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samanthuel🌱 @splendidland Totnes, England

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@hateshaliek the summer I spent learning to beat the game without save states was one of the best, my favorite game… @Mossworm1 if there is ever an opportunity to just design a lot of monsters, i will always be in @Lommmmmo i do love it but i didn't make it! so probably not! @shhcrown what if you go through a portal and it's a physics based sphere world and you just sink into it like an infinite ballpit @GaucheArtist @MAMETCHl don't worry i will make it myself!! in fact whenever i make a new pokemon sprite i immediately add it to the hackassuming i am not too ill, i might do Stream again on sunday! making pokemon is too funreally amazed i;ve drawn as many pokemon as i have. i've tried multiple times in the past to draw all the gen 1 pok…
@theskywaker you'll be able to have one in a game once i finish all the sprites and release the romhack!!hey!! it's time for more pokemon!! i am streaming pokemon sprites again!! come over! will be streaming in about 2 hours from now!! @a_nice_frog no english translation exists yet but i can't wait to one day play "moon rpg remix". my fav dragon que… @MagnoliaPearl yea!! does apple quest count as a mon genre thing if it is not an actual game lol @MagnoliaPearl it's a small one but there's a little game on GBC called robopon! telefang too! @TransOnWheels that's a new one, and it also sounds really cool, might start using it myself @serglesinner oh you made a post about how you force fed a puppet real food and it made your own stomach feel full?… @serglesinner does it like, guess? like if i make a tweet saying "i live in a house" would it count me as a "home-owner"? @serglesinner i have no idea where on earth twitter gets these numbers from because it has never asked me how much i make in a yeardissapointed i've barely seen any fake magazine scans for pokemon sword and shield. mine is an obvious joke but fak…' about the smash bros leak i made 4 years ago and how "baby crash bandicoot" is now something you can play…’ve been saying for years that climate denialism would pivot hard into climate nihilism once things were too prono…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱according to "twitter analytics", a tab i have never clicked on until just now, 33% of my audience make at least 10…
learning through twitter discourse that the man who followed me in his van and pulled up to me and said "are you a… also i will be streaming again tomorrow at 7pm uk time!! as always, if we follow each other and you want to be a… i'd left my speakers on my windowsill and my windows wide open all evening, so i hope my neighbourhood enj… love to blog. *makes a post and then deletes it out of stress* so much lots of fun @imwyvy i have another one too you rhfhghfrffht*continues to be a bisexual*minecraft bees is the best possible thing to come home to @RubyTheDyke i can understand that and i agree that things should be more specific where applicable, i just person… @RubyTheDyke I might just not have heard it used that way before maybe? Like I just feel that transphobia is a more… @RubyTheDyke I've always thought of that as like, specifically stuff like language that disregards the existence of… @shaun_jen definitely wings of honneamise, it's otherwise my favourite movie but has one scene so bad it's hard to recommend @RubyTheDyke i think there are things that aren't covered by those though like transphobia against transmasc people, @Mossworm1 this movie rules honestly, when I first watched it with my friends and mickey air drops in at the end, I… movie #thetreasureplanet #rumenpetkov #mossworm
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱not the kind of pointy crotch piece i'm talking about but the turn a gundam definitely has his dick out. thank you…'s just standing there with it all on display like that what point did we start drawing robots with jutting points on their crotches. why do so many mechs have dicks. i'm not complaining butspider man should be public domain
(1/6) Hello, I'm a homeless trans girl who *really* needs some help with money while I search for a job. Right now…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱i wanna sprite more pokemon!! might stream again on friday look at herit's very funny to me thinking i am never alone in my room because bramble is here. it's obvious, because i can see… @biggestjoel being a twitter user is harder and more heroic than being a fireman or a lifeguard, easily @gaytransleo wow!!! congratulations!!!
