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@thegreatkhalid the taste popped out @sadudxb in love? Curious what the future has in store? Eureka moment! Get #OnTheLine with @jennylewis to peer into…
.@pnbrock links up with @LilSkies on I Like Girls. Hit play 👉 wish your beard could be as lush as @JoeBudden's? We got you, fam. Unlock your special powers with the… New York to Chile, the world is falling in love with @palomamamicl 🇨🇱 Watch her take on the Empire State on… makes people connect to country music? @jakeowen breaks it down on this week's #HotCountry ⭐️… are taking everyone out in Style. Listen to their latest banger ▶️'s hungry for a brand new #TokyoGhoul playlist? Tracks selected by @sotonami 🙏 @EzraJordanMusic Wow. Thank you. Here is your beer back 👉🍺
From robot to romantic 🤖💚 Watch @katyperry transform in a special new version of the 365 video with @Zedd, only on…'s been 10 years since @mastodonmusic cracked the skye with their powerhouse fourth album. What's your favorite t…
Alt-rock outfit @wallowsmusic tell the truth on their debut album Nothing Happens, out now → director @JordanPeele highlights his favorite music moments in the Film & TV Favorites playlist. Watch you… @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 232 “Datakiss” is available now! Only available on @Spotify Listen here 🎧 :…
Retweeted by SpotifyWe need to talk about @thegreatkhalid's special new video. Go watch it on the Teen Party playlist 👉…
Ditch the club this weekend and spend some time with @whydontwemusic as they take over the TGIF playlist 😎… got to talk to @sharonvanetten at the end of her tour to discuss life on the road, her career and more. Listen t… A.I. just got a vertical reboot 🤖 KCs, see all the new screenshot opportunities on @spotify
Retweeted by SpotifyWrap yourself up in the new video for I Can't Get Enough from @ItsBennyBlanco, #Tainy, @selenagomez and @JBalvin ☺️… are the numbers behind legendary rockers @MotleyCrue 🤘 Relive their story in #TheDirt movie and soundtrack n… @bissett62 @TheEllenShow Right here 😉 country straight from the source. Strait Country, a new playlist curated by the King of Country himself,… you're #OnTheLine with @JennyLewis, there's no hanging up. Peer into the Cosmos with her new album, out now 🔮…'ve never been more ready. @theestallion. Sex Talk 👅 Listen now Boy is back 🙏🏾 #BadHabits. The new album from @beatsbynav. Listen now"This album is dedicated to my mother who taught me how to pray." 30 years later, revisit @Madonna's classic Like…
What’s @JLo’s favorite body part on @AROD? 👀 Watch the full video to find out the answer to this and other 'Burning… can’t get enough of @TheEllenShow 💚 Watch and listen to exclusive Ellen Show performances, behind the scenes cli… only want to watch @RitaOra's new vertical video, now playing on the TGIF playlist @EzraJordanMusic 🍺 👐One day to go until #TheDirt arrives! We’re getting in the @MotleyCrue zone with some classic music videos 🤘 Watch… someone release a track called "Are" for next year? 😬 #WorldPoetryDay's your type? Ours is this @JohnGurneymusic #HotCountry performance ⭐️ @MakeUseOf Best #Podcasts on #Spotify in 2019
Retweeted by Spotify30 performances. 6 speakers. 3 jam-packed days. Spotify Premium members experienced it all at @thefader FORT 🏰… talked us through her Don’t Feel Like Crying playlist. PS. no tears were shed this day 😢…
Retweeted by SpotifyWallop 👊 Tensions rise in Episode 4 of Stay Free: The Story of @TheClash. Hit play → of the most creative rap projects of the year so far. This is @rundatbacc's LIL BIG MAN
Hi this is @flumemusic's new mixtape @TheEllenShow @MarkRonson ☕️ was spilled 😂.@MarkRonson had some secrets to share backstage that you can watch exclusively on @Spotify. #ThanksSponsor
Retweeted by SpotifyBetter think twice before calling @lennonstella this word 😉 Watch her new video on the Pop Rising playlist… the fly girls head to the dance floor 💃 @lizzo and @MissyElliott just dropped their new bop Tempo… Aries, it’s your season now ♈️ Don’t think we forget about you other star signs. Find out what your horoscope…
