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Got questions about domains? We've got answers ✅ you're just getting started with Squarespace, looking to grow your audience or learning how to build your o…
We caught up with @imaninaomi, who shared about what her entrepreneurial journey has looked like since she founded… achievements are made up of small everyday rituals and habits accomplishments of everyday life. Here are some s… you ever wondered how networking *actually* works? And how to become “good” at networking? Here are 5 ways to…
#TribecaTalksAtHome Directors Series Episode 1, presented by #SQSP, has arrived – featuring filmmakers extraordinai… to grow your audience on your Squarespace site? Learn how to gain more traffic to your website using Square… to enhance your social media stories? @UnfoldHQ's over 250 social story templates empower you to create an… city's economy and our work routines have seen major shifts over the last several months, but one thing hasn't:…
Retweeted by SquarespaceWe've teamed up with @137pm to share a list of marketing resources that every Black business owner should tap into… @NewAvenueHomes Your site looks great! Thanks for choosing Squarespace.As a proud, longtime partner of the @Tribeca Film Festival, #Squarespace is excited to present this year’s…
Get an inside look at what it’s really like to be a director with #TribecaTalksAtHome’s latest episode, in partners…
Retweeted by SquarespaceJust getting started on Squarespace? Tune in to our next free webinar. No site is required to register – sign up ri…"Design has and will always be far more than a practice or profession. It’s a means of connection, not only to othe… as old as time.
From advice on authentic storytelling to communicating brand values, our latest interview with Creative Director, A…
We're launching (pun intended) a new series called Just Launched, featuring sites and their founders that are makin… Asadi, our Senior Team Lead of Internal Content, shares how she’s been taking care of her mental health, ho… customer @yannisdavy is a Gabon-raised, Montreal-based photographer whose work offers a vivid narrative…
"Compelling content fails without a great UI, and great UI fails without a good strategy." Read more about why cont… Principal Engineer, Tanya Reilly, shares what her job at Squarespace entails, her favorite qualities in an engi… a creative passion into a career can pay off in more ways than one – take it from author and wellness consu… @lostcreatives1 We appreciate the feedback, thanks for choosing Squarespace!How's everyone feeling today?
We couldn't have said it better, @BiancaJeanty. If you're a self-made entrepreneur, be sure to check out the full S… you know its National Learning & Development Month? 📚 Hear firsthand from our new Director of L&D, Jason O'Neil… Learn more about our ERG culture at Squarespace here: #EstoEsSquarespace #ThisIsSquarespace(2/3) After visiting my family in El Salvador last year, gratitude was everywhere. There is a beauty in taking time… Our #SoundOfSolidarity Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month series wraps up with Sr. Product Specialist and Somos S… asked to describe Squarespace's company culture in one word, former intern, now Art Director, Gina Kim says, "… getting started on Squarespace? Tune in to our free webinar, now available on-demand in German. No site is req…
@neelmasiddiqi We're glad to hear you are enjoying version 7.1! Thank you for choosing Squarespace.Ever wondered what virtual onboarding is like as a #NewHire? Media & Acquisition Coordinator, Peter Kim, reflects o… the needs of your business is the first step to getting it off the ground. 🚀 For more advice from Sar…"The way I see it, at Squarespace, we are a single unit attempting to achieve something significant." Read more abo…
@Jvock7 Thanks for the shoutout. Your site is looking fantastic.(2/2) “I use my voice and actions to advocate for more open-mindedness towards engineers with non-traditional paths… When thinking about what the #SoundOfSolidarity means, Sr. Software Engineer Stephanie Godinez Manwaring (she… which Squarespace version your site is on is useful for troubleshooting and deepening your knowledge of the…'s your business' niche market? Share in the comments below and tag your small business. 👇 Head over to our MAK… @TeddyCHolmes We understand and we appreciate your patience, you can follow the status of this outage here:
1 in 3 Navajo homes don't have a tap or toilet. @DigDeepH2O is working to fix that. The Navajo Water Project is an… @IndigenousPpls is an organization uniting Indigenous peoples from across the world to stand together to bring awar… #IndigenousPeoplesDay we’re celebrating some incredible Indigenous-run nonprofits who are making a difference…
Chef and food writer Reina Gascón-López created @SofritoProject as a way to celebrate her heritage, her homeland of… @SavanGandecha Looking good! We're happy our platform was able to help bring your updated site to new life!Welcome to the #ClioAwards Brand Jury David Lee (@dmklee), Chief Creative Officer at @squarespace 🏆 Get to to know…
Retweeted by SquarespaceHere's how Squarespace Database Software Engineer, Alexandra Hjert, took her career into her own hands by changing… a designer, there are a few shifts that you might make in your process to strengthen team communication and outp… you taking notes during Whitney Headen's Self-Made video, because we sure were 📝To learn more about Whitney's…
(2/2) He is proud of his Latin, Brazilian, and Gaucho heritage and says he “loves that in Brazil, people tend to ge… Our #SoundOfSolidarity Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month series continues with Director of Customer Operations J… entrepreneur and #SQSP customer Kate Spain uses @Printful – one of our many Squarespace Extensions – often… asked some of our favorite Squarespace entrepreneurs to share their advice for small business owners in our Self…
Need assistance in setting up #Squarespace Extensions? Our Customer Operations team is here to help with a deep div…
We spoke with Squarespace customer, Doreen Winkler, about the inspiration behind her wine subscription service, Ora… @AndyMorrisPhoto Your site looks clean and fresh, well done. If you ever need some help, @SquarespaceHelp is just a DM away. @LunarDarkling We can't wait to see your site live. If you need any help, @SquarespaceHelp is just a DM away.
