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Sports Team @SportsTeam_ London, England

DEEP DOWN HAPPY numbered vinyl pre-order up now 👇 PO Box 76562, London, E170UL

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Got this limited alternative vinyl version available 'til Sunday. For the "unplayed, pristine condition" crew…
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@NlCOLEROWS He didBest pub in London me buying a ticket to @SportsTeam_ at the mercury lounge even tho it’s a wednesday and i’ve no idea if i’ll be able to make it down
Retweeted by Sports TeamNew York New York New York thirteenth may ill and this morning I was feeling sorry for myself so I accidentally preordered the sports team vinyl which I r…
Retweeted by Sports Team @SportsTeam_ I’m a 47 year old dad and music has been a love and medicine right from old Beatles lp’s, prog rock, h…
Retweeted by Sports TeamThat's why you do it you to our friends over at @AppleMusic for adding Here's The Thing to Antidote, much appreciated… to @SpotifyUK for adding Here's The Thing to the Indie List and New Music Friday to stick it on my ceiling so i can look at it every morning and night 😍😍😍🔥👌🏼😤😤🥺❤️🔥
Retweeted by Sports TeamMORNING DEAREST READERS. Today’s the day! Our new issue is ‘out’. On the cover - the now Officially Mighty…
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i think everyone just wanted to be your mid 00’s mtv star
Retweeted by Sports Team @JasperLeijdens Exactly @keepwaIking 🙃👀 Team 3030 BABY @SportsTeam_
Retweeted by Sports TeamRed vinyl restocked. Available until Sunday
@solongsophie 🤝Gonna go for the lot @SportsTeam_
Retweeted by Sports Teampension sorted @SportsTeam_
Retweeted by Sports Team"the unknown virus" is dark fruits @publicrice I wish 𝘐 was high on potenuse @shanglebangle Grim vision of hyper-inflationIf you were shrewd and ordered the seed-tin on tour, you'll get one of these — won't be available anywhere else, sweat and beers: @SportsTeam_ take over their local for their chaotic album launch
Retweeted by Sports TeamSports Team (@SportsTeam_) announce debut album 'Deep Down Happy,' share lead single "Here's The Thing":…
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@Justdip 🤝this will go down in @SportsTeam_ history
Retweeted by Sports Teamnice nice nice @SportsTeam_
Retweeted by Sports TeamNew @SportsTeam_ 👀 They've just announced their debut album and shared new single 'Here's The Thing' 👇
Retweeted by Sports Team[news/listen]ロンドンを拠点にする6ピース、オルタナロック、ポストパンク・バンドがリリースするデビュー・アルバムから先行シングルをリリースしました。 Sports Team – “Here’s The Thing”…
Retweeted by Sports TeamSports Team (@SportsTeam_) have announced details of their debut album 'Deep Down Happy', and shared their new trac…
Retweeted by Sports Teamit might be February, but that’s the best music video of the year @SportsTeam_ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Sports Team @JakeR_Hawkes ok fineStanding in front of a smouldering wreck this morning. Blender intact though. Thanks for having us @AnnieMac 🤝Got this limited alternative vinyl version available 'til Sunday. For the "unplayed, pristine condition" crew… bless the NHS UP! @SportsTeam_ have been described as one of the most raucous, electrifying acts in the UK. Their debut…
Retweeted by Sports Teamhad @readdork round the house for an all-access chat, out Friday Sure it'll be fine...’S…. The new issue of Dork, out Friday, featuring @SportsTeam_. Get all the details, and order a copy direct to…
Retweeted by Sports Teamスポーツ・チーム、新曲“Here's The Thing”をミュージック・ビデオと共に公開 | NME Japan #SportsTeam
Retweeted by Sports Team @readdork Happy valentine'sMonday. Sports Team. Oh my.
Retweeted by Sports TeamWhen @SportsTeam_ sing “this ship is unsinkable,” I think they’re talking about friendship
Retweeted by Sports Team @jamiemacphotos @AlGreenwood9 Love you more than we can sayHappy to report that @SportsTeam_ are absolutely the best live band on the planet, their album is easily in the top…
Retweeted by Sports TeamMy fucking heroHERE'S THE THING (Sports Team have announced their debut album)
Retweeted by Sports Team is good, thanks for the help and lovehow did this sports team thing even go remotely well even though al busted her head open i’m 😭😭
Retweeted by Sports Teami cleaned a surface at work for half an hour to be near the radio to hear the first play of sports teams new song,…
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@sharonlpez Love you so much @SportsTeam_ are the best band in the world, pass it on
Retweeted by Sports Team @SportsTeam_ are the greatest band on earth
Retweeted by Sports TeamCheck out @manacheerleader in the @SportsTeam_ music video!
Retweeted by Sports TeamThis is 3 years work, we think it’s the best album in the world. The campaign for number 1 starts here.… yes! ‘Deep Down Happy’ - het debuutalbum van @SportsTeam_ komt uit op 3 april, en er is een nieuwe single: ‘Here…
Retweeted by Sports Team“Here’s The Thing” is een heerlijk, frivool en authentiek nummer van @SportsTeam_ waarop stilstaan geen optie is! H…
Retweeted by Sports Team @SportsTeam_ here’s the thing is my fav song ever
Retweeted by Sports TeamAnnie Mac's hottest record tonight on @BBCR1 7:30pm. New single. Mystery announcements. heh heh"VERY ill conceived" — Mum
Retweeted by Sports Team @publicrice Fucking nest of pricksah goodEveryone saying that they're gonna steal shit from @SportsTeam_'s house tomorrow... fuck it imma steal a whole window frame, glass n all.
Retweeted by Sports Teamvery very difficult trying to convince myself to not spend my last british pounds on going down to ldn to nick sports team’s blender
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Just you @amytxylor Good album @local_history_x It's too late already!time to tell the neighbours WhatsApp group there might be a "few friends round" tomorrow night @jackod2103 We will be7:30 onwards @jamiemacphotos Nothing bad has ever happened from pints @_timwiddowson Probably just 5 pound Carling and tears @jamiemacphotos Just a pint drinking exhibition, nothing majorwill be having a small event in the pub tomorrow @georgie_woolfy @stonkin10 @shanglebangle 60% sure it's been
happy birthday sweet Burke, thank you for recording our album with us
@munropage Alright columboHowdy partners! We still need your help to reach our @sxsw target so we can kick start a second beatlemania across…
Retweeted by Sports Team @NlCOLEROWS @publicrice He didn't get the gong @dannyfkndeez Who's snitched @FabienTempest You should never @local_history_x Who's leaked @zer0slevi Words to live by, but wrong @graeme662 Laurieston or festival?apparently it isGod I hope this isn't the brand surprise announcent Monday. BIG shock. If you're not on the mailing list you'll never know… Team, Beabadoobee, Declan McKenna and more join @TRNSMTfest lineup!
Retweeted by Sports TeamBack at the Laurieston this summer, greatest city in the world 🤝
@_TheMagicGang Winston Tobacco PLC @_TheMagicGang Nice one! See you nerds at the kid's table @JakeR_Hawkes @publicrice 👏 B 👏 R 👏 I 👏 C 👏 E 👏Vida festival this July, might get down a day early to see Destroyer too 👌