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Splattercat @SplattrCatGames Yay Area, California

Giving sunlight to indie games you might have otherwise missed! I stream too! Splattercatgaming[at] for business.

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How come in crime movies whenever they raid a rival gangs hideout someone always gets shot and falls backwards into… are two kinds of people in this world. Those that put new batteries in the smoke detector, and those that jus… @CaylaMaine7 Nevada!!AAAAAAAAH DUDE IM SO STOKED. @Zapper216 Yea my wife just told me I was like nooooooooA few minor things that should be added : Permanent / semi permanent markers for important finds like exosuit upgra…'s still pretty buggy at times too. Lost my inventory twice now from falling through the world collision. In such… devs have filled out the game a bit better with content. The random settlements, things to work on, and explora… turned out to be wildly profitable. Took me all of 25 minutes to make a mil or so credits which was a… day 3 incrementally repairing all the busted modules on the cargo ship which has turned out pretty well. Game… day 3 of playing No Man's Sky for a few hours a day. I think it's definitely a game you have to find your own mo…
2020 you call your dog because you wanna make a cuddle pile but he doesn’t want to because he’s doing his own dog t…
Just a polite reminder that I will undoubtedly be making handcrafted artisinal digital entertainment tailor-made fo…’m no longer an influencer I’m now a multimedia digital vomiter. Thanks pass the word on.Ain’t a single person in this world who hasn’t gotten suckered. It’s how you learn not to. Nothing to be ashamed of.Realizing you’ve been duped and feeling embarrassed about it is normal. Admitting it and moving forward is the righ… @dwolfe826 Improved greatly. Still feels a little stiff and lifeless but not catastrophically like before. They’ve…
Going live to shoot guns and stuff :’s probably a good thing that I feel like exploring further tbh. Shows that the game has developed a hook or core… learning is much less obstructive than it was. Found a 8 million cred ship from a chart. All in all that’s… about 4 hours with the new No Mans Sky build. It hasn’t changed my mind yet but it has improved significantly… programs are in the place of honor : pinned to your toolbar? For me it’s chrome, steam, Vegas, and obs.
going live right now to check out this new No Man's Sky patch. Will it change my mind? Find out… ever notice how there's a scheduled pace to internet celebrity hot-takes? The second they take that dip in the… documentaries are gonna be crazy. "The senator's problems continued to compound. A user on twitter (at)shi… believe that Spelunky was created purely to maximize human anguish.
Going live everybody swing on through if you've got time : @undermine_game today! pricey tho. Ow.THIS THIS THIS MOAR MECHA
Hi, @SplattrCatGames. Thank you very much for playing our game. We are really glad that you liked! We're collecti…
Retweeted by Splattercat @seriouslyclara I think you have to play one game outside your main game every 30 days in order to get your union c… @SissyJer It's the forehead lol. Every dude in my family has grandad's forehead and smile lol. @BurdenOfCommand He passed away in 2009, the military sent out a honor guard for the funeral and was buried at the… @BurdenOfCommand It was the 50's and the rules for recruitment were different back then I guess lol. Still he was i… @BurdenOfCommand Turns out, they were recruitment papers. A couple weeks later MP's showed up at his apartment and… @BurdenOfCommand He actually didn't know he was in the military til he was. He was a hawaiian native, and one day a… I ever get in Hunt Showdown with a cameo it should say Corncob Collins : Wanted for Shakin' Ass. looking dapper up in the militarum miss that dude every day! for letting me know about that channel that was impersonating mine on twitch. Staff took care of it in like an hour lol.
I’ve never identified with a comic more I didn’t know I wanted this so bad @OmbieChoz Nah far right haha
@ThatHabitualOaf Nope hahaI love old pictures like this one. They capture real moments forever. No matter how old you get they’re still there. @JacobT_WBB Yuuuuuup no lieMy old man and his friends in 1979. Stylish. @Kristathan86 Shoot I remember getting 4-5 burritos and a drink at Taco Bell for a fiver. Things change I suppose. @stripe0022 Yuuuup same thing here. Just go hit up the local taqueria instead. @stripe0022 Even Taco Bell which used to be THE cheap food place is hella pricey now. Good for local restaurants I guess.Hitting a fast food place used to be like 3 bucks. Now it’s like 20ish. Might as well just go to a restaurant at that point.The foundation they have placed is quite good but ARPG's thrive on the aforementioned issues. The ones that get it… suppose the real question from here is : How do they carry the massive attention the game is receiving. The game… impressions were positive. It surprised me greatly.
