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Founder, President, and CEO of @spongbob_facts. NFL free agent. 95 Speed 80 Awareness 75 Strength 99 Kick Power. @spongefacts_RL

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Yeah, she’s gone
@EtherealBeans @benis_boris Nah it’s all good, have a good day man @EtherealBeans @benis_boris 1. It’s not the same tweet and 2. I didn’t even see that lol it’s not stolen my man @EtherealBeans @benis_boris ?Eating brains? In Florida? Yeah that thing is gonna starve lmao @henryishere12 I’m having a good 4th I hope you are too HenryAnd with 1.4% of the popular vote, Kanye West!
@Goldmama420 Wrong account, don’t care lol
@SHREKRAP Lol no he’s making too much money to care
@rudy_betrayed Some shit has not been going right for me lately but the worst thing of all is that you beat me to 2… @elonmusk
Not everyone has to feel oppressed lmao it’s ok to be a normal white girl @CaucasianJames This is actually sick James. Back in elementary school my buddy and I used to hang out with this we… @goodbeanalt Appreciate it I was wondering how mike has beenShe really held up a sign saying “Bar Lives Matter” with her whole chest lmao that is so wild
@MAAFridgeRaider Ya I don’t have all answers, I just know those kids suck14 days really isn’t that long to stay home if you get it and you’re young and healthy lol you can get it, develop… @MAAFridgeRaider Definitely harsh the people they most likely spread it to will all be fine. They just might have t… @SamDodson17 For sure but they are willingly spreading it lol it’s one thing to not know you have it but this is just dumbWith Georgia, Florida, and now Alabama the southeast is really killing it in the dumbass department @lilsamsquanch66 Honestly tho lol anyone could get a following if they really wanted one @G0rillaKyle @abbygov Can’t wait! @abbygov 1353 - 1346 = 800 years? Weird lol I got 7 @SHREKRAP I just found out he’s 4’6” too lmao poor guy doesn’t have a chance @SHREKRAP Lord Farquad doesn’t get any pussy either? Damn @Akademiks Just put the phone down my guy @Akademiks So do you get any bitches or nah lol @virgilabloh @POPSMOKE10 @StevenVictor Imma keep it 2 virgils with you.. this shit is trash
@postedinthecrib Mac and a few that were ready to go before they died like biggie life after death is all I can think of @YBeater5000 You’re thinking about it way too much my man @YBeater5000 WhatEvery time I see any kind of news in 2020 I wanna blow my brains out @lilsamsquanch66 Bro this girl I know in nyc pays a little more than me, her place is like 200 sq feet less than mi… @SHREKRAP Never listen to Big Sean again tf? Detroit was fire but 48 hours?? Miss me with that lolNah Biden gotta address this at a press conference or sumin bro a real glizzy guzzler😭
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who you simping for? @dstultz03 @rudy_betrayed Tell em Dylan @rudy_betrayed Are you saying Kentucky is worse than Indiana and Ohio? Yikes lol @goodbeanaltalt Best apple product release since the original iPhone in my opinion 💯 @Hooverr I disagree man it started off strong and only got better @CrypticNo Damn Jordan’s really been slacking @Alexicum56 Thanks for clarifying that you’re not racist lol“Hey literally everyone who is not extremely racist, do you forgive this woman?” @spongbob_facts @LilNasX Lol SpongeBob you are such a dork
Easily the dumbest thing I’ve seen today lol @girlfr0g Weird I don’t remember this episode, must be one of the newer ones @sunny_4point0 There are better looking yeezys for that I promise @sunny_4point0 Maybe you’ll get some fashion sense at Sunny 5.0Yo if any of y’all think these actually look good lmk please so I can make fun of you @CEOofHotTakes Damn I might delete it now lol @sunny_4point0 Cubone must’ve bought em all @CEOofHotTakes Thanks for letting me know ceo of hot takes lol I hadn’t seen it before honestly. I’ll dm you to make sure in the future @MCL__NoVa Her feet obviously @IBelieveSoSir I’m aware lol
@vincenzogcosta Again, I am not worried about the virus at all. It is not my decision to shut anything down, you ar… @vincenzogcosta I am not in danger and I live alone so I’m at no risk of spreading it thankfully. I would like to l… @vincenzogcosta Lol
@MrBeastYT Nice try Mr. Beast lol I will not be sharing my business plans for the next 90 days @CrypticNo See me on the pitch bro I’m trying to join a coed team soon @alecblc @CrypticNo Yeah, I’m American man don’t know what to tell you lol chill out @CrypticNo It’s frustrating to watch you tweet about soccer my man cuz I just know you’d be horrible lol @lilsamsquanch66 Capping for attention 100%, and it worked lol @realDonaldTrump I agree I really like Ice T in that show @rudy_betrayed I disagree @BleacherReport Lol child cartoon character with cum all over her face was just promoted onto my timeline. I’m logging off for the ni…
@Chainbody I just hope one day I’m as passionate about something as you are about the nude barber lmao @TheBlaxkMan I’m team xbox at this point lol fuck the PS5 @d0u8le_d Sorry my man you know the rules. I saw it so you have to see it tooYou know... not that bad honestly.... I think I’ll just stick with the PS4 @spongbob_facts Shut up spongebob facts
@SusJokes2 There is only 1 max my man @SusJokes2 Not the best way to try to get unblocked lol @henryishere12 ?me irl vs animated me @kendraaaleighh BMI said I was borderline overweight when I was probably like 8% body fat back in the day lol @rudy_betrayed Here’s mine:🖕 @BeefedUpStud I feel like I might actually make it on there this time lol @SHREKRAP Make it happen Shrek @SHREKRAP Schoolboy and push 🔥🔥 @justoz94 @okaytayy_ Wrong account, don’t give a shit
@liv_cowherd A polo with basketball shorts always fascinates me 🔥🔥
@DMbuttstuff Lmao I can’t even argue with that @DMbuttstuff Yo
@CrypticNo Only reason you stay hyping nav and I honestly can’t be mad at you for that @LilNasX Hiiii 🙈 @YethBepis Get help @nawstymike Good work team nawstymike give yourselves a pat on the back 🤝 @souljaboy I’m trying Soulja Boy @TsuTamara So sickWearing a diaper to own the libs 🔥🔥
@rudy_betrayed It really is like free money @2StarYelp A guy like me is gonna pay $1000 just because I can 🤷‍♂️ @PaintClown_ @theneedledrop Wasn’t for me lol and that’s ok 👍 @theneedledrop Meh... idk like 4 out of 10 All the beats still sound like robots fucking to me @barstoolsports Y’all really had the dude who rates girls who sleep with underage boys write this one. Nice going b… @theaugoosetus @goodbeanaltalt Easily top 3 @goodbeanaltalt The beans business calc redemption arc has been fun to watch
@nawstymike Thanks for clearing that up man