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@madison31505 @Olivia_Rodrigo @taylorswift13 Next up on queue ➡️ @anyakauffman77 Perfect start 🍾 No pressure @linzeetracey @sgdee_ You read our minds 💜 @Wendy_Wonders1 @thelumineers And we wouldn't be complaining 😉 @Tiffany_sheri @sequoiabholmes @iamwlaw Ready for another banger @iamwlaw @nelshylton Great choice 👏 Good luck @pollymarquis @Ritzcrackers Another solid option 🤘 @R0hanF Perfect road trip material 🤘 @Thatboibode @AlecGonzalez5 And we're off to a good start 👏 @jacobdranoff Timeless classics.The virtual aux cord has been passed to you 🔌 Drop your track and hand over the power to someone you trust.
Counting down the hours until our @_FloMilli mini-doc drops tomorrow 👀🚀 #RADAR🍝🍝        🍝🍝🍝             🍝        🍝     🍝      🍝        🍝     🍝      🍝        🍝  🍝      🍝        🍝     🍝      🍝   … Playlist. Alert. Head over to @Spotify to check out the official #SnowfallFX playlist from the premiere.…
Retweeted by SpotifyNothing like a chill surprise video call from @lunaypr1 performing Soltera, right? 😳 See how these Reggaeton fans r…
Get familiar with these @ZamundaRoyals through music. Listen now to the #Coming2America enhanced character playlis…
Retweeted by SpotifyDaft Punk will forever make our hearts beat.'s looking like @JIDsv season 👀
Retweeted by Spotify @RapCaviar @JIDsv 🤌“Music & art go hand in hand. As an artist, I love finding ties between the past & the present." - Photographer Eri… @lydiaxxxo Killed it 👏 @kareeeaan An all-round superstar 🤩 @biebtanworld Flawless! 🙌 @kidrauhl_maki17 It's all we can think about tbh 🥺 @popstinpov We couldn't agree more 👌 @justinzcompany Gave us the whole dang feast 👏 @ShemoBelieber A knockout 🥊💚 @Femi96004725 He's a born performer, no doubt about it ⭐️ @defjam Same here 🤝 @AlessiaDoveri It's the next day and we still have full body chills ✨ @lukeschanges He knows how to give a jaw-dropping performance 💯
👑 @ArianaGrande debuts at the #1 spot with “test drive” ✨ These songs had the biggest opening weekend across the w…
Retweeted by Spotify“Whoopty” star @YouWatchinCj's debut EP ‘Loyalty Over Royalty’ debuted at #1 💫 Here are the Top 10 Global Album De…
Retweeted by SpotifyYou heard it from #BurnaBoy. We'll be available in more of Africa very soon 🌍 #SpotifyStreamOn year, I sat down with my good friend Bruce @Springsteen for a long and meaningful conversation that touched on…
Retweeted by SpotifyHere's 9 minutes of #JustinBieber owning the stage at #SpotifyStreamOn 🤩 first two episodes of #RenegadesPodcast with President @BarackObama and @Springsteen are out right now 🤯… launch in 80+ new markets over the next few days. See you soon Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria 👀… 🚨 #JustinBieber is about to hit the stage at #SpotifyStreamOn 👉 Unburied, the new @DCComics podcast from David S. Goyer, steps out of the shadows soon 🦇 #SpotifyStreamOn're introducing new ways for artists to use playlists to share their stories with fans ✨ Spotify Clips will deb…
Retweeted by SpotifyHiFi is on the way! Can't wait to finally hear #BillieEilish and #Finneas's hidden whispers. #SpotifyStreamOn, we are still not over #BLACKPINK's Enhanced Album 🖤💖 #SpotifyStreamOn're continuing #SpotifyStreamOn at 💃
It’s been #OneYearWithMOTS7 and we still have the enhanced album on repeat 💜 Which of the special track by track vi…
We can’t stop daydreaming about #PositionsDeluxe ☁️’s #IGOT7 forever 💚 An #Encore from @GOT7Official just for Ahgases, Confident, Fervent - That's #Intruded in three words. Don't miss #JustineSkye's heartfelt new track ❤️…
One year later. RIP POP SMOKE 🕊💫
Retweeted by Spotify @RapCaviar The smoke will never clear 💨💙It was only right for @coi_leray to grab @lildurk for the No More Parties Remix ❌🎉
Retweeted by SpotifyIn case you didn’t know, @ArianaGrande’s deluxe edition of Positions includes: - 4 new tracks - a significant confi…
What's this? 🧐 See you at #SpotifyStreamOn 🎫 2.22.21 @ 11AM EST @subvrbs_ @claudmp3 🥺💚💙Good morning, good morning, good morning 🌅 Stay up on what matters with @XavierJernigan, @ItsKatLazo, and… @BTS_twt Happy Birthday, J-Hope!
