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Splattercat @SplattrCatGames East Bay, California

Giving sunlight to indie games you might have otherwise missed! I stream too! Splattercatgaming[at] for business.

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A few observations having not played tarkov in like a year : Late wipe low level experience is still rough. Looti… low level rat game is getting better. No PMC deaths tonight. In and out real quiet and sneaky breeky like. Got s… when you become a chef do you start out smoking, or do you take up smoking as a result of cheffing because every… dude @CrunchyEggrollz got me on the hell's kitchen hard dude. This show is a problem for my productivity. @SwisherSweets That strawberry thoBehold twitter I am officially the best! @SplattrCatGames said so. Don't fuck with me.
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I need new hype music for the stream @freddurst can I rock some Bizkit jams live to hype people up? Swing thru : @SManifesto I’m in my 30s and have been listening to you since the 8th grade in the catch 22 days. You guys have so… @TheBSMachine01 @tinyBuild Dude there's so many projects from the previous owners in this house. It's just unbelievable. @devolverdigital Ngl that's a metal af jacket @Myll_Erik Bag anything yet? @aes_art Yea it’s actually stunning I’ve tried a lot of sauces and this one blew me away @Zapper216 @markiplier Is it really? How odd hahaI been toying with new pasta sauces every time I buy and being more adventurous. This guy right here is the winner…
My wife put on the signet ring from the severed rubber finger and whispered "I kinda like it". @scherer_aaron @tinyBuild Presskit is non parole officer approved.Shoutout to the postal service for delivering this with 0 reservations btw. XD @Dav84115117 @tinyBuild Legit it's some real ass looking movie money I was like THE FUCK and closed my garage hahahahaThere was a severed finger with a signet ring in one of the pockets. Apparently my people got the job done.Thanks for the rad press kit @tinyBuild looking forward to cartel tycoon. take today and friday (Today to relax a bit and friday I gotta tattoo appointment.) Don't stress, all is well, we'll stream tomorrow. @Cringer63 Hoping for a fast and easy recovery for you and your family amigo.You ever just be having a good day & randomly get yourself all worked up about how much you're gonna miss your dog… @SplattrCatGames Plays DYSMANTLE
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Gonna do some tarky for a bit you guys wanna swing through. Fresh account smell : #EscapeFromTarkovGimme that bluesy shit human life in a nutshell lol @YungMuShu_ Gotta cover all bases it's rough in these streets I get it @ForgeLow @shino_x13 @AllanEnraged Hasn't got here yet, I assume it'll be pretty different. Jerky is smoked and pre… @YungMuShu_ I never go out after dark without my garlic panties & silver nipple rings. @YungMuShu_ Yea dude they used to bury people alive all the time so they put little bells on people in case they ca… Baron Cohens ability to fuck with people without breaking is unparalleled. Rewatching Borat to prep myself an… @TaterSloth You absolute monster @lightdan000 Dude it's the most fun gun to mag dump. I got one off a scav with like 3 mags and killed like 15 scavs… a practice round. Yea it's probably happening. That ppsh rips dude oh my goodness. @TaterSloth Bro did you just tweet me mid hunt gameI kinda wanna play tarkov again. After dumping like 1200 hours into it I took like a year off fully expecting not t…'re people recording music on nowadays? Still pro tools?
