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Don’t miss out on the Lorem vibes going on live right now ✨ Get your music and lifestyle questions answered live by…
Retweeted by Spotify#JamesBlake gives new life to Say What You Will and #BillWithers’ Hope She’ll Be Happier for #SpotifySingles
Who's the more iconic #TodaysTopHits duo?.@breland, @TenilleArts, and @ParkerMcCollum are all taking inspiration from 90s Country and carrying it into the m… @Kehlani 👀💕 @breakerstyIes It’s tough having great taste 😅
Warning: Watching the #NCT127 clips on #STICKERtheEnhancedAlbum may result in #NCTzens needing to touch some grass… @LilNasX What is the science behind making a no-skip album? 🧑‍🔬 #askMONTERO @EarthWindFire hip-hop excellence 👑 There are no games played on #ABATERA 👉 much to get into and it’s just the beginning 🔥 Stay up-to-date on all things hip-hop culture with @akademiks on…
🔊 Sound on for the #FIFA22 🎶 Soundtrack 🎶 Featuring 122 tracks with artists representing 27 nations. Listen to th…
Retweeted by SpotifyThe birth of a #MONTERO Top 10 @lilnasx 🦋 These are the Top Global Song Debuts over the past weekend ⤵️…
Retweeted by SpotifyTalk about a debut 😭 @lilnasx's #MONTERO lands the #1 Global Album Debut this past weekend 👇 #SpotifyCharts
Retweeted by SpotifySaying goodbye is never easy... @enriqueiglesias is here with the first part of his last album Final, Vol. 1.…’s #CLB holds the top spot for a second week in a row 📈 (Sept. 10-16, 2021) #SpotifyCharts
Retweeted by SpotifyWe'll #Stay right here with @thekidlaroi and @justinbieber 🔥 "STAY" lands the #1 spot for the seventh consecutive…
Retweeted by Spotify @TeletubbiesHQ @LilNasX We need a Teletubbies 🤝 Lil Nas X collab @LilaDream2 The party don't stop ✨ @S4NLIPS @ATEEZofficial So catchy 🤌 @DeathWishCoffee @Metallica Now that's the way to start off the week 👏 @teasivanish @troyesivan Truly heavenly 😇 @TheBlinkxTheBP 💕🤑💕 @Jeymi0705 Harry is always on our mind ✨ @otb28sun @Louis_Tomlinson King Louis 👑 @kellylcornwell SING SANG SONG @RobTheKid7 @LilNasX 🦋 SAME 🦋 @areum_bts7 @BTS_twt Smooth 👏 like 👏 butter.@kendricklamar’s starting this week on a high note with over 5 billion Spotify streams on DAMN 🙌
Retweeted by Spotify @ritayka13 Taylor's version 👏What song is stuck in your head right now?
.@ChrisRyan77 is previewing one of television's biggest nights. Bring your predictions for who you think will take…
Retweeted by Spotify @rosedommu @HilaryDuff - Come Clean 🌧
Nicht schlecht @lilnasx 👏 your dreams to the @SpotifyGrnroom stage & talk about @taylorswift13’s version of Wildest Dreams live ⬇️ won't want to miss this week's releases 👀👇 There's not a more dynamic duo than these two 💕 @ladygaga and…
Retweeted by SpotifyA true renaissance man @LilNasX sausage, anyone? @LilNasX to baby Montero 🥺 @LilNasX at our harp strings @LilNasX dreams really do come true ✨ Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) is here track by track through #STICKERtheEnhancedAlbum with the members of @NCTsmtown_127 #SpotifyxNCT127 🚨 @NCTsmtown_127’s new album #Sticker is here! Head to the Enhanced Album to see exclusive content with al… @LilNasX on the birth of #Montero 🦋👶🏾 @LilNasX You’re about to be a dad 🥺
First album is nearly here... what's next for @LilNasX? to the #Inspiration4 crew who are floating in space listening to these jams right now ✨… mix of sounds and artists that represent the future of the Latinx community #Mixto presents Spotify Singles for… new space to talk all things Lorem 🌼 Join @dev_lemons, Max Motley and their guests @glaive and @ericdoa LIVE t…
