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Sin slithers through my veins, and it feeds my accursed soul. Darkness is reality and the dread it holds is mine. #horror #WritingComminty #HorrorCommunity

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@theMarieCasey Me? Oh 🤣😂 cute. @CassThomps13 @MusePrompt @carsonbohdi 🖤🥀 @CassThomps13 @MusePrompt @carsonbohdi Continue to amaze 🖤🥀 @FlutterOfDreams @carsonbohdi 🤣😂 torments !! @FlutterOfDreams @carsonbohdi 😊thank you. @CassThomps13 @carsonbohdi 🤣😂 @thedutchsimmons You’re welcome. It’s very cool.👀👀 cool news #WritingCommunity @thedutchsimmons Congratulations - Dutch. This is fantastic!! Cheers.Just a spot of fun with @carsonbohdi and her festive prompts 🎄😂 @CassThomps13 Right but you 🙌🏽🙌🏽
@CassThomps13 TS kicks ass - ya 🖤🥀 @Ellison__James 🤣😂🎄 @JonAaronSandler Oh, yes. @JonAaronSandler @shanelaileenw @MattCrossWrites @FrasierArmitage @Chaosity8 @bayne_wendy @RahamanWriting @JonAaronSandler @shanelaileenw @MattCrossWrites @FrasierArmitage @Chaosity8 @bayne_wendy @RahamanWriting @aphroditeswritr 😂🤣 @izzy_raven_poe @JaeMargal Oh - wickedly inviting 🖤👀👀 @thedutchsimmons However you need it, mate. @rekashun @Minus20Design @bayne_wendy @RebeccaEAI1307 @Kellyrei007 @JA_Roles_Author @J_WBerry @jlrothstein1 @AmberistheC @jlrothstein1 @LisaPortillo9 @KatalinichKaren @Poisonedlvy_21 @GIRLINHAMILTON1 @Valeria_Strega @letourash If you need another set of eyes - DM I’m game. @allisonkrebel Flames are always better. @Minus20Design @bayne_wendy @RebeccaEAI1307 @Kellyrei007 @JA_Roles_Author @J_WBerry @jlrothstein1 @jzpitts @lunacyandmagic @EssiValo Beautifully said. @FosterFamTravel Liquid pizza good? @CassThomps13 @JaeMargal 🖤 @thedutchsimmons Yes, your agent and publicist will call you in the morning. And your seven figure advance will be… @KatyNDarkQueen @nerdyOme @goldfishandgin Nothing wrong with that horror. What I do unless I am trying to write for a specific call. @goldfishandgin Right. There is a pocket for everything and some things, ya no. @J_Motoki @SpaceBard @theCKBuchanan Wait. What. Like. Never? @theCKBuchanan Hmmm - lean towards Halloween. @nerdyOme I can’t make anything out of anything food wise. But damn that looks good. @AllShrinks @AllShrinks 🤔 @cmramsburg @cmramsburg 🤣😂 brilliant @Aaaamberr2255 @AshTudor888 And another reason why you are so beloved and amazing. @nerdyOme Aren’t they all a little horrific already?👀👀 @EvaAlton👀👀 @goldfishandgin @brandy_cagle Huh 🤔 well, their loss. @brandy_cagle To spam a message - bot perhaps? @goldfishandgin I don’t believe so. There is a readership for probably anything. I think it boils down to your styl… @anders_cat Cheers 🖤 @anders_cat 😂 TY 😂 @anders_cat Cheers 😊My life is like overcooked bacon. Not bad but nowhere near what it could have been
Retweeted by Spyder’s web is in a Raven’s nest. @allisonkrebel You too 😊🖤 @MycelialWriter @EvaAlton @SerenaHassan4 @MichelleFaithLu @SPOFarrell3 @Johnldeboer @HawkeLiath @Kellyrei007 @carsonbohdi Morning, Carson 🤗 12 ... 😬 stay safe, yo. @allisonkrebel Good morning- Allison 😊 @Kyle_T_Davis Thank you 🙏 @Kyle_T_Davis @MicheleQuirke @xDRAG0N0VAx @EatonKrone @ShenaeChase @DellOlioMario @laliaristo @SPOFarrell3 @cmramsburg @CassThomps13 @CassThomps13 Always 🖤🥀 @kr_wieland You kill, so ya 😊 @kr_wieland Oh you can, Kayla. Always do. And it’s not a competition-it’s a riot 🤣 @CassThomps13 🤣😂 thank you @JonAaronSandler Yay - Godzilla’s Jug. @goldfishandgin Doodles, yo. @theMarieCasey 🤣😂 @carsonbohdi Thanks, Carson. Nah just having fun with your prompt 😊 @goldfishandgin 🤣😂 thank you🤣😂 sorry 🎄 @cmramsburg @kr_wieland @namaferd No question you are 🖤
@kr_wieland @AJ_Jones_Author Awesome ... but ya, insane. @AJ_Jones_Author Dude? You’re insane. @jzpitts Pizza - go @kr_wieland 12 horrific poems of gore 😊 @goldfishandgin Very cool. @CassThomps13 😂🤣😂 @CassThomps13 Nope. Just a dude. Yo @MycelialWriter Love it @JonAaronSandler Classy - looks fantastic 😊 @J_Motoki 😂🤣 @theMarieCasey @theMarieCasey @theMarieCasey Healthy like Brussels Sprouts or like stay the F on your side of the world. @rekashun @ernestgvalenci1 @Minus20Design @rnmorris @petedevonald @cnnevets @bayne_wendy @laurelbrett11 @LiteraryMemes1 @anders_cat Oh nice. Love it @ernestgvalenci1 @Minus20Design @rnmorris @petedevonald @cnnevets @bayne_wendy @laurelbrett11 @LuisHWrites @Tess_2020 @EvaAlton Hmmm 🤔 bacon is always welcomed @author_ayshen Yes, quite lovely. @EvaAlton @Tess_2020 I am 😋 @author_ayshen 😍😍 sweet @KyleVanDongen @theCKBuchanan @cmramsburg👀👀 @anders_cat Cheers, Cat 🖤 thank you for always supporting 😊