@AllanEnraged Jerky!!! started school today to work on getting her accounting degree. Takes guts to leave a stable job for greener fi… ordered some biltong from south africa. I heard good things and I want it.10 Miles to Safety turned into something good since I last checked it out. Original build you could see the promise… @damnboyhethick It's also a question of do you believe in your content and its overall place in the ecosystem, as i… is a rough emotion and I think a big part of growing as a content creator is learning to set that aside an… think it's kinda natural as a content creator to compare your progress / growth / stats to others but I would rea…*My mom trying to explain why getting a RATT neck tattoo is a bad idea that won't age well* Me : can take that to the bank because I've definitely worked myself into a sizeable nervous breakdown in the past.…, you're gonna lose subs and whatnot. You may lose viewers. Doesn't matter if you spiral out into a nervous brea… Chapelle had it right during his interview with letterman. Any job where your meal ticket rides on other peopl… the Breathedge devs are funny af in their content releases hahaha @s0x lol fkn autocorrect @_Lizstar_ @Enichan Right there with you rough callThanks for hanging out today everybody it was a lot of fun. This week we’ve got some long dark, some stones hard, a…
Playing some @hammerting in prep for their release!A dwarf never leaves anyone behind : Schemes has been putting out mad recruitment feelers lately. I'm curious what they're working on lol. More shadowrun maybe?I for one welcome our new orcish overlords and their ability to rock @OrXgame The more I learn about the orcs the less I want to resist them @dikitty225 Factorio is a dangerous game. One day you’re building a factory and all of a sudden you have a crippling adderall problem.I feel a rimworld itch coming on that’s never good for my free time @mrfavus Iunno if I’m that good yet lolAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I had my first small talk in Spanish with one of my neighbors ITS WORKING
I’ve always kinda wondered what engenders a super passionate community around a game. Like what makes the dwarf for… @aggropop @juliancday @ImpactGameworks U rite u rite @jurahkan Bushes..... tactics grew on me. I was not a fan of the visual stylings at all but after 4-5 hours of play I think it… @aggropop I consider hades a roguelite tbh. Rogue likes to me have a very rigid set of criteria. Turn based, grid b… was nice to wake up to. Qud is a fantastic game and very much the example of what every classical roguelike sh… @juliancday @ImpactGameworks That’s good. The general impression I get from the overall gaming community is that Qu… @Enichan I know what one creative director DOESNT do anymore heyooooooo @Koutetsusteel that's funny af. Man fucked up so hard it shortened his resume hahahahaha @Egal_Matreaux No lime. If I was 24 I'd throw a jolly rancher in there tholol git rekt first beer was a corona when I was like 16. To this day I rip a corona and it takes me back. Not the best beer b…
Gonna knock out some goblin warfare in @tenderfoot_tact and grease some filthy humies : @AyooPeejayy me too hahaPowersploot @tronbevan Cultist sim is so good I had to physically cut myself off from like a 4th playthrough so I could hit oth… who is out here leaving google reviews on prisons on the west coast lol. Susanville was aight but I'd take Ma… @elyaradine @rrza @vfqd_ @Free_Lives Let me know when it drops into the build. I've been waiting for a tileset over… winsin dog loves to wrastle so sometimes I'll make up trumped up charges and a monologue to justify tackling him and in… @ameuret @Enichan Nah it just sorta happened on its own. To this day I have no idea how you get verified. I don’t m… @Aelrath @nookrium I mean his views were somewhat mainstream in 2012 or so. It’s just possible he hasn’t come up fo… saw the first movie in the purge movies because everyone said it was bad but no lie Rhys Wakefield was legit… @nookrium I get the feeling he's a super out of touch executive who has failed upwards his whole career. @BangBangClick Gonna go ahead and take "Shocking lack of self awareness" for 1000 @4realzdoh I think I'm on a discord that's working on it haha @mrfavus Say no more fam Hutchinson tweet was like so lacking in self awareness like half the games on his resume literally multi-email…
Going live come help me pick my new dogs : would be super easy to convert channels like mine into a "pay for coverage" model. We do what we do because we l… take of 2020 lol. I make like 75 bucks off a video and that video will sell like 400 copies of your game. Y… else just sit on a typed out tweet being like “do I wanna deal with the fallout from this one” lol. @brandobian Technically both are owned by nestle which introduces an interesting wild card aspect to the fight @Digi_Biscuit @DanGheesling I can see it too but he’d have to put on massive weight which would be rough. Like a Ra… @ThatGingerNate There are a shocking number of videos since covid started. @TheTimeToGrind @DanGheesling I would argue that his varrio gangster joker take was the only redeemable part of the entire shit movie lol @DanGheesling He’s in suicide squad for all of 10 minutes so it’s hard to say. I really enjoyed his take but the un…