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@Senshudo CEO. @madfellowsgames CM. Marketing Manager @vendiapp. Host & Opinion Haver. Unreasonably gay. Twitch Partner - He/Him.

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Strong fre sha voc ado energy here @BrokenPixle Its a tricky one to figure out. I'm like... never gonna fully figure it out but here's for trying!More experiments in Tiktok. This only ran about 1000 views any time I posted it after muddying my account a little.… game is out now: It comes with a quirky-ass Visual Novel element. They've been making…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkThis game is out now: It comes with a quirky-ass Visual Novel element. They've been making…
By the gods, it’s you! The hero of Kvatch!
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkAlso add innocent smoothies to this once asked a friend what their definition of success was and they said 'being able to buy tropicana whenever I wa…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @DevRelCallum Probably best to lead with location as that's the biggest factor. Maybe use Google Forms to gather th… people are more addictive than LSD and steroids.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Worki am crying in the backseat
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkAfter poppin outta marys special place baby jesus threw on a first date.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkHello friends. Point and click games are good aren't they? There's a new one out today that's looking to be Mighty…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @StreamOfChaos @danthat Yr a gem <3 good to see you jump in!Come check out the @stubru Rhythm zone at #1UP2020 where you can play: 🎮 AVICII invector 🎮 Music Racer 🎮 Aaero: Def…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Workguys is it gay to vomit? You're really ejecting or discharging in a gush 😳😳
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @TravisShreffler Excuse me. Partners are all Very Extremely Cool. Without exception.
INTERVIEWER: The job requires 20yrs experience doing the same thing ME: Oh, um INT: Great, we'll schedule you for…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @Unprepared_jay YOU ALSO GET A WEIRD-ASS VISUAL NOVEL AND LIKE WHAT @rsfreebird Imagine: Very funny point & click Also v funny platformer Somehow mixed together in a way that works?Alrighty. I have keys on hand for this now. Influencers, writers, content creators, drop me a DM if you'd love to… @GRIMECRAFT Didn't remotely expect this. Loved it all the same. Yr a rare gem my dude and I continually appreciate everything you do <3 @StreamOfChaos Sorry @danthat you were too slow to give him a review key and... so you sold a copy instead? Neat?Live with Lair of the Clockwork God, came out not even an hour ago and decided to pick it up on a whim! I blame…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @ChrisMalbyTynan Banging, let's go!
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @MadFellowsGames @FrasierCraned Don't argue against the good doctor. He's listening.If the population of 'China' walked past you in single file, the line would never end, because of it's time replayi…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkThe way he says "tantalising titties" has me ROLLING the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, relationships we were afraid to fall asleep at night.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkHonestly this might be one of the top 5 tweets I think I’ve ever seen.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkI fucking love games like this. Cause you just know they came up with the name in a moment of brilliance and then w… mood
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @RaveofRavendale Oh aye, not gonna argue with that at all. I just mean, if you're really going out there for brand… @RaveofRavendale I've run a few sample (non-gaming) sets and like.... maybe good for brand recognition cause you ca… @James_Batchelor Ooof, that's actively restricting the sale. Big yikes. I remember @TinyPixxels regaling us with s…, knowing Johnny Bravo was also 30 makes me feel infinitely better about myself and my relative chance to succee… @James_Batchelor I think the aggressive tactics are what drive people away too honestly. The last couple times I w…'re probably right @Cryptik84 @danthat 👀 another one for your silken touch @Ezekiel_III one for your regular indie slots my dude?This is still an absolute screamer and I'll fight anyone that disagrees @StreamOfChaos You heard 'em @danthat slap a code directly into their eyeholes. @fridaywitch I mean, ngl, that's some pretty solid branding for you and I'm fully behind it.LMAO IM AT MY SCHOOL TALENT SHOW AND DUDE SAYS “Before I begin, I want to make sure this mic is working” “If you…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @StreamOfChaos I mean, I get nothing from pushing this for them. I just know how good their old games are and I ref… @StreamOfChaos Yes. Yes you should. @CharleneLebrun you're a babe <3 @CharleneLebrun I wonder if you'd like to signal boost this one a little... It's being frightfully unloved for a game so goddamn good... @DreadHeadEdTV @danthat 👀 you heard the man!And say that a small electrical current applied to the advice of older people.