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@gregpmiller @NicolleDWallace Flynn has gone full Qanon.Trump is like one of those Nigerian ‘princes’ who scams old, poor and gullible people out of their life savings by… @richards1052 I’m so old I can Joe DiGenova as a level-headed prosecutor—and fun company, to boot. Now look at him.… @MilesTaylorUSA DJT: Tar and feathers, or draw and quarter? @Richard_Schiff True. You’re one of those special actors who can dominate a scene even when you have little or noth… @ConnieSchultz @MonicaRivpin Ohfercrissakes, I am so sorry and so sick of these selfish and/or delusional covid deniers. @NEInnocence @ethicalpsycholo ‘That place is Scranton, with clams.’ @ZaknafeinDC The last supper?
@ChekistMonitor Fascinating. @24AheadDotCom @ghelt In your racist taunt you left out the most critically important requirement for selection to Biden’s team: competence. @mattizcoop @YouTube @DefenseIntel Inspirational #DIA video on Stewart, the un-Flynn. @MalcolmNance Two Black former senior CIA officials are also said to be in the running: Justin Jackson, a former de… @jchaltiwanger Donilon is out. Does that open the door for anybody else besides Mike Morell? @roryireland It was a pre-idiot phase.Michael Flynn unchained. Jesus, you’d think he might tip-toe away, grateful for getting out of jail after he confes… piece on the prospects of former DIA Director Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart to become Biden's CIA chief by…
Retweeted by Jeff Stein @john_sipher ‘It is what it is’? @julianbarnes @michaelcrowley Great get, Michael. One down.
@TAAP2020 @robertjdenault To pick up the checks.Where is Bill Barr? @NBCNews Imagine Trump playing with a dog. Impossible. #BacktonormalEven the Fox News people dumped on Jelly Loeffler (when she was running against Doug Collins). Now? Well, you know.… @Transition46 Exit the handmaidens, enter the super moms.The assassination game is going well. @emptywheel Exit the freaks. Enter the normal people. @peterwsinger Anklegate. @jrpsaki @alaynatreene @JoeBiden Chapeau.This is a very entertaining and educational intel show. Just saying. @mvhaydencenter @CIA @MichaelJMorell Forget it, Jake. ‘It’s intel Chinatown,’ @ronamarks says. @matthewjdowd There should be a penalty if you demand a frivolous recount and lose by even more votes, like maybe y… Black former senior #CIA officials are also said to be in the running for a top intel job. Justin Jackson is a… @Mpolymer Funny. Being 'mentioned' also boosts their stature at 'various non-paying fora around town on which they… @alexrblackwell That's the hometown paper fer ya. For starters, I can't imagine Biden giving up that hard-won Michi… @BajanYoda @SpiesVespers I do.Morell is under fire for the CIA torture program; Donilon isn’t exactly the right fit. Could ex-DIA chief Vincent S… is a co-leader of Biden’s intelligence transition landing team. The question is whether he’s just window dr… Could Score Another First at CIA Former DIA chief and retired Marine Corps General Vincent Stewart is in the…
@JimLaPorta Don’t put the carriage before the source. @selectedwisdom Terrifying: Beyond the militia nutballs who tried to organize a plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, there… has lots of options, none of them good. Story by @ElaineShannonDC @talk_spy —@ElaineShannonDC @talk_spy @NatashaBertrand On your toes, Natasha. Good get. Chapeau. @JimLaPorta You can't handle the film.
@kathrynw5 Mos def“Congressional oversight for intelligence,” the 9/11 Commission Report stated bluntly, “is now dysfunctional.” Peri… is a thing.