When everything lines up 💡💡💡
In the mood for a short stack this coming weekend? 🥞Don’t miss this video of Chef Shaquay, who heads up our New Yor… understand the challenges and workloads facing small business owners and sole proprietors every day. Learn more…
“The best thing that [we] can do is... help customers and entrepreneurs in the creative class around the world feel…"You have to be really good at each medium and be prepared to use it. For us it took many years of practice to be c…
@mgolteez Thanks for getting in touch. We’d like to continue to help. Please send us a DM so we can gather some add… this edition of @SohoHouse's House Notes, photographer and Squarespace customer, @JoshuaKissi discusses finding… @Printful recently released additional features to their Squarespace Extension: product sync and produ… from the Dominican Republic, Squarespace customer Carmen Deñó defines herself as an “image maker.” Carme…
Attending #vGHC, @ghc's virtual 2020 conference? We're proud to be hosting a digital lounge, where attendees can dr… To download the worksheet for this video and to check out the rest of the Self-Made track, head on over to th… In our final video on the Self-Made track from @THECC_NYC's Creative Curriculum, we’re tackling Mentorship an…
(2/2) From the community’s art, food, language and more, she loves how each helps create connections regardless of… When we asked Marketing Coordinator Laura Ayala (she/her/hers) what she is most proud of in her culture as pa…’t caught up on the newest updates to #Squarespace Extensions, our suite of third party tools that extend the… can’t tailor your portfolio to everybody, so what is an absolute ‘yes’ and an ‘avoid-at-all-costs’ when it come…
Retweeted by SquarespaceAnother day, another role to play. 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Just getting started on Squarespace? Tune in to our next free webinar. No site is required to register – sign up ri…
Welcome to the #Squarespace Extensions family, Trunk! Our newest third party extension helps you sync stock levels… Rosa is an illustrator & artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Here Camila illustrates "Segurar vela", a common…
@jdesmondharris We’d be honored to help get your site off the ground! 🚀 We'll be in touch shortly!Join us in taking a look under-the-hood of some beautiful Squarespace sites with Digital Educator & Founder of… tips on how to boost your job search from home, advice on how to ace your next interview, or MAKING IT blog ha…’re always looking to enhance #Squarespace Extensions, our portfolio of third-party tools to help you extend the… @lucy_mcrae is an artist whose work explores the future of our body, beauty and the self. We are proud to announce… @ColoredControls Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are wo… @TehGayGeek Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are working… @dvdInteriorDsn Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are wor… @oliver_n_liam_ Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are wor… @Kweighbaye Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are working… @NotFabricio Appreciate you reaching out. We can confirm that our developers are aware of this issue and are workin… out the rest of the Self-Made track on the official Creative Curriculum’s site: do you know if your business is the right fit for venture capital? In this episode of Self-Made from @THECC_NYC @JimPfaendtner Your new website looks great! You have done a fantastic job putting it together. @zaraillustrates The site looks great! Thanks for choosing Squarespace.
(2/2) Interested in learning more about our open positions? Check out our Jobs page here: #ThisIsSquarespace(1/2) #NewHire Alan Cooke reflects on his onboarding experience when he joined the Engineering Team in our office i… Brown is a 17-year-old singer from Brighton, England. An optimistic person at heart, Isabelle is looking f… us today through Sunday in celebrating creativity in LA and beyond at @LADesignFest. Head over to the festival… @Frederiko Thanks for the shoutout, we're glad you liked it!
Now you can manage and organize inventory with our inventory management tool. Check out the rest of our our eCommer…