.@Claudmp3 just let their #GuardDown and allowed us into their creative world 🌎 #POLLEN
It’s safe to say @Liltjay and @6LACK’s “Calling My Phone” was in rotation all weekend 🌹☎️ These songs had the bigg…
Retweeted by SpotifyUK rapper @Slowthai showed the rest of the world his versatility on his new album TYRON 🔥 Here are the Top 10 Glob…
Retweeted by SpotifyCan't beat being #1 on your birthday ⭐️ @theweeknd“A classic song and classic photograph both tell a story and can freeze a moment in time forever.” Keep listening… some of my favorite Broadway showstoppers for @Spotify. Let me know your favorite track on the playlist! 💚🎶
Retweeted by Spotify🌍 These are the Top 50 Songs streamed around the world (Feb. 5-11, 2021) #SpotifyCharts
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We’re so glad you’re feeling the Vday vibes today but if everyone keeps playing Pony you might break the app 🙃We truly do not enjoy seeing “My Heart” under Recently Played.
16 tracks, two states, one album. We crunched the numbers and it looks like @FLAGALine's new album Life Rolls On is… FACE IS ON A BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE😭😭😭 @Spotify #HotCountry you the realest❤️❤️
Retweeted by Spotify @selenagomez @rauwalejandro We can't stop dancing 💃 @LibertyforMusic No judgement from us 🙏 @thelumineers Always ❤️ @whoisJme We think we are too @ashleydmeehan Sounds like you're surrounded by love 🥰 @NMarchiche Little known fact: AC/DC stands for Actually Cute Dancing Couple... @youneedbad Perfect 💘 @DrunkRose12 BLINKS unite 🤝 @chickennuggis ❤️ @Monckus1 Some love you just can't fight ❤️ @alejandrogvrr And they say the perfect relationship anthem doesn't exist 👏 @katknight Nothing says true romance quite like Steely Dan 🤘 @S1MPF0RME Don't worry, we've got something for that too 💚 @emmarosehorsley @ThedefenderDave Sonny & Cher. Hall & Oates. Ja Rule & Ashanti. Emma & Dave 💕Couples: The first song on your Duo Mix playlist is your new relationship anthem. How is it? 👀It's official: Love Story (Taylor’s Version) by @taylorswift13 is here ❤️ Tag that friend that knows every word 👇… 2020 our reaction to aliens showing up would also just be “okay, now this is new information” @elonmusk
Retweeted by SpotifyWhat's the hottest #LOCATION? Anywhere #KarolG, #AnuelAA and #JBalvin are 🔥
Photo is enough said…😍 @svgtwice_ Okay we decided to do it TWICE 👯‍♀️ @svgtwice_ We've got you 👇 we’re out of poems... for now 😅 If you still need a Vday gift, woo them with Premium Duo: @howeisitgoin We love a challenge 😍 @ofelia_flore_ Nothing says I love you like a bouquet 💐 @ethanfrancois_ Chocolates for two 🍫 @dontdoityahoe Flowers are old school, send music instead 💕 @ajjobin11 Congrats on your heroic Valentine 🛡️ @TheTitanThanos A love poem for you and yours 💕 @mmmargueta Have a delicious Valentine's day 😁 @pezliz Happy Valentine's Iskra 😻 @Shopify Love comes in many forms 🛍️ @coafearless That makes two of us 🙌 @vlopez143 How's this? 😅