@grapplebug have you played wario land 3? that one's my fav wario game, and also just fav game ever, it's very simi… try and make a little video this evening. i think that would be funmight have fun this evening on my computerpeach's sprite in super mario bros has always felt awkward to me, because she's exactly half the height between sma… at me for making too many posts about loving being a bisexual all you want, it only makes me more bisexualreally thankful for having friends and online spaces now where i do not feel like i have to hide or treat the Likin… might stream runescape at some point, if you want to watch me play the least interesting game to watch someone play!might stream again on friday!!
@BaryonyxMono nobody on earth is as cool as bayonettaplaying as mario in mario kart or smash is not boring!! mario is a funny little guy. he can spray you with a water… @gaytransleo the expressions in this are so good @johnny_perreira yeah!! they're not the only returning character from that comic either map for amazing treasure valley is massive, so i think it'll be important for figuring out where to go nextthinkin' of adding HINT MOUSE to amazing treasure valley. you can talk to them to get a clue on where a treasure isyou know when lecherous animals on here comment things on selfies like "omg wow please step on me and punch me in t… @ScribblezStarz we can build planes to fly and we can build poison, to poison things. but we haven't made a poison…*hears about some Gaming Event* oh what if they show a new smash brother character there @TheRealChdonga halo is the most powerful gem he is lookig for. the angel's diamond. @maddigzlz as silly as it is, Extra Clicks Required decrease the visibility of art so much. my gundam animation did… just changes the cropping of an image on a fucking whim lmao. why do we even put art on herehalo's game life
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱the 2 Gamer's Jokes i have are as follows: "wow, Hitmontop? when are they going to make a Hitmonbottom?" and "wow,…
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 @dirak_ i have been in a lot of trans spaces over the past 6 years and there are a lot of good ones that have Nuanc… @dirak_ people genuinely seem to think that being a straight trans woman affords you the same privileges as being a… @Quetzychan @shaun_jen tomb raider 1 @shaun_jen if they don't have Meat Centaurs, i don't wanna hear about it. this is my golden rule for all video games. @adamgryu it will happen! I even have some little surprises in store for it! @cilerba as soon as i finish new sprites i put them straight into pokemon yellow, so i can release a romhack as soo… @cilerba as soon as they're all done, then romhack!heyy it's the new pokemon batch!! that brings us up to 94/151! almost 2 thirds done!!
@caiabresebun wow!!! thank you soooo much she looks lovely!!!kuwaga aggie for @splendidland thanks!!🐞🌱💧
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱 going live now spriting more pokemon! come along now dearies! stream begins in an hour!! if we follow each other and you want to guest on the stream, ple… just found out i'm the catalyst for an upcoming event that dooms the earth, and now a big sexy cyborg has arri… @iotaTundra where's my brain meant to go??thinking of getting my scalp replaced with a transparent dome that shows my brain. what do you guys think?hero is such a funny character in smash brothers. i love that one of his attacks just makes him destroy himself immediately @plentyofalcoves able bodied guy who does not wash the dishes: look i just think we need to get rid of identity pol… @CaseyExplosion solidarity! chronic fatigue can go eat a wet ass, whenever i have to cancel plans to take care of myself it's so miserable @ausgoth i get moments like this where i get really good at it but one slip up and i tend to lose confidence! tiny… hate nerds, I saw them trying to play sports the other day and they were kicking around a big molecule instead of a ball. Pathetic.
Retweeted by samanthuel🌱stream will be later today in about 7 hours!! come on over! a visit from a travelling TNT crate #CrashTeamRacing #CrashTeamRacingNitroFueled #NintendoSwitch
@HellFalconer88 if you spot me online on discord feel free to hmu anytime!! @g0m what if instead of a pipe mario went into a toilet. and instead of going on adventure he just had to log into… @Gen_Ironicus did it always have a matching helmet or is that a new addition for this kit? @soy_person @soy_person the copy ability should make kirbys facial features be replaced by Default Mii Guy @soy_person if you play through the story mode you unlock the "default" mii guys you see in the art too @soy_person but then there'd be no point to them! the whole point of havin mii fighters is you can make obama fight wario