Who doesn’t love a good riddle? Welcome to Gotham @hasanminhaj 🦇 #BatmanUnburied @dccomics've waited seven years, but Mac Miller's revered Faces mixtape is finally coming to Spotify on October 15 🙏 Colo… @Kehlani Thank you for this 🤍Ms. Lauryn Hill’s album made us all feel something. Get to know @LittleSimz, her influences, and how she uses intu… is giving us something sweet with If Orange Was A Place 🍊 by: @YesikaStarr 🎥📸: #CamilaFalquezWe’re celebrating #LatinxHeritageMonth by showcasing the diverse voices, stories and songs of the community. ¡Que… @g5briela We're blushing ☺️The premiere of the Most Necessary show is live now with host @bdotTM on @SpotifyGrnroom 🗣 Come weigh in and talk a…
@ochentaisiete Finally a Sunday Scaries cure 🙏 @mryuns Cover choice 👌 @_jothebeauty Brb taking a bath 🛁 @KatarinaBrandt Nothing but powerful women here 💪 @gayrockstarz We can smell this playlist @IcyWhatUCookin 20 volumes?! It counts 👏👏👏👏 @TaylorMoore42 Thank you for sharing this funky produce 🕺 @beccabaybeh Can confirm you're starting your days off right ✔️ @JonathanMalina Certified tasty beats 🎶 @clandestinelou Did not expect this thread to get emotional 🥲 @andre86andre Once Upon A Time this was the greatest playlist 🎂 @randomperson660 The perfect playlist doesn’t exi-- @callmebrida Rightly so 👑 🐝 @curtsummers_ For the much needed midnight snacking 🍿 @eudanielramos Music to our ears 🪕Drop your masterpiece 👇What's the greatest playlist you've ever made?
@eltonofficial Anything for Sir Elton 🤩#Stay so stable 🔥 @thekidlaroi and @justinbieber land the #1 spot for a sixth consecutive week (Sept. 3-9, 2021)…
Retweeted by Spotify.@Drake's #CLB enters the chart this week at #1 📈 (Sept. 3-9, 2021) #SpotifyCharts
Retweeted by SpotifyNCTzens, have you heard the messages in the Enhanced Playlist? One more thing: Tell us wh…
Retweeted by Spotify
#Ozuna is bringing back #LaFunka #HeatWaves aren’t going anywhere...#TodaysTopHits
30 years on and we're still off to never-never land...💭 Dive into @Metallica's Enhanced Black Album now…’re bringing the Most Necessary playlist to life with live conversations and guests on @SpotifyGrnroom 🎵🗣 @bdotTM📸: Albert WatsonIt's time to wrap up the week with a few of our favorite releases 🎶👇 Nashville native @m10penny is here with his l…
Retweeted by Spotify.@ChloeBailey has us asking for mercy 🥵 Her debut solo single #HaveMercy is finally here's star is on the rise 🌟 Don't miss her latest single #CrazyTings @temsbaby 💚💚💚.@AriLennox is applying #Pressure with her latest single might not have been able to pick their favorite version of #0x1LOVESONG, but their new remix with… is sending #Shivers down our spine ✨ stars aligned to bring us the @KaceyMusgraves album we’d been waiting for 💫 star-crossed is here.…’s time to fall in love with Aaliyah’s self-titled album all over again. The Red Album is now streaming on Spotif… into #TheMelodicBlue with @babykeem on his debut album 💙 gusto #JOSE 🤝 @JBalvin’s new album is out now out the red carpet, #LISA is stepping out on her own with the two-track single #LALISA and #MONEY ✨… released + on this day in 2011 and it's been a great addition to everyone's lives ever since 🧡 Relive… @txt_members, nice of you to drop in 💙 #MOA, what’s the most surprising thing you learned about… @Lannieinluv @TXT_members Thank you @txt_members for dropping in to answer #MOA’s questions 💙 #SpotifyxTXT @Lannieinluv @TXT_members Hi Lannie! #Hueningkai wants to tell #MOA it’s their accomplishments that motivate…