 What a beautiful picture love the colors yummy tonia @Mmontsealvarado @MZHemingway So now what both of these Political officials should now be sued and the state and ci… @Heminator @MZHemingway Well, that just shows the dem is too stupid to commit fraud but that ok now there has to be… @realDonaldTrump @FBIWFO Let's do what you say you would let's get Votor Ids, with the Person fingerprint to preven… @JudicialWatch @TomFitton The president said it best to prevent fraud we must have Voter ID with a person's fingerp…
@MZHemingway Not going to happen if he doesn't debate then Trump can say here is your hero a criminal to the end an… @marklevinshow He went to congress to get passage of a bill to help those who were involved with 9-11 then does an… @marklevinshow Nacey knows that if the Republicans take back the house she, Nadler and shift will be impeached and… @marklevinshow He though the same of Trump all he did was make him and the dem in congress look like fools and now… @JudicialWatch city didn't pay this idiot the Politicians paid now the citizens of that town or city should ask on… @elonmusk @SpaceX Can't wait for you launch of this space ship it will be truly historic and the rise of a new era… @JudicialWatch @TomFitton Tom, you are right but the politicians don't want that for it would mean the end of there… @realDonaldTrump You really want to make the polls crazy when asked say yes i will vote for biden then vote trump t… @Heminator @johnddavidson Well just look in the mirror sweety you racist and an idiot but who cares no one but the… @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @edhenry Well they all want to go on the same bandwagon until its stops then what will they do? @Y18075503941 Wish you ladies go nude would love to see whats behind those dresses @Lovettefanclube @90s_AdultStars @number_kuusysi @Bigtitsbeach @karlaclijster @bigtitmafia @Big_Boobs_4_Me @marklevinshow I've said it once I've said it hundred times the Democrats today are NAZI and they are one step awa… @MZHemingway Where did they get the stats from a jacker box i don't believe it and neither do most American we see… @AbeGreenwald @MZHemingway @EliLake But now the President must show his guts and pardon this man and then ask if he…
@JudicialWatch @TomFitton You are absolutely right Congress makes the laws, the President executes them and the cou… @DailyCaller @MZHemingway Now that we know Biden is a living sack of shit can you trust him with the Presidency if… @LouDobbs @SidneyPowell1 @WalidPhares @Lingling_Wei Now that this is over I Know Sidney you will start the suet aga… @MZHemingway @ProfMJCleveland I hope he does take the out he has already ruined his reputation and made a laughing… @marklevinshow I say that is a good idea and for those in Hollywood i think the police when people break into there… @MZHemingway @SenatorTimScott I'm grateful that we have such a great Senator as Tim Scott a true man of the people… @JudicialWatch Now arrest the SOB and have him pay back the city for being a terroist if not the police should sut the city for stupidity. @kyleezempel @MZHemingway Ignore it unlawful order @TomBevanRCP @MZHemingway The best All lives matter !!!Happy Hump day Hump Day and here are some ladies to make your day brighter @realDonaldTrump Even Hospital bill should be under review to see what the price is so the patients can review and…
@johnddavidson Good luck hope you get all your statue torn down and you get removed from congress also @trampalina1 I just love the colors tonia hope you keep doing these great stuff @ColumbiaBugle @johnddavidson @TuckerCarlson Why is it that you are the only one telling the whole story of both th… @RealSexyCyborg @FrenchBoob You are beautiful @FrenchBoob @FakeBoobsAddict @SaRennaWorship @_hentaibee @BustyFantasia @real_bushon @BimboCollege @dollyliciousfox @FrenchBoob @FakeBoobsAddict @SaRennaWorship @_hentaibee @BustyFantasia @real_bushon @BimboCollege @dollyliciousfox @marklevinshow Well another person of interest who wants to make sure that his home and business is destroyed by cr… @marklevinshow Since you want to tear down things how about using your talent and your money to help people build-u… @Wendy__Whoppers I didn't know that but he was married to Lisa Lipps for a number of years and appeared in several of her movies
@JudicialWatch @TomFitton People power the real power in this country @JudicialWatch @TomFitton Will go back to the Greek form of government people will decide there own actions and the… @JudicialWatch @TomFitton I have a new path why not defund city governments, noone pays taxes for the city official… @marklevinshow Well we know that those hits caused some brain damage and i just hope he gets some help
@Wendy__Whoppers That was Lisa Lipps Husband at some time @TheLastRefuge2 @LouDobbs @MayorJenny Maybe the question is why doesn't she want Police maybe its because her frien… @Hitomi_official So what are you up to today Hitomi something like this @TheLastRefuge2 @LouDobbs @MayorJenny The police should go in and take out all of the criminals if the Mayor doesn'…
@JudicialWatch @TomFitton Oh and where did it go file 13 she can't get anything done because she doesn't know how t… @ishapiro @MZHemingway @FDRLST You are never going to satisfy everyone there are those who approved of the ruling a… @MZHemingway So this individual didn't know the law of appointment how the hell did he became a US Attorney did i m… is a lovely day for some lovely ladies lets celebrate these sex ladies @boobcruiser She had a great body boobs, butt and pussy @marklevinshow Well if you live in NYC your safe bet is to travel somewhere else over the 4 July weekend, the city… @Mrslisalipps @Rakpartha Did you start the chats yet Lisa i'm willing and able to chat at that price
@JudicialWatch another failure of the dem lets just let them think they are in charge until after November then we… @FDRLST @johnddavidson thats ok the statue will be put back up and the police in Portland will start forcing the la… @Lovettefanclube @90s_AdultStars @AdultBrazil @big40fan @titslove22 @number_kuusysi @Pornforlife001 @PhatJuggs @trampalina1 This is a fantastic picture please keep it up tonia love you in glow @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Polls are useless everybody knows that and for any news organization to use them its a shame . @marklevinshow Look he is scared that the PLO and Iran will take over his country like they almost did with Black S… @marklevinshow Tell you what enough is enough if these states don't believe in law and order then the fed should cu… @MZHemingway I think someone is telling lies and its not the teachers but the people in charge who want this the te… @Hitomi_official I guess you were out all night partying and having a good time