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good evening everyone, i've decided to make the original greyscale version of Apple Quest Monsters completely free!…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱botw2 has link and zelda get stuck underground in ganons fucked up twisted world. the only one who can get them out… of sex scenes in movies they should do the thing the dilbert guy did where he makes dilberts tie limp to in… @StinkBrigade yea it's like it picks up speed powerups from gradius! levitate is nice and all but not really that u… hope that the pokemon you can get in sword and shield will be more balanced, at least. slap speed boost on vikavo… made in 5 minutes #ポケモン5分モデリング #Pokemon5minModeling @ThisBearHugs oh sorry for misinterpreting! i never went on something awful because of the paywall so i did not know anything about this. @ThisBearHugs okay i don't know if i am reading this right or not?? but getting banned from a website for being a f… @Sinkopedia it feels like the "good old days" because i think, in general, i had less responsibilities as a 13 year…'m autistic, so within those spaces it was like a constant battle to be seen as acceptable, lest i become the next… got me out of stuff like ED was just finding more positive outlets online. i was an awkward kid at secondary s… was how i spent so many hours of my time, the idea of a big online world to interact with people in was s… but for the grace of god go i, etc. etc. nicer things i did back then was having deviantart and newgrounds in… talkin about their pre-social media online life but mine was wretched! i was a horrid little encyclopedia… of staying up late: making catchphrases
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @polymerdespair impidimp counts as a bat for import purposes in certain european countries
new pokemon named “animal”
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱hey everyone, get a load of this fuckin clown, they're keeping their money like some boo-boo fool instead of giving…*thinkin' about crocodiles* oh, don't mind me, i was just thinkin' about crocodiles.oh...the posts on here are too loud... the vibration from my computer speakers is causing my teeth to rattle out of their socketsthe question stuck in my head this afternoon is "is the pink panther the fursona of a gem or the gemsona of a furry"Watch my lovebird documentary!🦜🥺 ❤️ love lovebirds ❤️ yeehaw
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dicko @FoldableHuman her name is bramble because she is prickly and eats brambles @quinndolyns quinn what are you saying. what is "drool bucket". absolutely squallid post.please get one or both of these, they, like their author, are an absolute treat
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @ellenfromnowon thank you ellen, you are lovely and amazingevery year it feels like my body gets worse and less mobile, like i am crumbling away, and i am only 26 and all. it…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @beackupburner thank you bea for having your finger so on the pulse of the most incomprehensable things online. i g… impidimp broke me out of art block
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @Truffle_Toad jus' a little chatteroom for patronsif you were reading the original version and thought "you know what this bestiary is missing? a lesbian werewolf.",… @UncleBibby apple quest will never be a game! the game is imagining what the game would be like!… talking about crash bandicoot character design in my discord server and doodled this
i'm coming @cyberpupk i mean like, bowser in smash makes monster noises instead of his usual voicecould you imagine if they did banjo like they did bowser, donkey kong and k.rool and made him make realistic bear roars @nahhhhhhhhhhhh_ @hudlion i do! @a_nice_frog its name is impidimp and it is dark/fairy and it's a perfect little shithead @LowPolyRobot sometimes you really just have to do that when you have the opportunity togood evening everyone, i've decided to make the original greyscale version of Apple Quest Monsters completely free!… while you're all here buy my book, it's good @Bad_happens_2me wrong, banjo kazooie was one of my favourite booksi have no real urge to actually play the games because i already know everything about them pretty much!when he comes to smash it will be the first time i have ever played as him despite the games being so influential to me. funny thati have never played a banjo game, but i used to read the strategy guide for it all the time! the feeling of reading… @a_nice_frog have you seen that there is a new pokemon that's a goblin. like just a proper little imp guy am very against like "yelling online at game devs until they do what i want" for hopefully very obvious reasons,… guarantee you every single pokemon is someones absolute favourite, having a main series game where you can't even… @Bird_Allergies i'm pretty sure they're literally the same models from gen 6 though! those models were already too… @killjoysvinyl yeah but there's no reason because you can literally transfer your pokemon from the 3ds games to the switch ones! @dropkickpikachu they're saying you can "only transfer pokemon that are available in the galar dex" apparently @milisdaio what else is quite large is uh, the amount of pokemon you can use in sun and moon, which is all of them, on an inferior it something that is a miscommunication or something? something that needs elaboration? will they be added later… @milisdaio why?? they keep reusing the gen 6 models so i figured "oh they made them futureproofed so they wouldn't… is this news that not every pokemon will be available at all in sword and shield? like not even being able to… 2 new smash brothers characters rule @a_nice_frog those dudes are, essentially, complete cowards who think frightening marginalized groups is just ooo u… think it looks good and funjust saw a comment saying "sjw's have taken away sexy character designs" referring to the new battle toads game. ar… to make a design with no obvious "face" or "eyes". i designed the head to have a few different pieces that c… @ihaveeczema when i first played it it was just like, 2d minecraft with a little castle you can go in, and now it's… really is such an incredible game full of so many things, 8 years or so of updates for something i paid about £3 fore3 is great, i just saw a post that said "we just saw what may or may not be gameplay footage of this title". i lov… @shhcrown if you just watch the direct when you're back online it won't really matter! like yea people will have se… @wikikomoto okay but on that same note, piranha plants announcement got such a big grin on my faceperfect game would be for parodius to make a return in a hand drawn style but drawn and filtered to look like an anime from the 80's @JohannJonesBleh i'd never even heard of this dude before this so he hasn't made a very good first impresson of an ally to me!
irony poisoned leftist men who crack jokes about trans people alongside pictures of pepe frog in order to, idk, mak… should start putting little model buildings in wrestling rings so you can pretend they're kaiju battles @yarncatss no but i'll make it now!! hedorah is my absolute fav one. biollante is very close behind. mothra, we all… you don't see every day @bad__will siegmeyer would be my top pick just 'cause he's my favourite, but i think a chosen undead that would use… hope we get more funny cartoon mascots rather than swordsmen, but I also really want chrono or someone from dark soulswhoever is the next dlc for smash brother will be something someone out there has been wanting for ages, and i thin… robot'm sick and tired of l33tstr33t boys. i need me a l33tstr33t man
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @shhcrown had some really fun cryptid monsters and the best moth man I've ever seen but sadly placed into a nothing boring worldthe rest of my dream was me talking to people and saying things like "i think i've made a mistake, i've married fou… awoke from a dream where four biker men who looked like how a straight person might draw people at a leather b… for my buddy @splendidland's upcoming game: Amazing Treasure Valley! Very excited to see Yazabi in action!
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mister chief from halo three will be joining the smashbrother gamemen go to jupiter to learn on the computertergame and watch octopus 3d diorama I started making years ago and never finished, sadly lost the files for it so thi… easter xboxdoodled a robot who wants to ask you to the prom’ve been getting the exact same order from the local ice cream joint for 26 summers today, it is my pleasure to…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱they fucked it! so now we get a whole pride yearit feels like every day of pride month so far, a brand name with a rainbow flag icon has done something homophobic… have never played a banjo game but reading the strategy guide for it over and over as a kid was my inspiration to…
@porocora maddi you're really puppying my Pepsi over here @LeftAtLondon are there really people out there who think if you make a joke about taylor swift you get dealt some… @olivebrinker rae for smash @SpikeTheBeetle thank you spike for everything, most of all doing so much to raise empathy for insects!Love you, little buddy.
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