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@althxlogy 🙋 @Vargyy_ Aaaand relax: @_francxscx Can't beat a bit of downward Snoop Dogg @samanthapmorgan Gets us every time 🤣 @JaydenTheHuman This is a damn fine selection, Jayden 👍 @levsgirlfriend If a playlist doesn't have an elaborate name is it even a playlist? @D4YDRE4MBELIEVR A great song is a great song for 12-months of the year, Sarah. Enjoy 😊 @_jaredmatsuda_ We're honoured to have made the top 2 😎 @FeralBassist Tony, the world is ready.Do you ever look at an artist's most played tracks and think "3,981 of those were me"?It's the last day to apply for #SpotifySoundUp 🎙 We are looking for the next great podcast idea from Black women an…
@SaumyaSibi @Spotify Isn't. She. Amazing! 🥰 @TheBrotographer 😂 @SLRogersGeol Steven, we hope your afternoon has been as absolutely smashing as your morning. @SpinachPuffs Your bangers game is strong 👍 @misspilbro28 Boss: "you liiiiiiiied to me..." @Billy_Davis85 Billy, this is YOUR Daily Mix 3. You've excelled yourself with your tremendous taste. @gothpudding We can confirm that this isn't fake news
Dance from sunset to sunrise with @JoeHotChip taking control of our #AllNight playlist. Enjoy 🌕… Open your Spotify. 2. Search for "on repeat". 3. Post the songs. 4. Let people judge you.
Retweeted by Spotify UK & Ireland🥵 and @loski_hs have met a sweet one in new track #Tee 😍 is the beautiful @radiohead cover from @HolHumberstone 🌴 🌞 the new track from @juicemenace is this week's #RADAR: First Listen - stream it now 🚨… isn’t looking back with new song #MyFuture. Listen now 🤩 aren't letting life pass them by in new track #WeirdLeisure ⌛️ is the shimmery new track from @iamnovoamor. Listen now ✨ and @1future are in the fast lane in new track #Rari 💨’re feeling the new track from @originalkoffee. Hit play on #Pressure 😤 is in it for the long haul in new track, #ByAnyMeans 🥊 are getting the sand in their toes in new track #Beaches 🏖, @JessGlynne, @Davido and @ArtistHBTL are ready to tell some tales in new track #LieForYou 🤥… and @CAVETOWN have been doing some overthinking in new track 'is your bedroom ceiling bored?' 💭… wants you to repeat that in new track #SayItAgain 🗣 are filling in the gaps in new album #SexDeathAndTheInfiniteVoid 🕳 have been patient in their new album #TrueLoveWaits ❤️⌚️ @disclosure and @FatouDiawara on a journey in their new track 'Douha (Mali Mali)' 🗺 your sanctuary with @samsmith and @burnaboy in their new track #MyOasis 🌊 are back with a vengeance in their second album, #AHerosDeath 🦸 💀 future's bright this #NewMusicFriday thanks to the latest from @billieeilish 🔮
Celebrate #SouthAsianHeritageMonth by revisiting @rizwanahmed's powerful track 'Where You From', taken from his lat… ☝️ tell us the decade you were born in. Step ✌️ tell us why your decade had the best music. Relive the music…
Head to our Instagram Stories tomorrow from 1pm and join @fontainesdublin as they take us on a walking tour of Dubl… the first to listen to Diljit’s new album G.O.A.T. 🎶 Gear up! The album drops on July 29th, and we’ll be celebr…
Retweeted by Spotify UK & IrelandThe moment you’ve been waiting for is here: President Barack Obama joins the First Lady in her premiere episode wit… on 100 episodes @tolly_t, @Ghanasfinestx and @Milenasanchezx #TheReceiptsPodcast 📃 🎉
Produced by @tolly_t, #QueenandSlim actress and new mum, @MissJodie joined @IreneTTYA to talk womanhood and owning… to the same audio together with all of your friends—wherever you are. Group Session is here and it’s better…
.@nbrez is taking over the @spotifyuk Instagram tomorrow, celebrating #thelockdownukulelerockdown AKA this season’s…
.@NeckDeepUK will be taking over our Instagram Stories today 👀 🤘