Retweeted by Spotify @JebiaTheChemist Appropriate track choice 👇 @catpacino's the first day of (Bruce)Spring(Steen) 🌷 No more dancing in the dark 🙃 #SpringEquinox HERE IN THE FIELDS #StrangerThings3 🎶 your SSS combos rolling with the #DMC5 soundtrack ⚔️ Now streaming on This Is Capcom Sound Team →… you're done crying over @NBCThisisUs, listen to Kate (a.k.a. @ChrissyMetz) take over the official playlist wit… you made this? @lilmosey's new single is here. Listen to Bust Down Cartier now. ❄️
Fresh from @JordanPeele's #UsMovie, @Winston_Duke is sharing some of his favorite tracks from @joeyBADASS,… stories by and for women this #WHM2019 Check out these podcasts 50 funny people in comedy ✔️ Top guest on #3Girls1Keith ✔️ All jokes with Michael Che on the latest episode of… @natebkochis This is totally accurate. Please stop now.Get Carried Away with this exclusive @HERMusicx performance from @TheEllenShow. Watch now, only on Spotify.… Fields created HighNote records with his father 20 years ago. Their philosophy remains the same → Engage onl…'s a quick one, #ARMY! Follow our This Is @bts_twt playlist so you don't miss out on anything 😉…
@Adweek Whatever happens. We love you @Casper 💚 shouted out @jonasbrothers on Better Now, so it's only right the guys show love back as they take over…, @RitaOra and @Anitta are saying adios to the stereotypes ✌️ Hear their new collab on the… @WindowsXTX 🙌 @nosecrinkledan 💚We're spreading @JohnGurneymusic's high-energy love 💚 Check it out on #HotCountry now
"The way I see it, portraits is my debut, for it’s the first time that I’ve been truly honest & vulnerable in my wo… eight dedicated Irish music playlists, you can be sure to celebrate #StPatricksDay whichever way you like 🇮🇪…
Who needs new friends when you've got a new banger from #LSD? 🌈 @labrinth @Sia @diplo 🌈 jump shot in the rap game? @lildurk 🤔 to @BigBoi, @charlybliss, and @dreezydreezy, Day 2 of FADER FORT was 🔥 #SpotifyPremiumFORT
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Play this at high volume 🔊 King James by @AndersonPaak is here future is female and @SoSofiaReyes is smashing all the BS of the past. Watch her go to work on #VivaLatino now… Premium members kept it chill at Day 1 of FADER FORT with @jbrekkie, @Rico_nastyy and @karifaux.…
Retweeted by Spotifywhat does the future have in store y'all? ask your life & love questions using the hashtag #onthelinewithjenny & i…
Retweeted by Spotify"I'm just trying to prevent people from getting, maybe, tattoos on their face prior to having a hit song." @2chainz think i’m dreaming thank you from the bottom of my heart .@Spotify for this billboard love in nyc 💙💙💙
Retweeted by SpotifySay bye-bye to the BS 👋 Watch a special version of @SoSofiaReyes, @RitaOra and @Anitta's new video, only on Spotify… @andrabi_suk This has some great dream potential 🌍 @paynoDCXVIII You can't go to bed without a cup of tea, maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep 🎶💤 @SayuCeres + 1 for going to a beautiful dream world 💜 @Luneurr Doesn't listening to this at night trigger the Dark Brotherhood? @HmmObviously 😬 @seokjinyeogiya Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake, no lie 💜 @emmillionaire Great. Now we're tired AND crying 😢 @oreillycf SAIL AWAY SAIL AWAY SAIL AWAY @djhsail 👀 Can we get in on this? @obiiii_ Guaranteed happy dreams 🍓What's the best song to fall asleep to? #WorldSleepDay 😴.@PostMalone just dropped the Wow. remix with @RoddyRicch and @Tyga 😲
From rapping to DJing, @SHAQ can do it all 🏆 Hear BANG, his new collab with @NGHTMRE and @LilJon now… School just got a ladies only makeover 👑 Take it back with these jams. #TBT went off 😳 WatcH a special version of His new #NumbNumbJuice video, only on #RapCaviar.… @rodrslayer Thanks, this took ages.Can you smell that? It's a freshly baked π playlist at 3.14pm #PiDay 🥧
Retweeted by SpotifyThe revolution heats up in Stay Free: The Story of @TheClash. Catch Episode 3 now, only on Spotify →… return of @ScHoolboyQ. Listen to his new single Numb Numb Juice now
All this @LeVeonBell talk and we thought it was because his album Life's a Gamble just dropped 🏈 came to win 🗣🎶 Watch the full video now, only on Spotify. can't wait to fall in love with @chelseacutler's new #SpotifySingles, including a cover of @jtimberlake's Summer…