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samanthuel🌱 @splendidland Iscandar, Magellanic Cloud

27. mutant type digimon. working on amazing treasure valley. patreon:🍃 ko-fi:🐛🌻

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@videoChess she is perfect creature in the world
@maamjay oh i know people still do it now. but people in the 60's and 70's, were the ones boldly going where no-one else had beforegoatse is basically safe for work to me now. you could set it as your desktop wallpaper at work and nobody would bat an eyelid these days.what if you got an email that had the dreaded "Troll's Face" in it. that'd would make me feel so scared @royalpizzaboy i don't eat meat so i think the rice is very important for Balance. but i don't use a lot of it @exploremin ya you should have a free spot for him tomorrow! @hp_hollowtones he's soo good and cute. he was one of my first ones too and he's a party guy and Very Strong @connorclang please, it was Three Men. Bones got in on it regularly tooroald who is a Power Boy and an Angel just very excitedly asked me if he can move out. he's asked me twice now so m… @CayennePepe they already have names but thank you anyway @globstermobster this is accurate imo. cops wouldn't take too kindly to an agumon i don't think @hologramvin in the original series everyone is wearing eyeshadow and it adds a lot imo. i know it's somethin they… @hologramvin the dialogue in star trek the motion picture feels like they are meeting each other again for the firs… i watch star trek tos i really understand fully why people back then wrote fanfic of these men having sex. @MooyslolThe you're right, she should.
@ivy_hollivana @ReloadLastSave don't wait for someday! make something Right Nowmaking "Video's Game" is fun because i can have 2 characters like this co-exist #amazingtreasurevalley man got me : (illustration for a fairy-type themed fanzine ..... 🤡🧚 @moonblastzine #pokemon
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱what if we were both cat boys and we were both cats and we were both boys and we were cat boys and we were simultan… @lunmch i think when you're trans people almost demand a lot of Vulnerability from your work and it's very frustrat… @lunmch i think the comics are about seeing what some silly gay friends who are funny and cool do @SeaSirocco i started watching that with my dad just before lockdown, really sad we didn't get far enough to see this @thescaryjokes i like when he thwacks luke on the head and steals his hot dograyman was originally designed to have no limbs to make his animations smoother. this isn't as neccecary anymore, s…
@LowPolyRobot space battleship yamato turned me into a Ship Person and i absolutely love all this stuff @bonkey_bong best way to watch star wars is to make a fan edit that compiles all the scenes palpatine is in and get… @videoChess your chess @furbyfridays where does those kids that took the fur off of a furby and called the remaining inner body and scraps… @Q_Review everyone argues all the time and i don't believe they ever actually save anyone. by comparison, the 90's… @lunmch one time in the uk they played the same episode of scooby doo 5 days in a row and i don't think anyone noti…
some robot i scribbled at some point. i never finished this one because i couldn't be bothered to figure out the wi… @globstermobster those comments read like the things people say about their cats on here @a_nice_frog i have probably deleted more tweets on here than i have ever posted @fivepaninis when they announced him my partner was excited and going mental and i was just sat there squinting at…, I'm a homeless trans girl whose job is on hold till the 15th of June (as far as we know atm) and im seriously l…
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@jetgreguar in mario mushrooms make you get bigger but in real life they barely make you bigger at all. also if you… @jetgreguar imagine getting a sheet of aluminium foil that looks exactly like this
*casts ice barrage*
@MallowyGoodness this isn't discourse this is just true @qiripan so basically i don't think they are a thing because i don't know what they are. "anti" is just a prefix an… @qiripan every time i hear the word "anti" it seems to mean something else. like it's such a non specific term i he… @Gertgeist ribbit king was a game i begged my mum to let me get and i didn't even know what kind of game it was lma… @Gertgeist i once got F-ZERO GX for £7 in like 2005. i miss that so much @globstermobster i'm glad that even a non-sentient avatar of a larger computer program demon can hate Love Drama too