@yashar It’s not right.A former staff member of the House Intelligence Committee recounts how the political became personal, with devastat… Thanksgiving to all. The Biden transition gives us much to be thankful for—finally!On June 4, 2000 the Republican staff director of the House Intelligence Committee drove to the Breezeway Motel in F…
Fear and Loathing on the House Intelligence Committee: Can a new Congress fix an old problem? Don’t hold your breat…, too, on Flynn’s perfidy—>’s the real Turkey pardon: Michael Flynn. Patel was so bad in court a judge slapped him down, reminds @JimLaPorta @RichardGrenell @barbarastarrcnn @ZcohenCNN Looks like cage-fighting enthusiast @RichardGrenell is still auditionin… hazards of the spy trade: Russian Sentenced To 13 Years For Trying To Pass Classified Materials To CIA sale! Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts | The White Ho… says nay to Mike Morell as CIA Chief. Senate Intelligence Committee torture investigator Daniel Jones virtual…
Yer another right to the jaw of Trump: Joy from investors over his departure. How he just be seething! #stocks heads, pay attention to the new rightwing disinfo tunnel here—> or Not: ‘Classified records that turn 25 years old this year will be automatically declassified on December 3… @PoliticusSarah @politicususa Don’t watch. Don’t give Bannon oxygen. Let him slink back to his propeller head underworld. @JoshMeyerDC Ok, let's call it a white hanky. Or a Kleenex. Half a Kleenex. A corner of a Kleenex. @PePelletier Not a chance, but he ok'd it. Let's call it a white hanky. Maybe Kleenex, one sheet. @JoshMeyerDC Just on the GSA, I meant.We suck: Shanghai Covid outbreak 'traced to cargo from North America' A FedEx container, maybe. @RickPetree @harrygod I suspect she'll get a sweet ambassadorship. Court of St. James, maybe.
@RickPetree @harrygod 'If Gina Haspel hasn’t typed out her resignation letter already, she should consider doing it… @djrothkopf @thedailybeast @harrygod @RickPetree Gina is finished, I would think. Morell is the conventional wisdom, but I wouldn't be too sure.Trump finally waves the white flag. Vice Chair Sen. Mark Warner on #Haines: 'the sooner we can get a confirmed DNI in place to start fixing the d… Hawkins, senior legal analyst at the Project on Government Oversight, said she 'strongly disagreed with…'No one should ever doubt the great contributions made by #women to American intelligence superiority,' said fmr C… @harrygod @RickPetree Haines to DNI. @JohnJHarwood Grenell-->Ratcliffe-->Haines senior #CIA official Rolf Mowatt-Larssen calls the ODNI 'the Rodney Dangerfield of the IC' because it has so l…'One time she tracked me down overseas, to simply ask me a question,' Polymeropoulos said of #Haines . 'She values… @LarryPfeifferDC Yeah, I think that's accurate--and good.I love this. @kenklippenstein While such analysis in the waning weeks of the Trump era is worrisome, I don’t think the threat of… interested in the inner lives of CIA officers should read this book. No, really. is likely to get an easy pass from Senate Republicans for the same reasons her critics think she's not right… @ghelt @RupertStone83 @talk_spy Maybe head of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (or whatever it's called these days).Haines, Avril Haines by @talk_spy are the names of 21 Republican Senators who say one thing about Trump in public, another in private, courtesy… @steven_metz @AdamWeinstein Well, yeah, but...And the winner is...(not a surprise). @wallacemick @riocard911 One of her principles is expediency.
Stalin would be very admiring of how Trump & co erased Sidney Powell from their memory sticks. Alas, Twitter won’t… years ago today, poor intelligence doomed a daring POW rescue mission into North Vietnam by very brave Specia…, thanks, Lee Chatfield, you've got me doom-scrolling again. @Heidi_Cuda That was fun. I bow and scrape. ;-) @marceelias Trump's lawyers are the Washington Redskins [stet] of the legal profession.A pretty devastating thread on the puff pieces that have 'normalized' Trump & co. grifters and sociopaths, by… @Folly_and_Glory @vermontgmg Ha. How could they have missed it?! @vermontgmg Let's not forget the Venezuelans. Maybe Serbia, too. @ZaknafeinDC Or wishing *you* had written that sentence or paragraph. @TripKrant @talk_spy Sure, I suppose. As good a guess as any, I suppose. But I think Biden wants to pivot away from…