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2D ANIMATOR/STORYBOARD ARTIST/TWITCH STREAMER. Clean-Up Artist for Lab Zero, Sega, and Bee and Puppycat. PSW. He/Him. Inquiries to

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@Robbydude If you close your eyes at the right time your brain will believe it died @Krekkov I miss going to the gym... @worrybirdy You have a type @Catcoconutart Current perpetual mood @INQWIRE_CH This is stressful @KukieBun Fuck this task! Never again! But hey, barreleyed, stringfish, golden trout, tuna and marlin. Silver lining I guess @niceupdog @PecuTalks It's true. Ringfit almost does what my local gym does, minus the weight lifting... I miss that :,3 @MrPinkPalooka @CatMinion *Sienfeld theme plays and gradually plays at G Major* @TwinkleKrubby Bill @FelixGnoll ; ; @Rii_c5 Switch @tuyoki You could say you spent your Tem well, which is Tem well spent @crapmachine I hope you find him @chuberri_ Oh ho BIG!
@_skycompass YES! @heyshanmurphy Truly the coolest cat in existence @woot_art This is true @pietepiet Finally this Oregonian's gonna join the 1% today @egoraptor Both still have MMX. I'm for it 100% @Penny_Underbust I see my villagers constantly doing this, it's precious @woot_art *sobs* @grepsrated Go for it! @ProZD Yeah @grepsrated Also UNGA BUNGA HOOF! 👀👀💦 @grepsrated When the edibles hit at the worst possible time @juicyjacqulyn you press down on the D-Pad or switch to another tool with left or right @juicyjacqulyn PUT THE NET DOWN! THEY'LL GO AWAY! @Nagrolaz Matilda Caskett
@absoliutely See I'd feel the same, but I'm worried the Gorilla neighbors calling us out for having a Zoo filled wi… @Zeurel yesppl be like “🥺🥺🥺 pls don’t yell at me. am soft n pure. just an babie.” & then a mouse wit an unfortunate haircut mo…
Retweeted by Cory E. Holmes @bignosebug You wanna ice and stablize that puppy, I've over worked that part before more times I can count on free… @milkykau I see her hanging with Sherb a lot, who reminds me of @Harpeaux Art imitates life @milkykau You know Agnes always reminded me of you in my town and this just furthers it @taaamyra @DieselbrainArt @MadeOfEyebrows You either die of the plague or you live long enough to be a werewolf and… @bbw_marzipan @BonkQueenAbo The one silver lining with all this @pseudonymjones I like the Wizard @DreaminErryDay I say that's the DreamWorks Rat @milkykau Just like Altered Beast Co-Op @fapin_ @redandblacktac Yeah @Yorutamago :y @Lovely_Tasty 👀👀👀💦 @potatofarmgirl Whole ass mood @upandoutcomic "What happened?" "The suspect was found covered in the victim's blood screaming 'that was my Coelacanth' over and over again" @juicyjacqulyn Apple is so cute I just wanted to see her happy in full view *sobs* @theycallhimcake Thank you! @grepsrated I also detect a bit of Clown Man but with bosoms as well @shortblueimp Thank you for your hard work @grepsrated The sequel to NiGHTS looks goodI literally chopped a tree down just to clearly see Apple enjoy a sandwich in front of my house #AnimalCrossing @theycallhimcake Now draw the opposite @abbydabbies Please be safe and take it easy @Allegiant Already have. Still waiting. @woot_art @XSuperiX "I hope no one on this site is evil" "((>:3" "Uh oh."
@DieselbrainArt How dare you put tears in my eyes! >:,C @Zeurel The Left4Dead 2 effectHAHA! I'm sorry, the Coronavirus had NOTHING to do with that @KaeEsrial @house_house_ House House is hiding my ideas from the public because they want all the credit and won't… @DieselbrainArt 💪Hey @house_house_ I got an idea for a cross over, hear me out
Retweeted by Cory E. Holmes"What's back look like?" -a question I asked myself
Retweeted by Cory E. HolmesI forgot what it's like to have fun drawing
Retweeted by Cory E. HolmesCurrently my favorite drawings to date
Retweeted by Cory E. HolmesHangin' in there
Retweeted by Cory E. Holmesanime clothes physics
Retweeted by Cory E. HolmesWhoa who's this
Retweeted by Cory E. Holmes @GlitterNGoldGG @Cheyenne_Curtis I was sadly forced into myself so I know their pain exactly, the back handed comments they keep pe… @neo_hajime I'm telling! You can't have fun with AC characters! How dare you think of sexy @osiimiartist Be safe and take it easy! @neo_hajime The world of AC has no procreation. Everyone is born fully formed from presents in the mail, no exceptions @ChangbaeTheMeat Poor thing @Cheyenne_Curtis the only downside is a few people have backed handedly said "I had no idea how much your life suck… @Cheyenne_Curtis Honestly it's more of the same only I have even less access being in such a rural part of the worl… @Nagrolaz Hehehehe @TALKINGMEAT4235 I'm gradually chipping away at a thing 👀 @TALKINGMEAT4235 wow I love her @_Saane *comes to town* :3
@Grind3h @potatofarmgirl The goodest boi who lives the saddest life ever @dashawnmahone when're we getting the Sega Genesis game of them @rawrgyle Grace: Oh man I hope the game gives me something cool AC: >:) @WhiteMageJenny *sighs* Well NOW that you said it... @Nagrolaz Yeah @WhiteMageJenny Can't break quarantine if you're unconcious @JinuSenpai Happy Birthday dude @bewbchan @theycallhimcake Adventure highlight @ukatujyu BONJOUR! @hoshipika158 @hoshimapika Oh my gosh ;//////; @PuccaNoodles I'm so embarrassed for laughing at this as hard as I did, there are tears in my eyes @Ktullanyx I JUST SAW THIS YOU STILL OPEN?! @quasimaddi Now you can eat more fruit to poop it again @Bunnynaut Oh you found Shit Fish Island @daggychu Fort scary @Bunnynaut beats making your own spider island that's for sure @batshaped I mean if fishing and catching bugs at my own pace while paying off an interest free house I was just gi… @Radrappy @Zeurel Same hat :,3 @BransyArt hot ding dang damn
Anyone's town buying turnips for 500+ bells a pop? :,3 @NAZENANI3634 WHOA! @kouotsu Welcome fellow Cast Master