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkHello friends. Point and click games are good aren't they? There's a new one out today that's looking to be Mighty… @danthat Nah, that's you. Dug your shit since the BTDT/TGP days. Least I can do is share the joy a little :) @danthat Gotcha. Honestly didn't believe it'd be as slow as it seems to be for you or I'd have offered sooner. Lemm… @danthat Hmm, let me see who I can line up for you. I refuse to believe anything you put out is worth less than scr… @danthat I'm gonna go start an argument that Lair Of The Clockwork God is better than Ben There, Dan That and you can't stop me. @TinyPixxels Yer test chilling in its coffin like
Quiz host: Your topic is music Me: Yes!! Quiz Host: Which Imagine Dragons song starts quietly followed by the sin…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @creedfangirl And they've not fiddled with your dosage since starting yet, right? Yeah, I'd probs give them a bell… @creedfangirl Massively or a little? As in, would you say this fits inside your normal fluctuations or like Worse. @TinyPixxels I'm not saying we're inseparable but like, this is a dumb ratio right here to a therapist & they're like ' well i can fix your brain but i'll be straight with you, it'll cost you more…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work.@peugeotuk @motorlinegroup Ashford, I'm utterly disgusted by your marketing/sales team who continue to NOT remove…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkOK, so this is a point of discussion around the office. Who else remembers the struggle of the *old* touchscreens?…
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Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @MadFellowsGames Sure, that too. Stained it with pain and aches.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @brentalfloss Game Dev Story, Mega Mall Story and Station Manager are all p good. They follow similar gameplay loop… @brentalfloss Have you played the Kairosoft games? There's a lot of them and they're all ludicrously addictive. The… @Unprepared_jay Well, I best unfollow you for starters then...Fuck half term as well. Children are horrible little things and I'm glad I never was one. It's like if I brought…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @Unprepared_jay I've been doing it for years without injury though... @PixelPodium Agreed. I guess I'm just uncomfortably aware of just how common *those* kind of personalities are. Or… @PixelPodium It's an odd one to me. I don't actually disagree with the accuracy of the content around Ryuji. In fa… Ross implies the existence of Bob Joey and Bob Chandler . sorry. i'm trying to delete it
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @beakfriends This tweet has a full 50/50 split on me hating you and loving you for it. I've never felt more divided.I feel like I've strained my eyeball. Just the left one. How? I don't know. But it hurts. @DanielCake Guarantee it'd take less than 10 minutes for a die or a figurine to end up in your brew.
Map of the United States if it was an Oregon doner #Map #Maps #Terriblemaps #TerribleMap #USA #Oregon
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @SamMGreer That feeling is fucking banging tho. You want to do better, you want to strive, you want to grow? Fucking aces! @Sam_bitious I used to be v similar. Find someone to bounce the ideas and thoughts off of to reach that concise co… everyone wondering where the pyramids are, these are the walking directions from the Pyramids to the nearest Pi…
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Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @PostCubicleKyle Kick the shit out of that bathroom door for me bbI really do feel like we need to Sonic The Hedgehog the new FFVII Carbuncle's forehead. Fair play if your bling is…'s playing catch with himself and dreaming about wieners again
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To Work @BenGamble7 @bungeeman17 @vendiapp We're doing a test run of a couple articles to gauge reaction, but if they have…, veterans that stream on Twitch, I need you! I’m helping out a veteran-focused charity who is doing a Twitch ca…
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkLiterally @sleepiestdesign making a sticker club Patreon tier to me. @sleepiestdesign You've killed me. That's $12 a month gone as soon as I get home. You.... purveyor of good arts you. @Syanarah @sleepiestdesign I need more smol ones @Syanarah @sleepiestdesign I mean, there's still space on my laptop rn. Not much, but some. @TinyPixxels Same friendo. I will send you some hot Tiktok energy when I have more of it though. @sleepiestdesign S-sticker club o_o @FrasierCraned I'm a long term fan, first time tweeter.
Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkSubmitted by @Blookshire1
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Retweeted by Squallmuzza +1 To WorkThis is Frasier_ebooks and I adore it have sex to cure headaches, get men to put out the best to happen.
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