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CEO, Spikeball Inc. Want to support a small business (27 employees)? Please buy direct from! Be well, everyone!

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@Brad_Matthews @Spikeball Welcome to the party!
Today. I told a 28 year old that he needs intubation. He was scared. Couldn’t breathe. I told the wife of a 47 y…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisHope everyone is staying safe and as healthy as possible! Here’s an awesome way to have some fun inside for free! G…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisSunrise this morning... isolated in Anguilla avoiding the virus. Donated $500 to NYC hospitals and paid my workers…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisStart your day w this @TheMasters @TigerWoods @DJohnsonPGA
Need a little help here. The traditional breakfast on day #16 of quarantine is Lucky Charms omelette and a Chinese…!!! (Note so subtle hint: @jessegenet Yes! Related, I closed all tabs and moved 100% of files from my desktop this week. Feeling VERY accomplished1) Every city and state needs to go to total shut down now unless they can prove new infections & cases are not inc…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisYes, we’ve been canceling near-term tournaments but we’re also announcing others! US National Spikeball Roundnet Ch… @zoom_us @edbatista @StanfordGSB While you (Zoom) guys are here, would you mind removing the Facebook data sharing from your app?
@soundslikecanoe Not sure how long it will be. I feel like doing the long term rental route is the safest route. L… @soundslikecanoe Same here. I have friends staying in our Airbnb for a month or so. Once they leave, I may turn i… a blast being on the Lockdown Companion podcast! Hilarious backstory on how it came about. Big thanks to Davi a… sent a note to our Hong Kong-based supplier making sure he's OK. Here's his response: #COVID19 @modestproposal1 @nachkari What is the shortest bull market on record? Methinks we’ll break it very soon @tomwarren Those were some of my fondest memories at Microsoft. The “Please remove me from this string” reply all w… @depressahudgens 😂😂 @VivaLaStool @Spikeball @BlindMike_ Whoa! That’s an old one!Her: he's home alone, why isn't he texting me back? Him: (via IG/@cocampbell)
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris @ReformedBroker Here’s my son’s bday yesterday. We had a blast
NEW: Thursday 26 March update of coronavirus mortality trajectories tracker • US death toll curve has passed China…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisWe couldn't have my son's friends in the house for his birthday party. We did the next best thing. My wife is bri…, we need all of you to do your part. Never before in any of our lifetimes have our individual actions…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisWondering how to help? The Englewood neighborhood of Chicago NEEDS YOUR HELP. Here's an Amazon wishlist that…⁦@BarackObama⁩ joining the ⁦@StephenCurry30⁩ Dr. Fauci conversation on Instagram right now.
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisIngenuity at its finest. #SpikeAtHome business owners: Reply with a link to your website and a pic of something you sell. People who are able to s…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris @Shopify Spikeball’s 28 employees thank you, @Shopify !!! virus is teaching us that from now on, living wages, guaranteed health care for all, unemployment & labor righ…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris @polina_marinova @ProfileRead More, please!
@ShaneMac @bryce @dougpepper I have a theory. Zoom calls are bad in the first few minutes because almost all meetin… @GeorgePresdee @feeniexbrown @Jamie_pack97 @BujuBantzz Haha! I love it @GeorgePresdee @feeniexbrown @Jamie_pack97 @BujuBantzz I play. I’m not good, but I do play. Happy to beat you guys up a bit in Belgium :).@IMG Academy, baby!!!! @_MatthewBaird Disappointing @coachdanks @Jimmy_shan78 @Ryan_Maye @TekkersMedia @Spikeball @Nailsgk @deankiely40 I have a place where you guys c… @_colemoreno Please stay home. @TekkersMedia @Spikeball Why, thank you! @feeniexbrown @GeorgePresdee @Jamie_pack97 @BujuBantzz Spikeball World Championship. Labor Day Weekend. Belgium. See you all there! @DJJazzyJody @JakeKUTV @DavidDJJames @LocalTVSPXPrbs Agreed! :) Check out the @NHL’s latest postYou got this, NHL!! @_MatthewBaird Please stay home. Please.Just a heads up, @tferriss — the Flexport donate link doesn’t appear to be working to increase your roundnet skills at home and want some 1:1 time with Preston Bies? DM his Instagram (…’re paying ours 2x the norm even though she’s not coming to our house. Others— please do what you can! @michaelperry @Shopify picture paints 1,000 words. Great shot by Susan Walsh AP., stay home.
