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Twitter goblin also very huge fan of @cameronheehee @SussyAim

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@ripavaaa same!!!!! @ripavaaa @Cymzii @doIphinator i get like 4-7 hours average in the week im finemy mind is actively working against me i swear, every time i need to get up at a specific time i get a cool ass dream and go back to sleep @ripavaaa @Cymzii @doIphinator ive slept way too much this weekend @ripavaaa @Cymzii @doIphinator good sleep schedule bad because i always end up oversleeping @ripavaaa @Cymzii @doIphinator nah, waking up hella early is the play @Cymzii @doIphinator or beat yo shit @Cymzii im probably just gonna be up until like 7pm tonight which is gonna fix my sleep schedule hopefully @Cymzii my sleep schedule is so fucked ive been up since 6pm yesterday @GMChaleb @catboyskylr nah man @catboyskylr bro @Bagel1k @vansiire @mangatiddy @vxcaR6 does anyone even have it installed still @IaretaI @Sallyvno should I tell you to say stuff you cant say then??? @IaretaI @Sallyvno faggot @Bagel1k @StarzSOSA @N00N_R6 @TheoooXO @demo2pluto @Lunarbutbad cease @N00N_R6 ratio sadly @ripavaaa @xefiyy @vxcaR6 real @vxcaR6 YO that looks so cool @bubs1902 @vansiire I dont go lower than 20cm @vansiire high dpi is the play @vansiire 3-3 1600 dpi
@svnpi @ripavaaa LMFAO @svnpi @ripavaaa how man, i dont even have notifs on for a single person @lossofFaithh and you said you would rdm me, bitchnew vid fav&rt
Retweeted by Spleech @xBontic @chung_n0rris @spadeuk thousands of attempts just so you can leave it to reaction time @polarorjason @ripavaaa oh my @ababutpriv you have got to stop @BigBeazr @vxcaR6 round 2 @Bagel1k amazing game @vxcaR6 real as hellplayed like ass lmfao @bbnolauryn hope this works!!!! @lossofFaithh and half of them are from a 14 year old @IceyzzR6 @lossofFaithh 14. @lossofFaithh desperate mf @Bagel1k mystic whipping them into shape rn @butrss @Me my condolences! @vxcaR6 the 720 degree room clear wasnt enough @Koolshiesty @MyyneR6s @NarwhalFPS if you need some extremely rare circumstances to even try to justify, it just aint right @NebsyR6 wownvm i dont like this clip @Garfieldisdoc @AlpaccaR6 take this as you will @IlluminateFPS I called these guys edaters round one once cause the sage healed jett really fast and turns out they were edating @NotAllessa @scanfps on his grind @BigBeazr @ihyjuju hjgjghjhgkgkghkjg?????? @bbnolauryn huh @TLJoshy not taking any sides until everything is on the table @H9ZEQt gl, improving in static gotta be the most tedious and boring shit ever @KraftBoolin @AlpaccaR6 @addy_lanyard @moxysBad this is new from alpacca @H9ZEQt low sens crutch ez @catboyzenith real as hell @AlpaccaR6 @moxysBad bro... @lossofFaithh @Bagel1k ngl 13 year old me was proud of a top 600 time in cascade, I was ASS @lossofFaithh @Bagel1k it deleted my koopa freerunning times and im in shambles @minr6s @vxcaR6 @shiftoo_ @NotAllessa dude @moxysBad thats literally illegal wtf @SpoitR6 what the fuck @notalvin24 thanks @catboyskylr thanks dawg
also look at this lucky ass clip I got im immortal because I aim at the head instead of at legs @polarorjason @vxcaR6 this will do @Tableddd @vxcaR6 @vxcaR6 its always some random ass image I have on my pc cause why not @vxcaR6 @Tableddd @vxcaR6 among usgold players are just braindead in every way bro, this dude was convinced I was smurfing because i wide swung and killed him @cassielolololol banger @Bagel1k @vxcaR6 she just like me fr @privjess2111 mm in a nutshell @catboyzenith swag @H9ZEQt nah, they balance it out with copious amounts of esex @catboyskylr @doIphinator damn right @H9ZEQt im used to it @MyyneR6s this gotta stop @Tableddd swag @doIphinator @ripavaaa why not both @doIphinator @ripavaaa ur still gay tho @doIphinator @ripavaaa im not a big music listener @doIphinator @ripavaaa L @doIphinator @ripavaaa thats what they all say, next thing you know, they are trans @doIphinator @ripavaaa proves you are feminine @KittyLovesCups @cassielolololol we know @GillySama you can stretch the clip in the video editor @vxcaR6 @Bagel1k @qshaVAL BASED @Tableddd swag @cameronheehee love you marcie, have good sleep @cameronheehee gn! @KraftBoolin gl sitting down right @zetexkindasucks makes me want to play it just because I love advanced movement games @rileyyyX0 the nut cracker is just another name for bottom surgery @GillySama what are you using rn @GillySama It is THE aimer song, also idk what editing software you used but im pretty sure you can fix the black b… @GillySama HE USED THE SONG @zMcKillin @TabwireSupport @Tabwire @proxiibomb proxii goat
@Blood_FPS im already 3 off nowim legit 1 off please