Conversation creates common ground. @BarackObama, @michele_norris, @CraigMalRob, @smalonemd, @ConanOBrien,…
Retweeted by Spotify UK & Ireland‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ is the mind-bending new album from @NeckDeepUK. Listen now 🤯… ‘Guten Tag’ to #Berlin, the new track from @FenneLily 👋 🇩🇪 is handing out memberships 💳 #JoinTheClub and listen now has #AllEyesOnYou. Press play on her new EP now 👀 ready for #MuktaVsMukta, the new EP from @backroadgee 🚨 & @MizOrMac just dropped new track #OnMe. Hit play now 💥’s new EP is whirlwind of emotions 🌪💕 Hit play on ‘I Love You, You're The Worst’ & @KSI just slam dunked a summer banger 🏀 Hit play on #Lighter to #DoItAgain the new EP from @PatriciaSings. Then do it again 🔁 💚 play on @kylieminogue’s new track #SaySomething and tell us how you feel 😍 & @ScHoolboyQ just got the top score on ‘Song Machine: Pac-Man’. Listen now 👻 funky with #WuHen, the boundary pushing new album from @kamaalwilliams 🔥 is the unforgettable new track from @bloxxband 🤩 into the #folklore of @taylorswift13’s surprise new album 🌳 of office ✅ @LittleMix are taking us on #Holiday. Listen now 🏖 yourself in the #folklore of a #NewMusicFriday starring @taylorswift13's Don't Turn Around is this week's #RADAR: First Listen - stream it now
Celebrate #10YearsOf1D with some 2010 bangers 👉's your favourite #10YearsOf1D memory? Here’s some of ours who is taking over @SpotifyUK @Spotify Instagram page next Monday to celebrate #thelockdownukulelerockdown re…
Retweeted by Spotify UK & Ireland
Join @shanley_lewis on her self-care journey and find out why setting boundaries is essential for your mental healt… dropped by to chat with @harrypinero and @HenrieVIII about his new tape, and the importance of social me…
Started my day T Bopping to Rise Above Hate wit the gang @HenrieVIII @harrypinero 😎😎 #RiseAboveHate
Retweeted by Spotify UK & IrelandThe #SpotifySoundUp programme is back for 2020 🙌 🎙 We are looking for the next great podcast idea from Black women…
In the latest episode of @_busybeingblack, @EddieBruceJones joins Josh Rivers for an important discussion about ins…
It's been 15 years since we played #HideAndSeek with @imogenheap 🔎
5 years on, we’re still feeling the #Currents. Share a GIF that best sums up this @tameimpala album 💭👇 has a message we all need to hear in new album #RiseAboveHate is the inspiring new track from @_TheMagicGang ♻️ and @DojaCat are reliving their youth in new track #ToBeYoung 👯 has just dropped her third studio album 🎸❤️, @sulibreaks and @NathanBallHQ can't shake #ThisFeeling in their new track ⚡️ is staying at the top in new track #Highest ⬆️ have said a little prayer in new track #AHymn 🙏 has dropped two new tracks #PutYourHeadAboveTheParakeets 🐦 and @MrJacobBanks have been playing the #Blame game in their new track 🌹 just wants you to #Care in her brand new track 🥀 is shining bright in new album #BrightestBlue 🔵 ✨ is the new EP from @alfietempleman that you're going to want to drink down 😃🍹… is here and @liannelahavas has just dropped her new album 🎸 this week's #RADAR: First Listen - @dutchavelli1's new single Black 🖤 streaming now
.@donaeo joined @IAmAlexManzi for an important chat about self-awareness, addictive emotions and the power of sayin…😲🙌
We're handing over the reigns to @liannelahavas today for an exclusive Instagram Stories takeover 🎸📱
This week on #whowebetalks, @officialdarkoo links up with @HenrieVIII and @harrypinero to talk dating, stop and sea…
35 years on, relive Live Aid at Wembley 🎤 #LiveAid35
In a new miniseries of @slayinyourlane the podcast, @yomiadegoke and @lizuvie discuss the journey of how their best…
Your 2020 @britpodawards winners 👏 #britpodawards