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Mr. Tree Frog. Always smiling. Wannabe archaeologist

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@CynthiaLIVE @TheHeartSeries @bellivyinc I like the pillows and your trousers! You rocking them really well. Good luck with the workshop πŸ˜€ @triketora If someone answers is from X that person X πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @ByRosenberg @steipete So you only have to work two hours at the office πŸ€ͺ Working six hours while commuting @sixteenthCgirl Congratulations, will you sign my book? πŸ˜€ @sixteenthCgirl You history ladies are so mean by keeping releasing great books!!
@NikkitaFTW oh lol okiThe local florist is selling one rose for Β£22,50 and 6 for Β£35. Feels expensive #happyvalentinesday @coco_liner @RuthVakrat Sure, I will mail you some more details over the weekend :)
@coco_liner @RuthVakrat Could talk about the needs of people with dementia!! @richardleggett Looking for colleagues then? @RealSexyCyborg Looks great! @RealSexyCyborg Typical thing to watch at 2am food cooking videos! Looks great! I always go to Royal China on Queensway (London) @kentcdodds @eggheadio Awesome @ayanonagon @chriseidhof Ja, Doe Maar, Spinvis zijn erg goede Nederlandse muziek. Als je Nederlandse hiphop interes… @RealSexyCyborg @ChuckHellebuyck Would it support multiple colours? E.g could I make a toy frog? 🐸 @eggheadio @kentcdodds Is this course updated for the final version? :) @samantha_gold I like how excited you are about it πŸ˜€ @modocache Yes, who needs ducks when you have a dog for the debugging πŸ€ͺ @RealSexyCyborg @kaeptnkrunch @MakeMagazinDE I am happy to hear you had a good experience with our friendly neighbours :) @kaeptnkrunch @RealSexyCyborg The part I read indicates a promising article (paywall though)! @ryanflorence Would be nice if you could search the file name in that tree. Keep trying to do that @RealSexyCyborg looks like you made a documentary!
@joannasuyin @GoDaddy I am now with! Cost price domains βœŠπŸ‘ @joannasuyin @GoDaddy That’s what I did last week when I had to enable protection to cancel renewal which required sending my ID card @type__error The chocolate muffins from Greggs as much better!! @gerryk @RealSexyCyborg @ChuckHellebuyck I can’t imagine a maker like Naomi would keep using/have them sponsor her… @RealSexyCyborg @ChuckHellebuyck Thank you, I trust your expertise πŸ˜‡β˜ΊοΈ I will checkout the videos of @ChuckHellebuyck!
@investorTTT @aikisteve @Kristof_1978 First need to get drivers license and with Brexit now πŸ’ƒ @RealSexyCyborg Naomi, which 3D printer would you advise for a beginner? @aikisteve @Kristof_1978 Just gonna ask my money back! @OlivetteOtele Hard to follow this text speak πŸ˜… @aikisteve @Kristof_1978 Yeah still can’t order the model 3 in the UK @RealSexyCyborg @IHOP Looks like your second dish is already waiting for you! Yummy
@DrEstellePrnq Yeah got that! I was wondering which area looks like Walworth? Exploring new areas to live :) @DrEstellePrnq Where is this? πŸ€” @marinamaral2 How do you decide on the colour of his bow? πŸ€” @melissamcewen Train means relaxing travel only just wished the Eurostar wasn't so bloody expensive. Would be great… @melissamcewen I can fully understand I flown home yesterday left at 4pm and arrived at my parents house at 11pm. N… @cliodiaspora As we are such a big burden maybe I should actually make some good use out of the NHS (only between t… @dspritely @DrEstellePrnq @cliodiaspora It's not only women... @DrEstellePrnq @cliodiaspora Yes, that happens quite often nowadays really disappointing. One of the reasons why I… @DrEstellePrnq @cliodiaspora Who needs French cheese when you have Dutch cheese πŸ€ͺ
@DrEstellePrnq Some French art
@kentcdodds No desk. No space for it! Can’t afford to move to a place with more space πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈWhen mobile internet while roaming abroad is faster then in Central London affront of the @ThreeUKSupport store on Oxford St πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @doctor_oxford If you have been vaccinated as a kid (30+ years ago). Are you still immune for the modern measles? I… @RealSexyCyborg @insta360 πŸ‘Œ @RealSexyCyborg @insta360 We need more photos of cute dogs!!But catching up on @kentcdodds videos as I couldn't be bother to keep track of tech news since my mom also passed away. Still 5 to go :)When you go wild on LinkedIn and then watch a YT video @kentcdodds automating ignore button πŸ˜…πŸ€— @triketora What's your favourite place in London?
