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Remember this @ananavarro? I don’t remember you coming out and attacking her? No, you are an agenda driven corrupt… @ananavarro Your hate has filled your poor pathetic soul. Sad to see someone filled with immortality and hell bent…
@ava You don’t think what she said was true? Illegally putting innocent children on trains and crossing rivers in h… confirms from the Honduran government @Time’s “little crying girl” cover is Fake News! We know now it was…
Retweeted by SportsfanVintage footage of @HillaryClinton sounding just like @realDonaldTrump on Immigration. To the Democrats who suppo…
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@MichaelAvenatti @souris @MonicaLewinsky @davidaxelrod @POTUS You were saying David? Sad sad man you are.. Wicked Comes This Way... via @InvResDynamics
Retweeted by Sportsfan @Dan_Shaughnessy Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough Dan. You are a tired little man... @EconguyRosie @CNBC The FED is every long only money managers savior. I told a colleague in 2009, if the FED’s goin… @lea is still the chart that worries me. If you need an explanation, see from Jan. 11, 2018
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@GunnelsWarren @nomiprins @RollingStone Why can’t we cut government and government pork barrel spending and do both? @ProFootballTalk Why? @EconguyRosie He was telling the truth!The degree of hubris in the business media should be embarrassing to participants. The low level of analytical rigo…
Retweeted by Sportsfan @Stalingrad_Poor @federalreserve @neelkashkari They know we are in a bubble and they created it. They will just nev… @davidhogg111 @iamfonda Sorry, breaking federal law by breaking into a country is illegal. Placing innocent childre… @oceanshaman @iamfonda
Greatest Stock Bubble In History via @InvResDynamics
Retweeted by Sportsfan @charliebilello It’s good to get bailed out by the taxpayers! @kenolin1 @MonicaLewinsky @wolfblitzer @IvanTheK Depends on the place? Good afternoon Ivan... @TheYoungTurks @YouTube @jiveDurkey The answer is easy, stop breaking into a country illegally and placing your children in a perilous situ… @jiveDurkey @jiveDurkey @jiveDurkey Where is your outrage that these people are placing their own children in harms way by breaking into a… @maddow @maddow @ProudResister Where were you then? @AnthonyMKreis You should have been bitching for over 20 years. @Sifill_LDF @maddow These tender age innocent children should not be used by their parents as bargaining chips to c… @ShaunKing @EpsilonTheory @OliverMcGee @RealVinceJames @EpsilonTheory @DougKassVideo footage surfaces from 2014 showing that under Obama, family separations and holding centers were EXACTLY the…
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@lisaabramowicz1 @nomiprins They waited too long to raise. They wanted to raise with the economy, understood, but t… @TIME @MonicaLewinsky Hey idiots, Obama put that policy in place and correctly so! You cannot put innocent children… if you believe @HillaryClinton & Liberals STILL haven’t accepted the election result of @POTUS
Retweeted by Sportsfan @AlyssaMastro44 Are they going to teach the children to lie and live off the government their whole lives? If so, well done... @nowthisnews @SarahSpain That’s their job idiots! @SarahSpain Are you suggesting the US put children in jail because their family broke Federal Law by breaking into… @OliverMcGee Good!Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed publicly Monday that his office is investigating Ja…
Retweeted by SportsfanMaybe this is less about trade and more about all markets realizing that once the fiscal stimulus fades by Q4, the…
Retweeted by Sportsfan @Elise_Jordan You mean protecting the children from their parents heretical decisions to travel in the back of hot… @axios @Scaramucci You don’t remember this when Obama put this policy in place? Where were you then? You break Fede… @DanHicken @StuartASJax No, England has many good players. Gonna have to disagree... @MichaelAvenatti This policy of separating children has been in place since 2009. When you break Federal Law in the… @JebBush @DougKass @realDonaldTrump Jeb, shouldn’t you be more concerned for the children. Their parents put them i…
@kathygriffin @normmacdonald I hope I win Kathy, If so, I will sell them (what an optimist) and donate the proceeds… @normmacdonald That is freakin genius! Can’t image the horror of coming in last😳Does second place get 4 tickets?
Retweeted by Sportsfan @ianbremmer No one is putting kids in cages. Be a professional and avoid hyperbole that isn’t fact based. Illegally… @verainstitute @MonicaLewinsky Horrible what the parents are doing to their children. Breaking into a country illeg… @ianbremmer There is a difference? @brianschatz @MonicaLewinsky @NorthmanTrader I believe that is the Faustian Bargain made by both the FED and Congress! Everyone understood reality was coming. @ManInTheHoody @allanbrocka No they didn’t take her shoelaces. Your an idiot! The problem is the parents placing th… @danwootton @piersmorgan Not at all what was stated. What a sad little man you are... @DavidWmFischer Educational pieces need to be created to inform these people not to subject their children to enter… harsh words but, in my opinion, true. QE1 may have been justifiable, but everything after has been just pure m…
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Blake Bortles never received a 2 stroke penalty in the US Open! True fact! @sjaycoulter Learned a long time ago to never listen to Krugman!This is worth a Sunday click.
Retweeted by Sportsfan @GolfChannel @DougKass @RandallMellGC Relax Alice, you are way overreacting! @NorthmanTrader Ok...
@joseiswriting @Twitter What a serious dumbass you are! You should be concerned about the children and how their pa… @KeithBean21 @charliebilello Likely FED and ECB unwinding with an inverted yield curve putting the breaks on spending leading to recession. @johnlegend @MonicaLewinsky Hey dumbass, Obama put the policy in place. Remember him? The problem is the irresponsi… @noahmichelson @HuffPost Your myopic brain is full of hate speech. Sad little man you are. Sadly your intolerance… @CoryVTeacher What are you talking about. She intentionally engaged a sexual relationship with a married man. She p… @jaketapper @MonicaLewinsky Should be concerned about the harm done to the children by people who placed them in ha… @charliebilello Epic central bank driven bubble! Unlikely to ever ever be repeated once this one pops! @Elise_Jordan @mike_hogan Was she in the US illegally? Yes. Did she break federal law? Yes. Did her wrongful action…