@yourfriendkitet all of these games are good so they'd be more nutritional
@connorclang i loved it Back In The Day. you could hack into enemies and control them. i have no idea if it holds upi took this picture a few weeks ago with a lot of determination and then when i got back to my computer i realized… from my drafts titled "time for some gamer grub". the reason that i never posted it is that it isn't funny or… @Gertgeist ya! when would you be able to come over?i don't remember writing this description think this awful thing i made 2 years ago is still pretty good @ely_ely__ely oh ya it'd be nice! lemme know when you'd be free to trade! @High_Rhulain ah. well fingernails are quite different from teeth @octozeppelin ah! well i can give some bells anyway @systemberry nice, would you want anything for them? @PewuPewush i don't sadly! @Clanes_ ah, how many do you have? @gaydozer i can give like 99k per part if you want! would you be free to trade now? @gaydozer ya! what would you like in return? @PewuPewush anythin you're lookin for? i could give bells for them too @FlemishDog i absolutely want the big roboterrands
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @High_Rhulain i have never watched joe joe. is there someone in that who can do this
@videoChess megaman x 4 is my fav one....such good presentation and spriteworkA PLAGUE JOURNAL AT THE IDES OF MARCH, 2020 and other pandemic poetry 👾 My quarantzine is…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱"GEODUDE! GEO, GEO!" -Geodude @olivebrinker i will direct the mantenna spinoff. i will voice mantenna too @Potatopolitics i found it really bad and decided to stop watching it after a few episodes but who knows! i know a… new she-ra looks really lovely and all but it'll be hard for me to watch it knowing mantenna, the best character, is not in itmy allignment is Evil Good
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @tender_toad have you been watching those youtube videos where they give amano shrimp carrot too
@videoChess i think the teeth just grow back, so they'd represent it by having the character ineffectively try to e… @Bone_Neo *reloads**opens my mouth and shoots all my teeth at you like a machine gun* @kawaiiberpunk oh no this is local to me. i'm so glad we have a pro NHS bus during a time where we should be avoiding public transport @BlazeDeku @chaos_elemental you also shrink in cold war in order to enter the robot penguin suit. this quest idea is lore friendly @thecatamites all video games i think can be boiled down to "a picture that you make a little guy go across". i'm s… @thecatamites i think these descriptions are really beautiful. like a 4 year old trying to explain a dream or a misremembered tv showAction 52 is a goty and i'm glad to see the manual descriptions have the same charged, enigmatic quality as the gam…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @biggestjoel my biggest problem is that i watched 3 of these movies and yet if you gave me a dragon right now i do… @LowPolyRobot first gundams visual language i think is so good and strong too. idk if it was just me but there were… @Sprucelass yes @Personfaces i'd love to see some of the weird slayer monsters or vorkath @hp_hollowtones there is already so many quests about speaking to animals. cats, monkeys, penguins, camels....why n… a detailed dream last night about a runescape quest where you shrink down to enter an ant burrow and you can ta… @nameoftheyear char is a ridiculous shithead and i love him so much
@NitroRad i liked the video a lot. i now also wish there was a special joy con with a the same kind of slot so i ca… @savemodes ya and like, who is impressed by it? it's like making Finger Family Spiderman Elsa Peppa Pig Mystery Egg… @savemodes oh so they are grinding at some kind of incomprehensible mmo to gather social capital? it seems very strange to me @a_nice_frog watering a flower by haruomi hosono was beautiful but it also made me go mad and feel like i'd been turned into a bug
@octavius_fv i don't know what you're talking about @octavius_fv what listit's time for doodles at last! become a $10 patron and i'll draw you something every month! absolutely anything!… @theta_ateht ya it's really weird honestly. like i am bi and there's like, way more similarities than differences b… @TianaHRR i thought the guy with the bags was hitting a block of super mariodiscourse and infighting is the least relatable thing to me because i've identified as every letter of lgbtqia at d… #ACNH #NintendoSwitch