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This playlist is a vibe ☀️ @BarackObama @MichelleObama Which track is the biggest surprise? @BarackObama This playlist is a vibe ☀️ by his roots (and a good dog), Vince Gill presents a new chapter in his songbook. Hear @VGcom's new album… @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 274 “Connect The Dots” is available now! Stream exclusively on @Spotify LISTEN HER…
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The @MidlandOfficial boys bring their brand of country to 14 new tracks. Queue it up and Let It Roll 🚚…¡Atención! Dimelo Flow will be hosting #VivaLatinoLive in Miami. Sólo una semana until he hits the stage with… queen. A legend. An icon. @MissyElliott just dropped a brand new collection of songs. Get your freak on to… Snowman is back ⛄️ Listen to @Jeezy's brand new album TM104: The Legend of the Snowman now… tracks. 16 iconic black women. Turn up @rapsody's powerful new album EVE now →'re addicted to the new collab from #Tainy @Anuel_2bleA @Ozuna_Pr 🙌 Hit repeat on Adicto now →… @phatboyinit 💡 @TimpalaMcMuffin 😏#Lover has arrived 💘 Listen to @taylorswift13's new enhanced album right now. #LoveTaylor've got front row seats for @camilomusica and @pedrocapo's Tutu video. Watch now →
Thank you, @SnoopDogg 🙏 Listen to the legend's 17th studio album now 👉 to tune into The @VinceStaples Show 📺 Hear the first song So What? right now → @TwitterMusic What about 50 songs? 🤔☀️We’ve partnered with @Spotify to create Destination Flylists -- personalized playlists inspired by where you’re tra…
Retweeted by Spotify @united Let's fly 👍Listen up people! @the1975 just dropped a new track. Watch the vertical video, only on #RockThis 🤜… over the hot girl summer playlist on @Spotify 🤸🏾‍♂️💜
Retweeted by Spotify @sonjamiaSwiftie We could leave the Christmas lights up 'til August 🎶 😉Listen up ladies! @lalioficial has some tips on how to be una mujer empoderada. Watch the full clip on #VivaLatino @fwckslim Ready for combat? 🏹💕1 day left before all the feels @taylorswift13 💘 Check the playlist and use #LoveTaylor if you can find the lyrics…
Two superstars collide 💫 Listen to Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi from @rosaliavt and @Ozuna_Pr now the Abbey Road Experience @Spotify and listen to a previously unreleased Instrumental version of ‘Something’…
Retweeted by SpotifyFrom Nigeria to the world 🇳🇬🌍 This is a symbol of @burnaboy's hope for one Africa one day. This is our #BurnaBank 💸… @5SOS gave us #Teeth chattering chills. Stream the haunting single now @outofstyle13 📝💕 @OFFICIAL_TAY_A1 She's been the archer, after all 😉🏹 @taysdamnrep Bring on Friday ⚔️🏹More love notes from @taylorswift13 💕 Check the playlist everyday for the latest #LoveTaylor 👉… @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 273 “Don’t Be Late” is available now! Stream exclusively on @Spotify LISTEN HERE 🎧…
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.@TierraWhack is a special talent and everybody knows it. Hear the story behind the making of her song Gloria on… secretly recorded tapes of Donald Sterling leaked, it changed basketball forever. Listen to @30for30's new fiv… are watching UBN 📺 Little Brother is back with their first album in over 9 years. Press play on May the Lord Wa… @redheadlovesRED @soundofhope13 🙃 @AllBoredSwift 💚💚💚💚💚 @soitfuckingoes TAKE DEEP BREATHS 💓 @SwiftlySavvy @taylornation13 Welcome to New York 🗽NEW episode of Jemele Hill is UnBothered is now available on @Spotify. My guest is @RaphaelSaadiq. We discuss his n…
Retweeted by Spotify @messuwanted @cindy_launspach Look what she made you do 🍰 @thetaylornatio1 YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN 💚💚Sharing some never-before-heard lyrics from the new album every day + some of my favorite love songs on the Lover E…
Retweeted by SpotifyWith love, from @taylorswift13 💕 From now, until the release of #Lover on Friday, Taylor will be dropping sneak pe… @taylornation13 💕💕💕💕💕
From @taylorswift13 to you. Coming soon 😉 performed Somebody's Daughter in somebody's living room 🏠 Watch now, only on #HotCountry never takes a day off, and now @ParcastNetwork doesn't either. The new podcast Today in True Crime is out now… see @liltecca blowin' up 🤯 See it for yourself with his new vertical video for Ransom, only on #RapCaviar 👉…
