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@PostFinance Thank you! So changing address in a bank branch is possible? Idea was to fly to CH go to a bank branch… @PostFinance Okay, aber ich habe es jetzt schon 7 mal probiert bei Ein Form bei Post aber jeden nicht geklappt und…
@sarah_edo This looks really promising! Are you planning to discuss design tools too or just the theory? @_ryannystrom @githawk Cool, just got the new iPhone. Now trying to find out how to get the widgets menu disable wi…
@PostFinance Kann ich Konto Änderungen (e.g Addresseanderung) auch im Postfinance office machen oder allein mit For…
@QueenofColour Which unelected people are you talking about? I assume you voted in the European elections, right? A… @DonaldDuckNL Ik mis nummer 38 in Ik heb opnieuw ingelogd en de app nieuw geinstalleerd. M…, dad woud have been 70! I wish you were with us dad 🤗 @notmvregine Really nice, do you prefer sketching or acryl or more like Chinese Ink? Still have nightmares of doing…
@ifancykitkat @type__error What got posted today? 😇 @notmvregine Exciting, will they have new painting products? 🤔 @kentcdodds @dan_abramov Maybe SAP UI5? @dan_abramov Wondering what kind of feature this is showing us! 🧐 @dan_abramov Monorepo support, any plans to give short instruction how could do it? :) @Londonist What about Westminster council?
@ServusJon @DB_Bahn The problem is "Login-Daten vergessen" link being at a place where some people might expect a W… am I supposed to check in now that the site is down? @Ryanair @RyanairFlights
@TablePlus Any chance the Mac license will work on the Windows version? @DariusAryaDigs @profmcscott @PBS @BBC So you were filming together? I am imagining that @profmcscott was waiting b…
@sixteenthCgirl Which three degrees? 😀 @worldmeetsgirl @Ryanair Yes, customer service of Ryanair is shot. Already six delayed flights this year @eonwhite @jaredpalmer Same feeling regarding Swift ;) @mashable What happens when the car breaks hard/fast?Flying with @Ryanair either are bomb threats or delayed flights without informing passengers. Flight is 6:25 (now 6… @profmcscott @facebook Which watch are you wearing in the first episode? #askprofmcscott @DariusAryaDigs Got to be awesome to be involved in such a tv show. Are the scanners in your show the same as in @profmcscott one? @DariusAryaDigs That's great :D @rem They got the breakfast club in Brighton? @DariusAryaDigs During the making of the tv show, did you find a new discoveries? E.g worth you or fellow archaeolo… @type__error @jessjillphoto I noted it down! Long away from that lol @MichielBijl @ryanflorence Dank je wel :) @dwarfland @richardleggett They don't sell them there?! @dwarfland @richardleggett Hmm, how much do they charge for the Xs in Curacao?
@ryanflorence @MichielBijl Got a link to it? @dwarfland @richardleggett I quite like the Xr like the colours not sure if I would go for the Xs. I am currently h… @RebeccaSlatkin I dropped my phone (6s) earlier this year, it's time to replace! Just wondering how much better the… @dwarfland @richardleggett Which iPhone are you guys going to get? I quite like the colourful ones, the iPhone Xr :D @stroughtonsmith I am more worried about the pricing... I hope the Xr isn't like $999 but Xs Max is $999 that sound… @DariusAryaDigs @PBS Guess I have to visit you in Rome to watch it ;) @DariusAryaDigs @PBS But but but 😔 @MakingMonzo What about keep track of who paid last time? And randomly assign the person who should pay this time? :D @9to5mac @benlovejoy Why doesn't it start with 128gb then? :/ 128, 256, 512 would be nice @9to5mac @bzamayo Circular Apple Watch would be more interesting then 44mm @DariusAryaDigs @PBS Looking forward to the BBC one on Friday! I wish I could watch the PBS one. Ain't PBS public television in the US?I’ve got a little bit of time. RT + Follow for a line drawing ✍🏽
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@lindadong Sorry, how? I always forget to go to Slack or Google Hangouts @1Password Ah okay, I will wait until there is a sale then and upgrade then :D @ryanflorence Cool, that's great news! I will try to get it integrated in my project :)) @1Password @MrRooni Uninstalled it even after installing Safari 12 beta it doesn't work like the old version. Think 7.2 requires a license @1Password Not working with the latest Safari Technology Preview. Keeps saying the extension needs a newer version :(It's nearly 4am and still wondering where the `Component`-component is for in @ryanflorence Reach-UI. Really looks…
@5tu @_inside Love the Vacheron but too afraid to look up the price. I am having the beautiful JlC Master Calendar on order 😍 @csuwildcat @AdamRackis @ryanflorence Quite interested, how you would do the accessibility for this! I am working w… @joannasbarlow Bloody idiot!