@DrEstellePrnq Glad you like dogs too!! @DrEstellePrnq Great Blue eyes @mcmoynihan As long Vice endangers sources abroad I think you have more important things to worry about than this: @notmvregine In 15 years? Why wait a week!Don't know where @Femi_Sorry lives but love to drink a pint with him. If you are in London :) This frog from the EU doesn't bite
@DrEstellePrnq Nice photo, Estelle, I hope his cuddles helped you feel better! πŸ€— Beautiful cat @DrEstellePrnq Aww πŸ€— @RealSexyCyborg Happy Chinese New Year to you too!! 🐷🧧
@holtbt @sarah_edo Such a cute couple! @barkandjack @dbologh No rush @barkandjack @dbologh I will text message you then πŸ‘ @barkandjack @dbologh Can I pick one up? I am already in London :D I mailed you about it and the Omega ;) @RealSexyCyborg @VICE Hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—Big fuzz in South Africa a mixed couple kissing in a tv show... Sad to hear this is still the case πŸ˜•
Ik hoorde via via dat iemand die meedoet aan #heelhollandbak voor haar werk kookt en bakt! @kentcdodds Only in America πŸ€ͺ @seanthedevguy @quetwo Yeah, I prefer to spend my time on my hobbies instead πŸ™ˆ But of the problem @quetwo @seanthedevguy Portfolio site with all these NDAs nowadays 🀣🀣
@EuniceCGold @annebocci Beautiful πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— @Eden_Eats Hence you should avoid a British wedding 🀣 @Eden_Eats Free drinks and food πŸ‘πŸ‘ @DannyD_310 @scifri Good news πŸ˜€ Always enjoy Friday Feedbag podcast back in the day. I think that was from you guys
@DannyD_310 @scifri Are you suggesting that SciFri is part of Vice Media? @_darrensmith Salty liquorice is perfect! @manyapan Here in London some want a tip for delivering the food. Crazy! They just get a thank you
Fuck my life @RealSexyCyborg I always tell myself that most English speakers don't bother to learn another language πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ "Becaus… @_darrensmith Haha, one of the reasons I wished there was a Dutch store in London or Sydney when I lived there. Liq…
@DrEstellePrnq @OlivetteOtele I didn't know their was a French cinema in Kensington! Enjoy :)
@KrauseFx @steipete but signed up for a cooking course tomorrow :) @KrauseFx @steipete Just don't feel like eating solid food at the moment πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @steipete Yeah, only drinking liquids at the moment @steipete Currently not eating at all :PWell, this retail therapy went horribly wrong today. I think I will bring back all the stuff tomorrow. @ReactJSgirls @NikkitaFTW @monicalent @Blacklane That’s great ladies! Any idea when one is happening in London?
@SAGawards Well earned :) @DrSonjaKleij @UCUtrecht I studied Anthropology there πŸ˜€
@ryanflorence Pax you are one cute dog! Let’s run after squirrels here in Hyde Park :) @DLVLK Are dogs allowed too? @triketora I prefer the Swedish liquorice store in Covent Garden πŸ˜‹ @DrEstellePrnq πŸ€—πŸ€—
@DrEstellePrnq πŸ€— @cliodiaspora And why do the British always start about WW when talking Brexit? This was 70s ago... @cliodiaspora I would suggest Cicero, Der Spiegel, FAZ etc. @cliodiaspora Maybe he should read the German articles about Brexit and better understand what's happening in it's own country... @DrEstellePrnq So smart enough to do a MA but not PhD? That doesn't make sense?! @DrEstellePrnq I had a MA thesis advisor who only understood my research topic like two weeks before the deadline πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @RealSexyCyborg @Jenny_Alto DuckDuckGo gives a different colleague of yours (and a boy?) @KnightAyton @Channel4 @sixteenthCgirl @C4Countdown Dictionary Corner?