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@CastleBBX CAUSE I KNOW GREMLIN CAN DO IT.Would you let me choose you and fight along side me? 😳 you so much @yagurlyshelly for this amazingly adorable emote!! We out here~ Wink wonking. @joyeuseVT @KawaiiGrin this sounds like a familiar conversation. 🤣 @SokkzVr APPARENTLY IM LEAVING THE STATES WITH A PLUS ONE?! WTF?!? IM NOT GOING TO BE ALONE DURING THE HOLIDAYS?! @Kimoz410
@FromageVtuber @DooR_KuN_ You know I've spoken with the council of spronkies and we've decided. @CastleBBX I'll never tell. @FromageVtuber @DooR_KuN_ Looks like yummy croissants 🥐🤤 @UzuriMia @UzuriMia But you're supposed to be MY WAIFU. @ThundaRaven I just submitted a request i love their style, I need someone to work with me on becoming a 2D baby 🥺💕 @Nibletsmerffy Hold up lemme just tell my boyfriend we found the cure.Conversation I over heard in the airport. "But we both totally safe we wore masks and I let him hit it from behin… @SokkzVr @KendrickHaven @CastleBBX @KawaiiGrin @Critplanky SHES JUST AS AMAZING IN REAL LIFE WTFThicc thighs is nature's way of telling you you're allowed to eat as many burritos as you want while still riding dick like a queen. ✌️ @CovfefeChan You've officially made it time to retire. @Olly_Alcoholly Is this something you can get purchased for you and then shipped? I've done this for a few friends… @_spatsula Burn it with fire oh god why. @FlashyKlau Only top of booba, under booba is the devil's hiding place. @Evanit0 TO CANADA YOU SAY?I'd make a dope villager, who wants me on their island? that last night in LA with @KendrickHaven @CastleBBX @KawaiiGrin and @Critplanky LOOK AT THE GIFTS. THE… followed through IRL… @Sprixer didn’t like it
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵 @ZoranTheBear Poor Zoran, life just hasn't been good to him since they cancelled firefly. @KawaiiGrin I mean this will make dinner super interesting. 👀🤣
@Mr__Brunswick I feel this, one day at a time my dude. 💫So @CastleBBX took me to build a Bear and now I have this treasure for the rest of my life. @CastleBBX really knows how to spoil a girl. @Evanit0 Shut up Evan I love you 💕 @aqu_lyn @Evanit0 Fuck yes I didBro she licked my face... I don't like it here anymore. Fuck you @Sprixer
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵When you fucking get to celebrate your bday with @Evanit0 @Evanit0 @Nux_Taku WHAT @Nux_Taku I'm here hanging with @Evanit0 and I told him my gremlin is bigger than yours. Roll up.
@Clopez9000 Like July 2020 🙃Sometimes I take the nicest pictures of my ass and feel bad because you guys never get to see it. Pure art.Coffee, 'mechs and matches time!
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵 @MomokaKurimu Yes! It's dead though. Won't register as a tablet anymore. 🥺 @Evanit0 Imagjne being an enjoyable person people want to be around. 👀 @CailanVR @SheepShi_ If you need any help when I'm back I can throw one together for you! DeSiGn Is My PaSsIon @yagurlyshelly Both are super cute but I love the left 😳Me: look at this nice new setup I made I'ma keep it clean this time for su- 20 seconds later. @hon3ybab33 If my skin goes missing you know who did it. @MsAgentFox Thankfully were in that slow process, it's just super disheartening in the mean time. Havens been a huge help with it all. @CailanVR @SheepShi_ Yea like cail said it's a style choice and a trend @KikyoBooty @VTuberTweeter Broooo this is so cute wtf please? 🤣💖 to announce a new partnership soon!! @SheepShi_ Just a style choice @boop_wooper She calls me a stalker for posting pictures people send me when she pulls this shit yet she clearly wa… get that we aren't all going to be original but I'll just fucking call it what it is, you're untalented and only… present "I'm not copying you" a poem in 4 acts. I can't even, again with this shit. Look I know nobody is 💯 original but this shot is ridiculous. up this sweet canvas print for my office today. 💖
Good morning. 💖 found my original draft of Exodus to Elementals
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵When he says he wants to try toys in the bedroom. 💕💦 the season to be a biiiiitch.
2021 to the museum with us is fun! @novatail -video night with @KendrickHaven @Cosmic_Memer dont want two christmases @Sprixer @KendrickHaven
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵 @CastleBBX What happened?!When your character hasn't finished loading u to a new instance.
As requested, more colors added! We now have a total 4 variations on the @Sprixer DWIGW Hoodie. TY for all the supp…
Retweeted by Sprixer💵Leader of Clout9💵Red Dead IRL expansion? Graphics op.
@QueenSitra YESSS GET IT QUEEN YOUVE WORKED SO HARD!Boy howdy eh, Pitter patter let's get at er' you're a member of my community want to support my mod hero please consider buying one of our 'it gets worse' ho… BnB view is too good, time to FINALLY unwind after almost 2 years of straight work. 🤣
@leeroy09123 @RivenNsfw Mother fucking grey sweatpants dude. @RivenNsfw Boy do I need to tell you the story of how I was in a discord call with Havens friends and got aggressiv… buy coffee out of reflex when I travel just to so I can carry it around awkwardly and make my life harder than it… @CastleBBX Complaining about getting the chance to hang with step sis can't believe it. You hate to see it. @KawaiiGrin I say this as I too am waiting in an airport on a random flight on my way to LA lol @KawaiiGrin Direct flights are for the rich kids. @CastleBBX Deets I wanna know what the kids are yelling about @destinyscurse With how much I've been traveling I really should at this point @KawaiiGrin This is my life everytime I travel to LA, the send me on an adventure. I consider it 'me' time now 🤣Bro airports, am I right? @KyonshiHoVT I didn't get a photo either, this man out here breaking hearts left and right feelsbadman @ArtsMoser @KendrickHaven viper and Atlus commission when?? 👀Reshare this Slicky syrup slime girl and get more double double in your coffee bud. @HiddenFoxVR Did you need a oil change when I was In your car last month? 🤣
Ah yes, I too like to live dangerously.'m so used to not being in Canada I left the house today in flip flops and there's snow on the ground. I also dou… @hon3ybab33 Heck yes.
@ItsLowrhen Wait the third is a thing? @Aurora_Tears Hi I'm sprixer and I put the 'Ho' in wholesome. @Cimrai Preach, speaking my mind has made me someone for people to avoid when it comes to other content creators, b… @thecodemiko 3D girl I am, willing to get baptised by champagne again. 🥺👉👈I can and will do better.
BIRTHDAY STREAM, I'M BEING SELFISH TODAY~! MY MODS ARE SO PROUD OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.💜 🛑LIVE NOW🛑 🎁COME CELEBRATE🎁… take: Just cause you have a partner badge don't mean you're incapable of being a piece of shit. View's don't me… being DDOS'd couldnt be me. 😂💕Reminders Beans we've got an @ArtesianBuilds x @Sprixer $100 Giveaway!
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