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris @chicagotribune Correction: We are doing good. It’s not over. @spencernoon @Airbnb Can’t they turn them into standard rentals?I love this goddamn babe.
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@bizcasualpod @mcuban @KinseyGrant He said Spikeball is 'the one that got away' on Shark Tank. What would he do to… is how you #Quarantine #SpikeAtHome @nickkokonas Are you seeing any individuals (government or not) in Chicago that are addressing the suppression side… Police in Mallorca, Spain making rounds around villages on lock down to do this 😭 To alleviate the anxiety of…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris @austin_rief @MorningBrew You had me at "...non-VC backed, profitable..." @Rzeezee1 @Spikeball Yes!
Greetings, from all of us at Spikeball Inc! We're doing everything possible to keep up with orders. #SpikeAtHome @notsleepy Nice! (I think) I hope they're doing it in a safe manner. Use our official serving distance (6 feet) as the guideline :)Clear. Concise. Confident. More of this, please. @maxsarosi @Spikeball Ouch! Not to worry, we replace parts for free. Email
Looks like Amazon is bumping back ship dates for non-essential items to April 21st. is sti… @GoicoecheaJosh @jacob_hurter Ouch! Sorry ‘bout that! 😂 @DonJimnz Thanks for the business!!! @HeyDshanya Agreed!!! :) @_Psycho_D You called? :) @_JS4K_ I have! 😀 @TyConaway @AKorengel Thx for tuning in! @JeffreyPNesker @untoldsean Start here: 😀SpikeTP!
@richantoniello I want to go big and spend more, but a cash cushion is also nice. Tough to figure out the appropriate mix
Quarantine won’t stop @NickSimard1 from playing @Spikeball 🙊 #Spikeball #Quarantine @spikeballchris
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisTonight! 7pm CST! @DudePerfect Tonight at 7pm CT! LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic - Spikeball . Raising money for… on @JBPritzker @GovPritzker… Let’s get our lockdown going. CA and PA just did the right thing. Let’s join the…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕Chris👉 The Do By Friday mutual aid fund:
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Donate now to Help @kovaldistillery Make Alcohol-Based Sanitizer! As of last night, it’s legal for them to make it! on @Xbox ? @CarmonaLuisMi ¡Viva España! @CisekDrew Ha! Yes!Spikeballers, we see you. Please go home. Much love, Management #SpikeAtHome @DavidSpinks @hnshah Thank you! I notice that the phone numbers that auto populate in the invite don’t work as well…
@ShaneMac @PeteCarroll The 19 phone numbers that Zoom provides for every call doesn’t help with on time arrivalsSound on! the updated content begin! cc @Shopify @tobi @LorenPadelford @harleyf #SpikeAtHome @nickkokonas @ChicagoBetter Yea, getting those balloons home could be tricky :)The @onepeloton @FortniteGame combo is real. I get to talk trash about my son’s skills while working out. #winwin
Keeping the kids active and having fun while attempting to preserve mine and my wife’s sanity. #SpikeAtHome like Amazon is starting to put shipping restrictions on non-essential items. No pressure on you,… @minethatdata Great post! Trying to recoup lost retail profit with increased push online is the topic of discussion tomorw @ShaneAParrish What are/were our generational goals?Trying to keep things in perspective. Long term views. cc @TheCharlieton
THE DP QUARANTINE CLASSIC: -Monday: 3 pt shootout 🏀 -Tuesday: roller chair hockey 🏒 -Wednesday: office golf ⛳️ -T…
Retweeted by Spikeball🌕ChrisHere’s the minute of peace you were looking for. 🎶 on we at Spikeball are trying to do to help, and one ask for you all... @ShaneMac @sheynk @mg @shishirmehrotra @jonnyliebs @coda_hq @Uber Yes, please!