"You have already claimed an undelivered issue in the last subscription period. If you would like to report another…
@type__error Wear them under shirts 😅 @lyft How is this a scooter? Looks more like step/autoped?Could be Hublot Fusion on bracelet. Looks a bit like it from some angels. #sleeplessnight #watches
@profmcscott Maybe I asked it before but what kind of watch are you wearing in ancient invisible cities? Cameraman… @chriseidhof The Silk Road, The Storm Before Storm (by Dan Carlin) :-) @dan_abramov Do you have any insight regarding the release of CRA 2 or if it's safe to use for production? I would… blackout in West London, that's a first! @profmcscott @BBCTwo @bbcstudios @ScanLABProjects @LondonLive @TobyonTV May the BBC also air the PBS version!! How does it differ?
@steipete @daniel_a_a Not used to open floor offices? As long you aren't sitting next to tens of call agents it's alright 😅 @profmcscott @theipaper @classicsforall @ClassCivAncHist @warwickuni @lsaclassics @WarwickClassNet @WarwickClassics @codepo8 @andremichelle @reasonsto Wait there actually is a web midi api? @thefilmbee Well, they do sell it on sale during their sample sales ;) @NikkitaFTW @asinnema @stevenlangbroek I think it is just expensive but not IVF-baby @stevenlangbroek @NikkitaFTW Haha, okay. I should visit the family in Berlin anyways, I will find out then ;) As lo… @NikkitaFTW @stevenlangbroek Quite sure Berlin is in Germany, though! @elibelly @TrainlineTeam A bit odd that you then don't include flights ;) @NikkitaFTW Nearly ordered a bus from London to Amsterdam 😱 @elibelly @TrainlineTeam Maybe you should ask over lunch why busses are listed on a train ticket site 😇 @NikkitaFTW Why is The Netherlands so low on the list :/
@gspiers @niamh__power @monzo @MakingMonzo Didn't Monzo allowed remote work 😀😀 @type__error Really? @HistoryTime_ This looks amazing 😍 @_inside Can't wait for the new iPhone! I hope it's not $1000+ 😅 @SimoneZuurveld Haha, I have that with all bits of my name lol @SimoneZuurveld Not sure how your bf being a health freak stops you from having hot chocolate? @SimoneZuurveld They should apply for the Head of Distraction role at our office :D @richardleggett It's the gyms only have pools in London otherwise I would avoid it :D Swimming in open water (sea) is still the best, though @brad_frost @benbrignell Haha I once lived in studio were you had to keep holding a button to get the water flowing 🤣 @annekagill @HelloFreshUK Well, this has been going on for years so clearly not much has changed 🤔 @type__error @tlakomy @ReactJSgirls Do you think they would be interested in a React firsttime experience talk for a charity project? 😇
@richardleggett @joakimcarlgren Today's workout was 3 miles of swimming in a hour @tjeerdintveen Good movie 😀 @dan_abramov Did FB London already signup? ;) If not could you talk to the catering 😇 @jasonhawkesphot @SerpentineUK @theroyalparks @LondonNPC I can see my house bottom left 😀 @tjeerdintveen Which movie?
@peterelst binnenkort eens een biertje doen bij The Lowlander? @peterelst Beats my signed copy of Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century @SimoneZuurveld Curious which books are shown, though? 🤓 @adactio Coffee, I hope they asked you first if you like it 😅 @triketora Excitement :)) @notmvregine I want to do more painting, but not allowed by the landlord. He was so pissed when he saw my oil painting setup! 😕 @notmvregine What are you studying? 🤓 @seb_ly Haha, and you don't think they will want to play it 😀
@SimoneZuurveld You mean the pandabeer, right? @kentcdodds Rolled my own solution 🙈