Going live with the first impressions of @WolcenGame at 💕@SplattrCatGames Check out their For the Love of the Games collection, featuring some of their favorite titles…
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Going live with Children of Morta : @TaterSloth I had multiple games last night with killers pulling this shit.Heavy hitters like @YKYMisterFalcon + @ManyATrueNerd + @SplattrCatGames are checking out Necronator: Dead Wrong.…
Retweeted by Splattercat @kerissakti Nah the con circuit is a bit too expensive for me. I hope it turns out well tho!No problem!
Runnin runnin @SeijiriRefugee Weirdly enough I’m his favorite even tho he abuses me every chance he gets. My wife doesn’t put up… @IJL711 He didOllie has discovered electric blankets and my wife is now his favorite person. day of getting rest and lots of vitamin C. Hopefully we’re good to go tomorrow. Sorry about that everyone.
@Maenethal Same thing happened to me lol. Just woke up and slept through all my alarms feeling like there’s a brick in my neckUh, did @SplattrCatGames graduate from the Undead Academy? The dude has serious Necronator chops.
Retweeted by SplattercatGot some kind of throat cold today. I’ll keep you guys posted about streaming but talking is rough atm. @I_Am_TheCondor He said it's an overglorified flash game with only one right way to play. Iunno I love DD.
@I_Am_TheCondor I asked him for specifics lol. I couldn't help myself. I need to know or it's going to bother me.Sometimes you hear something so outlandish that you think "Someone can't possibly feel that way..." but apparently they exist out there.I just read someone call Darkest Dungeon the biggest scam in indie gaming and it's got me scratching my head. Did y… sentences in school was stupid and no teacher will ever change my mind. @TenseHawks You can see them in this thread already.Don't ever get involved in the Pete Rose conversation at my parents house over dinner. That's all I'm gonna say lol. @mr_mister_space I agree. Someone popped the brakes before the cliff and was like let’s maybe lean back from the nihilist / Russian ending.Pretty bummed I completed all the content in stoneshard. It's a good sign though. Meant that after 10 hours I still… it's a tough show to recommend to anybody. Yea it's fantastic TV but the last couple seasons dip into some…'s ending was more or less what I thought it was. It's second to last episode a horribly jarring look into de…
Les go stream some @Stone_Shard @BikiniViking Blockbuster also died around the time the XFL did. Maybe it’s time to revive it too. Man the future is rad. @OfQuartz1 They can ring me when Oakland or SF gets a team. @OfQuartz1 Ew never mind it’s an LA team. Gross. @OfQuartz1 Does California have a team? @060tlo Huh life truly is cyclicalWhy is XFL trending? I thought that went outta business in like 1999. I’m outta the loop here.Also electric mowers suck. It's been maybe 3 weeks since the last mowing and it still can't get its way through the… time gardening the backyard since winter arrived. Weed buildup was a little crazy. Looks better now.
@seriouslyclara shit talking sessions are getting sorta personal lol. @Stone_Shard Runner ups include Kunai And Coffee Talk : of the week is a tough call this week. So I'll have honorable mentions in the second follow up. My winner is… a crazy stream! Thank you very much for a fantastic day everybody!
Going live now with @Stone_Shard on : spoiler alert its gud.'ll tell you this. It's accelerator music. If its on in your car you will gain at least 20mph.It's made me did they rock so hard when they use the same 5 notes for every song? Science may never know.I finished most of Motorheads albums. They're in my top 5 of all time for sure and my life has been poorer for neve… do old memes go when they die? Are they sent somewhere nice and warm or is it kinda like that scene from what…