Nervous about your first date? @chocquibtown have all the tips you need. Watch the full video on #VivaLatino now…, those feels again 😢 @snohaalegra's new album brings all the emotions and you should listen right now… up @KianaLede's new summer bop Title. Now streaming 🙌
The @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 272 “Chummy Chummy” is available now! Stream exclusively on @Spotify LISTEN HERE 🎧…
Retweeted by SpotifySearching for something totally different? Look no further than the new @channel_tres EP #BlackMoses ✨…
Find your escape with @ILLENIUMMUSIC's new album ASCEND. Best played loud ⬆️ for 11 minutes of horse jokes? Look no further than @JimGaffigan's new comedy album Quality Time. Galloping… every show is a mission, you've gotta come equipped 🦸‍♀️ Raid the closet with @TenilleTownes in The Look. Watc…'ve heard L.A. is nice this time of year 🤷 Hit play on @findingfletcher's new EP, you ruined new york city for me… Just. Can't. Believe. This new video from @katyperry is now playing on Today's Top Hits 🎈…'s too short not to hit play on @waterparks' new track Dream Boy. Go for it 🤜 grinded for the floor seats. Now all the pretty girls know him. Press play on his new EP now… #JuniorSparks , @thelumineers' newest addition to the III family. Listen to the new EP now 👉… bells are ringing out for the new @weareshura album forevher. Get your ears around it now →… @SwaeLee the hitmaker 💪 Hear his two new tracks Sextasy and Won't Be Late with @Drake →…'s new project features (inhales deeply): - @Migos - @lilbaby4pf - @lilyachty - @CityGirls_QC -… honest... this new @jorjasmith x @burnaboy collab is irresistible 😍 @fentynotears 💀💀💀💀💀 @bitchjess_ @shortlittlekidd We admire your patience 🙏😅Took over the #HotGirlSummer playlist on @Spotify 👶🏾♥️ Listen here 👉🏿
Retweeted by Spotify @zariqgbamz"What people want from me is never music." @vincestaples opens up on the new episode of the @JemeleHill Is Unbother…'s time. @Normani's official debut solo single #Motivation is here 🙌 back at it again 🙏 Listen to @youngthug's brand new album #SoMuchFun right now all the lovers out there 💘 Hear @taylorswift13's new single #Lover now 👉 interview in hip-hop? @vincestaples is up there. Hear him talk about his new project, his early days as a rapp…
Come get your Burna Bills 💸 Pull up to our @burnaboy ATM at Lovers Rock in Brooklyn. The #BurnaBank is open for bus… birthday @joejonas! Here's to dancing in living rooms and loving with an attitude 🥂 that sweet, sweet saxophone on @alkcm's new track Far From Born Again with @MarvelousCrane 🎷…'s up! Get a thrill out of @CousinStizz's brand new album it's easier to just put this @5SOS and @charlieputh remix on repeat 🤷‍♂️ think we might love the new video for @gryffinofficial and @carlyraejepsen's OMG. Catch it now on Pop Rising 🤩… #SpotifySingles, approved by @taylorswift13 💗 Hear @weareYONAKA cover You Need To Calm Down and put a new spin…'t be scared, @Greeicy_rendon. The Mexican Witch sees nothing but good things in your future 🔮 Watch the new ep…
Calling all NCTzens! We're on the #HighwayToHeaven watching @NCTsmtown_127's new music video on This Is: NCT 127. P… one is extra spicy. @NICKIMINAJ joins the #JoeBuddenPodcast for a special new episode. Listen now →… bars from @Bas 👀 Listen to his latest Spilled Milk 1 EP now @jen_mckibben We're glad to hear it! 👌🎶 @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 271 “Case Study” Feat. @NICKIMINAJ is available now! Stream exclusively on @Spotify
Retweeted by SpotifyTomorrow. 8am EST. @NICKIMINAJ x @JoeBuddenPod. Who’s ready?
One of the hardest working rappers in Detroit. @BabySmoove_ just dropped #PurpleHeart. Listen now 💜… stopped by #VivaLatino for a performance of his smash hit China. Watch now 👉's song titles >>> Listen to @darkskinmanson's new track Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot… words from @PadmaLakshmi on this week's episode of @TheConversation podcast with @amandadecadenet 🎙 Catch the… @itsamemannequin